The Infrastructure of the Antichrist: Redux 2021

In the early months of Coronavirus — May 7th, 2020  — I wrote a post (The Devil’s Dress Rehearsal and The Infrastructure of the Antichrist) arguing that everything we had been seeing in the world’s response to Coronavirus entailed nothing other than a plank-by-plank laying down of the entire infrastructure that will be needed for the Antichrist to soon assume worldwide dominion. That article itself was influenced by my 2018 assertion that:

The Antichrist has no use coming on to the world stage until the infrastructure is fully in place for him to exert immediate, total, worldwide dominion…We are not there yet of course, but it seems we probably will be in a few years (likely by 2022).”

The time has come for an update to that post.

Consider just how many voices have essentially confirmed this hypothesis since last May:

Indeed, it appears the Infrastructure is almost complete, and I am not the only one who notices its construction.

Now, when events are observed to constitute a trend that only ever increases in scope and severity, then the burden of proof rests upon one who wishes to claim that this trend will not continue. An even greater burden lies with one who wishes to claim that the trends will reverse, and that life will “soon go back to normal.” On the contrary, trends carry on. That is what they do. Momentum is a reality that applies not only to the inertia of physical objects, but also to the Signs of the Times, and the inertia to which the world is subject in the present Signs can only be described as a freefall that has not yet reached terminal velocity. This freefall is particularly evident in those Signs of the Times related to the global elite gaining additional power of the people — power for which they have been ravenous for their entire lives; power they will do absolutely anything to ensure they not only do not lose, but also to ensure they strengthen it to the point of a global-death-grip.

In the early months of the Pandemic, insisting that the world’s response to it constituted none other than laying down of the foundation for the Antichrist’s imminent rise may have appeared to some to be alarmism. But now that 14 months have passed since that post’s publication, let us pause to consider where we have gone since then. Though I will not go through every detail of my last post on this matter (henceforth, “the May 2020 Post”), I will consider some excerpts from it, as a reminder of what the concern was then, and compare it to how we stand with respect to the same concern today, in order to ascertain what likely lies ahead from the trend there observed.

Why undertake this analysis? Simply so that we may more effectively engage in the battle that Christ has called us to by deigning from all eternity to bring us into existence precisely at this time — the most exciting time in the history of the world — wherein the Coming of the Kingdom is guaranteed, albeit preceded by Biblical-level Global Chastisements which will purify the earth in preparation; Chastisements which those who strive to Live in the Divine Will, taking refuge in the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, can count on protection from. For I write what follows not to instill fear, but to instill excitement at the imminent Coming of Christ in Grace. The more obvious it becomes that the demise of the present sad Era, dark and bloody, is at hand, the more near we draw to the Restoration of All Things in Christ; a Restoration, please God, which I believe that you will soon see with your own eyes. 

“Order from Chaos” and the Collapse of the Entire Financial/Economic Order

As I must bring up Freemasonry here, first know that the apocalyptic-grade evils of this organization are no mere wild conspiracy theory. The very Magisterium of the Catholic Church has repeatedly — for almost 300 years –condemned this group and its nefarious agenda in the strongest possible terms. Consider, for just one example of many, Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical,  Humanum genus:

No longer making any secret of their purposes, they [Freemasonry] are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the destruction of holy Church publicly and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom, if it were possible, of the blessings obtained for us through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Ordo Ab Chao — “order from chaos” — is a motto of Freemasonry; specifically, it is the motto of the Thirty-third degree (the “highest” degree of Freemasonry– that is, the most demonic). I will not here endeavor to prove2021-07-28 12_40_41-Ordo ab Chao_ The Original and Complete Rituals of the Ancient and Accepted Scot just how powerfully Freemasonry continues to pull the strings behind the scenes — plenty of others have done just that — instead, I will simply point out that achieving the “chaos” portion of this motto of their highest degree is now almost a foregone conclusion in what the world has done, financially, economically, politically, and socially, since the beginning of Coronavirus.

Freemasonry’s express goal is to generate the diabolical new order by destroying the “property” of the old order. As Bishop Schneider explains,

“The candidate of the 33rd degree receives this instruction… “Neither law nor the property nor the religion may rule over men, and, since they are annihilating men by depriving men of their most precious rights, we have sworn to do terrible vengeance. They (law, property and religion) are enemies against whom we have sworn implacable war at any price. From these three infamous enemies the religion must be the permanent object of our deadly assaults. When we have destroyed the religion, we shall have the law and the property at our disposal and we can regenerate the society by means of building the Masonic religion and the Masonic law and the Masonic property on top of the corpses of those murderers”

Although “religion” (the Freemasons primarily have Catholicism in mind) will never be destroyed (see Christ’s promise in Matthew 16:18), it has perhaps been sufficiently weakened in terms of high level societal influence that the Freemasons are now dedicating most of their efforts to the other two lines of attack: overthrowing law and property. (Consider that Religion has not stopped the west from almost universally adopting legal abortion, same-sex “marriage,” gender theory, pornography, contraception, radical feminism, divorce, and on the list goes. Indeed, today one often enough even sees the Vatican itself not merely failing to defeat — and not merely failing to oppose — but, rather, openly endorsing the very diabolical agenda itself. The proverbial “smoke of Satan” has not merely entered the Vatican; it has filled it to point of suffocation.)

So here we are at the destruction of Law and Property.

The easiest way to destroy Property — that is, private ownership of things — is through debt. One need not openly steal another’s possessions if, through debt, he can turn another into a mere serf. Hence Jesus’ lamentation — even in 1927! — to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta:

Almost all nations live relying on debts; if they do not make debts, they cannot live. And in spite of this they celebrate, they spare themselves nothing, and are making plans of wars, incurring enormous expenses. Do you yourself not see the great blindness and madness into which they have fallen? (Jesus to Luisa. May 26, 1927)

The amount of debt that has been generated simply in the last year, and the sheer magnitude of the spending we have witnessed, is like nothing that has ever been seen before, anywhere. As Chris MacIntosh explains, in Here’s Why the New COVID Relief Program Will Turn the Working Class into Serfs… :

“This money has been printed not to provide “covid relief” as is being sold to a gullible public but to bail out the banks in a more palatable fashion…Less than 3% of money supply is in physical format. The balance is all debt-based money. Money is brought into circulation by the creation of debt. This debt burden has grown to uncontrollable eye watering levels. It will collapse…One thing to remember is that you can’t have a collapse like this without taking the currency down with it. Never happened before in history and it isn’t going to happen this time around either…The Fed has already pumped enormous distortions into the economy and inflated an “everything bubble.” The next round of money printing is likely to bring the situation to a breaking point.

