The Crown Virus and The Crown of History: A Year in Review

Now that none dispute the tragic and historic enormity of this past year, some 20/20 hindsight on the year 2020 is in order. 

Though no human pundit — secular or religious — saw anything like this year coming, Heaven has for years been urgently warning us of the imminent demise of the present sad Era through chastisements: both a purification largely human or natural in origin (plagues, wars, financial/economic/social collapse, disasters, etc.), as well as an array of events that no one will be able to doubt the supernatural (or preternatural) origins of: The Warning, the reign of the Antichrist, the 3 Days of Darkness, celestial phenomena, etc., to be followed by the Coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. This prophetic urgency of Heaven’s messages increased significantly throughout the 2010s.

As I wrote in August, 2018, “Now the prophetic consensus seems to hold that the world will — in the coming years — completely fall apart. A sort of “natural” chastisement; a consequence of our sins….When this natural chastisement is at its worst (which will probably take another few years), God sends the Warning.

This increase reached a fever pitch in 2019 (which I noted in my post on February 6 of this year, over a month before Coronavirus was even declared a pandemic, writing “as the long-prophesied events grow ever closer and the prophetic expectation reaches a veritable fever pitch…”, shortly after which we saw the historically unprecedented near universal suspension of the public Sacrifice of the Mass, as the prophecies also warned of), and has not backed down one iota from the summit it then reached, with due regard to the fact that we have still only seen one small portion of what has been prophesied; much, much more is coming, as I emphasized in March. (Please forgive the degree of self-reference in this post; I am simply trying to do some year-end tying together of loose ends!) 

Largely, 2020’s epoch-altering nature was of course due to the world’s response to the CoronaVirus (that is, “Crown” — in Latin, Corona — Virus) epidemic. (We now know the virus actually started the same month The Crown of History was published; more on that below). 

What have we seen this year, in a nutshell?

Personal and religious rights once taken for granted now abolished in a fear-driven capitulation to the contrived narrative. Natural disasters once rare or unheard of now common. Economic collapse once scarcely contemplated now apparently inescapable. Social, familial, and religious disintegration once described only in dystopian novels now the expected and even state-sanctioned norm. Stability and order once taken for granted now subservient to the whims of violent mobs hell bent on instituting Marxist principles. Vitriol and depravity once deemed unfit for a locker room now dominating the mainstream. Corruption once posited only by the boldest conspiracy theories now exposed plainly as utterly pervasive among the world’s rich and powerful. International conflict once dismissed as unlikely or even impossible now seemingly moments away.

What was, in 2019, regarded as impregnable has now been revealed precarious. Supposedly impending worldly triumphs and victories we then thought we could almost taste are now scarcely memories; memories which, though only one year old, now feel like reminiscing over a childhood long past.

And still, so many of the Faithful who should be burning and shining lights (cf. John 5:35) in this darkness are doing nothing other than regurgitating the secular dross that hopes for nothing more than an imminent “return to normalcy.”

But do you, dear Christian — dear soul who at least nominally recognizes that God is the Master of History and is always operative within it — really think that God has in mind a mere return? Perish the thought. He has a Great Return in mind, indeed — but a return to something much further back (by several thousand years, in fact) than 2019. Before turning to that, let us consider a few headlines that illustrate what even the worldly recognize regarding this past year:  

Indeed, too few Christians have realized, through this all, that the Holy Spirit remains the Architect of History; that He is absolutely in control, and that, consequently, when such Era-altering phenomena as this are allowed by Him to transpire, it is precisely because God is on the move, and He is making haste. Too many Christians have remained attached to all of the vanities of the old Era that is now fading away before our eyes like a dream. Therefore, instead of responding to Apocalyptic events by heeding Our Lord’s command to “raise your heads, for your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:28), they have only done the opposite by succumbing to despondency.  In a word, they have forgotten the lesson of Lot’s wife. (Cf. Luke 17:32). Here are two headlines I happened to observe back-to-back, and which exemplify what the world is now facing:

In one sense, I sympathize. For, in a fanatical desire to not be seen as a fanatic, the very ones who should have been proclaiming the imminent demise of the present sad Era (through Chastisements that we must prepare for by repenting and becoming saints), followed by the coming of the Glorious Era of Peace, have been utterly silent on this point; preferring instead to give a more “safe” message and pretend that all things will be business as usual for decades or even centuries to come, while they place all their hopes for renewal in this or that worldly initiative: duly adorned with a few pious words, but doomed to fail even before the ink is dry on its professionally produced business plan. Therefore, the faithful have been utterly starved of the very message that, above all, Jesus wishes to announce to His children. The very message of the coming Dawn from On High that should be “going viral” in these days of increasing pre twilight morning darkness. The only message that will enable us to comprehend the times that are upon us. 

