The Convergence of the Deceptions & The Present Satanic Seduction. AI, ChatGPT, & The Antichrist

The “AI” ChatGPT agenda is far more diabolical than you’ve been told, and even many of those now warning about “AI” are only unknowingly contributing to the Satanic plan that centers around it.

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(Preface to this post: There is absolutely no such thing as “Artificial Intelligence.” That very phraseis a Deception; there is only software, which is nothing but non-rational calculations. ChatGPT is simply a steerable plagiarism-generation machine; a convenient tool in the hands of the elite to deceive the masses. I will not spend much time demonstrating these facts in the present post, as the video above is dedicated to explaining them. But this is a necessary fundamental understanding for what I will discuss below, so I recommend watching the video.)

In the Medjugorje message given on February 25th, 2023, Our Lady warned:

 “Satan wants to seduce you”

This past Sunday at Mass, we read of the devil’s first ever seduction, which initiated the Fall of Man itself, and was prefaced with those most infamous of words:

“Did God really say…?”

As shown in the featured image from last August’s “All the Devil wants is a little dialogue” post:

And, as I wrote in that article:

For two years now – since my “There Are No Aliens” post of March 2021 – and my very lengthy post (a free eBook, really) two months later, against aliens, AI, and dozens of other lies— it has been placed deep within my heart to sound the alarm and warn the Faithful, in very specific terms, of the diabolical deceptions that are now brewing.

Few will need to be reminded (much less convinced) that the intervening two years have witnessed an explosion of these very deceptions. Take a look at just the news from the last two weeks:

Today, however, people are doing something even more ridiculous than dialoguing with a snake possessed by the devil, though equally dangerous. They are dialoguing with inanimate hunks of silicone, plastic, and metal: that is, with “AI”; especially with “ChatGPT,” and are increasingly deluding themselves into believing that this pseudo-dialogue is being held with a being capable of dispensing its own wisdom; thus they are opening themselves up to two deceptions: 1) The global elite’s massive brainwashing scheme; wherein these men simply program “AI” to give answers in line with their own nefarious agenda, and, soon, 2) The demons themselves using “AI” to directly instruct the masses.

This particular “AI Chatbot” has, practically overnight, become an unprecedented global sensation. Many analysts have pointed out that its use has been adopted exponentially more quickly than any other technology in history; including when compared to those trends renowned for their sudden, extreme dominance. These analysts are correct:

Some sort of critical mass appears to now have been reached; some “point of no return” crossed. Despite differences in the details of the diagnoses they offer, wise commentators are unanimous in warning that this is a dark and foreboding threshold that has been passed. And while many—rightly!—are expressing deep concerns about what problems “AI” itself could truly bring about, few are seeing the bigger (deeper and darker, that is) picture relevant to “AI.”

What is this deeper and darker deception, lying in wait within the explosion of “AI”? What is this apocalyptic evil lurking about just beneath the surface of the exponential increase in the use of these programs and the absurd level of buzzing and drunken excitement they are generating across the world?

Let us return to Genesis.

The first temptation foisted upon mankind was the Satanic desire for knowledge based on the lie that this knowledge would make him like unto God Himself.

But the serpent said to the woman:

“You certainly will not die!

No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it

your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods

who know what is good and what is evil.” (Genesis 3:6-8)

Generally speaking, the essence of seduction is threefold:

  1. It is (at first) subtle; seeking not immediately to outright insist upon a complete capitulation to its ultimate aim, but rather it begins by striving to inflame a strong emotional pull in the general direction of the evil thing
  2. It is based upon false promises
  3. The evil it attracts one towards consists in some act of disloyalty

The serpent did not immediately say to Eve “you must disobey God’s one and only command to you; you must rebel against His authority.” Instead, he began by sowing doubt, initiating the dialogue, and then sneaking in the suggestion of an ulterior motive as explaining the existence of God’s commandments along with an invitation to acquire forbidden knowledge.

The rest is history.

Or is it?

Eschatology—the study of last things—mirrors Protology—the study of origins. Two dimensions of this similarity are found here: Satan’s final assault on the world will be through “the most cunning”, just as his initial assault was through the serpent, and it will be directed towards alluring us into a supposed new source of hitherto hidden knowledge, just as his initial false promise pertained to the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

On the first point,consider the fact that, to initiate the Fall, Satan could have possessed any animal on earth and used it to speak to Eve. But—in a strategically shrewd move—he chose the one creature which, though irrational, was naturally endowed with the most “cunning.”

