You Don’t Have to Feel Ready to Be Ready

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Do you not feel ready for what is coming? Perhaps for World War III, the Warning, the Great Persecution, the Reign of the Antichrist, the 3 Days of Darkness and other Great Chastisements? Do you ever feel tempted to panic upon considering what will soon come upon the earth—what even Pope Francis himself just yesterday, in his homily for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, described as “omens of even greater destruction and desolationthan the war, famine, plague, etc., than we have been recently experiencing? 

Or did you just open up the news to learn that, at 4:19pm EST today, for the first time, same-sex “marriage” has been codified in America’s federal statutes; signed into law by our nation’s “Catholic” president—sent to his desk even with the support of dozens of Republican congressmen? And do you then pause to ponder that it is impossible for any nation to so blasphemously and formally rebel against the most basic truths of God’s Law without Divine Justice falling down upon it?

Well, you, dear Faithful soul, can be at peace. 

Humanly speaking, it’s impossible for us to be ready for any of this. Instead, we must – radically, blindly, and absolutely – trust Jesus. 

I did not feel ready to deliver a baby last month, either. But that’s exactly what happened, and all is well.

So hunker down for a brief story from a night last month like no other in my life, before I get to this post’s main exhortation!

Over the last several months of our preparation for the arrival of our fifth child, we of course (as all parents do!) had it “all figured out.” Once contractions hit 5 minutes apart, we would call the midwife, who would be at our home within 15 minutes of the call. (We always do home births — yes, they are quite safe in normal/healthy pregnancies; yes, they are entirely legal here; and yes, all the necessary medical/legal things are taken care of by the professional certified nurse midwives who come.)

According to our plan, and basing things off our previous experiences with the labors and deliveries of our other 4 children, we’d then have at least 6 hours until the delivery; plenty of time for this professional and her assistants to get set up, etc., but not so much time that they’d be stuck here all day waiting for the baby to arrive. Perfect!

Alas, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Precisely when my wife and I both thought– based upon timing and intensity of contractions– that it was time to call (which we did right then), Regina suddenly announced:

“The baby is coming! I need to push!!”

I am a philosopher and a mechanical engineer. I am about as unqualified to serve as an “on-the-spot midwife” as anyone. (Although Socrates, himself the Father of Philosophy, allegorically called himself a “midwife”—though for truths in the mind.) The sum total of my knowledge on delivering a child was derived from quickly reading a one page printout the midwife gave me on “what to do if the baby arrives suddenly without the midwife there.”

The same midwife delivered our 3rd and 4th children, and both times she offered to have me be the one to actually deliver the baby (with her, of course, right there if anything went wrong; guiding me on what to do, etc.). Both times I chickened out and said: “No thanks, you go for it! I’ll just stay up here and hold my wife’s hand while you deal with the hard stuff!

Well, this time I didn’t have a choice. I was the only person there (the only adult there – our children were fast asleep upstairs and wouldn’t have been awoken by a bomb going off; but they were thrilled to come downstairs the next morning to meet a new baby brother!)

Although that moment may well have been — objectively speaking in accordance with the external description of what was transpiring — the most intense of my life, I felt no anxiety, worry, or fear at all. Sure, my heart was pounding in my chest and my nerves were doubtless buzzing with more current than was being carried by the high voltage power lines down the street. But God’s grace —which always both meets and exceeds the needs of the moment – was far outweighing all that.

It was beyond obvious that, in that moment, God’s Will was that I deliver our son. This is absolutely certain, because at that moment there was no other reasonable option. And God always gives more than enough grace – far more than enough grace –  for us to do His Will. When, therefore, circumstances reveal some course of action to be His Will for us, we can always immediately proceed in that duty with invincible courage, perfect peace, and absolute trust:

“My daughter, I feel like giving to the creature the necessary Strength or, rather, an Overabundant Strength, only in the moment when she sets herself to do what I want-not before. Otherwise she would feel the Strength but still not do what I want, and I do not know how to give useless things.  How many, before doing an action, feel so helpless; but then as soon as they put themselves to work they feel Invested by a New Strength, a New Light.  I am the one who charged them, since I never lack the necessary Strength to do Good.  Rather, this need ties Me and forces Me, if necessary, to act together with them.”