Yes, in the years leading up to the present paradigm-shift, Heaven had been (and still is) shouting like never before to the world through the living prophets, warning us all through them that the present sad Era would soon be gone; demolished through Biblical Chastisements and replaced by a glorious Era of Peace wherein the Will of God shall be accomplished on earth as in Heaven.

I published The Crown of History in September, 2019 to try and inform as many people as possible of God’s plan for our Era so that they could participate in and hasten the coming Glorious Era’s arrival. I open the first Chapter of that book with the following message Jesus gave to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta:

The whole world is upside down, and everyone is awaiting changes, peace, new things. … peoples are impoverished, are stripped alive, and while they are waiting, tired of the sad present era, dark and bloody, which enwraps them, they wait and hope for a new era of peace and of light. The world is exactly at the same point as when I was about to come upon earth. All were awaiting a great event, a new era, as indeed occurred. The same now; since the great event, the new era in which the Will of God may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, is coming—everyone is awaiting this new era, tired of the present one, but without knowing what this new thing, this change is about, just as they did not know it when I came upon earth. This expectation is a sure sign that the hour is near. (July 14, 1923)

Little did anyone then know that the very month (perhaps even the very day) I published those words in The Crown of History, the “Crown Virus” had just begun making its way through the world in order to initiate the chain of events that, ultimately, will lead to the Coming Era. Little did I know that a short few months thereafter, the misery described above, in this first Chapter’s opening quote, would be the very defining quote of the Year of Our Lord 2020.

Indeed, we now know that Coronavirus actually began in September 2019. (I do not think this detracts from the prophetic significance of what I noted back in February, since it was in fact December 2019 that Coronavirus became publicly known. But, clearly, we should no longer consider December to mark the actual beginning of the epidemic.)

And if indeed History’s Crown is now beginning to be bestowed upon the Church and the world, it would be wrong for us to expect the initial crowning itself to be anything but a crowning with thorns. 

First the thorns, then the gold. The Coronavirus (“Crown Virus”) — primarily the world’s response to it — contains the first pricks of the Crown of Thorns, but, sadly, far more thorns will follow. Rest assured, however, that the Crown of Gold (The Crown of History) will come afterwards, making all the suffering of the thorns seem little in comparison.

This image of Christ the King is one of my favorites. It also illustrates the chronology of how the Crown of History transpires: first, the suffering, then, the glory. 

I do also wish to address the possibility of doubt in some people’s minds about the imminence of the thorns; doubts that perhaps have arisen due to Fall 2020 not seeing some of the particular extraordinary events that a few were anticipating. For example, Fr. Michel famously prophesied (in March 2020), “The great events of purification will begin this fall.” Personally I am not sure whether or not this prophecy was fulfilled; only looking back, some time from now, will we know. (Mark Mallett and I discussed some possible ways this could have been fulfilled here.) But the very worst reaction one could have would be to say to himself, “Well, that was a failed prophecy; so I guess I can leave prophecy aside and just forget about Heaven’s Messages for now, and instead join the world in their excited hopes for an imminent return to normalcy!” 

First of all, Fr. Michel is just one seer of many; though I’ve defended him (I’ll gladly defend anyone — seer or not — against unfair criticism), I’m still discerning his messages, and his prophecies still might or might not wind up being authentic; time will tell, and I have no strong convictions to share with you on this particular question. But it matters little; countless other seers (and there is simply no possible way that all of them are inauthentic) have been given Heavenly messages indicating that the present sad Era, dark and bloody, will soon end through Chastisements, which will themselves ultimately bring about the glorious Era of Peace. Still, I know that a few people will have that nagging thought in the back of their heads: “But I figured that a nuke would hit a big city this Fall, or something like that… since it didn’t, I think I’d rather just leave aside prophecy.” 

Let me ask you: What prophecy-giving private revelation do you definitely count as fully authentic? 

Pause a moment and ponder that.

The vast majority of you probably thought “Fatima.” And, indeed, a Catholic would have to be crazy to doubt the authenticity of the revelations of Our Lady of Fatima and, likewise, the authenticity of the prophecies there given. What many people ignore about the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima, however, is that if one insists upon an overly strict and rigid interpretation of the Second Secret’s prophecy, it seems like a failed prophecy. Obviously, however, it was not actually a failed prophecy; and woe to one who would have, in February 1939, cast prophecy aside on account of this supposed “failure.” Allow me to explain:

Within the Second Secret of Fatima, Our Lady says the following:

 “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI.”

Now, everyone knows that World War II did not start until September 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. But Pius XI died (thus, his Pontificated ended) seven months earlier: on February 10, 1939. This doesn’t mean that the Fatima prophecy failed. It just means that the beginning of the fulfillment of prophecies is usually not explicit. Tensions of course were soaring in Europe during the pontificate of Pius XI, in between 1922 and 1939 (not unlike they are soaring now), subtly laying the groundwork for WW2. But up until Hitler actually invaded Poland, inviting a formal declaration of war immediately thereafter, people were still hoping that another World War could be avoided. 

