Prophecy & the New Year—The Warning & the War, Benedict XVI & Fr Michel

Much appears relatively tranquil as we enter the New Year, but lurking just beneath the surface of this superficial calm is yet another dramatic heating up of the prophetic arena. Indeed—and continuing with the theme of a woman in labor from my last post—Scripture assures us, of the close of this Era, “When people say, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape. ” —1 Thessalonians 5:3.

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Things are heating up dramatically and extremely quickly in the arena of Prophecy and Signs of the Times. One such place we see extraordinary developments is in the fulfillment of the Garabandal Prophecies. If you need to be introduced to what these prophecies are and why their fulfillment appears imminent, please see this video I made recently with Mark Malllett and Christine Watkins.

February 2023:


Update 1/4/2023: I’ve responded, here, to some questions people sent me about my decision to leave aside Fr. Michel’s prophecies


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Much appears relatively tranquil as we enter the New Year, but lurking just beneath the surface of this superficial calm is yet another dramatic heating up of the prophetic arena. Indeed—and continuing with the theme of a woman in labor from my last post—Scripture assures us, of the close of this Era, “When people say, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape. ” —1 Thessalonians 5:3. Today we will cover:

1) The Warning (So it wasn’t 2022 — What about 2023 or 2024?)

2)Fr. Michel Rodrigue—Time to Leave His Messages Aside

3)The Death of Benedict XVI—a Katechon removed?

1) The Warning

In March of 2022, I wrote a post speculating about when the Warning could be, and I laid out several reasons why 2022 could make sense as the Year of the Warning. However, as I wrote in big, bold, red letters at the very top of that post, I wasnot predicting that the Warning would be in 2022:

And, as I wrote at the bottom of that post:

These final points remain a valid assessment of why we still have not seen the Warning. More important, however, is the fact that each of those reasons (and more) have only grown more potent since I gave them almost a year ago, and testify even more strongly now to the great imminence of the Warning.

Moreover, of the 16 reasons I gave in that post for why the Warning could be in 2022, at least 15 of them are still “in play.” That is, they did not “expire” upon the conclusion of 2022, but rather still support the likelihood that the Warning will be very soon. Here, I’d like to include just a few screenshots from that post that should be especially kept in mind today:

Warning: World War 3

From the post:

There is one thing that everyone, for many decades, has acknowledged is possible (perhaps even likely) and would be none other than the end of the world as we know it.

That one thing is Nuclear War.

Yet it is astounding how quickly men forget. As it has now been 11 months since Russia invaded Ukraine, most people (who are not directly affected by it) have allowed that war to become nothing other than background noise on the news. And this is not just about the worldly absorbed in their worldliness. This is also about many devout Catholics — and even supposedly shining voices among the remnant who comment on private revelation. They have not only let their guard down and drifted into the very drowsiness regarding the Signs of the Times that Jesus condemns in the Gospel; they have even taken this small window of relative societal normalcy as an opportunity to attack those who, like myself, continue to sound the alarm that the present Era is ending; dispensing, as always, of the usual slander that we are “doom and gloomers.”

Boy will they soon feel very silly.

Even if we leave aside all the other Signs of the Times that indicate the Era is coming to a close (The Great Reset Agenda, coming economic collapse and global famine, wars and rumors of wars growing in other areas [e.g. Serbia, North Korea, China/Taiwan, and too many more to list], persecution of the Faithful, “the next Pandemic,” etc.), we are still left with one unmistakable harbinger of the end of this age: World War 3.

For indeed, the likelihood of the Ukraine/Russia war generating an apocalyptic, era-ending global war has only steadily grown by the day—with America and the collective West helping to increase that likelihood by discouraging diplomacy and instead fomenting the continuation of the war. I am writing these words on January 2, 2023: just as news is spreading of Russia suffering its greatest loss of life yet in the war—at the hands of U.S.-supplied rockets, and within territory Russia claims as its own. The blast apparently happened precisely at midnight on New Year’s; clearly a deliberate attempt by Ukraine to give the bombing as much symbolic weight as possible.

Will future historians thus mark the moment 2023 began as the beginning of World War 3? Time will tell.

For our part, let us pray, pray, and pray still more to avert this war. I will yet again repeat my incessant refrain: although Chastisements must come, the details of their scope, severity, and duration, are not set in stone. Much can still be mitigated. As nuclear war would be a particularly terrible chastisement, let us continually implore the Divine Mercy that it may be avoided. Do not ever become a fatalist regarding the trials of the coming times. For the Era of Peace is coming—that is a fact. And even though Chastisements generally speaking must and will happen, there is no specific Chastisement that is absolutely necessary for the Era’s arrival; therefore we should always, without hesitation, pray for mitigation.