Genesis does not in vain teach us that the serpent was the most cunning (or, the “subtlest”) of all the animals. The devil chose only this animal to possess and use as his instrument to seduce Eve into eating the fruit because it was the very one that would have seemed “most likely” to be capable of rational communication by its own volition; it was the one that would have seemed “most likely” to be capable of giving the type of suggestions a simple and faithful consideration of the situation would have revealed to be categorically beyond the capacity of its particular nature.

If “grace builds upon nature”, and indeed it does, we can analogously say that diabolical initiatives do the same; perhaps, for example, by taking an accurate observation about creation (or technology) and twisting it into something blasphemous or heretical; or even by taking a valid concern and pushing it too far wherein entertaining it entails succumbing to fears that contradict God’s promises and thus, blasphemously, impugn His goodness.

It will be the same in the coming times. The devil will not possess a snake as he did in the beginning. He will, rather, possess “the most cunning” works of men who walk the face of the earth. That is— the works of our scientists, our elite, our inventors, and our tech-gurus. (And, yes, his influence over the Church will be aided and abetted by many of our Vatican-educated theologians.) More on this below.

On the second point, you need only open up the next article you stumble upon, dedicated to discussing “AI,” to see exactly what I mean. What can only be described as a fanatical giddiness is possessing the human race across the globe right now. Commentators across all ideological spectrums are expressing their wonder and awe at the quantum leaps they not only wish—but affirmatively expect—to soon see “AI” deliver to the world.

Just like Eve believed the Satanic lie that eating the forbidden fruit would bless her with Godlike knowledge, so too modern men have succumbed to the delusion that “AI” is about to unlock for them the secrets of their lives, the secrets of the universe, and everything in-between. They are perversely enraptured—just as the devil wants and needs them to be—in order to ensure they are primed for what he is about to unleash.

In one reading of Revelation 13, we could perhaps say that we are now seeing the opening acts of “life” (the pseudo-rationality of “AI”) being “breathed into” (programmed into) the “Image of the Beast” (the Antichrist’s digital system of domination), with almost everyone prepared to willingly “worship” (submit to) this “speaking image”; that is, this “Artificial Intelligence”, possessed by Satan, masquerading as a sentient computer, which will punish with death (achievable throught the Mark of the Beast) all who refuse acquiescence.

It was then permitted to breathe life into the beast’s image, so that the beast’s image could speak and could have anyone who did not worship it put to death. (Revelation 13:15)

Above, we saw several articles displaying the openings of this coming delusion. Let us consider in more detail another article:

This twisted article, which manages to promote three diabolical deceptions in its title alone, is not from some fringe outlet; it is from as mainstream a publication as they come (Popular Mechanics).It triumphantly and Satanically pronounces: “the AI revolution is upon us as super-advanced machines continue to master the subtle art of being human…[with ChatGPT] boundaries between man and machine are beginning to fade.”

“Theory of Mind,” like countless similar notions in pop-sci, pop-psych, pop-philosophy, etc., is a complicated amalgamation of sophistry designed to cover up these scientists’ absurd (but foundational) atheistic premises and deceive their readers into thinking that some quantifiable condition exists whereby we can finally conclude that “AI” has achieved those feats which have always rightly been known to be exclusive to human reason. The strategy is a familiar one throughout centuries of subtle mainstream atheism: seek to demote absolute qualitative truths (e.g., the fact that order cannot arise from randomness, the fact that intellect/will are fundamentally non-material faculties which only humans possess) to mere quantitative calculations, and proceed to heap up massive piles of data relevant to the latter in hopes that people will, 1) Forget that data cannot interpret itself, 2) Give up on following the data and, finally, 3) Blindly trust “the experts” who assure us that the data they amass supports their own false ideological conclusions.

People are already calling this the “first stage of singularity.” Here’s what a certain CEO just announced to his over hundred-thousand Twitter followers:

One expects the worldly to gobble up this utter atheistic nonsense. But the real tragedy here is that the Faithful everywhere are succumbing to the same delusions. I want to avoid (for as long as I can, at least) specifically calling out too many names here, but if you don’t believe me then just hop on social media, or peruse the Catholic blogosphere. You’ll see believers—Christians and Catholics—everywhere succumbing to this diabolical deception—supposing that “AI” is now or may soon be sentient, rational, aware, emotional, free-willing, etc.— just like they are succumbing to the alien and UFO nonsense. I will, however, reprove America Magazine—that far left, dissenting publication that still wants those of us who rejected Covid vaccines barred from attending Mass.

