Passion of the Christ Jesus crucified on the Cross

Passion of the Christ Jesus crucified on the Cross

Passion of the Christ Jesus crucified on the Cross

This is a still-capture of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ from Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” movie. Make sure you see this movie and get your friends to as well.

20 thoughts on “Passion of the Christ Jesus crucified on the Cross”

  1. Only a God/Man could have done this for us… Jesus, the second person of the Holy Trinity – leaving Heaven to do the Father’s Will. What Humility, Love and Mercy – thank you Jesus! My King and my Reality!

  2. Jesus died to save us from our sins and he was beat with a cat of nine tails its a whip with small sharp tack nails in each strip of leather it rip him apart ive heard doctors say that the beating he took no normal man could have taken a beating like the they would have passed out way before even being hung on the cross or have died and would have gone into shock but were not talking about a normal man this was Jesus the man that had to go through this to show man he was ding for us to save us he loved us that much and he will be back to get us soon so be ready or get ready for his return…Thank you for ding for me

  3. this picture is so REAL.. it was sent to my FB page and I found it online. it does not look like a painting.. I love you Jesus… I made u my desktop wallpaper…

  4. I love Jesus why did he die he was our kingdom he was my family and I can’t believe he died I can’t believe those guys hit Jesus with a belt please Jesus help me help my family help everybody I need you I need you in my heart i need you in my room all the time I will pray every single day for you to get my brother out of prison

  5. I find looking at pirtecus of Jesus very uplifting. I know it isn’t Him but it REMINDS us of Him and helps us to concentrate our thoughts on spiritual things.I find all symbolism whether candles, pirtecus et. are like a stepping stone to concentrating on the REALITY OF JESUS they are helpful stepping stones which points us to JESUS THE FOUNDATION STONE.Anything which helps us to grow as Christians can only be good!


  7. jesus is the only God …..every one cant know him those who have minimum commonsence they can find the real God….
    he died 4 me so… 4 hom…..i surve him……..i love jejus im crazy abt jesus

  8. The passion of the christ is the undoubtable one, it broke my heart, though it was a wish of GOD, it made me something unexpressed one. this is for my sins, I LOVE YOU, I BELIVE YOU, I TRUST YOU MY JESUS, You are holding my hands, you never leave me alone at any where in my life, i like to see you in heaven soon. I trust you, you will take me to THE GOD,your father. i am waiting for that day. please please please make my wish to real.

    1. what a powerful tonsimety!! no one is out of HIS reach!!! I still find myself saying that if God can take a broken vessel like me and make it useful, beautiful even, He can do it for ANYONE….amazing grace…..and I thank Him that He doesn’t leave us how He finds us, but He picks us up out of the muck and myre, cleans us up, restores us, and we become useful tools in His hands…..thank you for sharing this story!!!

  9. The Passion of Christ is the most real reinactment I have ever seen. I felt like I was right there amongst the crowd. It broke my heart to see the pain both in Jesus and Mary’s eyes. The pain and torture was so brutal and cruel. I did not know that Pontius Pilot was as concerned about Jesus’ fate as the picture portrayed. The Sanhedin really mad me angry and I wished that it was one of them on that cross instead of Jesus. I know Jesus had to die for my sins and I am so thankful and blessed that He did. I feel so ugly, rotten and disgusting about myself, that my sins would do that to such a precious and blessed Saviour. Praise God that He loves me enough to do such a horrible thing to redeem me to Himself. Thank you for that movie, it makes you take a hard look at yourself and see the scourge we are. Thank God for washing me clean.

    Kathleen Siemsglusz

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