Nevertheless, do not forget the prophecies about Russia, noted in my 2022 post:

So as much as we must pray to avert a worsening of this situation, we should also remain aware of the fact that every bit it heats up does increase the likelihood that the Warning is very close.

The Date of “The Miracle”

“The Miracle” prophesied at Garabandal is a certain extraordinary sign that will be given within one year after the Warning. If, therefore, the date of the Miracle can be known, the Warning will (if this prophecy is true) occur in the 365 days preceding that moment. As I wrote in the post:

Some Garabandal experts insist that the Warning must be in an even year; apparently Mary Loli stated this in an interview. I do not know if this is accurate or not. But 2024 is certainly sensible for the Warning– particularly because the “Synod on Synodality” (likely the single biggest harbinger of the Warning) has had its final events postponed until 2024. More on the Synod below.

If the “even year” qualification is inaccurate, then this year–2023–would also make sense for the Warning. Looking at the situation in Ukraine alone; it does not seem likely that either side will compromise or surrender (with infinite money/arms from the U.S., why would Zelensky do so? And with what [admittedly little] I know about Putin, I doubt he would do so). Yet the status-quo is unsustainable. With the devastation we are seeing, it appears more likely that Putin will eventually get desperate and use nuclear weapons. When that happens, hello World War 3, goodbye life as we knew it, and welcome to the days immediately prior to the Warning.

2) Time to leave Fr. Michel aside

As I posted on Twitter the day Pope Benedict died:

I hope no one tries to massage this prophecy into something that somehow looks fulfilled. It wasn’t fulfilled; it failed. At least one of Fr. Michel’s prophecies is now objectively false. Therefore, we have little ground for now regarding any of his prophecies as accurate; knowing that at least one isn’t. Therefore, I think it is time to leave his prophecies aside. 

Admittedly, I still haven’t watched Fr. Michel’s videos. (Other than the one prophecy I posted on this blog, which he had directly emailed me, just about everything I know about his messages is from the word of others who have watched him and told me about him.) I never felt prompted to delve too deeply into Fr. Michel’s messages. But enough people have told me of his prophecy (that Francis would be martyred and Benedict would try to convene a conclave, only to himself then be martyred) that I’m sure it’s an accurate description of what he said, and I therefore have no plans to go and, for the first time, spend hours watching his videos just to verify that.

So do I regret having occasionally “platformed” Fr. Michel’s messages? (a couple posts on this blog over the last few years were about him [I have now removed them], and a video or two I did with Mark Mallett were about him; or at least drew from him.)

Absolutely not.

I always made it clear—with such repetition that it likely annoyed my regular readers—that I was not convinced of his authenticity, and merely felt that his messages were worth sharing for discernment’s sake. Forgive me for again quoting past posts, but I’m going to copy below just a few of the things I wrote about that very point in the past within various posts:

Indeed, I wrote an article once defending him against certain erroneous attacks. But I only did so to refute the attacks. Attacks, I hasten to add, which were replete with accusations that are just as flawed today as they were when they were written. I will gladly defend any man—and certainly any priest—against unjust attacks; regardless of whether or not he happens to be a seer dispensing of accurate prophecies! And as I noted at the top of that article even back then, Fr. Michel may “wind up being proven false,” and the particular details of his prophecies can “only be considered as ‘wait and see.'”:

But, most importantly, Fr. Michel’s message was not ultimately about the prophecies. What I’m told he always emphasized most was the spiritual aspect—Repentance, Rosary, Confession, and Consecration to the Holy Family. That emphasis did, in fact, bear tremendous good fruit across the world. That is what people are and will be left with, even as they (hopefully) leave aside his prophecies.

What, pray tell, is regrettable about any of that?

Are you, dear reader, one whose life was benefited by Fr. Michel’s preaching? (I have, for years, been inundated with correspondence from people who returned to the Faith, repented of their sins, became devout, started praying the Rosary, finally got back to Confession, etc., thanks to Fr. Michel)

Then do not let those fruits be discarded merely because his prophecies have failed! Keep  up the good work! Fr. Michel was and is a good and holy priest. The mere fact that (as I’ll explain below), he apparently struggled to discern the difference between his own meditations and God’s voice does not at all detract from the value of his spiritual exhortations.


Of similar importance is what I noted on Twitter above: the general prophetic picture—what I often call the “prophetic consensus”—is entirely unaffected. That is, the reality and imminence of the Chastisements, the Warning, the Antichrist, Protection of the Remnant, the 3 Days of Darkness, the Era of Peace. Fr. Michel was just one of countless voices asserting it. His voice being removed from that chorus has no effect on it.

I am just one among millions of Catholics who were thoroughly convinced of that general picture long before Fr. Michel ever came to be known, and I remain just as convinced of it now that his prophecies should be discarded. I hope and pray you do, as well.

