About Me

My name is Daniel O’Connor. I am, in order of importance,

  1. A sinful and unworthy servant of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ

  2. A loving child and willing consecrated slave of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  3. A loyal son of the Roman Catholic Church

  4. The husband of my amazing wife, Regina

  5. The father of three children (Joseph, David, and Mary) by her, and God willing many more to come

  6. A worker of many apostolates (especially promoting the Divine Mercy and Divine Will)

  7. A college Philosophy Professor holding an MA in Theology and studying for a PhD in Philosophy

Brief Bio:

My earliest memory formed when, at three years of age, I stood at my deeply repentant uncle’s death bed, moments before his particular Judgment, as he prayerfully clutched Rosary beads in his hand and succumbed to the AIDS that he contracted from his former wayward lifestyle.

Sadly the spiritual seeds sown in me by that took many years to sprout, for in my youth I blended in quite well with the average promiscuous, apathetic, intemperate teen of the day. Finally as I began college (Mechanical Engineering at RPI) I saw these sins tearing my soul to shreds, and vowed to radically change my life forever.  Three years later I attended World Youth Day in Australia and, deeply impacted by an exhibit there on the life of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati and by praying next to his incorrupt body, I recognized that God deserved at least one hour of each of my remaining days’ twenty four, and took on those two unmatched gifts that have ever since served as the foundation of my life (and will, please God, until the day I die); daily Mass and daily Rosary.

After graduating I worked as an engineer for GE Global Research.  One day there, I became a “world record holder;” having ran a test resulting in the greatest quantum emission of electrons off a carbon nanotube surface yet achieved.  That evening, after work, I accepted an invitation to participate in a local radio show with a friend to defend the Right to Life in a debate on abortion. At the end of the day came the epiphany that I had done incomparably more good for the world by simply speaking up for our unborn brothers and sisters than I did by contributing to further the technological advancement of our culture. That was a big wake up call. Soon after I was told by my boss’ boss – a high up GE employee – that I needed to “promise to never again talk about religion at work if I were to keep my job.”  Knowing that was a promise I could not in good conscience make, I quit.Daniel Regina Joseph OConnor

Many adventures transpired after– cross country pilgrimage journeys, pro-life movement work, various Catholic apostolates, a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, stints back in the engineering industry, serving as a live-in house father at the John Bosco house we started up in Utica, NY (a transitional home for homeless young men).  Soon after that I began studying as a self-funded seminarian (not wanting to experiment on my diocese’ dollar, being quite uncertain of a calling) at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, CT; but I continued on there as a lay student pursuing a masters degree in Theology – discerning through my blessed time as a seminarian that I am called to theology but not to the ministry of the sanctuary.

On July 13th, 2013 I married my truly amazing wife, Regina, at St. Mary’s in New Haven; so far we have been blessed with three children, Joseph, David, and Mary, and we are raising our family in New York as I serve as an adjunct Professor of Philosophy at a State University of New York Community College while studying for my PhD in Philosophy at University at Albany.