Whom do You Trust?

As we sink more deeply still into the darkest and most confusing abyss that both the Church and the world have ever had the misfortune of straying into, the question of who is worthy of trust has become more pressing than ever. Before matters become even more bewildering, therefore, we must have a list in mind of whose wisdom to seek out moving forward. For not one of us can figure it all out on our own.

Of course, not even anyone on this “list” I will present below should be considered an oracle — each is a fallible person, and I’m sure that each one is mistaken on some points. But when their views on some matter converge and form a consensus, then we would be foolish to reject that consensus.

But first, let us consider what and whom we should not trust.

At this point it has become rather obvious that the majority of mainstream voices promoting the mainstream narrative are unworthy of trust.  As Our Lady just allegedly said to Valeria Copponi, “Do not trust the great [among you]: whether they be politicians or lesser figures, you have no need of their vain counsel.” Indeed, many of the great, rich, and powerful of the world are acting in pure malice or at least with ulterior motives — and when their counsel flatly contradicts Faith, Morals, or Reason (as it usually does), we certainly must reject it, no matter how much civil disobedience this rejection requires. Those among the elite who are not acting out of malice are usually at the minimum acting out of a completely twisted Utilitarian notion of the good – an approach that will never actually be conducive to the good itself, and will instead only ruin lives, souls, families, and societies.  As Our Lady also just allegedly said to Gisella Cardia, “there are so many pointless deaths in the world, because you are bowing your heads to the world’s elite.”

Let us get more specific, and be brutally honest in so doing: when considering which public figures to trust, do not forget that if someone is foolish enough to fail to realize that there are two, and only two, sexes/genders, and that one’s sex/gender cannot change, then that person is foolish enough to believe anything. If one is immoral enough to support the legality of killing of unborn children, then he is immoral enough to support anything. If a Catholic is sufficiently unfaithful to Scriptural and Magisterial teaching to suppose that homosexuality itself may be in any way endorsed, then that Catholic is unfaithful enough to endorse any sin or disorder. And if a priest or Bishop will endorse one heresy, he may at some point endorse any heresy.

But it is time to get more specific still. While I avoid (and recommend that others avoid) naming names — calumny and detraction are grave sins and we mustn’t risk committing them — occasionally names must be named, and there is no risk of calumny or detraction when our criticism applies to what those whom we criticize openly admit to doing, saying, or believing. I will take just two examples of individuals/groups unworthy of trust: one from the Church, and one from the secular world, to better illustrate the admonitions I present in this post. 

The Untrustworthy: Dr. Fauci

Today, one can actually see bumper stickers that read, “In Dr. Fauci we trust.” (May God have mercy on us.) Indeed, recent polls have indicated that Fauci is among the most trusted men, if not the most trusted man, in America. People seem to want him to be the one making the nation’s most important decisions, no matter how manifestly absurd his statements are – contrary to both Faith and Reason. Each semester, when teaching my undergraduates about Plato’s Republic, I discuss the perennial philosophical wisdom which rightly holds that experts (e.g. scientists) have expertise in means, not in ends; and means must always advise – only ends may direct. If only I had known in the past that medical tyranny would soon seek to override everything else, I would have been able to make my lectures even more specific.

Just last month, Dr. Fauci announced to the world that (thanks to our new “Catholic” president), America’s abundant riches will be back at work funding abortion around the globe. But this didn’t stop a “Catholic” Jesuit university, Georgetown, from inviting him to speak at a prestigious annual lecture.  Indeed, this happened just yesterday (February 19th); Fauci was interviewed by Father Sheehan. During his talk, Fauci revealed something about himself that we should have known all along: he completely lacks a moral compass. He could not think of a single example over the course of his entire 50+ year medical career wherein his conscience was at odds with anything in his job:

(Note: This is authentic, unedited video of Dr. Fauci and Fr. Sheehan. I excerpted it directly from a conference I was invited to via my PhD studies. Although for some days you likely will not find this footage anywhere else, Georgetown will likely soon themselves post video of the whole lecture, at which point you can see for yourself that any claims that what I’m presenting is “misleading” or “out of context” are false. I am only including a brief excerpt here to ensure I do not run afoul of any copyright or other legal claims.)

