Just a Quick Announcement

Update 2: It looks like the book’s price is back down again, at least as of this writing (1:15pm Eastern Time). I submitted another price change request, this time for a few pennies more ($8.88). Hopefully it stays this time! In case it doesn’t, you might want to order quickly if you want a lot of copies for this lower price.

Update: Amazon is suddenly charging over $16 for the book, even though I just decreased the price of it to $8.84. I have no idea what is going on here, but I’m looking into it.

I have an important post about the Warning coming soon; please stay tuned! But for now, I just have a brief announcement. Amazon is suddenly giving delivery estimates of up to a month long for bulk orders of Thy Will Be Done . I think that’s unacceptably long, so I’ve decided to simply temporarily decrease the price of the paperback’s ordinary page to the absolute lowest amount Amazon will allow. If you think you might want many copies to distribute or even sell, now would be the time to purchase as many as you think you might need (for $8.84 a copy in the U.S., and similarly decreased prices in other countries), directly from Amazon. 

(PS: If you’ve already placed a bulk order, don’t worry: those orders gave the usual 2 week estimate for delivery). 

I don’t plan to keep the price so low for very long; at this cost, I don’t make a penny of royalties off of paperback sales (whereas I’m hoping, moving forward, to make at least a bit so that I can continue to afford to send out free copies to priests. For now, however, the incredible generosity of donors is covering that!). So now is the time to buy a bunch of copies if you might be interested in handing them out, gifting them, or selling them yourself. 

God bless you!

In Christ, through Mary,