Equip Now for Battle

Time to suit up. In accordance with — first of all, Our Lord’s command in the Gospel to proclaim His Name to the whole world; secondly, the Signs of the Times clearly indicating that the urgency of this command has become more dire than ever; and, thirdly, the Prophetic Consensus reaching a fever pitch in begging us to proclaim His Name while there is still time left before the Warning arrives and/or the Great Persecution bursts forth, rendering this proclamation far more difficult, if not nearly impossible out in the open (things like this are just the beginning) — we must now work harder than ever to gather as many souls as possible into His Sacred Heart.

To that end, I will here present some miscellaneous resources and advice to supplement your own proclamation of Christ Crucified. In a word, I seek to help equip you for battle. 

One admonition, though, before diving in: Remember that you cannot give what you do not have. If evangelization consists in spreading the Life of Christ throughout the world, then in order to succeed in this task, you must first have His life within you. Only a saint can really evangelize. So, it’s simple: become a saint. If you’re not a saint, there’s only one reason for that: you don’t want to be one. So stop not wanting to be a saint. Live in the Divine Will.  “…some dare to say that to [attentive souls] I give Grace for them to make themselves saints, and to others I do not, almost wanting to hold Me responsible, while they content themselves with conducting their lives lazing about, as if the light of Grace were not there for them…” – Jesus to Luisa. October 20, 1916. Holy week, now upon us, is the best time to become a saint. So whatever you’ve been indefinitely putting off in that regard, today is the day to no longer put it off. And be sure to offer Our Lord consolation, especially this Holy Thursday and Good Friday, by repenting of all your sins (hopefully with a good confession in the next couple days) and reading the Hours of the Passion

Now, on to the equipment:

Rosary in Public

Whenever you find yourself walking around in public: on the sidewalks, in the store, at the library, at school, or wherever, carry your Rosary beads openly and proudly. Even if you are not actively engaged in praying a full blown Rosary at that moment, this is still a powerful witness, and merely reverently clutching Our Lady’s Weapon in your hand is itself a powerful prayer.

Whenever you are praying a Rosary in public, be sure that you are doing so on Rosary beads that you are willing to part with. If anyone asks you about what you are holding, it is FAR more powerful to say to them, “here, you can have my Rosary beads. Stay close to our Mother Mary!” than it is to reach into your purse or backpack and pull out a spare Rosary from a little plastic baggy and hand that to the person. 

There are plenty of places you can acquire many Rosaries. One such example is Holy Cross Family Ministries, which sends out beads for free.

Proclaim the Divine Mercy 

Of the Divine Mercy Image, Jesus promised to St. Faustina that “whosoever venerates this image shall not perish.” Do we demonstrate the faintest belief in this promise by our actions? If we aren’t doing our best to ensure that as many people as possible are given the opportunity to venerate it… then, no, we aren’t. Let’s change that. 

Of course, the Divine Mercy Message is about much more than just the image. However, instead of saying more about that here and now, I’ll just direct you to a talk I gave several years ago, as well as the work of my good friend Fr. Chris Alar, and also a wonderful new website which was just made to promote the Divine Mercy: https://www.divinemercymessage.com/  

Evangelize in Every Single Conversation

Don’t let a single conversation (even if only a brief interaction with a cashier) evade you without in some way evangelizing during it. 

Those who have read my blog are accustomed to seeing me boldly proclaim, with great clarity, the most “controversial” elements of the moral and Divine Law. But this is not the approach that is called for in most conversations during which you evangelize. You are under no obligation to explicitly and immediately contradict every single error you happen to hear. And you will never succeed in evangelizing if you feel you must be everybody’s tutor: first of all, because you will simply avoid evangelizing if you are so scrupulous as to suppose this duty exists; instead, you’ll more likely wind up just sitting behind your keyboard typing out angry comments on social media. Secondly, you’ll more likely just push people away if you begin your evangelization with admonishment. Good evangelization is gentle, graceful, natural, and begins with the basics: Jesus’ infinite love for each soul, and the availability of His Mercy for all, no matter what. Phony evangelization, however, indefinitely stays at that level and refuses to ever get to the point of admonishment. I made www.PrepareToSeeHim.org in order to provide some gentle admonishment to try and inspire souls to be rid of their sins. The importance of 1) Not leaving out admonishment, but 2) Not beginning with it, either, is precisely why I put that URL on the Evangelization Cards (more on these cards below); so that those whom the Spirit moves to learn more will find a resource which reminds them of the things in their lives that must change.

