About Me

My name is Daniel O’Connor. I am, in order of importance,

  1. A sinful and unworthy servant of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ

  2. A loving child and willing consecrated slave of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  3. A loyal son of the Roman Catholic Church

  4. The husband of my amazing wife, Regina

  5. The father of three children (Joseph, David, and Mary) by her, and God willing many more to come

  6. A worker of many apostolates (especially promoting the Divine Mercy and Divine Will)

  7. A college Philosophy Professor holding an MA in Theology and studying for a PhD in Philosophy

If you’d like to know more, please see the Preface of my book, the Crown of Sanctity (link on the right sidebar and available on Amazon and at http://www.CrownOfSanctity.com)

Daniel Regina Joseph OConnor