Remember that last line. The breaking point is upon us. But what those who write articles like the one above perhaps do not realize is that the actions now being undertaken by the Fed and other financially reckless entities is not mere ideologically driven folly — it is demonically orchestrated malice.

2021-07-28 12_38_38-The Dollar's Reserve Currency Status Won't Last Forever _ ZeroHedge - Brave

As stated in the May 2020 post, “…economies throughout the world have crashed like never before in history…and when trillions of dollars are printed, the money that workers earn becomes drastically mitigated in substance even if not nominally…Socialism, categorically condemned by the Church’s Magisterium, is now entering the scene strongly and outright Communism will likely soon replace it (which, incidentally, is exactly what the Garabandal visionaries were told would immediately precede The Warning).”

The collapse of the system is the entire purpose of what we are now witnessing: it is the end game now and it was from the onset of these “stimulus” programs. Order from Chaos. Once the world’s reserve currency — the U.S. Dollar — collapses (and, frankly, it is impossible for it to not soon collapse), a new currency will fill the void. This currency will be none other than the long-prophesied One World Currency. It will not simply be another U.S. currency, as American global hegemony is over.

It will be digital, and guess what will be needed to use it? I suspect my longtime readers already know: The Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast, however, will not come immediately with the new one world digital currency — another step will be needed. Before discussing that step, a few more words are in order to demonstrate the inevitability of the coming collapse.

The Infrastructure of the Antichrist and The U.S. “Infrastructure Bill” of Biden’s “Build Back Better” push

Do you remain unconvinced of the imminent collapse of the world’s reserve currency? Consider that things were already looking financially apocalyptic when I wrote the May 2020 post. This was just after the “CARES” Act was passed, at a cost of $2.2 Trillion. This act was wrongly viewed as a “stimulus,” as it in fact stimulated nothing: it was life support given to a society that was deliberately mortally wounded through lockdowns. In retrospect, that act itself was a death sentence.

If, however, at that very moment, we as a society became extremely fiscally responsible, zealous to get back to work despite the fact that a bad flu was making the rounds, and careful to avoid further debt and unnecessary spending, then recovery would have at least been conceivably possible. That, however, is the exact opposite of what happened. We became, rather, even more arrogantly convinced of our invincibility, and only stepped up the financial insanity — the “incurring of enormous expenses” that Jesus laments as “madness.”

2021-07-28 12_32_07-cum growth 3.png (510×261) - Brave
Note: This chart, from, is from November 2020. The situation has grown far worse since then.

Since then, the U.S. engaged in the single largest amount of spending ever undertaken in the entire history of the world, the “Consolidated Appropriations act of 2021”, at a cost of $2.3 Trillion, in December 2020. Still not content, three months later the U.S. spent another $2 Trillion in March of this year (the “American Rescue Plan Act”). And now, as I write this post, Congress is feverishly preparing their next “reconciliation” act to ram through the “Infrastructure bill” and other spending, which may set yet another world-history-record, as it appears likely to cost $3.5 Trillion. It is impossible for the debt incurred by this spending to be paid. I recently read a startling statistic: of all of the money printed in the entire history of the United States of America, almost half of it (40%) was printed in the year 2020 alone. Though I cannot be certain of the accuracy of the figure, it sure seems to be in the right ballpark.

Just the spending I have here listed, which is from little over a single year of recklessness, amounts to 10 trillion dollars. If the entire American workforce (150 million people) dedicated their entire earnings (which I will calculate using the average hourly real wage, $11.29/hour) only to paying back this amount of debt, they would all have to work full time for 148 weeks — almost 3 years — before finishing. Since one must also survive while paying off debt, we must at least double (more likely triple or quadruple) that amount of time, bringing us to 6 years. Do you know anyone interested in spending six years of his life working full time and dedicating 100% of his disposable earnings to paying back the government’s national debt? Do you know 150 million people willing to do this?

But even this picture provides only a massive underestimate of the direness of the situation we are in. 1) The actual U.S. debt is not $10 Trillion, but close to $30 Trillion (we were already in dire straits before this virus!), 2) The U.S.’ unfunded liabilities are far greater ($153 Trillion), 3) The National debt does not include private, state, or local debt, which is also debilitating, 4) The debt will not suddenly stop growing, but will only continue to balloon 5) Unemployment is still at depression-like levels, 6) Decades of collapsing fertility rates ensure that there is no humanly possible way of pulling ourselves out of the pit we are in (whatever is humanly possible comes from… well… humans. And the almost universally ignored fact is that not enough humans are being born any more, in the Western world, to allow society to carry on much longer).

Forgive me for boring some with so many numbers, but the reality must be made clear: the entire present financial and economic order is smoke and mirrors — a house of cards — and its total collapse could transpire at any moment, precisely because that collapse is all part of the plan. The U.S. will either default on its debts or the currency will hyperinflate into oblivion. Whichever happens (and we are already seeing the beginnings of the latter), the present financial world order will be in sufficient shambles as to allow for the introduction of the new one. The main element of the new Financial Order will be the digital one world currency, discussed above, and the “Mark” needed to use it.

The New Digital Currency, the Fabricated “Cyberattack,” and the Mark of the Beast

2021-07-27 20_42_33-cash will soon be obsolete. will america be ready nytimes - Google Search - Brav

That article, published by the NY Times on July 22nd, 2021, points out:

ChinaJapan and Sweden have begun trials of central bank digital currency. The Bank of England and the European Central Bank are preparing their own trials. The Bahamas has already rolled out the world’s first official digital currency.” 