The diabolical-to-the-core nature of what is transpiring before our eyes, however, is not only rendered explicit in the words of the commentators. It is also openly admitted by the very engineers employed by the corporations generating these technologies. See, for example, what one OpenAI (the company that made ChatGPT) employee just announced last week:

Here we have an actual technical staff employee of the preeminent “AI” corporation unashamedly insisting that this glorified plagiarism-generation-machine (which, as I showed in this video, is all ChatGPT is) actually consists in a paradigm shift compelling us to reject what we have always known about human nature. If this isn’t a preparation for the Grand Delusion itself, then nothing is.

Here is how someone responded to him:

Indeed, another outgrowth of this same fundamental deception (that beings other than men and angels have reason) is the animal personhood deception. I wrote on this briefly in the August 2022 post linked above as well as my 2021 Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap eBook/post. This deception has not yet gained the mainstream traction that the AI and Alien deceptions have (there is admittedly less sci-fi mystique here, which is the primary emotion these Diabolical Deceptions are built upon), but beware, lest you find yourself unprepared if it too makes a sudden explosion onto the mainstream. There is absolutely no non-human animal on the face of the planet (or anywhere in existence!) with reason; there never has been, and there never will be. It doesn’t matter how much you love your kitty cat. It isn’t a person and it never will be. Don’t believe anyone who claims he can unlock your animal’s hidden communications for you.  (And if animal communication’s “secrets” were ever revealed, here is all this “revelation” would entail!:)

But let us return to the big picture.

The primary proponents of the present nefarious agendas like the Great Reset are buffoons who, even if they dedicated their lives to trying to inspire and attract the masses, would nevertheless scarcely succeed in rousing a single heart. Therefore, using them directly, to formally initiate the opening acts of the Great Deception itself, is out of the question. Even if they are his minions, the devil must nevertheless instead make use of their works, not their persons, to institute the Grant Delusion. 

As the WEF’s founder himself just declared two weeks ago:

This diabolical rousing of hearts is necessary for the pursuit of their agenda. Outright, top-down, entirely forced tyranny is unsustainable. It arouses too much malcontent, and rebellion after a brief period of time is guaranteed. Just look at what happened with the Covid tyranny of the last few years. Too many people, thank God, refused to submit, and ultimately the most ambitious of the Great Reset plans, in relation to Covid, failed (which is why they are now busy preparing The Next Tyranny; which I will write about soon here at Please subscribe with your email address.) What is far more likely to succeed is a tyranny that claims to be nothing but the official, government/corporate component of the same movement the people already united in desiring. These reigning global elite are deeply aware of their ineptitude here. They are unlike tyrants of ages past who, though similarly evil, nevertheless could (unfortunately) succeed in inspiring the masses. Just look at pre-WWII Germany. Yes, our elites know they couldn’t inspire anyone if their lives depended upon it. Therefore, they have thus far focused their efforts to gain followers on strategies with which they have had more experience and success: paying for friends. Others who are more capable of generating inspiration receive huge sums of money in order to promote the mainstream narrative crafted by the elite.

One of the most laughable of these sellouts was Michael Phelps’ Pfizer commercial.

But this approach will also only succeed to an extent. People can smell sellouts. Even the masses who have little resistance to diabolical agendas being foisted upon them nevertheless have an instinctive dislike for a famous and well-liked person who suddenly promotes an agenda that is discordant with, or at least absent from, his prior stated convictions. The global elite are also deeply aware of this limitation. Therefore, they have been long at work behind the scenes to overcome this final hurdle that has, thus far, prevented the realization of their (explicitly stated!) aims of global domination.

This is to say that they have long been at work grooming us for their “Day of Disclosure”— the day when they would finally announce those very Diabolical Deceptions they have long prepared; those Satanic Delusions which finally would succeed in darkly enrapturing and mystifying the people in a way they themselves never could, and in generating a false and supremely evil pseudo-inspiration in the hearts of the masses. They are doubtless preparing to imminently announce many of the following “quantum leaps in humanity,” each and every one of which is a Satanic Lie:

  • That “AI” has become sentient and even truly rational, that it exponentially surpasses any “merely human” intelligence, and that now we need only ask it for the answers to the deepest questions we have always had.
  • That “first contact” has been made with “more evolved” extraterrestrial (or “ultraterrestrial”) beings.
  • That the “secret of animal language” has finally been unlocked, and we can now learn the hidden knowledge of earth’s millions of species—”wisdom” hitherto inaccessible to humans.
  • That “time travel” has at long last been mastered, and even if we cannot physically travel through time, we can at least now receive communications from more advanced people from the future.
  • That a new race of “transhumans” is now among us; their intellects fused with technology, thus giving them abilities we never could have dreamed of… and that, correspondingly, we must heed all of their decisions
  • That technology now exists which can directly access the mind—reading its contents, and thereby unlocking for you entire realms of knowledge you never knew you had because you have hitherto “only accessed a small fraction of your mind”
  • Or, finally, that a certain man is ready for his “public ministry.” A man with a solution to the “existential crisis” humanity finds itself in. A man who can “save” us. That is, the Man of Sin himself–the Antichrist– whose public entrance will soon be announced.

