Two roads diverged in a dark wood

(Thy Will Be Done. It’s here. More info below. But now, on to the post:)

Radical Hope. Existential Despair.

These are the two paths diverged before us. The wood in which they depart is not yellow, as in Frost’s famous poem, but so pitch black as to terrify whoever derives his strength not from God. And the eyes that peer down these paths, be they not the eyes of Faith, likewise will see only more darkness ahead. What this leaves us with now is a simple existential choice which cannot adequately proceed under the guidance of a merely human assessment of existing societal conditions. We can choose Radical Hope, or we can choose Existential Despair. It’s up to you. Let us consider first an illustration of the latter. And here we descend from lofty poetry to the gutter of Hollywood. 

Children of Men (2006) is not exactly a good movie, but like other similarly filthy Hollywood productions, it does at least provide some apt commentary. The film’s premise is simple and true: without any real hope for the future of the world, chaos, degradation, ugliness, sin, error, and  misery are bound to reign supreme even now. One way to ensure no such hope exists is to posit a time in which all women are suddenly mysteriously rendered permanently barren, which is in fact the setting for this film. Here is a video I made with clips from its opening scenes. Do not click “play” if children are nearby. 

Superficially, it might seem that an end to childbearing would make life easier in the short run. New life, though requiring enormous sacrifice, time, and expense to raise and educate, is not socially “useful” for many years. Accordingly, this universal barrenness  is precisely what is promoted by one of the most twisted living philosophers on the planet, Peter Singer. He is quite open to the notion that we should all sterilize ourselves and party our way into extinction. Take it from an academic in Singer’s own field: I can, sadly, assure you that he is a very powerful scholar who is widely admired by similarly deluded academics and whose diabolical teachings carry substantial weight. Advocating for “Human Extinctionism” has become a thing in modern academia, replete with its own published Manifestos and a cadre of so-called intellectuals promoting it. (If you click that link, you might just find a familiar face as the “top” review)

Singer, of course, is just as wrong on this as he is on everything. There would be no partying in the dystopia he so desires, only wailing and grinding of teeth. Hell–whether in eternity or on earth–never does live up to its promises. 

So we need hope for the future of the world. We need it. The fact that we are Christians, and our supreme and ultimate hope is placed only in Heaven, does not change this fact.  

But these are cliché truths. Why am I posting about this?

Because society has now reached the point where the very question that once could (at least plausibly) be answered with a multitude of responses now only allows for two. 

The question is “where do we go from here?”

We could once entertain the promises of those who, in seeking to answer that question, charted out for us a carefully strategized plan to incrementally address various problems here and there. If all went twice as well as they anticipated, then an argument could be made that their solutions could produce some measurable benefits several thousand years from now. 

Today, as we approach the year 2022, having experienced all that 2020 and 2021 set before us, only those who are paid handsomely to sit, smile, and nod – when, perhaps, told about how we will “Build Back Better!” – can so much as stomach this drivel any longer. We—the modern west—have dug ourselves a grave that human effort cannot pull us out of, and most ordinary people now recognize that. In the times about to descend upon us, everyone will recognize that.

So I write this post to exhort the proper use of the nausea one feels when hearing our politicians, celebrities, pundits, and business leaders happily announce that our problems will be soon fixed by “just a few” trillion more dollars in federal spending, “just” several trillion dollars to fight “climate change,” “just a few” more months of lockdowns to get past the “fifth wave,” “just” several more mandatory gene therapy injections to get back to normalcy, “just another year” of covering 2/3rds of our faces everywhere we go and destroying social life, “just” a complete reorientation of society itself to resolve “systemic racism,” “just” a few more horrendous sexual perversions institutionally endorsed and universally praised to grant “equality,” “just” …. (need I continue this list?)

Indeed, today we are confronted with only two possible reactions to the question above:

1) Radical Hope (In Epoch-Altering Divine Intervention)


2) Existential Despair (Of the sort illustrated well by the movie clip above).

The world is in crisis, and every human solution has now finally finished proving itself completely, utterly, totally, irrefutably, undeniably useless to the extreme.

Education has only made us stupid and “woke.” Democracy has now enslaved us like no tyrannical empire ever did—no tyrant in history was so bold as to place his entire nation under home imprisonment as has been done now in the name of Covid, nor mandated his entire populace (under pain of prison, as will be so in Austria and likely much of the world come February 2022) to get something injected into their bodies. Technology has created far more problems than it has solved (riddle me this: have smartphones and “social” media made us more communicative and social, or less?). Science, by nature directed at God’s truth, has now only served to empower our rejection of Him and give us more fodder to bury ourselves in our own lies of secular messianism. Modern economics and finance (choose any political variety you like) has turned most of the world’s population into serfs who must in some way answer to a diabolical agenda if they want to be able to pay the bills.

All this has been building up for many years, of course, but then along came Coronavirus– specifically, the world and the Church’s response to it– which was like the first loud “crack” one hears heralding the collapse of a giant oak tree, even if the relentless “thump, thump, thump” of the axe laying into its trunk had carried on for so long as to become overlooked background noise.

These two paths, diverged in the dark forest before us, are indeed unequally travelled.

The world will despair more and more in the times ahead. Your calling, dear friends, is to answer that with utterly radical hope. Not only for eternity – that, indeed, above all. But also for the world.

I exhort you to take the one less travelled by. It will make all the difference. 

To that end, I present to you the book, Thy Will Be Done. Its message is one of radical hope in Christ the King, and its thesis is so solidly supported that no one who reads it carefully and with an open heart will be able to deny the truth of that hope-filled message. With this book, I am to spread radical hope with more veracity than any Pandemic could infect the world.

Please do everything you can to ensure that this book reaches the ends of the earth as quickly as possible.

Christ is King. We who know that must proclaim it.

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Please also remember that—I truly believe—this book should be extremely helpful for any Catholic at all (or any Christian, or any person, at all, really; though Catholics are its intended audience); no matter his take on any particular private revelation. The majority of the book does not concern itself with any individual private revelation, and there are no direct quotes from Luisa’s revelations anywhere in it, so in reading and promoting this book, no one need have any concern whatsoever about any ecclesial notifications, etc. 

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Please pray that this book may quickly reach the ends of the earth, all for the salvation and sanctification of souls and the Triumph of Christ the King. (And I ask that you add, in your prayers, that God alone receive all the glory, not this book’s unworthy author.)

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Triumph of Christ