A Call for the Endurance of the Saints

“Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” – Revelation 14:12

I initially thought this was fake news when I saw it posted on a blog today. I then looked it up myself on the Archdiocese of Moncton’s own website, and immediately discovered that, no, it was real. An entire Catholic Archdiocese in Canada, starting September 22, will completely ban all unvaccinated people from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. So many of our leaders in Church have, since early 2020, essentially apostatized in the name of public health, but this is a demonic new low. 


This is no longer “just” about making a vaccine mandatory for a certain job, or school, or entertainment venue. It is now about forcing people to violate their consciences merely in order to be permitted at the Lord’s Table. The magnitude of the present diabolical disorientation baffles the mind. In Moncton now — and likely soon in many other places throughout the world — unless one receives an experimental injection, developed using cell lines from aborted babies, he is not even permitted to be at Mass, much less to receive Communion. Meanwhile, many of our shepherds appear happy to have at Mass, and give Communion to, the most notorious and scandalous of public sinners (e.g. pro abortion politicians). 

Though doubtless far from the last, this heinously evil new directive is the first instance of its kind that I have come across, and it makes one thing clear:

We are now entering the times that have been prophesied for decades.

Accordingly, we must heed the call of the Book of Revelation to have the endurance of the saints

Now, let us, indeed, fight, fight, and fight still more against injustice. For we mustn’t ever be defeatists, and until the Warning itself happens, we can never know for sure if God Wills yet another extension in the Time of Mercy. 

That being said, let us — more importantly — not cling too tightly to our expectations of what will come from engaging in that noble fight. For it seems more likely that matters will only get worse and worse; a reality of which whoever has read the recent prophecies is well aware (If you haven’t, feel free to click around on the recent posts of this blog!). This is why the Book of Revelation calls for endurance (in other translations, the “patience” of the saints), not activism.  

Some practical advice in the trials that are so common for the Faithful today: I advise against making major decisions before you absolutely must. Matters are changing so rapidly these days that what seems pressing to decide today might just, tomorrow, no longer be an issue. Do not think about your troubles and dilemmas for one minute more than prudence requires their consideration. Do not fret, and do not ever willfully entertain any fears, worries, or anxieties. Have you forgotten that God is no less in charge of all things now than He was in 2019? (Or 1950? Or 1200? Or 30 A.D.?) Wait on the Lord. His guidance will not fail. And He is about to intervene in an extraordinary way. Do not be discouraged. And do not agonize over “not knowing God’s Will.” If you are sincerely trying to know and do God’s Will, then you are knowing and doing God’s Will. It is that simple. For it often is His Will that we ourselves, for a time, be uncertain as to some of the precise details of His plans for us. It is times like those, especially, where we are exactly where God wants us; because we can then put the most meritorious Faith and Trust in Him. Say always — make it a veritable mantra, uttering it even thousands of times a day — “Jesus, I Trust in You. Thy Will be done. I give You my will; please give me Yours in Return. Let Your Kingdom Come! Let Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven!

And no matter what the world or the wolves within the Church throw at us, let us never give up. 

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.

The Endurance of the Saints

  • Have you, dear unvaccinated Catholic, been banned from Mass in your Diocese? Then go anyway. Go with your whole family and kneel on the sidewalk immediately outside of the Church as the Mass is celebrated. Day after day. Week after week. In nice weather and in a blizzard. 
  • Have you been told that your own employment, or studies, or enjoyments, or friendships — or anything else — is now contingent upon you violating your conscience? (And no one — no one — can tell you that your conscience must permit something which you know full well it does not permit. While conscience may never make Church Teaching more lax, it absolutely can [and, in a well-formed conscience, almost always does] demand a more rigorous moral path for yourself than the baseline required by Church Teaching.) Then kiss those situations goodbye with a genuine smile. God will repay you a thousand fold. “Whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 16:25)
  • Has your work, or school, or other duties foisted the LGBT agenda or other “woke” ideologies on you and demanded your acquiescence? Perhaps by demanding you call a “he” a “she,” or by calling a man another man’s “husband,” or by in any way condoning abortion? You, and you alone, will answer for your words on Judgment Day. All of them. Never speak a lie, even if it leads to your death. 
  • Have restrictions or obligations been placed upon you — whether civil or ecclesial — that are in stark and diametric opposition to your duties before God? Then you not only may, but must, disobey them. Absolutely no one — Not a Pope, not President; no one — may tell a priest in good standing that he cannot administer the sacraments. Nor is any temporal risk too great to take to administer them. But this is not only for priests — are you an usher or other parish volunteer who has been instructed to turn unvaccinated people away from the Mass? Disobey. Welcome them with open arms. I won’t go through an array of examples here, I only list two to illustrate the point: we must indeed generally obey the directives of legitimate authority acting within its jurisdiction. But we must never obey anyone in any circumstance when it comes to sin being commanded. And we can indeed become guilty of sin by commission or by omission. Never forget the latter. 
  • Let the degree of zeal with which you live and proclaim the Faith increase in proportion to the degree of persecution foisted upon you. Such times are the envy of saints! We know Who wins. All we need to do is choose if we are on His side or the world’s.       
  • Proclaim the Divine Mercy
  • Proclaim the Kingdom
  • Live in the Divine Will
  • Pray, pray, pray. (And please, pray the Rosary every day!)

Trust and be at Peace. These are the most exciting times in the history of the world to be alive.


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