Regarding that last point, remember that the devil always apes the things of God. The Antichrist, though human, will be the devil’s greatest minion, therefore we should anticipate that this son of perdition will likewise claim for himself certain qualities that bear superficial resemblance to those of Christ Himself.

Just as Christ revealed Himself as fully man and fully God, so too the Antichrist will perhaps claim he is “a man like us” but also a supremely advanced man; a categorically different one. How exactly he will make this claim, we can only now speculate. But considering the Deceptions now brewing in the world, noted above, we can make some educated guesses at what he might say. Perhaps he will claim a unique fusing of his own mind with “AI”, perhaps he will claim to be a “Transhuman” (there is no such thing), perhaps he will claim to either himself be an extraterrestrial or at least be in special contact with extraterrestrials.

Whatever the claim, do not believe it.

“If anyone says to you then, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect. ” (Matthew 24:24-25)

Now, I would discourage placing much value on the various announcements (new ones are posted online each day), often from certain circles of Evangelicals, as to the identity of the Antichrist; pinning this or that tech guru, WEF member, political leader, celebrity, etc., as the Lawless One himself.

The Antichrist is indeed most likely alive today. But identifying him before his explicit public entrance is probably futile. It is more likely that he will explode onto the world scene, almost out of nowhere, and will immediately exert such overwhelming influence over the world’s people that there is simply no way any of the various famous men now being proposed as Antichrist-contenders are even close to holding a candle to the electrifying (and demonic in origin) sway of the Man of Sin.

How can we be prepared for what lies ahead?

Well, there is much we must be aware of. I will continue to do my best to help you be prepared; please stay tuned. But for now, let me share one insight.

Modern society can fairly be compared to a man possessed by a demon.

The Faithful, therefore, should approach the evils of the modern world in a similar way to how an exorcist approaches his own patient. And this approach must always be balanced by two equally important recognitions:

First: Understanding how extremely dangerous and powerful the enemy is.

Second: Understanding the limitations on the enemy’s power—understanding that, as the Church’s Baptismal Promises say, his “show is empty

“Mainstream” members of the Church—definitionally, the vast majority of the Faithful—today almost always neglect the first point. They bury their heads in the sand, stick their fingers in their ears, shout “la la la la!”, pretend all is well, and denounce anyone who says otherwise as a “conspiracy theorist” or an “alarmist.” Hence, this vital understanding of the enemy’s power and plans rightly receives the majority of the effort of writers like myself who are eager to help Christians navigate these apocalyptic times.

But the more “red-pilled” (for lack of a better term) of the Faithful often neglect the secondpoint. While it may at first appear that it is almost “safer” to simply set this point aside, this appearance is entirely false. For although the Devil would prefer to keep as many as possible unaware of, or flippant about, his existence, he has a different strategy for those who acknowledge him and take him seriously. For them, the Devil wants his power to be overestimated, and he likewise wants such people to overestimate the power of his own minions.

An exorcist who begins performing The Rite is only setting himself up for a spectacular failure if he approaches it quivering in existential fear of the devil, thinking that the latter has direct access to his deepest thoughts, can override his free-will, or supposes that the promises of Christ and His Church may actually be in question when one is confronted with such astounding and naked evil.

We, too, must never entertain a single doubt about anything taught by Scripture, Magisterium, Tradition, or even just good Catholic Philosophy and Theology. Faith and Reason. The apocalyptic evil we are now facing has absolutely no effect on any of that, nor will it ever.

I do not wish for a moment to dissuade any from heeding point #1 above when it comes to “AI.”

This technology is indeed extraordinarily dangerous, and it will doubtless be a major tool in the Antichrist’s arsenal. I am particularly concerned about: “AI”’s (that is, software’s) ability to engage in automated surveillance of entire populations, automated censorship, automated penalties (via CBDCs) of those who are deemed guilty of “antisocial” behavior. With extremely advanced speech-to-text algorithms now available, and ubiquitous smart phones and other “smart” devices eavesdropping on almost every conversation, the nefarious powers that be need only (literally) flip a switch in order to leverage this existing technology to transform a free nation, overnight, into a totalitarian state so extreme and all-encompassing that we have never even read about a similar one in a history book. This will doubtless lead to the Mark of the Beast itself, and “AI” will be part and parcel to that apocalyptic Mark’s dissemination.

