The Mark of the Beast

Dear friends, do you trust in Jesus and strive to live in His Will? Then be absolutely at peace and have no fear at all about what is coming upon the world. (I’ll remind you of why at the bottom of this post.)

Yes, the Mark of the Beast is coming. It’s real. It’s guaranteed by Scripture. The prophetic consensus of trustworthy private revelation insists it is imminent. It is dead serious. Receiving this Mark will constitute selling your soul to the devil. You must prefer the shedding of all of your blood to accepting this Mark.

That all being said and remaining absolutely true, I wish, in this post, to give — not a comprehensive overview of the matter — but just a few miscellaneous thoughts which I hope will put your mind at ease and give you peace. I am writing this post because of the large number of emails I’ve been receiving asking about the Mark; emails which I cannot keep up with. (In general, please accept my apologies if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded. Lately it unfortunately has not been possible for me to respond to all emails. Please do not take offense! The problem is not with you or your email. The problem is just that there are only 24 hours in a day. But even if I haven’t responded, know that you have my gratitude for sharing whatever thoughts you’ve sent me and you have my prayers for you and for any intentions you’ve asked me to pray for!)

First: The Devil primarily wants your soul, not your body

Therefore, you do not need to stay up late at night agonizing over the thought of the Mark of the Beast being forced upon you against your will by some state-sent minion who breaks into your house and jabs you with a needle, thus condemning you. Receiving the Mark will be a mortal sin. Consider what you, dear catechized Catholic, know about the requirements for a mortal sin: it must be an objectively serious matter undertaken with full knowledge and consent.

The devil — who controls the Beast and is the ultimate architect of the Mark — is, of course, well aware of these facts and he hasn’t the slightest power to change them. He knows much better than you or I that we are all absolutely subject to the constraints God Himself has created. The Devil, therefore, is going to orchestrate everything to strongly tempt you into receiving the Mark (as we know from the Book of Revelation it will, for example, become a prerequisite for “buying and selling” — not at all a difficult scenario to imagine given the present technological and financial situation). But the devil has no use physically forcing the Mark upon you without the consent of your will and without you knowing full well that you’re committing a grave sin by receiving it. Such forcing would, at best, give him your body — which is not ultimately what he wants.

Second: the Mark will most likely come after the Warning, which will drastically enhance our discernment

The Warning, of course, is primarily about giving the world a last chance to repent before the Great Chastisements come full force, as no human efforts to evangelize will suffice for this task. But the Warning will doubtless also bring many other beneficial effects along with it. One of these effects will be to wake up drowsy Christian souls to the diabolical ploys going on in the world today, to which they have hitherto turned a blind eye due to the convenience of pretending the world will continue on in a more or less stable manner for decades upon decades (if not centuries) to come. I am sure that the Faithful will have their discernment radically clarified by the Warning, which will enable them to be well prepared to know what the Mark is when it comes, and avoid receiving it.

Third: Beware outlandish claims regarding technology (And, I do not think the vaccine will be The Mark)

I am aware of the various arguments out there that the forthcoming Covid vaccine will somehow turn you into an automaton, sublimate the powers of your soul to some nefarious agenda, and change your species from human into quasi-human (although there is no such thing), and on the list goes.

Now, let me preface what follows by saying that I am not at all naive regarding the capabilities of modern technology. My first job as an engineer was working at the international research headquarters of one of the most technologically advanced corporations in the world (GE Global Research), engaged in cutting edge quantum electron beam research which, even now, I cannot disclose the details of. That being said, so many conspiracy theories are swirling about today that are completely illogical (and unfaithful to an authentic Catholic philosophical anthropology — i.e. a proper understanding of human nature) as they pertain to what technology can do, entirely ignorant of the fundamental laws of science (which no piece of technology, no matter how advanced, can so much as budge), and ascribe to mere men powers that not even the demons themselves have.

(I’m going to have to lay out a bit of a philosophical argument here — if you’re not interested in that, just consider the red text below for the take-away points)

Let me make this clear: thought alone (which involves the interplay of Intellect, Memory, and Will) is, as Jesus tells Luisa, the “king of the soul, the dwelling, the throne in which the soul carries out her activity, her life, her regimen.Thought, therefore, is a spiritual power, proper to the soul, not the body. Certainly, your brain is involved in thought, since we are incarnate beings and both our soul and body unified form the human person.  Certainly, the practical ability of intellect, memory, and will to properly operate can be inhibited by physical phenomena (just look at what happens when one has foolishly chosen to abuse drugs). However, it does not logically follow from this premise that neurochemical action is itself capable of reversing the causal dynamic here observed. Which is to say: thought’s physical manifestations can indeed be frustrated by physical things, but physical things cannot themselves control thoughts. Thought is higher on the causal chain than the various nuerological phenomena that accompany it. Therefore, these causally inferior things cannot ever themselves dominate that which is intrinsically superior to them.

