Something Changed Yesterday

Yesterday was an extraordinary day. 

“From now on the Holy Spirit will blow ever more strongly upon my Church and on his children. Remember – have love for the Lord. Dearly beloved children, you are my little remnant… I will soon anticipate the return of my Son…” – Message of Our Lady to Gisella Cardia. December 8th, 2020

First and foremost, of course, yesterday was extraordinary because it was the Liturgical celebration of the 2,035th anniversary (Our Lady herself being conceived 15 years before the Annunciation) of the Divine Will once again having a full dwelling on earth for the first time in 4,000 years since Adam and Eve sinned. That is, it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Of that Feast, Jesus tells the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, “Today is the greatest feast, because the Divine Will had life in the Queen of Heaven; it was the feast of all feasts, it was the first kiss, the first divine embrace that the creature gave to her Creator by virtue of Our Fiat, which the Sovereign little girl possessed.” – December 8, 1928. Yes, Our Lady was the Queen of Heaven and Earth from the very moment of her conception in the womb of St. Anne. That very conception itself far outweighed in merit all the acts of all the saints before and after Our Lady … combined. “The Sovereign Queen, even from Her Immaculate Conception, was the First and Only Creature who formed the Link of Connection between the Creator and the creature, broken by Adam.” – December 8, 1931

Yesterday was extraordinary as well due to a surprise Apostolic Letter from Pope Francis declaring this year — starting yesterday — the Year of St. Joseph (more on that shortly).

But yesterday was also extraordinary because of something that no news outlet covered and no Liturgical calendar took note of. As Gisella Cardia’s message above stated, “From now on the Holy Spirit will blow ever more strongly…”  Over the course of the day’s events, I have grown convinced that this is true.

For my part, I concluded the hours of yesterday’s great feast in adoration, participating in a local chapter of the 31st annual National Night of Prayer for Life… at, of all places, St. Joseph’s Church.  Shortly after midnight, we prayed the original, full version of the St. Michael the Archangel prayer before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and as the priest lifted high the Monstrance during the closing Benediction thereafter, I felt a great outpouring of Eucharistic grace. I had thought that this was just a gesture from Our Lord that I myself was experiencing; but I am now feeling that it was in fact an outpouring of grace upon the whole world, in which I was just one small participant.

Where I attended adoration last night, at St. Joseph’s Church (photo taken by me at the event itself)

I am often contacted by seers with messages, so I am not easily caught off guard or surprised in the realm of prophecy. But today, something very rare happened — not once, but twice. I was contacted by two people in different parts of the world who, for the first time in their lives, had just received messages from Heaven of their own. Indeed, it seems the Holy Spirit is up to something.

I also think that yesterday being the beginning of the Year of St. Joseph is not only spiritually significant, but also prophetically significant. Recent messages to the living seers have been emphasizing the importance of St. Joseph and the Holy Family for the times when the long-prophesied events burst forth upon the world.

Consider as well that an emphasis on the Holy Family is, in a sense, really a particular emphasis on St. Joseph. Why? Because all those who emphasize the importance of the Holy Family are already well aware of the importance of Jesus and Mary; whereas referring to the Holy Family is simply adding Joseph himself into the picture. And, indeed, it is imperative that we do precisely that. The apparitions at Fatima — which ushered in the modern age of Heaven’s intervention in the world — especially emphasized the importance of the Holy Family and St. Joseph

In Jesus’ revelations to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta — revelations all about the Reign of the Divine Will (first, in our own souls, then, over the whole world after Chastisements) — we are told that St. Joseph is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Divine Will (cf. July 4, 1928 diary entry). Now, of course, Jesus Himself is the King of this Kingdom, and Our Lady is the Queen of the Kingdom. What, then, is the role of the Prime Minister? Well, I would wager that it is to get to work and make things happen on a very practical level; not being afraid to get his hands dirty in the hard work that must be undertaken to receive its prize.

Jesus also tells Luisa that only St. Joseph knew what He (Jesus) and Mary were doing in the house of Nazareth as they interiorly formed the Kingdom of Redemption (cf. April 30, 1927 diary entry). (News flash: the first 30 years of Jesus’ earthly life were not decades of waiting around for His public ministry! He was, rather, always at work — from the moment of His Incarnation — forming the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of the Divine Will). Not St. Peter or St. Paul, not the beloved apostle John, not John the  Baptist… only Joseph.

So of all the saints, only Joseph knew the great secrets of Jesus and Mary. And of all the saints, only Joseph is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 

I believe that during this Year of St. Joseph, which began yesterday, we are going to witness incredible marvels. St. Joseph is going to show us just what he can do, as he gets to work more zealously than ever in his role as Prime Minister, paving the way for the reign of the King and Queen of the Divine Will thereafter. 

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter, in detailing Joseph’s virtues, even in some respects seems like a guide to begin Living in the Divine Will. I include below just a few excerpts. Let us take them to heart.

Let us, indeed, imitate the virtues and the zeal of St. Joseph. Let us strive always with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength to live in the Divine Will so as to hasten its reign over the whole earth!

Please consecrate yourself to St. Joseph every day. Feel free to do so however you like, but here is the prayer that I and my family have long prayed every day (and I think that our first son, Joseph, finally has it memorized!):

St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, Patron of the Universal Church, and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Divine Will,



In my last post, I alluded to what my “next post” would be. Apologies; this post today is not that — but it will come soon!

Please pray and sacrifice for a mitigation of the looming Chastisements. In particular, pray for those who will affected by earthquakes; this has become an extremely urgent theme in recent messages. Pray that, as much as possible, death and serious injury will be spared. And pray that all those who will die will at least repent in their last moments.

Finally, I was sent the following prayer by an individual who feels he just received it from the Lord. I would like to share it with you now:

Update 12/16/2020: the person who received this prayer sent me some additional context and explanations, which I am including below:

This event [receiving the prayer from Our Lord] happened right after some friends talked to me about vaccines coming up and what to do. I could sense helplessness at what is very likely to come in many places, unless God chooses to intervene in some way.
… it was given to someone during meditation on the Lord’s passion and that person was asked to write down this prayer and have also received a physical sign confirming the experience. The same day in the evening, while meditating on this prayer, Jesus spoke again, this time giving the words of encouragement.

To add to this, which might be already clear to you, I felt the reason three persons are invoked at the end of the prayer for intercession is this:
St. Michael the Archangel is invoked as the one who fought off the ancient serpent,
St. Joseph, apart from this being “time of St. Joseph”, is invoked with his title “most just” because of the outrage against justice that forced “medications”, about to be imposed upon the world, are. Finally Mary is invoked with her title “Ever Virgin”
because her body was kept inviolate, both in perpetual virginity as well as kept from the corruption of death, so through her intercession we will be imploring Jesus to keep our “sprits, souls and bodies” inviolate, even when faced with the threats that simply won’t leave us any choice, short of losing our jobs, going to prison and leaving our families stranded.

One technical detail is that for families, I think the prayer specifically mentions “or in my family”, so that the fathers asking Jesus in the words of this prayer will obtain His protection for the entire family, including small children who might be forced as well, or even for those members of the family, who have somehow became persuaded that there is no danger in the vaccines.