One cannot reasonably argue that WW2 actually explicitly started in 1938 when Germany annexed Austria. Germany’s annexation of Austria was seen by many people, even in Austria at the time, as a unification. It was applauded by many. There was no battle, and there were no casualties. You’d be laughed at if, upon that event transpiring, you publicly proclaimed that WW2 began. So it would really be ridiculous to say that WW2 actually began then and that consequently the prophecy of the Second Secret of Fatima was clearly and explicitly fulfilled. It wasn’t. It is a fact that World War II did not explicitly break out until the pontificate of Pius XII. But the events that subtly began WW2 indeed occurred during the pontificate of Pius XI, as Our Lady of Fatima said in the Second Secret. And I hate to say it. I hope this is wrong. …. But what we’ve seen this Fall may well have been analogous to what Europe was seeing in 1938 and the early months of 1939. 

Unfortunately, the signs we have seen this past year forebode something much worse than even World War II. I think it is quite likely that we saw the implicit beginnings of the Great Events of The Purification — none other than the Biblical Chastisements spoken of in the Book of Revelation — transpire this past year; including in the Fall, with:

  • Every single thing I noted back in May, in the Devil’s Dress Rehearsal and the Infrastructure of the Antichrist post, has only become more clear and severe, so I won’t re-state all of that here. Since I wrote that post, several authoritative voices (e.g. the renowned exorcist Fr. Pat Collins, and Archbishop Vigano; though kindly recall that I do not agree with all of Vigano’s claims) have said the exact same thing; warning that what we are seeing in 2020 in the Church and the world is indeed a “rehearsal for the Antichrist.”
  •  All over the world, “Immunity Passports” and other similar legislation is beginning to be crafted, and even in some places formally introduced, to bar people from society who do not get vaccinated, even if doing so would be against their conscience. (I am not an anti-vaxxer, and, no, the current vaccines are not the Mark of the Beast. But vaccine mandates are nothing short of totalitarianism, and they serve, I think, as the ultimate precursor to the Mark of the Beast. The system now being put in place for vaccine mandates/immunity passports is exactly what the Beast will need to institute his diabolical Mark. Bear in mind that the very Vatican document many are now citing to justify taking the abortion-tainted vaccines also says — cf. §5 — that vaccines must be voluntary.) 
  • Unless something extraordinary happens in the next few weeks, the next “leader of the free world,” the American President, will likely be a pro-abortion “Catholic,” to then be soon followed (I anticipate that the puppeteer’s plan for the puppets is to have Biden resign so that Harris can be president) by an explicitly anti-Catholic bigot who will doubtless do everything she can to persecute the Faithful. 
  • The twisted Communist ideology of the “Great Reset” is becoming more and more diabolical and explicit; less and less a theory or proposition, more and more an endeavor already in the works throughout the whole world.
  • Pope Francis has not retracted the gravely erroneous personal opinion of his that came to light in October; and the Vatican’s only statement on the matter said nothing of value. Christ’s promise in Matthew 16:18 remains in force and, of course, always will; but error has now reached the very heights that Divine Providence could possibly allow it to reach, and whoever entered these days with a Faith not already absolutely firm either has already succumbed to error, or is likely about to. 
  • Events have transpired (e.g. the cyber attack showing America’s enemies the whereabouts of our nuclear arsenal, the Iranian assassination, Middle East tensions, Russia/China machinations) that seem to be harbingers of WW3.
  • Several new strains of Coronavirus have suddenly emerged this Fall, worse than any of the many previous mutations which were barely newsworthy, which might make 2020’s Coronavirus epidemic look small in comparison.
  • And, most gravely of all, many places around the world are again suspending the public Sacrifice of the Mass as well as all the Sacraments due to the so-called  “second wave” of Coronavirus. As a Church, we have failed to learn the lessons of the Spring lockdowns (i.e., that we must resist), and so many in the hierarchy and in the pews have bought the diabolical lie that the Sacraments are “non essential,” when in fact they are the most essential things on the face of the planet. Thus, the spiritual black hole created by the absence of the Holy Sacrifice (and confession, etc.) grows larger and nears the point of unleashing chaos upon the world

A powerful meditation from Mark Mallett

So there we have it. Keep oil in your lamps (cf. Matthew 25:1-13) now more than ever, and do not grow weary during the times now upon us. As always, I say none of this to cause fear: one who is striving to Live in the Divine Will has absolutely nothing to be afraid of in what is coming upon the world. But it is imperative that such souls, certain of the eventual victory, now get to work more zealously than ever Proclaiming the Kingdom, as this Kingdom is now so near that one can almost taste it. Just how near, however — and, correspondingly, how long the pre-Era chastisements will drag on — depends upon whether and how boldly we proclaim the Kingdom.