I should note, however, that, in this realm, I reserve *absolute certainty* for the conviction that, indeed, global Chastisements of various sorts are imminent (the Time of Mercy is closing, therefore the Divine Mercy must be proclaimed with more zeal than ever), but that Christ will Triumph over these Chastisements, and they will be followed the Era of Peace (that is, the Reign of the Divine Will, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Eucharistic Reign, the Fulfillment of the Our Father, the Universal Coming of Christ in Grace, among other titles) before the End of Time; when alone, at the end of the world, Christ will come physically to command the General Resurrection and Final Judgment, and eternity will universally commence for each and all.

This is why the essence of my mission has long been (and always will remain), not proclaiming this or that particular prophecy, but rather proclaiming the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will. I am absolutely certain of the validity and dire urgency of these messages. I encourage you to likewise allow certainty in the validity of these two superlative missions to enter into your mind and heart, and to proceed in their undertaking accordingly.

Returning to the question of Fr. Michel, I confess that in one sense, I’m frankly relieved by this development. Some of the precise details his prophecies gave (particularly with respect to timing; i.e., the reprieve after the Warning for exactly X # of weeks, time of refuges for X # of years, etc.)  at times felt a bit stifling, and risked distracting us from the infinitely more important point, which is that—while the basics remain certain & unchangeable (e.g., there will indeed be imminent Global Chastisements, and the Era of Peace will indeed follow after them)—the details of what transpires can and will still be drastically altered by our response here and now. 

If, with Fr. Michel out of the picture, you’re looking for other living seers to give a solid grasp of the present times, I above all recommend Medjugorje (as I have since my pilgrimage there over 12 years ago – see my post on that from 2010). And while I continue to discern Gisella Cardia, I think her messages are very good and give a solid prophetic understanding of the present and coming times. As for seers who died within the last few decades, I above all recommend Fr. Stephano Gobbi (author of “the Blue Book.”)

I repeat: Even though Fr. Michel is a “Failed Prophet,” this does not mean he is or was a “False Prophet.” False Prophets — wolves in sheep’s clothing — are those who (even if their prophecies do come to pass!) contradict the Faith. Fr. Michel–an orthodox minded theologian, an exorcist, a founder and superior of a licit religious order, and, to this day, a holy priest in good standing–of course did no such thing. It is much more likely that he simply confused his own pious meditations for the voice of the Holy Spirit. This mistake, I hasten to add, is surprisingly more common than some might realize, even among very holy souls. The human intellect and imagination are astoundingly powerful things. This is why, with those private revelations of extreme importance, God always arranges circumstances such that the seer has extraordinary ecclesial oversight and excruciatingly rigorous spiritual direction: in order to completely rule out the possibility of confusing one’s own meditations with God’s voice. In the greatest private revelations–namely, those of Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta–we see a scenario wherein the seer had more scrutiny from the her Church-appointed directors, confessors; from theologians and Bishops, etc., than ever has been seen before in Church History. The odds of her revelations being simply her own meditations are precisely zero percent.

Generally I advise avoiding placing too much conviction in the authenticity of a seer’s messages unless he or she is very transparent with the spiritual direction received: publicly giving the name of his/her priest spiritual director(s).; with this director himself willingly giving a public testimony to his belief that it is an authentically supernatural phenomenon. If a seer merely claims he or she is under priestly spiritual direction but gives insufficient detail to publicly identify the director himself, then I’ll gladly discern such a seer (it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker), but I’ll generally refrain from placing great conviction in that seer’s authenticity. Taking on trust that which is necessary to discern whether a seer is trustworthy is logically fallacious. And I do believe it is important for the director to be a priest — who also hears the seer’s confessions (i.e., this cannot be done remotely).  Priests are not guaranteed any special grace for discerning matters from afar (I know plenty of priests who promote bogus “seers” and condemn authentic seers; whereas many Church commissions on private revelations include lay experts), but priests — and priests alone — do have a special grace for spiritual direction; particularly that type which is needed in the case of an alleged seer. Multiple alleged seers have asked me to direct them, but I have always refused and advised them to find a Catholic priest, because I know I am not up to that task. I can analyze messages to assess Catholic orthodoxy, logical coherence, etc., and I can apply the Church’s norms for discernment (in proportion to what information is available to me), but I cannot personally spiritually direct a seer.


In conclusion, Fr. Michel now joins the ranks of various other alleged seers I have kept an eye on and even quoted over the last decade and a half and who, despite what I remain convinced were good intentions, have had prophecies fail; e.g., Charlie Johnston, the “Locutions to the World” seer, and a couple others who now escape my memory. I leave their prophecies aside, but I do not regard them as “false prophets.” (There is, however, one “seer” I kept an eye on (back in 2011), and who had prophecies fail then, and who I do think is a fraud (perhaps even a “false prophet”); namely, “Maria Divine Mercy,” who wrote the “Book of Truth.”) Indeed, Fr. Michel was not the first alleged seer to have prophecies fail and he won’t be the last:

Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail” —1 Corinthians 13:8.

