Some announcements

Within the next few weeks I hope to publish something very important; something I have been working hard on for months now, and I will need all of your help when that time comes! So please, stay tuned; and be sure to subscribe (top of the right hand sidebar) to this blog if you’d like to be kept in the loop. In the meantime, I have a few announcements:

  • It has been my absolute honor and joy to begin a series of webcasts with Mark Mallett. We’ve done several so far, and you can find them posted under the videos at ( and at Mark’s blog Our most important webcast so far is probably the one on the Time of Mercy, which you can see here. 
  • is going strong; I hope you are able to check it out regularly! Heaven’s ongoing messages are being posted there almost daily, and listening to Heaven has never been so urgent as today. 
  • Please do bear in mind that I am just one of four contributors to CountdownToTheKingdom. As with all endeavors that have multiple contributors, it is a team effort! This said, I must express to my readers that I don’t necessarily stand behind 100% of every single thing posted on (or linked to on) CTTK. Do read CTTK, but please refer to this blog ( to see specifically what I am personally standing behind. Mark, Christine, and Peter are way better and holier people than myself — but I don’t suppose any two people on earth are exactly on the same page with everything! And our team is, of course, no exception to that rule. But I think it makes CTTK stronger;you can rest assured that it is not just another website pushing one particular ideological approach to the issues of the day. Rather, it is a cooperative effort undertaken by four people coming from different perspectives but nevertheless deeply unified on what is important, pooling our efforts to give the Prophetic Consensus a voice in order to hasten the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; the Coming of the Kingdom of God! 

I suppose, however, that I should mention some specifics instead of leaving my readers guessing as to why I’m saying this — but please know that I won’t be making a habit of mentioning specifics; in the future, just kindly bear in mind my general exhortation to not make any assumptions regarding my own take on things.

    • When it comes to matters related to essential oils(see footnote), the “Young Living” company (which I have no connection with or even knowledge of), alternative medicine, “blessed grapes,” etc., please know that I am not involved in contributing to those posts, nor am I in any way associated with these matters, nor are these the types of matters that I expect to delve into publicly in the future. (PS: I love essential oils — I’ve got frankincense in my beard right now because I love the smell — I’m simply pointing out that I’m not at all involved in promoting their medicinal or therapeutic use. But I’m not condemning such use either; I’m just not at all involved in that matter either way and I have nothing to say about it. Please seek out better voices than my own if you want guidance on that question!)


Let me again address the big pink elephant in the living room: Fr. Michel’s timetable. Yes, it really does seem that he is saying that the chain of long-prophesied events (economic collapse, societal breakdown, World War III, a much worse pandemic, then The Warning, the Reprieve, the reign of the Antichrist, the refuges, the 3 Days of darkness, followed by the Glorious Era of Peace) will begin by Autumn of this year.

Will they indeed begin so soon? Perhaps. He may well be right; there is such an incredible convergence of both signs of the times and prophetic messages right now that it’s looking like this summer may well be a “last chance” of sorts. So repent, get to confession, and live in the Divine Will! But it also might not be so soon. I find Fr. Michel authentic, not infallible. Even if his prophecies regarding this year were valid when given, it is always possible that the Time of Mercy will be extended again. So please, go by that never-failing advice whenever these conundrums arise: when it comes to your zeal for salvation and sanctification — proclaiming the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will — assume his prophecies are accurate. When it comes to your continuing to undertake well the duties of your state in life (doing your job, paying your bills, educating your children, etc.), assume that the time of mercy will be extended yet again. I know I said, in the Time of Mercy webcast, that I think we are out of extensions — I don’t take that back. I think we are out of them. But I don’t know we’re out of them, and more importantly I don’t know exactly when our present Time-of-Mercy-Extension is valid until! Fr. Michel is essentially saying that it’s valid until this Autumn. Maybe it’s actually valid until later. Maybe not. Mark Mallett just wrote an excellent post on this. (But, also, after you repent, get to confession, consecrate yourself to the holy family…. buy a few 50 pound bags of white rice. Seriously.)

That’s all for now. But do stay tuned!