Today’s Earthquake in Croatia Clearly Foretold

Two posts ago, in “Something Changed Yesterday,” I wrote of how, on this year’s Feast of the Immaculate Conception,  God seems to have truly stepped up the amount of grace He is pouring out upon the Faithful. Though I cited some instances of this increase within the post, the amount of correspondence I received after publishing it — from people all over the world who had similarly been recipients of new outpourings of grace (including suddenly beginning to receive Heavenly messages) — confirmed the reality of this change. 

At the end of the post, I pleaded for prayers for those who will be affected by earthquakes. While many seers have issued this warning, there was one reason in particular that compelled me to issue that plea. It was an email I received from a reader the same day (on December 9th). She had recently began diving into the Divine Will revelations of Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, and by the 1 year anniversary of consecrating herself to the Divine Will, her spiritual life had radically changed, to the degree that she told me, “I have changed so much I can’t believe it.” She even began receiving messages from Heaven. She had contacted me because she felt the urgent need to share with me the following (I quote the email verbatim):

“I have started to receive messages regarding an impending Earthquake that is due to strike the Region of Croatia” – An email to me from a reader on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

(I am keeping her anonymous now because I have not yet received permission from her to do otherwise; but I solemnly assure you that this is what she said to me just a few weeks ago, and if anyone doubts this fact, I could easily prove it.) 

Today, Croatia was hit by the biggest earthquake in its modern history (at least, in the history of our ability to measure earthquake size; some are saying this was Croatia’s biggest quake since 1880; however, it appears that today’s quake was actually bigger, as it was a 6.4, and they estimate the 1880 Zagreb quake to have been a 6.3). As of this writing, we know it killed several people (likely more, sadly), and it caused major damage near its epicenter, in Petrinja, which is just south of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. The quake was even felt in Rome, and it hit while the mayor of Petrinja was on live TV discussing another earthquake that had just hit. I am assuming the quake was also felt in Medjugorje, which is only about 150 miles from the epicenter. Let us pray for the people of Croatia now and offer whatever other aid we can. Please pray that anyone alive in the rubble will be kept safe and rescued soon, please pray for God’s grace to pour out superabundantly upon all those affected, please pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died, and please pray that if any more die, that they will accept the Divine Mercy and be saved. 

It is Providential that, in the post I just published yesterday, I discussed the apparent initial prophetic failure of Fatima’s Second Secret (not, of course, an actual failure). Because in this case, the woman who received the message was indeed mistaken on the timing; she felt she was told the quake would occur on December 10th at 6am. (I am not sure of her time zone, but mine is EST).  Instead, the earthquake occurred on December 29th at 6:19 am EST. Regardless of the 19 day, 19 minute difference (who knows, maybe God is trying to say something about the number 19 here! Though I won’t delve into that possibility now), this is an astounding fulfilled prophecy, and I hope that it serves as a reminder for us all to pray fervently for a mitigation of the Chastisements. God would not alert us to these things beforehand if our prayers could not have an effect; they can, and they will, radically change the course of events; if only we have Faith, and if only we do not neglect them.

This is only a foreshock — literally and figuratively — of what is coming soon; but I yet again remind you that if you are striving to Live in the Divine Will, you have nothing to fear. Nevertheless, for the sake of your brothers and sisters in the world who are not ready, please beg God like never before for His Divine Mercy to be poured out upon this world, so direly in need. I have long strongly encouraged the daily Rosary with these intentions. I also would like to strongly encourage the daily recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as this too is incredibly powerful in mitigating the Chastisements. Similarly, praying the Hours of the Passion (see pages 304-322 in The Crown of Sanctity for an introduction to The Hours, and this PDF to download them) can even spare an entire town from Chastisements if only one soul in that town would pray them. 

God is more than happy to intervene. It is we, forgetful sinners we are, who forget to ask Him. Let us not forget any longer.