Failed prophecies are part of the deal in the Age of the Church (though not in the inerrant public prophecy of Scripture). Don’t let them scare you away from prophecy in general. Prophecy is a charism of the Holy Spirit, and:

“Charisms are to be accepted with gratitude by the person who receives them and by all members of the Church as well.” —Catechism of the Catholic Church, §800

Accepting these Charisms isn’t optional; the whole Church must do so. Never throw out the baby with the bathwater. Keep discerning.

I, for one, am not going anywhere. I’ll continue to be right here discerning with you. I’m sure some other seers of the countless I’ve quoted will also turn out to be failed prophets. Even then, the prophetic consensus will not be put in question. And even more importantly, the essence of the mission–Proclaiming the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will — remains absolutely certain and more solid than bedrock. Let this mission be your anchor, and you will never be discouraged.

Pope Benedict XVI’s Death—A Katechon Removed?

I first want to give thanks for the extraordinary gift that Pope Benedict XVI is and was to the Church and the world. Before, during, and after his Papacy, he was a shining light of truth and love. I quoted him repeatedly in Thy Will Be Done because of the astounding teachings he gave, over many years, on the Divine Will; I encourage you to heed those teachings well.

Although he was retired upon his death and doing little of note externally speaking, Benedict passing to his eternal reward on New Year’s Eve was still a great loss for the Church. Let me explain why I believe that is so.

Some seers have indicated that Benedict was himself a “Katechon” of sorts. (That is, a “restrainer” holding back the public entrance of the “lawless one,” the Antichrist–cf. 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7.)

I do not doubt that. (Especially now that I am leaving aside Fr. Michel’s prophecy which said that St. Joseph/Year of St. Joseph was the Katechon; though that still might have some truth to it — as I’ve said, there can be multiple valid understandings of “Katechon”)

The Antichrist will above all seek to exalt himself in God’s Church–the Catholic Church — and he must and will do so by first bringing the Great Apostasy to its summit with a deluge of blasphemy, heresy, and all manner of evils in the Vatican; enabled by those clergy in Rome already within Satan’s grasp (quite a large number of them).

But put yourself, for a brief moment, in the shoes of one of these evil men plotting out the introduction of a whole new onslaught of evil–far beyond even what we have recently seen — at the Holy See. Such a man, perhaps wearing a red hat, would doubtless think to himself:

“How shall I introduce this slight change to the Mass rubrics that will invalidate the Consecration? How shall I draft this new canonical decree that homosexual marriages are good and valid and can be blessed? I think I can sneak this by Francis just fine; even if he knows about it, he may turn a blind eye to it. But I know that Benedict, even though he isn’t the reigning Pope anymore, is kept abreast of these matters. He still wields too much power. Once he catches wind of this, he could still appeal to his status as Pope “Emeritus”, denounce this in the strongest of terms, and no one would dare oppose him. I must, instead, wait patiently until he dies, while perfecting my nefarious plan in the shadows.”

And do you know where it appears most likely that these nefarious plans–doubtless, at this point, perfected–will be brought to fruition?

In the Synod of Synodality.

Which is ongoing now and poised to reach its completion in 2024… without the Katechon of Benedict XVI around to at least prevent complete devastation of the Faith through its final sessions.

I do not know if these minions of Satan will launch their plans immediately, now that Benedict is dead, or if they will wait until the 2024 culmination of the Synod. What is certain, however, is that they are at work, and we must be on guard. I plan to write more about the Synod soon; stay tuned.


There is also something deeply symbolic–profoundly prophetic– about Benedict dying on New Year’s Eve. It is as if God was exhorting us, with the passing of Benedict and the simultaneous passing of the Year of Our Lord 2022, to say goodbye to the Era we have lived in for so long now.

As I’ve previously noted, I still recall a conversation I had 12 years ago, when I was a seminarian, with another seminarian (who is now a very holy priest). He, like myself, was very prophetically minded, and he relayed a sense that both John Paul II and Benedict XVI had to die before the real Apocalyptic Events started. To him, these two great men symbolized St. John the Baptist and St. Joseph. (Both of whom themselves had to die before Jesus could undergo His own passion and Resurrection. And recall that Pope Benedict’s Baptismal name is Joseph.)

It does feel very much like we, the Church on earth, have lost our John and our Joseph. But this much is certain: we have not lost, and never will lose, our Christ. For He has promised, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:20) He is absolutely in charge of everything, and the time will very soon arrive in which His Will shall Triumph, and “every knee will bow; every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Philippians 2). Therefore, “Whatever comes through that gate”—the gate that is the upcoming months and years and the Trials that they will inevitably bring—remember that you are Christians. You must—you will—stand your ground: