The Devil’s Dress Rehearsal and The Infrastructure of the Antichrist

I will not in this post ask you to subscribe to any particular conspiracy theory regarding the present distress. Instead, I’m only asking you to consider what you, as a Christian, already know and what you, as a person with common sense and two eyes, can easily observe openly regarding the undisputed facts of the matter.

Fact 1: This world will end.

Fact 2: Before this world ends, the definitive events spoken of in Scripture, the Catechism, and the unanimous consensus of private revelation must transpire.

Fact 3: Among these events — guaranteed, with dogmatic certainty, to transpire and in no way merely conditional — is the rise and reign of the Antichrist.

Fact 4: The Antichrist, though he will have given himself over entirely to Satan and will work apparent wonders, is still a mere man with no supernatural powers. Nevertheless, he will acquire historically unprecedented worldwide dominion and exert total control over “buying and selling” of all people, requiring all to have his diabolical “mark” in order to legally do so.

Corollary 1:

The Antichrist will need to acquire this dominion by making sure, before he makes his public entrance, that what I refer to as “The Infrastructure of the Antichrist” is firmly in place. (And even if the Antichrist himself does not personally orchestrate all of this — admittedly, it would not be credible to assert that all of today’s chaos can be traced back to one man — the devil who is working behind the scenes to pave the way for the Antichrist does orchestrate it, hence the title of this post.) 

Corollary 2:

This Infrastructure of the Antichrist will require (in 2018 I speculated that he is waiting for just a few more developments before making his public entrance; as you will see, I think this Coronavirus crisis is going to allow for them):

A. Massive surveillance.

B. Technological control of all purchases, and a general extreme degree of control of the people

C. The ability to quickly and universally promulgate a certain physical thing — the Mark of the Beast — getting it into the hands (or, rather, injected into/implanted within/imprinted upon the right hand or forehead) of every single person on the face of the planet

D. The persecution of the Church — especially by way of the suppression of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

E. The blind submission of the masses to unsubstantiated “official” claims and the repression of any information that dares contradict these claims.

F. The wiping out, as much as possible, of economic subsidiarity and social solidarity, in order to ensure that the masses are dependent upon centralized government and/or corporate intervention, which in turn can easily be subsumed into his diabolical one world pseudo messianic ploy.

Likelihood 1:

What we have seen, just during the last couple of months, is — almost to the letter — a practice dry run, a veritable dress rehearsal, of all of the above: A through F. It has furthermore proved a great (demonic) success for the Infrastructure of the Antichrist.

A. We have seen the sudden worldwide explosion of both implementation of, and wide acceptance of, surveillance to a degree scarcely imagined in the science fiction of even recent times

B. “Control” is the name of the game of the present crisis. People, governments have concluded, are not to be trusted; individuals do not matter as far as they are concerned — all that matters is the Utilitarian calculation of what effect they may have on the “Community” (that is, the established elite who benefit off of affairs operating in a certain matter). Is a soul on his deathbed and in need of company? Who cares! Letting him be ministered to may adversely effect “flattening the curve.” Has an individual family concluded that heeding some absurd restriction will be infinitely more damaging to them than risking possible exposure to a disease with a tiny mortality rate? Who cares! Families don’t matter — all that matters is the government’s concern that trusting individual families may have a negative “cumulative effect on the curve.” Does an individual who has been placed on government-mandated quarantine realize that the importance of some task he must accomplish far outweighs the importance of him avoiding possibly contributing incrementally to the spread of Coronavirus? Who cares? All that matters is that the government has decided it would be better to have him stay completely isolated for weeks — with fewer rights than a convicted prisoner in a maximum security prison — even if it will cause his life, and perhaps his family, to fall apart.  These examples could be multiplied, but you get the picture: Because, ostensibly, of how much modern government values “people” (yeah right), actual real individual people must be thrown under the bus.