The author (an ivy league economics professor) continues, extolling a digital currency’s alleged ability to:

…hinder illegal activities that rely on anonymous cash transactions, such as drug dealing, money laundering and terrorism financing. It would bring “off the books” economic activity out of the shadows and into the formal economy, increasing tax revenues…“,

before ending the article concluding:

The end of cash is on the horizon, and it will have far-reaching effects on the economy, finance and society more broadly. With proper preparation and open discussion, we should embrace the advent of a digital dollar.

Here we see summarized well the blissfully positive attitude harbored by the elite toward introducing a new, official, purely digital currency — and as we should know by now, politicians generally do as they are told by the elites very quickly. Who could fail to notice how rapidly virtually all of them lined up behind the very lockdowns which destroyed so much of society — lockdowns which should have been utterly abhorrent to any discerning soul, but which scarcely found any vocal detractors among the world’s powerful?

2021-07-28 17_22_05-digital currency - Google Search

Thankfully, not all on the media are cheering on this looming disaster. As this Forbes article (published July 28th, 2021) wisely cautions:

[With a digital currency to restrict you, central banks could] dictate which companies you buy from and which ones you can’t… in a time of crisis the government could insist that the entire population uses only digital currency and that currency only be used to buy government-approved staples. If this sounds a tad far fetched, then take a look at the technology being wielded by tyrannical governments to control their populations across the globe. In some cases, those governments track the every move of their people.

(The author of this article likely has the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in mind with that last sentence, though more and more commentators are becoming increasingly afraid of offering any criticism of the CCP due to the immense global power it wields.)

The digital currency is coming; it is in some ways already here (what with online and credit card transactions being so ubiquitous that in many places cash is not even accepted — for example, I cannot remember the last time I found myself at a self-checkout lane at Walmart which accepted cash [and they all used to]), though we can expect its dominance to increase drastically in the coming times.

And what is one of the primary excuses being given to justify the “need” for a digital currency? You guessed it again: Coronavirus. The Pandemic has been used, since its very onset, as an argument for digital currency in order to “cut the lag time of mailing a [stimulus] check or even transferring funds into a traditional account,” and as a better option to avoid the alleged potential of spreading coronavirus through paper currency, but arguments for digital currency have only increased since then.

For example, as Fabio Panetta, an executive at the European Central Bank, argued just this month (July 2021):

The coronavirus pandemic has shown just how fast such change can happen. And this is affecting the way we pay. We are increasingly buying digitally and online. The role of cash as a means of payment is declining…” (See CNBC’s July 14, 2021 article, The ECB Starts work on creating a digital version of the euro).

On July 27th, 2021, the former chair of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), Sheila Bair, argued strongly for a digital currency; phrasing the need for it in populist terms; “a Fed-issued digital dollar could print money– for the people.

Suffice it to say that a digital currency will soon be upon us, and when that happens, cash is likely to soon become a thing of the past. At first, cash and traditional currency will continue to be allowed, but shortly thereafter they will find a reason to “phase it out” — a “phasing” that will abruptly morph into a sudden confiscation. Now, at first, this digital currency’s rollout will seem fine and dandy; you’ll simply use your phone, which will perhaps show a QR code that, when scanned, will automatically complete the transaction.

But then –– as I speculated back in 2018, “…some sort of a chip will soon thereafter be required — in the right hand or the forehead — as a necessary “financial security measure” to correlate each phone with its proper owner. This measure, which will be orchestrated by the Antichrist himself, will in turn be in response to another orchestrated “global security breach,” the “only” feasible response to which will be such implanted microchip security measures.”

Whether this breach will be entirely made up (a so-called “false flag,”); or an actual breach that is simply taken advantage of and blown out of proportion, I do not know. But the outcome will be the same: the elite will say that the only way out of the situation is for an “absolutely safe” security measure to be taken: each person must be “un-hackably” tied to his digital wallet through an actual physical device implanted within his skin in order to confirm his identity. This, indeed, will be the Mark of the Beast. 

Here as elsewhere in this post, I am of course speculating; I do not know the future. But this does seem to be what we are in store for. 

The “Cyberattack” Game Plan Revealed, and the rise in Ransomware attacks

Let us briefly digress from the main point of this article — detailing how the world’s response to Coronavirus is a preparation for the Antichrist — as the present matter of a “cyberattack” or “cyber pandemic” is intimately connected to what we have already discussed.

The higher echelons of the Freemasons and some other groups of the nefarious global elite have a certain rule they have promised to abide by: they must in some way publicly reveal what they are going to do before they do it.

Many have pointed out that precisely this was done with Coronavirus; it seems the entire scenario is described with a disconcerting and eerie accuracy — before the Pandemic began — by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and Bill Gates’s co-sponsored “Event 201,” which was a training exercise held in New York City in October 2019. I’ll leave commentary on that possibility to others, though.

Right now, it appears that the WEF has signaled what the next “global disaster” will be: a “cyberattack.” Klaus Schwab, the preeminent anti-prophet of the Great Reset (his own creation), is also the founder and leader of the World Economic Forum, and he recently stated that a major cyberattack would “make Coronavirus look minor in comparison.” In January of this year, the WEF produced a video sounding the alarm about a “cyber attack with Covid like Characteristics [that] would spread farther and faster than any biological virus… as the digital realm increasingly merges with our physical world, the ripple effects of cyber-attacks on our safety just keep on expanding…The time is now. “

Just as “Event 201” was a training exercise for a Pandemic, so too there was a training exercise being held, also by the WEF, for this imminent “cyber-attack.” It was called “Cyber Polygon,” and it was evidently quite a massive affair.  Held on July 9th, 2021, it was “An international capacity building initiative aimed at raising the global cyber resilience.” Do not expect them to let all of this “training” go to waste.

Accordingly, I find it very difficult to believe that the sudden explosion of “Ransomware” attacks — some even crippling large parts of America, such as the Colonial pipeline ransomware attack — is accidental or random. First let us settle that this explosion exists and is not merely an epiphenomenon attributable to increased media coverage. As reported here on PBS, “‘Without question, we’re seeing an explosion of ransomware attacks,’ said Steve Morgan, who is also the editor-in-chief of Cybercrime Magazine,” who directly rebutted the notion that we are simply seeing increased coverage. But the reasons given in the article for the increase are not convincing.  It is not as if, all of a sudden in 2020 and 2021, our cybersecurity measures became radically diminished, or, in 2020 and 2021, hackers suddenly became radically more zealous, malicious, and capable.

Whether these attacks are being expressly organized as part of some grand conspiracy, I do not know, but I do suspect that they are at least being deliberately permitted by the elite puppet masters in order to get us more and more used to cyber-attacks, more and more afraid of them, and more and more ready to desperately ask for a solution to them.

This desperation will be precisely what the Antichrist will need in order to compel the people to willingly sign to receive a chip under the skin — for this alone will be deemed, by his minions among the global elite, as “sufficiently secure.”

From what has been said thus far, we can see clearly laid out before our eyes a specific plan to destroy the financial and economic order, introduce a new one, and use it to institute the Mark of the Beast. But there is still that pesky thing called Human Rights standing in his way, and the Laws that protect them. Unfortunately, the de-facto elimination of these Laws — the other ultimate aim of Freemasonry — is also being achieved by the world’s response to Coronavirus. 

Lockdowns, Health Dictatorship, and the Destruction of Law

While the nefarious global elite put the finishing touches on their eulogy to Property, they are equally close to the destruction of Law itself.

Catholic Teaching — not to mention common sense and traditional wisdom — holds that the most important principle of all law is the protection of the intrinsic dignity of the human person; a protection of his inalienable civil and religious rights. If these rights are not protected, Law no longer exists. Only its deceiving vestige remains, and the world’s response to Coronavirus is bringing us precisely to that point.

As written in the May 2020 post, “Civil rights are suddenly disappearing — not bit by bit, but explosively — erasing decades, if not centuries, of legitimate progress overnight.” Despite many protests and prophetic voices calling out these atrocities, the elimination of human rights in the name of Covid has only increased to the point of Totalitarian levels, and promises much more of the same.

On the last day of 2020, Michael Lesher summarized well what happened to the world, between that day and spring of that year, in the name of Covid:

Four-fifths of the United States of America suspended democracy and declared the Bill of Rights obsolete. The United Kingdom unleashed a new sort of “police” – faces masked, truncheons in their paws – to maul peaceful protesters for the crime of breathing. In parts of Australia, it became a criminal offense to tell other people the time and place of a political demonstration. Germany outlawed political protest….In just over nine months, economies in once-wealthy countries were reduced to ruin. Social media reeled under systematic thought-policing. Following a wave of “executive orders” that shuttered small businesses across the United States, an unprecedented number of Americans began to steal food to survive. In the U.K., UNICEF is distributing food to hungry children for the first time in more than 70 years…This year, for the first time in history, more than 40 governors in the U.S. awarded themselves quasi-dictatorial powers – on the strength of laws hastily designed less than 20 years ago for massive bioterrorism  attacks, pressed into service to counter a medical “emergency” that was never an emergency. By the end of 2020, most of the American population was still living under dictatorial rule….Huge numbers of people, in Europe as in America, were placed (without a court order) under virtual house arrest. This was called a protective measure – and it was reported as such, though the practice violated civil-rights rulings going back nearly a century. Tens of millions of people saw their livelihoods snatched from them by officials they never even had the opportunity to confront….Now the mega-corporations that supported the “lockdowns” are sucking the life out of the small-business economy that was once the mainstay of the free world. For restaurants, the picture is so bleak that chef and author Edward Lee calls it “the end of the independent restaurant era”… 

Though I currently write these words in the midst of somewhat of a cool-down of the lockdowns and other draconian executive political actions, I think we all know full-well that this will be a very small, very temporary window. In any event, the powers-that-be have basically told us that, come Fall 2021, we will be right back into having our rights taken away from us. In many places, this is already happening — such as large swaths of Australia, which currently (late July 2021) has over half its population again under lockdown, deprived of basic civil and religious liberties. As we saw in 2020, what starts in these places inevitably spreads across the globe. The same types of people pulling the strings there are also pulling them here. At the end of the day, the west is the west. 

2021-07-28 12_42_43-Five ways coronavirus lockdowns increase inequality - Brave

What is worse is that lockdowns persist even now, despite overwhelming amounts of knowledge and data we now have indicating clearly what anyone with common sense should have always known with certainty: these lockdowns and other Draconian rights-depriving anti-Covid measures have been downright destructive to lives, to society, and to the economy, and never should have been undertaken; their drawbacks far, far outweighed any conceivable benefits (which is not to mention that no benefits at all likely exist — the very states that always avoided lockdowns; e.g. Florida, have fared better even with Coronavirus cases than the states with the most draconian lockdowns; e.g. California). For example, suicide and drug overdoses have exploded. In the U.K., 5 times more children committed suicide than died of Covid-19 during lockdown. In Japan, more people committed suicide in November 2020 alone — in the very heat of the Pandemic — than died from Coronavirus itself during the entire year of 2020.

The lockdowns or other violations of our rights are going to come for us again soon — demanding, on pain of prison time, and contrary to our most fundamental human rights, that we cannot go to Church, or visit family, or host gatherings, or travel. And by now anyone who has not completely handed over his mind and soul to the mainstream-narrative-makers should know equally well that the lockdowns and other measures are not about helping us. They are, rather, about keeping the populace under the death grip of Totalitarian control in preparation for none other than the ultimate tyrant himself; The Antichrist.

But another major aspect of this Totalitarianism is the rise of vaccine passports and vaccine mandates, which we will discuss in the next section. 

The Vaccine and the Gaslighting

As written in the May 2020 post, part and parcel to the Antichrist’s Infrastructure is a well established habit of “blind submission of the masses to unsubstantiated “official” claims and the repression of any information that dares contradict these claims.” For the first year of the Pandemic, the masses were trained in this blind submission. Now, in the second year of the same, the masses are being tested in just how well they have appropriated this posture of blind submission. This test is being administered through society’s approach to the Covid vaccines; first, its availability (Fall 2020), thereafter, its wartime-propaganda-level promotion (Winter/Spring 2021); and now, its mandate (Summer/Fall 2021).