I will use an imperfect analogy: when driving your car, your decisions of how to control the steering wheel and gas pedal determine where your car goes and, in relation to this navigation, is ontologically superior (and causally prior) to the motions of the car itself. Problems with these mechanics of your car can inhibit your ability to drive it well, but they cannot force you to arrive at some destination other than where you intend to drive to.  If your car is very beat up — or, even, if you suspect the brake lines have been tampered with — you still do not get into your car in the morning to drive to work and fret “boy, I sure hope I don’t wind up driving to my favorite bar instead of driving to work.” (Or, if you do so worry, it has nothing to do with your brake lines, but with your susceptibility to temptation!) Like all analogies, push this one too much and it fails; my only purpose in using it is to illustrate — not prove — my point.

In other words, it does not follow that something done to, or injected into, your brain (or anywhere in your body) can “control your mind,” know your thoughts, or determine your will. Not even the devil himself has direct access to your thought. Not even the Devil himself can control your mind/intellect/memory/will. Not even the devil himself can mimic well the incredible Divinely-designed actions of the human nature. If the devil himself cannot manage to do something, you can rest fully assured that human technology never will be able to.

(Demonic possession, far from refuting my point here, actually proves it perfectly. When a demon acts through a possessed person, the demon is not thereby controlling the person’s mind or will. Case in point, a demonically possessed person can be entirely free of any moral fault in what transpires during an episode of possession, notwithstanding the blasphemous things the demon caused the person’s body to do. )

One who is convinced that our minds, our thoughts, our memories, and our decisions, can be controlled by any technology (no matter how advanced), present or forthcoming, has implicitly fallen victim to materialism — which is only one small step from outright atheism. For the unstated premise in these worries is that our mind is nothing but our brain, and it is precisely this premise that feeds the fear that a technology which has access to our brain likewise has equal access to our mind.

This does not mean you can go ahead and spiritually safely get a chip implanted into you! DO NOT get a chip implanted into you. I am just saying that we need to stop this endless fretting over this or that new initiative (and there are dozens of new ones each day) that reaches the news is going to suddenly start controlling our minds.

Now, when it comes to the vaccine itself, that may very well be extremely unwise to get. If you are healthy, Coronavirus has a tiny chance of killing you. Why, to theoretically avoid this tiny risk, would you get a vaccine that has had no where near enough time to be sufficiently tested and therefore give confidence in its safety? On the other hand, if many good, faithful, devout Catholic doctors who know very well all about the vaccine (whenever it does come out) from the very onset of its development  assure us that it has been ethically developed, is physically safe, and is prudent to get, then the vaccine may well be fine to receive. I do not know. We’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. In any event — and this is just my fallible opinion — I do not think that the vaccine itself will wind up being the Mark of the Beast.

The Mark of the Beast will need to be something that, as the Book of Revelation says, controls buying and selling. From the standpoint of modern technology, successfully achieving this would require a certain degree of circuitry that is completely infeasible to fit into a hypodermic needle. Vaccines are administered with needles between 23 and 25 gauge, which relates to, at most, an inner diameter of 337 micrometers (.337 millimeters). Presently economically viable and technologically practical circuitry that contains the necessary elements to actually successfully allow tracking/data storage/wireless communication/etc. are over 30 times that size. I do not see much of a cause for concern that a microchip will be snuck into us through a hypodermic needle used to administer a vaccine.

(Remember, as well, that just because one can dig up a story on some sci-tech news site claiming that some technological feat is possible, or that researchers have broached some frontier, or that we can expect a certain technology within X number of years…. this should not necessarily carry any weight. These are clickbait headlines and the research they draw from is from scientists begging for more funding and hoping to secure it through sensationalism. Likely, what they promise will never come to pass. Even if it does, it is nowhere near economically feasible at present or near future for mass distribution, whereas the Mark of the Beast, by definition, will need to quickly be ramped up to production rates in the order of billions, so that all in the world are offered it. From that fact alone we can safely conclude that the Mark of the Beast will need to be based on technology that is not cutting edge, but rather, is established and inexpensive — which, in fact, is already the case with microchips capable of wireless communication and data storage, small enough to be easily implanted into the hand or forehead — but is nowhere near the case with any technology theoretically small enough to be injected through a hypodermic needle.)

That being said, I do not doubt that the vaccine might be associated with the Mark of the Beast. Perhaps the Mark itself will be a chip — implanted into the right hand or forehead — that will serve as the requisite means to buy and sell anything along with being an “immunity passport” allegedly to show that you are “Covid Free.” Of course, with these details, I am speculating, and anyone is free to disagree. It’s certainly possible that I’m wrong, and the vaccine itself will wind up being the Mark — but what I am certain of is that God will not leave us orphans, and if the vaccine winds up being the Mark, He will tell us that clearly — or at least, He will do so clearly enough for those who do not plug their ears to calls of Heaven by labeling any such things as “distracting private revelations” that are too “scary” and preach “doom and gloom,” thus “can and should be ignored or even opposed.”

