Prophecy, the Presidential Inauguration, and What Lies Ahead

Now that Trump is no longer the President of the United States, I should address an elephant in the living room; namely, the many alleged “prophecies” which had assured us that Trump would indeed have a second term, and that he would proceed to root out the corrupt and save America, if not the entire world.

No authentic Catholic prophets gave this prophecy. (A couple alleged Catholic “prophets” did, but none I found authentic did and none we have posted on Countdown to the Kingdom did. Feel free to peruse this blog, and Countdown to the Kingdom, and you will find no mention of any such thing ever posted, nor of any other “Q anon” related theory [and no, we did not delete anything!].) Virtually all of these “prophecies” came from Protestants, some of whom have already repented. Now, I love my Protestant brethren, and I am not claiming that no Protestants receive valid prophecy; I am sure plenty of them do. But, on the other hand, there are reasons why I restrict my considerations to Catholic prophecy (specifically, that subset of Catholic Prophecies which, in accordance with the Church-sanction norms of discernment, appear likely or at least possibly authentic). We just saw one of these reasons play out before our eyes. And I hope that my Protestant brethren who realize that, indeed, we are living in Apocalyptic times, will now shun secular messianism and realize that Trump was (and is) no savior. Jesus alone can save us from the mess our world is now in: a mess far uglier than ever witnessed before in history.

I wanted to write this brief post in order to reassure my readers that what the genuine prophetic consensus holds is certain to come about, and we must not let some failed “prophecies” distract us from that fact. That is to say: Biblical Chastisements are imminent, to be followed by the Glorious Era of Peace. Just how severe and prolonged the Chastisements are, however, depends upon our response. If we laze about in our sin and error, and remain attached to the sad old era that, with each passing day, becomes more and more a mere memory, then the Chastisements that have — in part — already begun, will only be extended and rendered more severe. If, on the other hand, we repent, become saints, live in the Divine Will, pray like never before, evangelize, and Proclaim the Kingdom, then we will see the Dawn from On High break upon us very soon. 

As I’ve said before, I don’t doubt that Trump was a “Katechon” of sorts (though not the Katechon), serving — despite his faults — as one “restrainer” to the power of the evil one seeking to further establish the Infrastructure of the Antichrist through the nefarious global elite. And I do think that now, with Trump gone, the New World Order folks will find fewer obstacles in the way of their dark agenda; so, sadly, I think, we can expect the times now before us to see a swift and serious uptick in the purification, persecution, and chastisements. This is not to mention that now — as in early November when I first made this observation — the world is rejoicing, and all seem to be saying “peace and security,” as if begging for the Chastisements to formally begin even more explicitly (for what a lie it is to say “there is peace and security” when the greatest genocide in history, abortion, continues unabated). In fact, the stock market just hit yet another all time record. 

When people say, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

(For the record, “Lady Gaga” is not someone I would ordinarily deem worth writing about; but Biden chose her to sing the Anthem at the inauguration)

“People of God, pray: the events will not delay, the mystery of iniquity [Antichrist] will appear in the absence of the Katechon.” (cf. II Thess 2,3-4).” — St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria.

That alleged prophecy was given to Luz de Maria on November 4, 2020; the day after the election.

Let us, therefore, only redouble the fervor with which we respond to Heaven’s Messages. 

I conclude this post with the following message (abridged, though still lengthy) of Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, given 89 years ago this month, and, considering the emphasized portion, with the reminder that the greatest crime in the world is abortion — and the most godless of all leaders are those who condone it:

      [Luisa says:] I felt worried by the thought:  “How will this Kingdom of the Divine Will ever be able to come?  Sin abounds, evils get worse… If God does not Operate a Prodigy of His Omnipotence, the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may be in Heaven, but as for the earth, it is useless to think about it.”  But while I was thinking of this and other things, my beloved Jesus, making His usual visit to my soul, told me: 

“My daughter, everything is possible for Us.  The impossibilities, the difficulties, the insurmountable obstacles of creatures melt before Our Supreme Majesty like snow in front of a burning Sun.  Everything is in whether We want it; all the rest is nothing.  Did the same not happen in Redemption?  Sin abounded more than ever; only a small group of people was awaiting the Messiah, and in the midst of this group, how many hypocrisies, how many sins of all kinds-they were often idolatrous.  But it was decreed that I was to come upon earth.  In the face of Our Decrees, all evils cannot prevent what We want to do. …Now, just as My Coming upon earth was Our Decree, so is Our Decree the Kingdom of Our Will upon earth; even more, it can be said that one and the other are one single Decree, and having carried out the First Act of this Decree, We are to carry out the Second. … at most We [The Holy Trinity] take time, and We make Our Way in the midst of their evils in order to dispose them.

It is true that the times are sad; the peoples themselves are tired, they see all the ways closed to them, they can find no way out even for the necessary natural means; the oppressions, the demands of the leaders are unbearable-just penalty, since they have elected as leaders godless men, of evil life, without a just right to be leaders, who deserved a prison more than the right of regime.  Many thrones and empires have been overthrown, and those few that are left are all vacillating and about to be overthrown.  So, the earth will remain almost without kings, in the hands of iniquitous men.  Poor peoples, poor children of Mine-under the regime of men without pity, without heart, and without the grace to be able to act as guides for their subjects. 

The nations will continue to fight against one another-some by war, some by revolution, among themselves and against My Church.  They have a fire in their midst that devours them, that gives them no Peace, and they can give no Peace.  It is the fire of sin, and the fire of acting without God that gives them no Peace; and they will never make Peace if they do not call God into their midst, as regime and bond of Union and of Peace.  And I let them do, and I will make them touch with their own hands what it means to act without God.

      But this does not prevent the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat from coming; this is all creature’s stuff, of the low world, that My Power knocks down and disperses whenever it wants, and it makes the most serene Sky and the most refulgent Sun arise from the storm.  

We, with Infinite Wisdom, will abound with Graces, with Light, with Helps, with surprising Means, so that they may let the Kingdom of My Will Reign in their midst.  Therefore, let Me do; when it is your Jesus that has told you this, that’s enough-it is as though already done.  All evils and all creatures together have no power and no right over Our Will, nor can they prevent a single Act of Our Will, wanted by Decrees of Our Wisdom.”

-January 3, 1932