Now, I am no fan of vaccine mandates in general, but I confess I would not be phrasing the impending deluge of these mandates in dire terms — much less apocalyptic ones — if the present Covid vaccines were like earlier vaccines. Indeed, such mandates are not in and of themselves entirely new.

But these Covid vaccines aren’t like the vaccines mandated in the past and mandated elsewhere today. In America at least, the vast majority of people only have access to two options: a Covid vaccine based on brand new, unproven “mRNA” technology (Moderna, Pfizer), which no one can legitimately claim to be certain of the long term safety of; or, on the other hand, a vaccine that is as morally compromised as they come due to abortion ties — not merely being tested on cells derived from an aborted baby (which itself is a horribly grave offence also committed in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine development), but actually being developed using these cells. (J&J, AstraZeneca).

Neither of these concerns are mitigated by the present strategy of the mainstream: merely dialing up the pressure to get vaccinated on those who harbor the concerns. When applied, such pressure only — perfectly understandably — magnifies the concerns. Indeed, the concerns are perfectly valid:

  1. The Catholic Church has made clear, in her Magisterium (Pope Francis’ personal opinions are not Magisterium, and the Pontifical Academy for Life cannot generate Magisterium), that vaccines which are morally tainted may only be morally licitly used in grave cases. Ruling on whether the particulars of a certain person’s own scenario amounts to a medically grave circumstance, however, is not within the purview the Magisterium’s authority, and this decision is instead left up to the conscience of individual Catholics. Indeed, this same Magisterium insists that vaccination must be voluntary. Something ceases being voluntary not only if it is an absolute legal mandate, but also if it becomes de-facto mandatory through being required in order to do what is necessary to live (e.g. work , shop, study, worship).  As more and more institutions within the Church adopt vaccine mandates (e.g. almost all Catholic colleges, hospitals, and even the Vatican itself!), they should be reminded that they are contradicting their own Church’s Magisterium — whether or not the prelates currently residing in Rome agree that this is so.
  2. Since the first vaccine was invented in the 1796, vaccination has operated basically the same way for over 200 years: introduce an attenuated virus into an uninfected person so as to elicit the immune system to develop immunity to the disease without needing to first become sick with it. A truly ingenious discovery which I thank God for and which the Church — including every single Pope –has always endorsed since the 1700s! But now, after over 200 years of consistency in vaccination’s fundamental methodology, we are suddenly required to — without any hesitation — wholeheartedly submit to a brand new type of inoculation (mRNA) which has never really been tried in the entire history of vaccination, on pain of being a societal outcast of the worst sort?

I’ll do just about anything to avoid using pop-terminology, but in this case I cannot help it, as “gaslighting” seems to be precisely what the powers-that-be are doing to us with this vaccine propaganda and these vaccine mandates. Gaslighting is defined as “manipulating someone by psychological means into questioning his own sanity.” Every day, anyone who dares be even slightly hesitant in putting his full faith and confidence in these brand new, non-FDA-approved, side-effect-ridden (which even the mainstream — e.g. the Wall Street Journal — is now admitting) vaccines is denounced as insane: as “anti-science,” “anti-common-good,” and even “anti-humanity,” despite the fact that sanity itself advises hesitancy with brand-spanking-new categories of medical treatments that are offered as a solution to a disease that the vast majority of people have over a 99.9% chance of surviving without vaccination and which seem increasingly useless against the currently dominant so-called “Delta variant”. (Nations with higher vaccination rates actually are showing higher Covid rates now, counties with higher vaccination rates are showing higher Covid rates now)

There are Covid vaccines that are entirely ethical in their development and are entirely traditional in nature (i.e., consist in simply an attenuated virus injection). Why is there absolutely no effort, on the part of the powers that be, to introduce them in the Western world? If their concern was simply for vaccination and not for something more nefarious, then they would be endeavoring to do this very thing; instead, it is not even on the table for discussion, and all of their effort is directed toward demanding unthinking submission to the existing vaccines and the unmitigated denunciation, scapegoating, demonizing, and hate-mongering of anyone who dares to be even slightly “vaccine hesitant.” If you are hesitant, then you are simply a murderer, in the eyes of the mainstream, and that is exactly how you will soon be treated. 

As far as actual vaccine mandates and vaccine passports go, there may be little point in me summarizing the updates here; they will tomorrow be out of date. It seems virtually impossible that we will not simply continue to see more and more mandates and passports until it is de-facto the law of the land across the globe. Already they are taking the U.S., the U.K., France, and Italy by storm. Just the same day as I write these words, news came out of the vaccine being required for all NYC and NY employees, for all Federal employees, for all California employees. The initial Coronavirus lockdowns began in a similar piecemeal fashion until, in very little time, they were nearly universal; and I suppose it would be foolish to expect anything else with vaccine mandates.

I am not convinced by the dire theories which have — for a year now — asserted that these vaccines are a deliberate plan to wipe out the majority of the world’s population (though I cannot claim I am certain they are wrong, either). But regardless of the validity or falsity of these more radical Covid vaccine theories, it seems the elite will have achieved their twofold intent through these vaccines nevertheless: 1) To turn the masses into a subservient, unthinking populace, all willing to go so far as to accept a brand new and unproven, unapproved material injected into their body to combat a relatively minor threat merely on the word of the elite that it is both “safe” and “for your safety”, and 2) To create the logistical infrastructure through which the Mark of the Beast itself can be promulgated once its own time arrives. (Though the Mark itself will likely — as discussed above — be a financial measure (cf. Revelation 13)):

Also it [the Beast/Image of the Beast/Antichrist] causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Some footnotes on the Vaccine issue:

As I’ve now brought up “the vaccine issue,” despite saying little about it thus far and incessantly receiving questions about it, I suppose a brief aside is in order.

First, I should reiterate that the radical theories about these Covid vaccines which are continually shared in some conspiracy/prophecy circles are certainly erroneous. (These vaccines are NOT the Mark of the Beast, they do NOT have microchips in them [no existing mass-producible microchip can fit through a hypodermic needle], they cannot cause your “mind to be controlled via 5G,” they can not magnetize your whole body, they can not assemble into nanorobotics after being injected, they will not turn you into a transhuman being ineligible for God’s sanctifying grace, etc.) 

