French Book Translation, DW247 Issues, and Evangelization Cards

A huge post is coming soon; but today I have just a few announcements:

The Crown of History in French

First of all, the French translation of The Crown of History is now available! (The Crown of History is my 2019 book on the revelations of Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta — it is essentially a greatly condensed version of The Crown of Sanctity, published earlier in 2019). My eternal gratitude to Philippe Martin for translating. It is being released in French under the title Que ton Règne vienne!, but the text is the same. Here is the URL of the link: 

Here is an interview with Philippe and myself on the book: (Dubbed in French for the sake of those we are promoting this translation to!), and I will soon upload the original English onto my own YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to here). Issues

Secondly, I have been running into some issues with the feed. Newer subscribers may be unaware that, for over a year now (since January 2020), I’ve been broadcasting a continuous 24/7/365 stream of an audiobook of Jesus’ revelations to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta at the aforementioned website. Amazingly, 314 days of that broadcast (7,548 hours, to be exact) saw not a single interruption of the stream whatsoever — perhaps God really wanted this stream going and therefore prevented our home from losing power during any of the severe storms that we experienced during that time! (I do not have the server I am streaming with connected to any backup power.) But now, YouTube has suddenly begun disconnecting the stream after a relatively short broadcast every time I get it re-configured, connected, etc. I am not assuming nefarious motives on their side (it may truly just be some technical issue), but I am not ruling that possibility out, either: which is another reminder that I’ll likely be censored soon, and if you want to continue to receive updates from me after that, be sure you’re subscribed with your email address here at Anyway, I am continuing to work on the problem, and if possible I hope to have the stream back up to its prior reliability soon. In the meantime, those who are used to tuning in to it might have to put up with a bit more unreliability. 

Evangelization Cards

Third, we are continuing to chip away at sending out batches of evangelization cards in response to the requests for them that we received. If you placed a request but haven’t received cards yet, then just continue to keep an eye out, as they will hopefully arrive soon! I have heard from a few people that these envelopes full of cards arrived with “postage due.” I am so sorry that this is happening; I do not know why it is. I am confident that we are keeping the weight and thickness of these envelopes below the permitted levels for “flats” in accordance with the amount of postage we are affixing, so I suspect this is a matter of a few postal workers mistakenly categorizing the envelopes. From now on we will be putting some additional postage on the envelopes in hopes of preventing this “postage due” problem from continuing. If you’re interested in receiving a very large quantity of these cards (1,000; 2,500; 5,000; or more in multiples of 5,000), then send me an email (address on right hand side bar) letting me know how many you want and what the shipping address is. I’ll have to pay to place a special order, so I don’t think I’ll be able to send a large order out for free, but the prices of the company I use (Gotprint) are pretty reasonable, and I can get you a quote. And if you haven’t placed a request but want cards, go ahead and place one! Or, if you’ve already distributed all the cards and want more, feel free to place another request! As always, I can’t make any promises about how many requests we can fulfill and how quickly, but we’ll do our best to fulfill as many requests as quickly as we can. 

Last but not least, today’s Medjugorje message reminds us to keep our eyes on the prize, and not be distracted by endlessly fretting about all the details of the trials transpiring around us and dominating headlines. The trials of today will, tomorrow, be scarcely a memory; but what we do now for God and Souls will never be forgotten. Consecrate yourself to Our Lady; especially this May. Become a saint. Proclaim the Divine Mercy. Proclaim the Kingdom. Courage, courage, courage.