Of course, the Holy Spirit is the one Who inspires true evangelization, and He is well within His rights to direct you to say whatever He pleases. Sometimes this will indeed mean being very strong in calling something out, even while evangelizing. So above all, simply ensure you always remain open to His guidance, and He will give you the words. If you can, silently say a simple prayer before any interaction with others: “Lord, let me speak all of Your words and only Your words, in Your Will and not mine, for Your glory and not mine.” 

Sometimes your evangelizing efforts will be miniscule. That’s okay. A little is infinitely better than nothing, and God can work miracles through even a tiny effort on our part. Sometimes something as simple as a smile (so if you can, take off that stupid mask!) and saying “God bless you” before departing can change someone’s life forever.  

Use Evangelization Cards

Always have a few of these in your pocket whenever you go out. They are sized like standard business cards, and the front and back are as follows:

If you’d like a batch, you can fill out the form here: https://dsdoconnor.com/evangelization-cards/

My wife and I will do our best to mail you some. For the last few months since I last posted about this, we haven’t been able to send more out, so if you’ve placed a request during that time period, we’ll still get yours out shortly, as we are about ready to get to work sending out another round. Due to the generous donation of C, we still have cards, postage, and envelopes left, and we’ll happily continue sending these as long as we can. Depending upon how many requests we get, it may not be possible for us to fulfill them all, but we will try! Finally, quite a few envelopes were returned during our last round of mailings as we wound up putting too many cards in for the amount of postage affixed. My apologies. If you never received cards you requested last time I posted about this, feel free to put in a new request. 

  • Hand them to people on the streets who ask you for money
  • Place them in spots where they will be picked up
  • Put them in the envelope with your checks when you pay the bills
  • Leave them near places of sin in hopes of calling the souls that frequent them to repentance (e.g. near the prophylactics or impure magazines in the supermarket or convenience store) 
  • Bring them with you when you pray outside of abortion mills
  • Be creative and be zealous!

Proclaim the Kingdom

We live in the most exciting times in the history of the world. After 6,000 years of preparation, God is ready to commence the Reign of His Will on earth as in Heaven. You need to tell people about this. 

Yes, Chastisements will be needed for purification before this Reign can be universal, but these Chastisements will be more or less brief (even if enormous, apocalyptic, and unprecedented), and what will follow them will make all the suffering more than worthwhile. And what is most important anyway is that this Reign begins in your soul right now. This can happen, this must happen, and this will happen, if only you want it. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then watch the video above and go to www.ProclaimTheKingdom.com to learn more. Once you know the gist: GET TO WORK PROCLAIMING IT. You needn’t be an expert in Jesus’ revelations to Luisa to do so. Here are some ideas:

  • Here is a simple, one page Word Document of the image below. Here is the same thing as a PDF. Print it and post it places!
  • Send out the video above
  • Hand out copies of The Crown of History. I am also happy to send out bulk orders at no profit at all to myself (click here). I wrote this book in order to try and provide the most brief introduction I could manage to Jesus’ revelations to Luisa. The entire book is also free as an audiobook; please promote it.  
  • Start a Divine Will prayer group. Be sure to, above all, ground this group 100% in orthodox Catholic Teaching. Then, proceed however you like, and do not feel like you “have to” do it a certain way — just ignore the bossy micromanagers who think they own Luisa’s revelations :-). You could perhaps pray the Rosary and/or Divine Mercy Chaplet together, then the Chaplet of the Divine Will given to us by St. Hannibal (Luisa’s spiritual director and most zealous promoter), then proceed to discuss something from the Hours of the Passion, the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, Luisa’s Letters, or the 36 Volumes.  
  • Like all of God’s greatest efforts in the world, the Divine Will is zealously opposed by the Pharisees. Don’t let them put you off; such people are always around, they always oppose the Holy Spirit, and they’ve already been fully refuted in the Appendices of The Crown of Sanctity. In some Catholic circles, even the Divine Mercy of St. Faustina is still opposed, as if its promises are too great to be orthodox and as if it is somehow an affront to the Sacred Heart devotion . I advise against wasting your time with lengthy debates with Pharisees, but do ensure that all who have been exposed to their slanders have been given this PDF and directed to see its appendices
    • We live in an age of many false prophets, and consequently there are plenty of Catholics out there who are — completely rightly and understandably — extremely cautious with private revelation. Do not lump them in with the slandering Pharisees mentioned above simply because they are cautious. Instead, direct them to www.SunOfMyWill.com
  • Pray for Luisa’s intercession and carefully document (then send to your Bishop) any miracles received. Trust me, she is an amazing miracle worker. 

