About Me

My name is Daniel O’Connor. I am, in order of importance,

A sinful and unworthy servant of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ

A loving child and willing consecrated slave of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A loyal son of the Roman Catholic Church

The husband of my amazing wife, Regina

The father of five children (Joseph, David, Mary, Luisa, and John Paul) and God willing many more to come

A worker of many apostolates (especially promoting the Divine Will and Divine Mercy)

An adjunct Philosophy Professor at a State University of New York community college holding an MA in Theology and with 4 years of studies completed toward a PhD in Philosophy

Daniel Regina Joseph OConnor

If you’d like to know more about my story, please see the Preface of my book, the Crown of Sanctity (link to free eBook on the right sidebar and available on Amazon)


You can reach me at the email address below. I do my best to respond to emails, but please forgive me in advance if I am unable to get back to you; unfortunately it is not always possible for me to respond to all emails. Rest assured, however, that I have received your message, and you have my prayers (and don’t forget to pray for me!).

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If you would like to mail me something, you can send it to me at the PO box address below. Please also send me an email to let me know that you mailed something to this address, so that I know to pick it up. If you need to send me something larger than a letter (i.e. something that wouldn’t fit in a small PO Box), please email me so we can discuss.