Prepare to Meet Your God, O Israel

In a brief few verses, today’s first reading at Mass tells us what is coming and why.

Since the dawn of the 20th Century, He has revealed—through more prophets than at any other point in history—what is coming. Few listened.

Therefore, Chastisements arrived. We saw two World Wars, genocides, millions of martyred Christians, pandemics, famines, and natural disasters—most of which transpired to an utterly unprecedented degree of destruction.

Still, few listened. The world only grew more mired in apostasy with each passing year.

And now, the time has arrived for God to intervene directly; not only through allowing those Chastisements which are the inevitable result of our sins, but through interventions which can only be called “Biblical,” for they are described in the Bible’s final book. But God does nothing without first alerting the prophets. Therefore these forthcoming interventions have likewise been announced beforehand—especially The Warning—and it is now urgent that souls get their hearts ready.

In a word: “Prepare to meet your God.” This verse is a true admonition; not a mere literary device. We must prepare to see Him:

I made that website a decade ago, inspired by Pope Benedict XVI’s proclamation of the Year of Faith. My goal with it was simply to provide a single URL that anyone—no matter where he was coming from—could be encouraged to go to in order to be evangelized and have whatever sins and errors he likely clings to (if he is an average modern person) be addressed. I asked myself, “If Our Lady came, not as an apparition, but as a website, what would that website look like?” is my best attempt at answering that question. (And indeed, it is written from the perspective of Our Lady.)

Accordingly, this URL is on the back of the Evangelization Cards that my wife and I have so far mailed out hundreds of thousands of. Unfortunately, when Google switched all Google Sites to their new layout last year, it ruined all the website’s formatting, and I have only now finally managed to fix that. I plan to continue improving it in the days ahead, but at least it is now back to being readable. So I’d encourage you to consider sharing this URL with those you feel may be in need of being evangelized — which, let us be frank, is just about everyone today (including those who already regard themselves as devout Christians or even devout Catholics!). My hope is also that immediately after the Warning occurs (I plan to have the website be much better by then, which means I better hurry!), this website will be able to serve as an easy, one-stop resource to help those who are shocked. To help them realize what is needed to make use of the graces they received during the Illumination—why their sins and errors were wrong, and what they need to do to repent and amend their ways. I wanted to make a website where those goals were the sole purpose of the URL (no blog posts, no news, no advertisements, no donation solicitation, etc.—just what is needed to help souls repent of the most pervasive sins and errors.), so that no other clutter would risk hampering this effort.

This is an opportune moment to reiterate what had long been the homepage of this blog (I only switched it to show most recent posts, instead, because I kept getting emails from people who were asking where my recent post was!). The image below is what, for years, anyone who went to would immediately see:

I think it is safe to say that what I wrote there has proven true. I wrote those words first in 2016, precisely when “commentary and debate” had began appearing—to many Catholics—so utterly important as to eclipse all other duties, when in fact such an appearance was just a temptation. Since then, that very temptation has only grown.

Don’t get me wrong, commentary and debate does remain important in some cases, and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of commentary continuing from yours truly.

But it is not The Mission. It is, quite often, a distraction from The Mission. How tragic it is that today we see so many souls—who were once (recently!) so devout, so full of good deeds, so effective at evangelizing, always striving after sanctity, praying constantly, remaining at peace no matter what—now constantly bitter and angry, abandoning their former spiritual practices, absorbed in debate and discord, becoming worldly, concerned only with making sure they have each current event in the Church or the World “figured out,” and doing almost nothing genuinely helpful for the salvation of souls or the coming of the Kingdom. This trend is just another fulfillment of Our Lord’s own prophecy in the Gospel, about the last times, “because iniquity hath abounded, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

Do not be among those whose love grows cold.

Instead, save souls. Live in and proclaim the Divine Will. Hasten the Coming of the Kingdom. Proclaim the Divine Mercy. Those are things you will be proud of on Judgment Day.

You know what to do.

Do it.