But do not ever let your valid concerns bout “AI” lead you to, in supreme irony, contribute to the very Diabolical Deception that is ultimately the plan here. Whatever proposition would, if true, entail an existential crisis for the Faith can be categorically ruled out as impossible. This is absolutely the case, as Our Lord has promised:

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” – Matthew 24:35.

This was not an exhortation given by Our Lord in the middle of a parable or a moral sermon. It was, rather, given directly in the context of describing the days of the Apocalypse which we are now entering into. To be sure, Jesus said this when He did because He knew it was imperative for us to remember that not one jot—not one iota—of His promises would ever fail, even in the midst of the Final Trial of the Church.

He said this because He knew that the temptation would be precisely to suppose that the extreme, new, and superlative evil that the End Times would usher in would mean that what the Faithful could once take for granted can no longer be taken for granted. Such temptations, no less than the temptations of the “blue pilled,” are from Satan. Reject them.

Jesus promised, of these days, “Whosoever endures to the end shall be saved.” (Mt 24:13). He did not say, “Those who endure to the end, by being fortunate enough to not be within reach of a 5G tower that can control their minds and compel them to apostatize, will be saved.” Jesus promised that “the gates of hell would not prevail” against the Church (Mt 16:18). He did not say that “the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church until the 21st century.” Infallible dogma teaches that the Catholic Church has the absolute right to absolve any sin. It does not say that this power is restricted to those fortunate enough to be alive before the possibility of having some gene-therapy forcibly injected into you and causing you to lose your ability to be absolved. The Catholic Church teaches that all humans are 100% human, that they each have an intrinsic and infinite dignity, and that absolutely nothing can take this away from them. It does not teach that such absolute safeguards from Almighty God are reserved for those lucky enough to be alive before the “transhumanist” agenda came onto the scene thus opening up the possibility of a human becoming a “pseudo” human or a “quasi” human (there is no such thing). Church teaching holds that only men and angels are rational. It does not say that this exclusivity might change once software becomes more advanced and marketing strategists decide to call it “AI,” or once we finally make contact with “aliens” (there are none).

I cannot here list and address every single Deception that is now circulating or will soon circulate. So instead, I conclude with my usual exhortation: read your Bible, read your Catechism, and submit to 100% of the teachings of both. Reject any suggestion that comes your way, to the contrary of any of these teachings, no matter who issues them; whether from an openly Satanic worldly voice, or from a well-meaning but overzealous “red pilled” Catholic commentator, or anywhere in between.

So, I leave you with what Jesus told the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, in a message that is at once extremely consoling and a firm rebuke to those who would stir up in others, or themselves entertain, existential crises that our Faith in Christ precludes. Let absolutely nothing shake your absolute trust in Jesus. Nothing.

“…the soul who is at peace, by wanting to afflict herself, become disturbed or lose trust, would run into the misfortune of one who, though possessing millions upon millions of coins, and even being queen of various kingdoms, keeps fantasizing and lamenting, saying: ‘What shall I live on? How shall I clothe myself? Ah, I am dying of starvation! I am so unhappy! I will be reduced to the meagerest misery and I will end up dying.’ And while she says this, she cries, sighs and spends her days in sadness and squalor, immersed in the greatest melancholy. But this not all; the worst thing about her is that if she sees her treasures, if she walks within her properties, instead of rejoicing, she afflicts herself more, thinking of her nearing end; and if she sees food, she does not want to touch it to sustain herself. And if anyone tries to persuade her by letting her touch her riches with her own hands, showing her that it cannot be that she will be reduced to the meagerest misery, she is not convinced, she remains dazed, and cries even more over her sad lot.

Now, what would people say about her? That she is crazy, that it shows that she has no reason, that she has lost her brain. The reason is clear, it cannot be otherwise. Yet, it can happen that she may run into the misfortune over which she keeps fantasizing. But in what way? By going out of her kingdoms, abandoning all of her riches, and going into foreign lands in the midst of barbarian people, where no one will deign to give her a crumb of bread. Here is how the fantasy has become reality – what used to be false, is now trueBut who has been the cause of it? Who should be blamed for a change of state so sad? Her perfidious and obstinate will. Such is precisely the soul who is in possession of Hope: her wanting to become disturbed or discouraged is already the greatest madness.”

– Jesus to Luisa. October 14, 1899. Nihil Obstat, St. Hannibal di Francia. Imprimatur, Archbishop Joseph Leo.