I’m now on Twitter: @DSDOConnor

Hello, Twitter.

Elon Musk is a bit of a crazy man. So please don’t trust him. On the other hand, he is preferable by leaps and bounds to the other global elites among whose ranks he numbers. Therefore, his taking over of Twitter today is, I think, a very good thing. My hope is that with him at the helm, he’ll – unlike Twitter’s previous operators – at least allow the truth to spread on the platform, and will put an end to the “woke”-inspired censorship that Twitter has been applying for so long now.

Accordingly, I’ve decided to finally get a Twitter account. Having a place to publicly post brief announcements will save me from the need to pester blog subscribers with emails about such things each time. 

If you have Twitter, I’d be honored if you’d “follow” my own Twitter account (@DSDOConnor) . I plan to use Twitter now for important announcements related to publications, speaking events, interviews, etc. 

My first tweet (April 25th, 2022) :

If you don’t have a Twitter, you’ll need to say a prayer and discern for yourself if now might likewise be a good time for you to join it. As with all tools, it is neither good nor bad, therefore whether using it is called for will depend upon the person, the intent, and the circumstances. But it’s certainly at least a potentially powerful way to proclaim the Truth – and God knows we need more people today publicly, strongly, clearly, and charitably proclaiming the Truth, since its most bedrock tenets are becoming increasingly rejected within mainstream discourse.

“The sheer truth, naked and simple, is the most powerful magnet to draw hearts and to dispose them to face any sacrifice for love of the truth and of the people who reveal this truth.  Who disposed the Martyrs to shed their blood?  The truth.  Who gave to many other Saints the strength to conduct a pure and unblemished life in the midst of so many battles?  The truth – and a naked, simple and disinterested truth.  … in these sad times, how hard it is to find someone who would manifest this naked truth, even among the clergy, the religious, and devout people! … they think to themselves that if they did so, they would lose their prestige, their being well liked, their nature would no longer find satisfaction, and they would go against their own interests.  But – oh, how they deceive themselves!  In fact, one who leaves everything for love of the truth will superabound in everything more profusely than others.  Therefore, as much as you can, do not neglect to manifest this naked and simple truth… “

-Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.