I have been very involved in the pro-life movement for some years now, and I would like to here share some of the resources I have found most useful

  1. This PowerPoint presentation contains a very simple printout to give to women entering abortion mills.  You can edit it however you like, and this provides a relatively low-ink 3 handouts per sheet  Abortion Mill handout for entering women
  2. Images of aborted babies (graphic) can be found on
  3. Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  These two Divinely endorsed images are vital to always be outside abortion mills.  Through these images, miracles occur and grace is poured out upon souls.  Here are some high resolution versions.  One is a 9-page printout of the Divine Mercy image.  Print out the PDF document, trim off the borders, and paste them together on a flat surface to have an easy to make, very large Divine Mercy banner:Divine Mercy 9 Page Printout, Our Lady of Guadalupe 1 Page Printout, Divine Mercy 1 Page Printout
  5. A document I compiled from various online resources that is very helpful to have on hand when sidewalk counseling to help women understand how horrible abortion is for the baby and for them Facts for Sidewalk Counseling
  6. The Prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies
  7. Far and away the best way of saving babies and their mothers from abortion is the method developed by Monsignor Phillip Reilly, called The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.
  8. Prudence must be used to decide exactly when and where to use these, but similar to the 9 page Divine Mercy printout, I have made multi-page printouts of aborted children, both first trimester babies.  Here, and Here
I plan to post more here shortly!

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