But enough about Fauci. I hope that this example will simply illustrate just how much of a crisis of trust we have in the world today, and how utterly dire and essential it is that we not succumb to trusting the untrustworthy in the world.

The Untrustworthy: America Magazine

Let us now move on to an example from the Church of a source of information and opinions completely unworthy of trust: America Magazine (and especially their notorious Editor at Large, the Church’s most well-known promoter of homosexuality, whom I have criticized before).

Just yesterday, as the Jesuit above was interviewing Fauci, America Magazine published an article insisting that vaccinations must be made mandatory for Catholics to return to Mass. Yes, you read that right. This “Catholic” publication is demanding that assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the source and summit of our lives as Catholics, be subjected to one’s willingness to receive an abortion-tainted vaccine for a disease with a survival rate much higher than the seasonal flu – a vaccine which will not even prevent infection or transmission, but which is only expected to reduce symptoms. (They care not that the Vatican itself – cf. §5 — has insisted that vaccination must be voluntary.) This “Catholic” publication has the audacity to claim that failing to so mandate would be “morally irresponsible.”

I cannot even find the right superlatives to describe the spiritual insanity on full display here. We rightly revere all our ancestors in the Faith who gladly risked life and limb for the Mass, but today so many of our leaders in the Church relegate Christ’s Sacrifice to a position of inferiority beneath the “moral duty” to avoid, at all costs, catching a cold.

“And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” Matthew 24

(As a side note, it is interesting that the very day before posting this article I here condemn, America Magazine posted another article about a parish in my own hometown: Albany, New York. Fr. James Martin himself extolled this article on his Twitter account. This parish is – contrary to Canon Law — “run” by a lay-woman, and in the article about it, Canon 517 is quoted but blatantly twisted, contrary to all journalistic principles – inserting bracketed remarks into it, putting a period where none exists, and omitting the clause that made sense of the Canon in question —  to mean the very opposite of what it actually says. Yet another testimony to America Magazine’s complete untrustworthiness.)

Yesterday, America Magazine posted a podcast by the new-age Franciscan priest, Fr. Richard Rohr (who laments that Christians focus on Jesus instead of the “Universal Cosmic Christ”), about how we should give up nothing for Lent. Today, America Magazine published an article entitled “Catholics, must we be so obsessed with Jesus’ death and suffering this Lent?” The utter blasphemy here is enough to make one weep. The author, a Jesuit, recommends the “Stations of Light” instead of the Stations of the Cross. He writes that, in being devoted to Christ’s Passion, “the Catholic Church [is] like some crack squad of crime fighters chalking bodies and detailing every trace of blood.” Let us do reparation for this outrage by dedicating ourselves more than ever this Lent to the Stations of the Cross and to reading, every day, the Hours of the Passion. For indeed, neglect of the Passion of the Christ destroys both the Church and the world. As Jesus said to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta:

“With all the good of my Passion, one can see souls who are weak, blind, deaf, mute, crippled – living cadavers, such as to be disgusting – because my Passion is put into oblivion.  My pains, my wounds, my Blood, are strength that removes weaknesses, light that gives sight to the blind, tongue that loosens the tongues and opens the hearing, way that straightens the crippled, life that raises the cadavers.  All the remedies that are needed for the whole of humanity are in my Life and Passion.  But the creature despises the medicine and does not care about the remedies; and this is why one can see, in spite of my Redemption, the state of man perishing, as though affected by an incurable consumption.  But what grieves Me the most is to see religious people who tire themselves out in order to acquire doctrines, speculations, stories – but about my Passion, nothing.  So, many times my Passion is banished from the churches, from the mouths of the priests; therefore, their speech is without light, and the peoples remain more starved than before.” — October 21, 1921

Enough with America Magazine. Each additional moment I consider it is making me more nauseated.