C. Bill Gates himself — who, also, doubtless will be a leader in the imminent New World Order — has insisted that we must vaccinate every single one of the 7 billion people on the planet. Now, I am most definitely not anti-vaccine; but what he is saying is manifest madness. He is claiming that humanity has “never before” faced a more urgent task than this new conquest for which he advocates (has he ever opened a history book?), even while admitting that what he is insisting upon is unprecedented, saying “We’ve never delivered something to every corner of the world before.” If this isn’t a dry run for the Mark of the Beast, then nothing is. Bill Gates isn’t dumb; but he must think his readers are if he thinks they really will take what he is saying at face value and fail to realize that there is some other, much darker, plan only thinly veiled by this task he is insisting upon.

D. As never before in the 2,000 year history of the Church, the public Mass has been eradicated — and, by and large, our shepherds have simply rolled over to this and played rag doll in the hands of civil officials in the name of “safety.” Only a relatively small number of Bishops have protested (thank God for Cardinal Muller and Cardinal Sarah, and for today’s  “appeal for the Church and the world” , which I have signed), pointing out how absurd and contrary to Divine Law it is to tell priests they cannot administer the Sacraments and how easily the Faithful could adhere to legitimate prudential social distancing guidelines while still going to Mass, Confession, etc. (like they are even now in Poland, which nevertheless has maintained a tiny Coronavirus death rate proportional to its population) So, today, public Catholicism has essentially been temporarily outlawed — yes, outlawed; people are even being arrested for attending Mass — with the cooperation of the Bishops, in the name of “safety.” In the name of what will Catholicism be outlawed tomorrow?

E. Censorship of “unapproved” information has reached a fever pitch recently. Suddenly, anything that dares to deviate from the official narrative (which itself is constantly changing and thus has already demonstrated itself untrustworthy) is deemed “fake news,” and deleted, by faceless employees answerable to no one, from what has increasingly become people’s sole source of information: social media. 

Incidentally, this is one of the reasons I prefer a blog over social media (I still have no facebook/twitter/etc.). If they censor me — and doubtless they soon will — I can still reach my subscribers by email, and I know how to get around any attempt they may make to prevent me from emailing subscribers.

F. I don’t suppose there are many left still in need of convincing that economies throughout the world have crashed like never before in history; at this point, only the most obstinate head-in-sand folk are denying that. While in earlier crises the nation and the world has faced, people usually responded by helping each other, what are we being told today? We have been told — often, required — not to help each other, but to avoid each other. We have been told to leave helping people to the government. We have been told not to worry about making a living — the government will support us; perhaps even with a “Universal Basic Income.” Unemployment benefits now pay most workers who receive them significantly more than does actual work. People like me, who are plowing ahead with work despite the fact that they are making much less than they would be making on unemployment — in my case, bending over backwards to transition all of my instruction to online and undertaking intensive trainings so I can continue teaching my students remotely instead of saying “sorry, I can’t; get back to me when we’re back on campus” — are essentially thereby punished for not just sitting back and going on the dole. It is not an overreaction to call such a scenario essentially a punishment of those who work: money is purely relative, and when trillions of dollars are printed, the money that workers earn becomes drastically mitigated in substance even if not nominally. (Let’s not waste our time with an economics debate on inflation when common sense and logic suffice.)

Socialism, categorically condemned by the Church’s Magisterium, is now entering the scene strongly and outright Communism will likely soon replace it (which, incidentally, is exactly what the Garabandal visionaries were told would immediately precede The Warning).  [I am not at all against aid to those in need; what I am against is the government stepping in, with Communist undertones, to the point of overriding subsidiarity.]

(Note: I am NOT saying that this whole Pandemic response is some fabricated conspiracy. I am well aware of the seriousness of this virus and I do support significant measures being taken to combat it. Nor am I asserting that every item I’ve linked to is intrinsically malicious. My point is only that many things have been taken far too far, and that within this dynamic is seen clearly the laying of the foundations of the Infrastructure of the Antichrist)

Likelihood 2: A dress rehearsal means that the real thing is close at hand.

Now, you cannot doubt the 4 Facts listed above. You would be hard pressed to doubt the 2 Corollaries listed above. 