That being said, I am anything but comfortable with the presently available Covid vaccines, and I am certainly strongly against any abortion ties in vaccine development (though I submit to the CDF’s teaching on the matter). But I do not have the answers to give you on all the questions of vaccination. Do your own research (reading the best sources on both sides), pray, and seek God’s Will for you. Take with a grain of salt the admonitions of all who claim to have absolute answers on this matter — on either end of the spectrum –, as we are clearly dealing with a grey issue here, not a black and white one. 

Though I indeed see this vaccine propaganda and these vaccine mandates as part and parcel to the Antichrist’s preparation on a societal level, I intend no judgment whatsoever on individual people who have chosen to get a Covid vaccine. I mean it when I say that I regard that as a very personal decision which should be left up to the discernment and the conscience of individuals, and I have no criticism at all for those who have chosen to be vaccinated against Covid. My concern here is solely with how the matter is being dealt with by society at large.


So I cannot imagine society having much further to descend, before reaching the very depths, in this necessary plank in the Infrastructure of the Antichrist of blind submission to the unsubstantiated claims of the mainstream narrative, but equally important to his Infrastructure is the repression of any information which dares to contradict the narrative. In this regard, too, we have seen utterly apocalyptic degeneration since May 2020.

2021-07-28 12_46_12-margareta on Twitter_ _@RobAdam74497148 1. A. As a socialism survivor, I can con

The Repression of any information that contradicts the narrative

Censorship was bad when I wrote, in the May 2020 post,Censorship of “unapproved” information has reached a fever pitch recently. Suddenly, anything that dares to deviate from the official narrative (which itself is constantly changing and thus has already demonstrated itself untrustworthy) is deemed “fake news,” and deleted, by faceless employees answerable to no one, from what has increasingly become people’s sole source of information: social media.

But when writing those words, I would never have expected censorship to become so utterly extreme and pervasive as it has in the interceding 14 months. The very President of the United States of America — ostensibly the most powerful person in the world — was, several months later (January 2021), deleted from his own social media accounts and rendered essentially incapable of reaching the very people whose president he was. The justification for thus blocking him, given by Twitter, Facebook, etc., was transparently absurd: the man could have wiped out the majority of the world’s population with the push of a button, and we cannot let him tweet messages to his own people? Sheer madness. The real reason for the censorship had nothing to do with the ostensible justification: it was, rather, a message sent by the elite to the effect of the following: “We now absolutely control information. The American President himself is below us; if and when he contradicts us, we will make him disappear. And no one can now stop us. We are the sole Ministry of Truth, anything which contradicts us shall be obliterated as ‘misinformation,’ and only that which agrees with the narrative will be permitted.” 

But they are not content with merely sending that message. They are busily at work implementing their new found power — a power that, a mere few years ago, would not have been tolerated for a moment and would have been regarded as borderline unconscionable:

2021-07-28 14_26_30-biden administration admits flagging - Google Search

  • Censorship of Covid “misinformation” and vaccine “misinformation” — and the punishment of anyone who dares to promote it — has become so extreme that I am uncertain of what superlative to use to describe it. In the May 2020 post, I described this censorship as “fever pitch,” because that is exactly how it seemed. But in the 14 months since then it has become so much worse as to already resemble a dystopian level of mandated conformity. One can scarcely do anything but offer gushing praise of the Covid vaccines without being de-platformed from any of the mainstream social media outlets.
  • Confirming the dystopian nature of the suppression of information, the White House itself just admitted that it is now directing various social media outlets — e.g. Facebook — telling them what posts it wishes to have deleted. Can you imagine if this happened a mere 2 years ago?
  • There are plans actively in the works, by the Democrats in power behind the scenes, not merely to censor information openly shared on social media, but to actually interfere with and censor your own private text messages to family and friends. The almighty “fact checkers” have been all over this “misinformation” story — I have read their “fact checking,” and it utterly fails to dispel the deeply disturbing nature of what is — in fact — happening.
  • This is all not to mention the extraordinary censorship, cancelling, and de-platforming which comes along with the “woke” movement — but that, too, will have to wait for another post.

2021-07-28 14_09_17-Tucker Carlson_ Your private conversations will be controlled by the DNC _ Fox N

And finally, even “the mainstream” has begun to admit that, yes, Coronavirus was created in and leaked out of a lab in China . But those who asserted this back in 2020 were censored and cancelled as a crazed “conspiracy theorists” for daring to say this as even a possibility or a likelihood. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any apologies or for any lessons learned from those who undertook that censorship and persecution. 

2021-07-28 14_41_57-Censorship _ LifeSite

The Destruction of Solidarity

Turning us against our fellow man with every weapon available is also part and parcel to the Infrastructure of the Antichrist. In a society with strong bonds of social solidarity, wherein people rely on each other, help each other, and genuinely will each other’s good, no apocalyptic demagoguery would be capable of gaining a foothold.

Though solidarity has been deteriorating for many decades in the West, its demise has been exponentially hastened during Coronavirus. As written in the May 2020 post,While in earlier crises the nation and the world has faced, people usually responded by helping each other, what are we being told today? We have been told — often, required — not to help each other, but to avoid each other. We have been told to leave helping people to the government.

Yes, Coronavirus has been used to turn us against each other. Even liberal pundits are admitting this:

2021-07-28 17_28_10-Collapsing Levels of Trust Are Devastating America - The Atlantic

The world’s response to Coronavirus has done so in the obvious ways: making us hide our faces from each other (masks) so that we cannot even see each other smile, making the sick in hospitals suffer alone, making the lonely in nursing homes suffer alone, making the dying in hospices die alone and without the Sacraments, making us in general stay apart from each other (social distancing!), and on the list goes. But it has also happened in the indirect ways: by limiting or even preventing those activities which are essential to solidarity: Church, school, gatherings, etc., and by pretending that Zoom meetings can adequately substitute for these.  But we are incarnate creatures and it is not possible to have true community entirely digitally. The predominance of the digital-counterfeit-life will doubtless be a major aspect of the reign of the Antichrist, and the world’s response to Coronavirus in bringing about this element of his Infrastructure has proven, in its tragic effectiveness, second only to the invention of the smartphone itself.