Jesus to Luisa. May 15, 1938. 

The delivery was the smoothest yet of our five childbirths.

John Paul came out safely and looking great. (And he was the biggest of all our children, weighing 8 lbs, 3 oz., and measuring 21 in. long.) While I remembered and took care of the basics that need to be managed when delivering a baby, there really wasn’t all that much I had to do. The midwife was zipping over as all this was happening; she arrived shortly after the birth and took over from there; confirming that all was, indeed, well. 

Obviously it was my wife—not myself!—who had the infinitely more demanding task here. She too, however, has shared that despite being in that quintessentially frightening scenario of needing to give birth with no professional help, she felt great peace, trust, and inner tranquility (despite the great physical pain).  

I feel confident that the graces in the situation described above will prove analogous to how the devout remnant Faithful will fare during the imminent long-prophesied Great Events. 

Those who trust in Jesus, and are at least truly striving to do and live in His Will, are ready for what is coming–whether or not they feel ready. 

This is absolutely true, because—just as sanctity itself is not a product of our own effort, so too a readiness for apocalyptic events is entirely a matter of surrendering ourselves–our wills–to the only One Who oversees it all. But He has made it even easier than that for us, for He has handed over this power to His Mother, whom no one could ever fear approaching:

“My daughter courage, everything will serve to the triumph of my Will, if I strike it is because I want to restore health… I always love my children, my beloved creatures, I would eviscerate Myself in order not to see them stricken, so much so that in the deadly times to come, I have put them all in the hands of my Celestial Mother, to Her I have entrusted them, so that she holds them for Me under her secure mantle, I will give to Her all those that She will want, death itself won’t have power over those that will be in the custody of my Mother.” Now while he said this, my dear Jesus made me see with facts that the Sovereign Queen descended from Heaven with an indescribable Majesty, and a tenderness all Maternal, and turned in the midst of creatures, in all the nations and marked her dear children and those that should not be touched by the scourges, whomever my Celestial Mother touched, the scourges didn’t have power to touch the creatures. Sweet Jesus gave the right to his Mother to put in safety whom She pleased. How moving it was to see the Celestial Empress turn in all the parts of the world that she took between her Maternal hands, she assembled them to her breast, hid them under her mantle, so that not one evil might be able to harm those people that her Maternal goodness held in her custody, guarded and defended. Oh! If everyone might be able to see with how much love and tenderness the Celestial Queen did this office, they would cry from consolation and would love She who so very loves us.

Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. June 6, 1935

Stay close to her—consecrate yourself to her, pray the Rosary every day, and let her lead you to the Will of her Son (which she and she alone always did perfectly, and to which she always leads all who come to her)—and you are invincible. 

It is not without reason that Scripture compares the end of the present Era—and the dawning of the glorious one to follow it—to childbirth; both the pain that precedes it but also the joy that follows it. For just as a woman with child is excited to finally hold her baby (especially as pregnancy grows particularly cumbersome and difficult in the later months; which are analogous to the current times!), and therefore is eager for childbirth, notwithstanding the pain involved, so too should we be eager for the times ahead if we are trying to do what God is asking of us now. 

When people are saying, “Peace and security,” then sudden disaster comes upon them, like labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. But you, brothers, are not in darkness, for that day to overtake you like a thief.

–1 Thessalonians 5

When a woman is in labor, she is in anguish because her hour has arrived; but when she has given birth to a child, she no longer remembers the pain because of her joy that a child has been born into the world.