But I hope that these two illustrations will aid in training your intuition to likewise reject — as potentially untrustworthy — anything similar to this spiritually destructive “Catholic” source of news and opinions and this medical “expert” whose real motives are anything but clear. In a word: Does it smell like America Magazine? Steer clear. Does it smell like Dr. Fauci? Do not assume it is in your real best interest, no matter how much apparent “expertise” lies behind the claim.

Now, on to the trustworthy.

I do not want to attempt to present a comprehensive list of all trustworthy persons here. Instead, I will focus on promoting, for now, just a few of our greatest shepherds. The Successors of the Apostles always have been and always will be our primary leaders. You can rest assured that, even if many Bishops have fallen victim to the Great Apostasy and even if many more continue to fall victim (and they will), we will always have enough Good Shepherds around to keep the remnant faithful to Christ.

And I believe that you can also rest assured of the truth of any consensus or near consensus among them on any issue that in any way touches Faith or Morals:

There are, of course, plenty more trustworthy and faithful Bishops out there – do not infer anything from the absence of a name from this list – my aim here is only to present a few to be sure to keep an eye on.

Another Katechon Removed

But I should also note that today, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Sarah. No, Sarah was not “fired,” though it is unfortunate that Francis did not have him stay on longer. Alas, Sarah remains a Prince of the Church, and my hope and prayer is that his exit from his position as Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship will now free him to be even more outspoken in defending the truth. Keep a close eye on what he has to say moving forward. (And I also recommend his books).

Let this resignation also serve as yet another reminder to stay awake. The prophetic consensus has always held that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will soon be attacked like never before. Satan’s minions within the hierarchy will seek to distort it to the point of rendering the Consecration itself invalid. Cardinal Sarah, I believe, was a Katechon (a holy restrainer) against these diabolical efforts. With him no longer serving as the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, there is no knowing how much longer Satan’s plans will be able to be held at bay.

The True Magisterium

The Antichrist is coming soon. In the coming days I hope to publish a lengthy post with some detailed advice on avoiding his snares (subscribe with your email address on the upper right hand sidebar to be alerted when it is posted). But his tentacles are already spread about the Church and the world. Among his primary objectives? Opposing the True Magisterium. The extreme importance of faithfulness to the True Magisterium has become a clarion call of Heaven’s messages to many living seers, to the point where it is more than safe to say that this call is now a constituent of the Prophetic Consensus. Pedro Regis, Gisella Cardia, Our Lady of Zaro, Luz de Maria. Message after message after message. Clearly, the inclusion of the word “true” implies that discerning what actually is Magisterium has unfortunately become difficult. We can no longer simply trust that our priests, Bishops, and even our Pope, are actually speaking the true Magisterium in their preaching and teaching. But do not take this admonition in the wrong sense. This Heavenly call to “remain faithful to the True Magisterium” does not mean that we must now sift through the actual text of the Magisterial documents themselves (e.g. Vatican II) in order to ascertain which content, within them, is and is not “True” Magisterium. Though the “rad trads” would have you do that, that is not the right approach, and will only lead you to schism (which, along with heresy, is also a mortal sin). Instead, what we must do is heed only what is actually written within the actual text of the actual Magisterial Documents. This requires reading. Above all, read and heed the Bible and the Catechism; if anything contradicts what is clearly contained within these two sources, then reject it, no matter from whence the contradiction comes. This will increasingly require being at odds with more and more priests, Bishops, Conferences of Bishops, and, yes, even the Pope himself in his personal non-Magisterial opinions (e.g. his endorsement of homosexual civil unions). But fear not:

If what Heaven has been warning us about for years now is true – and indeed it is – then we should not have expected anything else. Stay close to the Bishops I listed above (and others like them). Keep listening to Heaven’s Messages. Repent, pray, and read Scripture. God will not leave us as orphans – no, rather, He will only vastly increase His grace in the coming days; in even greater proportion than the corresponding escalation of evil we will witness around us. And He will send The Warning before we are out of options. Remain Faithful. He is near.

Whom do you trust?