Unsatisfied with the degree of deterioration caused by the Coronavirus lockdowns and mask & social distancing mandates, the elite have gone further still. Their incessant pushing of Critical Race Theory, BLM, and “woke” madness have ignited social tensions to a degree perhaps never before experienced. I doubt one would see the level of toxicity leveled against Jews in pre-Holocaust Germany as one today sees levelled against the “vaccine hesitant,” or whoever believes there are only two genders, “conspiracy theorists,” or anyone who supported Donald Trump. But I digress; for the sake of space, I must return to restricting my focus to only detailing what is coming about through the world’s Coronavirus response.

Those who only believe what can be quantified will not remain unpersuaded on this topic either. One need only look at the rate of homicides and other crimes year over year, which even mainstream media has admitted was “massive” in 2020. Hatred, wrath, vitriol, and scapegoating are in. Charity and solidarity are out.

Communism Comes Again – The Destruction of Subsidiarity

The visionaries of Garabandal have allegedly said that the Warning will itself come “when Communism comes again.” Indeed, the Antichrist’s Infrastructure throughout the world will be a thoroughly Communistic one — he is not going to bother “reinventing the wheel” in this regard, as Communism itself is sufficiently diabolical to achieve many of his ends.

And, thanks to Coronavirus, Communism is now coming again.

As written in the May 2020 post, “Socialism, categorically condemned by the Church’s Magisterium, is now entering the scene strongly and outright Communism will likely soon replace it.

As tragically as with everything else here listed, the trends in the rise of Communism-preceding-Socialism have only increased. Above all, we have the rampant money printing described above. But we also see this in the full-frontal attack on Subsidiarity. Subsidiarity is a fundamental principle of Catholic Social Teaching, and it is the opposite of Communism. By virtue of Subsidiarity, society is built “from the ground up.” Whatever can be done on a smaller level is done on a smaller level, instead of being arbitrarily subsumed into the operations of an entity that exists on a larger scale (e.g. federal vs state vs local; big business vs. small business).

Through the lockdowns and other restrictions associated with Coronavirus, more small businesses have been forced out of business than ever before in history. Who is replacing the work they did? Big businesses — in many cases, the only ones with sufficient cash reserves to weather the storm of lockdowns and other Draconian crackdowns on the rights of business owners — big corporations who, due to their positioning, are much more readily subsumed into a nefarious global Communistic agenda than are small businesses. This, too, was intentional. It is incredibly easy for the powers that be to ensure that Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot are in line with the forthcoming agenda (have you noticed how quickly each big business falls in line with every word from the CDC and every detail of the Woke agenda? Only small business ever resists); therefore their existence will continue to be tolerated, as de-facto Communism can easily continue to exist alongside these big corporations. It is much harder — impossible — to ensure that thousands of mom and pop grocers, restaurants, and hardware stores will similarly toe the line.

In the realm of government, State governments have been increasingly forced to grovel at the knee of the Federal government simply to survive — also contrary to subsidiarity — and likewise local governments cannot survive without an ever increasing amount of state support. All of this was bad before Coronavirus, but thanks to it, the situation has become exceptionally severe. With state and local governments deprived of their autonomy, a top-down nefarious agenda can be instituted practically overnight.  This is no merely American phenomenon, however; similar things are happening elsewhere, with putatively sovereign nations becoming increasingly subservient to organizations like the EU, the IMF, the UN, big banks, big corporations, etc.

The reliance of as many people as possible on the government is another hallmark of Communism, and the world’s response to Coronavirus has afforded perfect opportunities for the elite to introduce Communism to the entire world in this regard; not only with the stimulus payments discussed above, but with an expansion of certain aid programs to absurd proportions — even paying people more to sit at home on unemployment than to work! In this regard, too, the amount of people depending upon government assistance has exploded — during Coronavirus — to (yet again) historically unprecedented levels. Although the level has decreased since the peak of the Pandemic, it is still extraordinarily high (despite the fact that it should be lower now than ever before, in consideration of how many jobs are available and incapable of being filled), and in April of this year we reached the point where a record 34% of all household income in the entire country comes from the U.S. Federal Government.

2021-07-28 15_56_45-government transfers of total 5.2_0.jpg (908×593)

Put simply: This is Communism. Combine the financial, economic, and political situations described above with total domination of the Church by the State, and you have a society that is Communistic in substance even if not in name. Let us conclude this post by discussing the latter, for it is the single most apocalyptic theme of all.

The Subservience of the Church and the Sacraments to the Nefarious Agenda

Obviously, the single greatest impediment to the Antichrist is Christ Himself — specifically, Christ’s Church, which is His mystical Body: The Catholic Church.

Although, closer to the top of this article, I acknowledged that — in terms of high level societal influence — the Church has largely allowed herself to become powerless recently, this does not change the fact that what the Church herself does (above all, administer the Sacraments; especially the Eucharist) is in and of itself incredibly damaging to the agenda of the Devil and the Antichrist, irrespective of the relative lack of societal influence she know enjoys. 

Accordingly, the greatest objective of the Antichrist is the destruction of the Catholic Church. All of the other goals of his listed above, though vital for his plan, pale in comparison to this desire of his. While he’ll never fully succeed in it, he will succeed in large part, and through Coronavirus the devil was able to deal perhaps a greater blow to the Church than ever before in history.

As written in the May 2020 post, “As never before in the 2,000 year history of the Church, the public Mass has been eradicated — and, by and large, our shepherds have simply rolled over to this and played rag doll in the hands of civil officials in the name of “safety.” … So, today, public Catholicism has essentially been temporarily outlawed — yes, outlawed; people are even being arrested for attending Mass — with the cooperation of the Bishops, in the name of “safety.” In the name of what will Catholicism be outlawed tomorrow?

