The Final Countdown and the Coming Astronomical Twilight

Here we stand, embarking upon the final month of the Nautical Twilight Year, and a stunning convergence now confronts us. For just as the announcement of Coronavirus —  two years ago this month — heralded the setting of the sun on the present Era, and the year that followed its announcement can be likened to “civil twilight,” (wherein even those who are not directly observing the setting of the sun begin to gradually realize, by the darkening of the skies, that night is coming), then the year we are now concluding consists in the next stage of twilight that follows. Where does that put is now? At the cusp of the Time of Astronomical Twilight:


(Diagram of the stages of Twilight- Wikipedia)

“Astronomical,” indeed, could not be a more fitting word for what is about to transpire in the world — before the full night of the long prophesied Great Chastisements, themselves to be followed by the New Dawn of the Era of Peace. But I only here use the Stages of Twilight as an illustration; the reality of what is coming is better testified to by the power of prophecy and the clarity of the Signs of the Times, which now merit a brief summary. Four aspects of these call for our attention: 1) The coming conclusion of the Year of St. Joseph, 2) Gisella Cardia’s latest message and Pope Francis’ coming voyage, 3) The “Omicron Variant,” 4) The Last Medjugorje Message.

As usual, I have no specific predictions or prophecies of my own to share. Just a few messages that I think are worth discerning (though I make no claims regarding conviction of their authenticity) and a few signs of the times that should not be ignored.

1)Fr. Michel’s Prophecy and December 8th

As posted here in September, Fr. Michel released a new prophecy which posits that the end of the Holy Year of St. Joseph (December 8th, 2021) also coincides with the end of the year of his special protection, which is what — as a very Katechon spoken of in Scripture (2 Thessalonians 2) — has held back the power of the Antichrist and allowed the world’s somewhat normal functioning to continue on longer than it “should” have been able to. And as I discussed here in October, this notion — though I do not know if it is true; only time will tell — does at least seem to make a lot of sense. 

As we now have just one week left in what may possibly be the final year of special protection for the Church and the world, we should not rule out the possibility that the Chastisements will burst forth to an entirely new degree very soon. This doesn’t necessarily imply cataclysm will befall the world on the very day of the 8th (or 9th) — recall that Fr. Michel’s message, even if authentically supernatural in origin, only says that St. Joseph’s special protection will withdraw “discreetly” at that time — but it certainly could mean that. So do not delay. Repent, go to Confession, remain in a state of Grace, and trust in the Divine Mercy! Please be sure to consecrate yourself and your family to St. Joseph during this remaining week. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t manage to do a full blown 33-Day consecration. Just go to Mass, receive Communion, and consecrate yourself and your family to him. He’ll be quite happy with that and God will accept it! I also encourage displaying a picture of the Holy Family (and the Divine Mercy Image) prominently in your home.

2) Gisella Cardia’s Last Message and Pope Francis’ Trip to Greece

Gisella Cardia is another seer I keep an eye on and believe is worth taking seriously and discerning — though, again, I here make no claims of conviction regarding authenticity. Her last message, received November 30th, speaks of the Pope — when he returns from a trip — weeping over what will then transpire. 

Very much has been made, even in mainstream secular media, about Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Greece. When is he due to return from this trip? Just two days before the conclusion of the Holy Year. 

Pope to Greece

It just so happens that Greece recently made international headlines for a quite unfortunate reason: essentially declaring that all senior citizens who have not been injected with an experimental gene therapy are criminals, and will accordingly be fined every month. (“But don’t worry, it’s not a fine! It’s just a Health Fee!”) This brings us to our next point.

3) The “Omicron Variant”

Both Heaven’s Messages and the warnings of shrewd individuals have long cautioned us that there will be no return to normalcy. The power hungry and money hungry elites finally have found, in Coronavirus, their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to institute the New Totalitarianism, and they will not allow this opportunity to pass them by. This is their chance to ensure the Infrastructure of the Antichrist is soon fully in place, and their diligence in following the devil’s orders in this regard is impressive. 


The so-called “Omicron Variant” is exactly what they needed to put the finishing touches in place. “‘Delta’ did much of our work for us, but this, finally, will completely convince the world of the need for a global vaccine passport for both travel and financial transactions,” they say to themselves. Though many of them are for now putting on airs of prudence, claiming that they are just waiting for more “data” and “science” before making major determinations regarding what new impositions will be placed upon us due to Omicron, they know full well that this is just a façade to make more people liable to fall — hook, line, and sinker — for the new diabolical mandates and restrictions that will come within days, when “the science becomes clear that this is extremely dangerous and warrants bold, immediate action!” When will this “science” suddenly come to light? 

Perhaps sometime around December 8th. 

Gisella’s messages have also frequently been alerting us to the incredible imminence of the Warning, the Antichrist, and the Mark of the Beast. This new “variant,” indeed, may well be part and parcel to the Mark’s introduction. (Do recall, however, that we are still in the “Infrastructure-laying” phase of events; the literal Mark itself cannot come until the Beast who institutes it is in power– that is, the Antichrist. His reign, I believe, will not come until after the Warning — though both could be extremely soon. So stay alert, but do not worry that the Mark of the Beast is already, as of this writing, circulating in the world. Right now, our resistance to the Infrastructure of the Antichrist is preparing us to resist the Man of Sin himself, therefore it is important for us to continue to resist — those who fail to do so now will be more likely to succumb to his diabolical ploys once he is in power —  but we mustn’t suppose that there are, even now, people all across the world being sealed with the literal Mark of the Beast itself.

4) So what should we do?

We should remind ourselves that the same God Who even now intervenes to allow us to inhale our next breath will still be God in the days ahead, and we should not waste one second fretting about the future. He will be no less capable of protecting you then than He is now. 

If indeed it is true that the coming days will see radical changes — again, I am not predicting that, just acknowledging it as a possibility — then the last Medjugorje message before these upheavals hit (the next one will not arrive until Christmas) emphasized precisely what we must all now affix our most resolute attention to: Bringing Heaven to earth by means of The Divine Will:

Medjugorje Message Nov 2021

The Divine Will is by far the single thing that will be most effective in attaining all that we must now pursue more zealously than ever before: the salvation and sanctification of souls, the conversion of sinners and unbelievers, reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the mitigation of the Chastisements, the hastening of the Coming of Christ’s Kingdom. Please proclaim His Holy Will. Let’s make sure every soul on the planet has heard it proclaimed. I wrote this book, Thy Will Be Done, precisely for that end. Although its author is a miserable and unworthy sinner, I am now convinced that God Himself orchestrated the release of this book precisely for this time. 

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