Fourth: Concern yourself more with, even now, ensuring you are not spiritually “Marked”

How absurd it is to spend endless hours fretting over the Mark of the Beast when we are spending our days blatantly choosing to be spiritually marked for the dark side even now! Let us, therefore, above all ensure that our lives are completely free of that which inundates modern society and yet constitutes a spiritual marking of our souls for the devil. If we are free of these things now, we are much more likely to remain free of the literal Mark itself when it comes:

  • Failing to remain always in a state of grace (by repenting of all mortal sin, confessing any such sins to a priest, and ridding our lives entirely of it)
  • Failing to pray much each day
  • Indiscriminately watching today’s mainstream television and streaming broadcasting, 99% of which is impure, worldly, consumeristic, occult, vain, immoderate, or otherwise immoral and damaging to the soul…. if not blatantly demonic.
  • Letting worldly values — which only grow more blatantly diabolical by the day — to seep into our homes and families through errant curricula, evil media, keeping bad company, violent or occult video games/books, pagan practices, uncalled for compromises with friends who do not share our values on how we run our own families , etc.
  • Spending our time on Social Media platforms growing ever more vain, angry, selfish, gossipy, and obsessive.
  • Getting sucked in to the utter vitriol and hatred that dominates the modern political and cultural scene.
  • Siding 100% with any existing political party (I have one in mind especially), which — in America today, at least — necessarily entails siding with serious error
  • Voting for pro-abortion politicians
  • Failing to stay on the razor-thin straight-and-narrow way of Our Lord as we are already in the beginnings of the Great Apostasy, with most Catholics either falling to the left (siding with heretical interpretations of Pope Francis’ Magisterium) or to the right (succumbing to attitudes towards this same Pope that are so un-Catholic as to border on de-facto schism).
  • Caring more about preserving our physical safety — e.g. going to ridiculous lengths to avoid Coronavirus under the erroneous pretense that doing so is mandated by “prudence” — than about caring for our souls and the souls of other through frequenting the Sacraments, performing works of mercy, etc.
  • Joining hands and hearts with certain popular cultural movements of the day which, even if they have a little truth mixed in, are fundamentally Marxist, Godless, and Anarchist in their origins, inspirations, and actions.

Can you see how successful the Devil is today, marking his own children through the above listed practices and so many like them? He’ll have very little work to do convincing the majority of the world to receive the literal Mark when its time soon comes.

So let’s now do our best to be spiritually Marked for God, not for the devil, and to help our brethren throughout the world likewise choose wisely.

And while you are ensuring that you are not being marked for the devil, it is even more important to ensure that you are being Marked for Our Lady by consecrating yourself to her, praying the Rosary daily, loving her, and striving after the Gift that she most desires for you: the Gift of Living in the Will of her Divine Son. Jesus tells Luisa:

You must know that I always love my children, my beloved creatures, I would turn Myself inside out so as not to see them struck; so much so, that in the gloomy times that are coming, I have placed them all in the hands of my Celestial Mother—to Her have I entrusted them, that She may keep them for Me under Her safe mantle. I will give Her all those whom She will want; even death will have no power over those who will be in the custody of my Mother.”

Now, while He was saying this, my dear Jesus showed me, with facts, how the Sovereign Queen descended from Heaven with an unspeakable majesty, and a tenderness fully maternal; and She went around in the midst of creatures, throughout all nations, and She marked Her dear children and those who were not to be touched by the scourges. Whomever my Celestial Mother touched, the scourges had no power to touch those creatures. Sweet Jesus gave to His Mother the right to bring to safety whomever She pleased.

-June 6, 1935

…And then, there is the Queen of Heaven who, with Her Empire, continuously prays that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come on earth, and when have We ever denied Her anything? For Us, Her Prayers are impetuous winds such that We cannot resist Her. And the same Strength that She possesses of Our Will is for Us Empire, Command. She has all right to impetrate It, because She possessed It on earth, and She possesses It in Heaven. Therefore as Possessor She can give what is Hers, so much so that this Kingdom will be called the Kingdom of the Celestial Empress. She will act as Queen in the midst of Her children on earth. She will place at their disposition Her Seas of Graces, of Sanctity, of Power. She will put to flight all the enemies. She will raise them in Her Womb. She will hide them in Her Light, covering them with Her Love, nourishing them with Her own hands with the food of the Divine Will. What will this Mother and Queen not do in the midst of this, Her Kingdom, for Her children and for Her people? She will give Unheard-of Graces, Surprises never seen, Miracles that will shake Heaven and earth. We give Her the whole field free so that She will form for Us the Kingdom of Our Will on earth. She will be the Guide, the True Model, It will also be the Kingdom of the Celestial Sovereign. Therefore, you also pray together with Her, and at Its time you will obtain the intent.

-July 14, 1935 (The context of this quote is equally astounding. See The Crown of Sanctity page 479.)

Some Announcements:

  • I’ve added more material to, including a free mp3 file of the entire audiobook of The Crown of History. I’ll be adding more, as well, in the coming days
  • While this is basically the last thing I want to spend more time doing, nevertheless circumstances have required and justice has demanded posting yet another article addressing the latest development in the saga of Fr. Michel and Bishop Lemay (who, we now know, is not actually Fr. Michel’s Bishop and, even if he were, still has not formally condemned Fr. Michel’s messages). If you haven’t been following the drama, you needn’t bother reading this; but if you’re interested in it, then you can find the post here.