The utterly apocalyptic and existential damage done through the suspension of the public sacrifice of the Mass during the lockdowns is not a thing of the past (aside from the fact that in many places the suppression continues to this day): that damage created a spiritual black hole which, until the Church repents, will continue to wreak havoc upon the entire world. The Sacraments are not optional things for times when they are convenient. They are absolutely necessary, and they are far more “essential” than any other “essential service” that was allowed to continue unabated during the lockdowns.

While some of our shepherds have bravely announced that they are sorry for depriving us of the Sacraments in obedience even to non-legally-mandated health directives during these lockdowns, and have vowed to never let the same thing happen again — even if they must go to prison — very few have done this. Far more prevalent today are the shepherds referred to long ago by the prophet Jeremiah, read at Sunday Mass just a week ago, whom the Lord promises to punish and replace with good shepherds, since these useless shepherds “have not cared” for the sheep (23:2) — deprived them of the Sacraments–, and have instead only “pastured themselves” (Ezekiel 34:2) — sat in their rectories, safely obeying every whim of the CDC, while their own sheep were forced to live — and, in many cases, die — without the Sacraments.

If the Pope and all the Bishops got down on their knees — publicly — and begged God for forgiveness, then I would rest content that God, in His omnipotence, would eliminate the “spiritual black hole” we are now suffering from. That, of course, has not happened (and will not any time soon); instead, most in the Church’s hierarchy have done nothing but signal their willingness — even their eagerness — to submissively roll over to whatever diabolical directives come from the health authorities next. See just these three headlines published since the May 2020 post:

2021-07-28 17_14_56-Govt limits numbers inside Toronto churches, Cardinal cancels Mass altogether _

2021-07-28 17_11_23-Corrupt Chicago Archbishop To College Kids_ Don’t Go To Mass

2021-07-28 17_18_12-Archbishop continues to restrict church capacity as New Mexico governor allows f

With most of the institutional Church today now having made it clear that they will comply — even at the expense of the loss of souls — there must be very, very little left that the Antichrist is waiting for in order to make his grand public entrance.

Therefore, dear brethren in Christ, “when these things begin to take place, look up and raise your heads, because your redemption is at hand,” (Luke 21:28) as the chain of long-prophesied events will have then begun, and the Kingdom is at the very doorstep.

Proclaim this Kingdom. 

Concluding Remarks

  1. The Devil’s primary concern is not the destruction of society in preparation for his minion, the Antichrist, but rather the eternal destruction of souls in hell. So while we should be aware of what is going on in the world in preparation for the reign of the Antichrist, it is far more important to be aware of how to stay on the straight-and-narrow path of Our Lord, in these days where this narrowness has become razor thin. In other words, the present post is nowhere near as important as posts like this one and this one.
  2. Although I have in this posted cited my 2018 mere speculation about the year 2022 and what it might possibly bring, this does not alter the fact that I do not here (or elsewhere) present any actual timetabled prediction. I believe it is extremely likely that the Infrastructure of the Antichrist is indeed being laid before us right now, but I do not know how long it will take to definitively complete this Infrastructure. As I always say, therefore: continue to undertake well the duties of your state in life, and never neglect them on account of a supposition that all things will collapse by a given month or year. Let us, however, remain aware of the fact that the long-prophesied events (Chastisements, Warning, Antichrist, Coming of Christ in Grace, Era of Peace) could commence any time now; even possibly within the next few months. And let us use this fact to embolden our zeal in Proclaiming the Kingdom.
  3. Ultimately, all that matters is spiritual preparation. Repent of your sinsexamine your conscience carefully. Live in and Proclaim the Divine Will. Trust in the Divine Mercy and Proclaim the Divine Mercy. Evangelize like never before. Pray the Rosary every day. Frequent daily Mass and go to monthly Confession. That being said, nothing can change the fact that prudence is a virtue. I encourage you, if reasonably possible, to go out and get some supplies. Here’s a few recommendations: several 50 pound bags of white rice (and some sort of camp-cooking setup to boil water for it without utilities), a bunch of peanut butter, and canned tuna. A bunch of 80 cent 1 gallon water jugs. Ivermectin. Physical cash on hand. A full 5 gallon gas can or two (and a portable generator if you need electricity for survival — e.g. medical equipment, running a well). Warm clothes and blankets.  
  4. This post is not an attempt to give an all-encompassing summary of the apocalyptic nature of the times in which we live, but only a small overview of the apocalyptic nature of one aspect of it (the world’s response to Coronavirus). Countless other signs of the times make it even more clear that we are nearing the arrival of the long-prophesied events, and they’ll doubtless be the topics of upcoming posts here at (e.g. the continued moral and spiritual decay of the Church and of Catholics, the growth of the Great Apostasy, the rebellion of nature in unprecedented natural phenomena, the continued beating of war drums heralding the likely arrival of World War 3, etc.)
  5. I’ll say again here what I said in my Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap Post: “If your own eschatological speculations pin the Antichrist as only arising after the Era of Peace, immediately before the end of time (and therefore not imminently), this should in no way dissuade you from heeding the admonitions I present in this article. Put bluntly: a really bad man is going to soon make his public entrance onto the world platform. He will exert enormous influence, presenting himself as a savior of sorts in the midst of great worldwide trials. The price of accepting his “solution” will be some form of apostasy. At the end of the day, whether we call this fellow “an” antichrist or “the” Antichrist is little more than semantics. We must resist him, either way.”
  6. I am not imputing malice to any specific people with my speculations here. Quite the contrary, I suspect that many of the pawns (and even high up politicians today are often nothing but pawns) who are doing the work to implement this Infrastructure of the Antichrist are doing so obliviously and  innocently; many even likely supposing that they are doing good. So my goal is not to condemn anyone subjectively, but only to indicate what, in fact, is happening objectively.
  7. This has nothing to do with the present post, but I feel I must say it: as unfortunate — and, I daresay, foolish — as Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio against the Latin Mass was, please do not allow it to cause you to stray from the razor-thin straight and narrow way of Our Lord. Here are two good articles on the matter: one from Professor Regis Martin at Crisis Magazine, and one from Church Militant. I love the Latin Mass and I regularly attend it, but the Novus Ordo is perfectly valid and can also be perfectly reverent, if celebrated correctly. Do not dare become an actual or de facto schismatic on account of this (or anything that is yet to come).