And, with each passing day, the “2 Likelihoods” listed above are looking less and less like mere likelihoods and more and more like veritable objective descriptions of the present time.  

Reject those 2 Likelihoods if you will — maybe because you prefer mindless “positive thinking” to even considering anything painful … or, maybe because you just can’t handle the truth…(or, for a few readers, maybe because the imminent rise of the Antichrist doesn’t fit in with your own personal eschatological speculations that you developed by only reading a few authors who systematically ignore the entire unanimous consensus of post-Fatima trustworthy private revelation and impose their own opinions upon the older prophecies, pretending they contain conclusions that they simply do not (see The Crown of Sanctity pages 356-396 )

But, regardless of your eschatological opinions, favorite end-times authors, or personal dispositional preferences, know this for certain, for I solemnly assure you of it: the present sad Era will soon come to an end. It will be replaced by a glorious Era of Peace unlike anything the world has ever seen. But that transition is going to hurt, and pretending otherwise will not spare you the pain. 

And although pretending otherwise is futile and harmful, waking up and recognizing the Signs of the Times is incredibly beneficial; not because it gives you clear knowledge of all future events (not even the greatest of prophets have that — we have all eternity to be certain of things; only now can we merit by Faith and Trust), and certainly not because it encourages you to engage in survivalism or harbor a refuge mentality (see note on that below), but because it gives you the inspiration you need to heed the Battle Orders for the Church Militant that Heaven has long been begging of us before these events hit

The Moral of the Story — All that Matters, in Fact:

  • Repent of your sins. There is no more time to delay this. Do not be easy on yourself; examine your conscience carefully. Stop sinning, make an act of perfect contrition, and get to confession as soon as it is again made available.
  • Live in and Proclaim the Divine Will. The imminent Chastisements will be proportional in severity, scope, and duration, to the deficiency of knowledge of the Divine Will among the people — yes, boldly proclaiming the Divine Will really will drastically lessen the Chastisements.
  • Incessantly beg God for the Coming of the Kingdom, for it is now at hand, and the events that must precede it are about to commence; if, however, we fail to incessantly beg God for the Coming of the Kingdom, then these sorrowful events which come before may linger much longer.
  • Trust in the Divine Mercy and Proclaim the Divine Mercy. Evangelize like never before — even if, for a time, you must do so primarily remotely.
  • Pray the Rosary every day
  • Frequent daily Mass and monthly Confession as soon as it is possible to return to these
  • Love all and forgive all
  • Pray and Sacrifice (especially by fasting) for the salvation and sanctification of souls, the conversion of sinners, the deliverance of the Holy Souls in Purgatory (their intercession, too, will greatly aid us in the coming days), the mitigation of the Chastisements, and the Hastening of the Era of Peace
  • Consecrate yourself, your family, and your home to the Holy Family and live your family life in imitation of their virtues
  • Set your face like flint, right now, to make absolutely no compromises in The Faith, even in the face of death, and especially regarding those tenets thereof that are most despised by modern society: The fact that there is only one God in exactly Three Divine Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and that He alone can ever be worshiped — and that any worship of any other person or thing is idolatrous. The fact that the Bible really is the infallible Word of God and the Magisterium of the Church really is its authoritative interpreter. The literal truth of the Divinity, Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus. The objective necessity of the Catholic Church — wherein alone resides the Fullness of the Truth — and her Sacraments. The literal Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The literal reality of the Second Coming, Judgment, Purgatory, Heaven, and Hell. The intrinsically evil nature of any sexual activity of any sort outside of the marriage (which is indissoluble) of one (actual – biological) man and one (actual – biological) woman. The intrinsically evil nature of abortion, euthanasia, suicide….
    • Any denial — or any formal cooperation in any such denial — of any of these truths is itself intrinsically evil and never permissible — not even if it were considered necessary to prevent the destruction of the entire world. Make an absolutely solid and permanent act of the will right now to never do such a thing. 
  • And, yes, be prudent: If you reasonably can, keep a few months of food/supplies on hand.