On the Attacks

Dear friends in Christ,

Please forgive me for writing a post about myself, but as you will shortly see, my goal here is actually to be rid of the need to bother you with such a post ever again! For it has now come to the point where scarcely a day goes by without new attacks on me being published somewhere. Less and less often do these articles even attempt to engage my philosophical or theological arguments; they now almost invariably prefer to simply throw calumnies at me, focus on canonical minutiae that the critics themselves prove they do not understand, or twist what I’m saying with out of context quotes. I’ve also become aware that my critics are now even calling the president’s office at the college where I teach. (I should really go into politics if I ever manage to complete the task God has given me in promoting private revelation… I’d be attacked in that realm, too, but the attacks I’d receive in politics would be just, charitable, and honest in comparison to what I receive from the lips of these “good Catholics.”!)

None of this surprises me. I knew that in striving to give Heaven’s messages a greater voice in the Church I would be persecuted. So I am not complaining. Rather, I give thanks to God that, though I am a miserable and unworthy sinner, He has allowed me to suffer for Him. Yes, to suffer for the sake of Christ is what the angels envy us for. 

I have a wife and 4 kids aged 6 and under, a job, and my PhD studies to focus on. Beyond that I wish to devote myself to proclaiming the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will. So I am afraid I do not even have time to read, much less respond to, most of the critics. But I will occasionally respond, and even in those cases I do not want to pester my blog followers with a new email each time, so I’m creating a page on this site (dsdoconnor.com/critics) which I’ll update, when necessary, with further responses. Feel free to go to this page and “refresh” it in the future if you’d like to know if I’m responding to the latest attack. (Again, usually I will just let the critics talk). 

I will note that a particular website popular in certain liberal Catholic circles — a website dedicated, it seems, to defending and promoting every problematic statement of Pope Francis — has lately become obsessed with attacking me and CTTK. I take this as a a badge of honor, coming as it does from a website that also attacks In Sinu Jesu and the holy priest who received the locutions therein, a website that promotes the heretical interpretation of Amoris Laetitia, a website that attacks even the perfectly valid points that Archbishop Vigano makes, a website that attacks LifeSiteNews, a website that attacks Cardinal Burke and Bishop Strickland, a website that attacks the wonderful work done by TFP, a website that attacks EWTN, a website that has repeatedly defended and promoted last year’s Pachamama Paganism (even saying “Pachamama is the reality of the Incarnation”), a website that explicitly regards St. Louis de Montfort’s prophecies and Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecies as something that could legitimately be (I quote the site verbatim): “...simply brushed aside as private revelation or speculation that we should not worry ourselves too much about.

While I only expect my critics to grow both in number and in vitriol in the coming times, I will conclude by saying this much: I’m evidently ticking off all the right people. So I guess I’m doing something right. :-)

Pray for me, my dear brethren in Christ, and be assured of my prayers for you! I know that so many of you are being likewise attacked in various ways — even if not publicly, at least by circumstances, by relatives, friends, and coworkers, and last but not least by the Devil himself. As Padre Pio said, it is only the Devil’s silence and complacency with what we are doing that should trouble us. The Time of Peace is coming, but it is not here yet. More trials await us, and now is the time for battle. Put on the full armor of God and proceed with courage. Your reward will be great in Heaven, wherein the worst sufferings of this world will seem like nothing compared to the glory to be revealed. Let each trial you must suffer only redouble your resolve to more boldly than ever Proclaim God’s Mercy and God’s Will while there is still time left in the Time of Mercy, which is quickly drawing to a close. 

In Christ, through Mary,