Fight for Life

Abortion is the most terrible crime in the history of the world. Of all temporal battles, the most important one is to fight for life. But do not think so much about abortion as a “general issue;” rather, think about the individual souls in your own home town who are tempted to get abortions, and the children in their mothers’ wombs whose very lives are at risk. Fighting for pro-life laws, for example, is very good and we must engage in this battle. But it is even better to exercise your love more concretely and specifically: by going out to your local abortion mill and peacefully praying and even sidewalk counseling. 

Participating in 40 Days for Life is a wonderful way to do this. But remember, abortion happens 365 days a year, not only 80 days a year (i.e. the Fall and Spring 40 Days for Life Campaigns), so aim for keeping your pro-life work up beyond the end of each individual 40DfL campaign. There is probably a pro-life group in your local area: find it and participate in it. If there isn’t one, then start one. People who have left the abortion industry have testified that merely seeing someone praying outside a Planned Parenthood causes many women to silently choose not to have an abortion. That is amazing. Don’t watch movies about the great genocides and other atrocities of history and say to yourself, “If I lived then and there, I would have done something about it.” The worst genocide in history — the genocide of the unborn — is happening right outside your door, and you can do something about it. 

Daily Mass & Communion

If possible, attend Mass and receive Communion every single day. Absent the 3 months of Spring 2020 lockdowns, this has been the greatest grace of my life for the past 13 years, and I heartily recommend it to all. (It also enables you to receive a Plenary Indulgence every single day, which should cause you to have absolutely no fear of death. Whoever is striving to Live in the Divine Will — and any sincerely devout Catholic for that matter — should have no fear of death anyway, but a daily Plenary Indulgence sure helps!)

Undertaking well the duties of your state in life, of course, should come before daily Mass; I am not here asking those to attend Mass daily who, for example, would have to spend hours in the car each day in order to do so. I ask only that you be honest with yourself (a task that no one else can do for you) about whether you can reasonably accommodate daily Mass. Go to www.MassTimes.org and determine what daily Masses are said within a reasonable drive of your home or job — the majority of Catholics could easily go to Mass each day while still managing the duties of their state in life just fine; but, sadly, we see an utterly miniscule percentage of Catholics at daily Mass, and few priests even acknowledge, must less encourage, daily Mass during their Sunday homilies. This is particularly tragic when considering that we know that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives, and when we consider what the Magisterium, Popes and Private Revelation have said about daily Mass and the Eucharist:

Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, November 5th, 1925:

“The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not only their own life that souls receive, but is my very Life that gives Itself to them.  So, the fruit of this Sacrament is to form my Life in them, and each Communion serves to make my Life grow, to develop It, in such a way that one may be able to say:  ‘I am another Christ’.  But, alas!, how few take advantage of it. “

Pope St. Pius X, Sacra Tridentina Synodus:

“…all Christians should be daily nourished by this heavenly banquet [the Eucharist]…Moreover, we are bidden in the Lord’s Prayer to ask for “our daily bread” by which words, the holy Fathers of the Church all but unanimously teach, must be understood not so much that material bread which is the support of the body as the Eucharistic bread which ought to be our daily food…. [it is] the desire of Jesus Christ and of the Church that all the faithful should daily approach the sacred banquet…The will of God in this respect was well understood by the first Christians; and they daily hastened to this Table of life and strength. …”

This is a canonized saint Pope, in a weighty Magisterial document, begging all Catholics to be daily Communicants. Do you realize how serious this is? He even points out that the Our Father prayer itself, in its asking God for our “daily bread,” is not primarily about physical food, but is primarily about the Eucharist. 

Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1324: 

“The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life.” “The other sacraments, and indeed all ecclesiastical ministries and works of the apostolate, are bound up with the Eucharist and are oriented toward it. For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ himself, our Pasch.”

So, again, daily Mass is certainly not a requirement, and shouldn’t be undertaken if it would impair the duties of your state in life. But you will not be able to successfully discern if you are called to daily Mass if you do not recognize how glorious it is. If you regard it as “just another pious option among many,” you’ll be inclined to avoid it by failing to recognize just what sacrifices for the sake of it are worth making on account of how important it is. 

Be a Divine Will Missionary of Mercy

If you are attending Mass each day, you can also, each day, be a Divine Will Missionary of Mercy. I started this apostolate several years ago, and you can go to the website to learn more (www.DWMoM.org). But the gist is this: to receive Jesus in the Eucharist every day, earnestly beseech Him to remain Sacramentally within you and grant His Will to you, so that as you leave the Church, you truly become a Eucharistic Procession out into the world. This, indeed, is the essence of the Mystery of the Visitation. As Pope Benedict XVI said, it was history’s first Eucharistic Procession. Just as Mary received the Real Presence of Jesus into her womb upon the Annunciation, so too we — whenever we receive Communion — receive the Real Presence of Jesus into our own bodies. And we must imitate Mary: we must not keep these graces to ourselves; rather, we must bring them out into the world. Our Lady told the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta that, in the Visitation, she went to see Elizabeth  “… not simply to pay her a visit, but because my Heart was set ablaze with the desire to bring Jesus to her…I felt ardent yearnings to give my dear Jesus to everyone, so that all might possess him and love him.” (The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Day 20.) We must be like Our Lady. This is one powerful way to do so. 

You may not be able to take this proclamation to the impoverished city streets surrounding urban Churches (which I present as one possible way of being a DWMoM), but you can still say the DWMoM prayer after receiving Communion and modify this prayer however you need to (here is an editable word document) in order to apply it to whatever the duties of your state in life require you to do after Mass, and thereby become a Eucharistic Procession into your workplace, school, errands, commute, etc. 

Do Something Crazy and Out There

I do not know the future, but it is quite possible that we have scarcely any time left before everything we know in the world radically changes forever. In consideration of this possibility, do not rule out the prospect that God may be calling you to right now do something great for His glory. The fact that the day of Public Revelation’s prophecy is over does not change the fact that God still calls prophets to do things not unlike what the Biblical Prophets themselves did. 

Have you perhaps fallen into sin? That is unfortunate. Hopefully you have repented. If not, do so immediately and go to confession. But now, consider that God allows all things for a reason; even our falls. One major reason He allows falls in those who love Him is to compel them to “make up for it” by doing great things for His Glory.

As Jesus said to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta:

“Sometimes I allow the guilt in a soul who loves me in order to squeeze her more tightly to Me, and to oblige her to do greater things for my glory. In fact, the more I give to her, permitting even guilt in order to endear her more to Me for her miseries – to love her more and to fill her with my charisms, the more I push her to do great things for Me. These are the excesses of my Love.” – April 23, 1912

I will not here present a list of “crazy and out there” great things you can do for God’s glory. Such tasks must be inspired by God speaking to your heart and must be carefully discerned with fervent prayer and individual priestly spiritual direction. But don’t rule them out just because there will be plenty of “serious Catholics” who call you crazy or overzealous. Soon, you’ll be dead. And whatever temporal thing you had to give up, and whatever temporal persecution you had to endure, in order to do this great thing for God will themselves seem like nothing; whereas the great thing you did for God will never be forgotten.