–John 16: 21

Jesus also compares what is coming to a birth in His revelations to Luisa; for just as the arrival of a baby is awaited with certainty when the mother is pregnant, so too is the arrival of the Glorious Era of peace a certainty: 

“…as to a family when they see that their mother is about to give birth to other little children.  The whole family celebrates, because the family becomes larger, and every time it increases by another little brother or little sister, they make feast and delight in the one newly arrived in their midst.  Such is the [whole] Creation…My daughter, when my Divine Will wants to pronounce Itself, It extends everywhere and makes Its echo and Its creative strength felt in all the things in which It reigns…the prayers done in my Divine Volition to obtain the advent of Its Kingdom upon earth hold a great empire over God.  God Himself cannot rid Himself of it, nor can He not grant it…and from prayer it changes into command… Therefore, it is not to be put in doubt that, sooner or later, one will see, descend from Heaven, that which, with decision, has been granted to him.  Therefore, continue the prayers in Our Fiat – prayers that move Heaven and earth, and even God Himself, if you love to see my Kingdom upon earth; and I will pray together with you in order to obtain the intent.  More so, since the ultimate purpose of Creation is precisely this – that Our Divine Will was to reign on earth as It does in Heaven.”

Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. January 26, 1930

Unfortunately there are some who, even though following the messages of the various living seers, nevertheless fret that they do not know more details about what is coming. They have an endless torrent of questions, to which they demand answers, thereby implicitly accusing Heaven of incompetence for not giving those answers to the seers. (Although there are always plenty of false “seers” who will give you all the details you want about the “future” – that is, their daydreams about it and/or what the devil says to them about it!)

Such people miss the point of prophecy—which is not to serve as a textbook telling the future’s details; but rather as an exhortation to empower our undertaking of God’s Will in the present. And while some such undertakings do indeed relate to various details of what is coming (hence these messages sometimes give some details pertaining to what will come), most remain unchanged regardless of how the more specific details of the coming months and years will transpire—where exactly battles will rage, precisely which foods will become scarce, just when currencies will collapse, how exactly the Warning will look/feel, which individual will be the Antichrist, etc., etc., etc.

It is, moreover, in our best interest to not know too many details of what is coming. If we did, we would be far too distracted by this knowledge. 

Imagine if I had known beforehand that I would have to deliver my child on my own. I would have spent countless hours learning & training myself to be prepared for every conceivable way the delivery could have transpired. I would have spent far more money than I can afford, accumulating various medical equipment that might come in handy. But in all those efforts, I would have doubtless neglected the present duties of my state in life.  

God, in His wisdom, led me away from spending too much time thinking about (and preparing for) the possibility of me solo-delivering the child— for He knew that this would be what would happen, and He knew that He’d take care of everything. 

It is the same with the present times. God is not answering all the questions you have about the future because He knows that He’s got it—and your role in it—under control.

He has every hair on your head numbered. Therefore, while prudent preparedness remains advisable, all that really matters is that you remain trusting in Him, seeking refuge in His Mercy & His Will. Then–and only then–will you be ready for what is coming; even if you feel anything but.

But it is essential that you do this now. You thereby join the “Remnant Faithful,” and you take Refuge in God, as today’s first reading at Mass alludes to. God knew that America would formally rebel against Him on this day—December 13th, 2022—and this (below) is from the first reading at Mass for today, wherein the Word of God laments the “rebellious, tyrannical” city which “accepts no correction” (today, that is certainly Washington, D.C., and all that is symbolized by that reference), warning that its “proud braggarts” will be removed, but a “Remnant” faithful protected in the Refuge that is the Lord, in preparation for the times during which the Faithful will finally “pasture and couch their flocks with none to disturb them,” that is, they will be blessed with the Era of Peace.

Those times are at hand.

“Stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

He’s Coming

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While praying my daily prayer after Mass this morning as I knelt before the Tabernacle, I heard the ambulances and fire trucks zipping by just outside. There was a palpable sense of urgency to their maneuvers—beyond the more customary wailing of the sirens that inevitably punctuate each quarter hour spent on a downtown city block in New York’s Capital. 

After reciting that prayer and departing from the Church, it was less than a minute into my Divine Will Missionary of Mercy walk that I came upon someone sprawled out on the side of the road in the gentle rain.

There were already plenty of EMTs at work, and it was obvious that material aid from me was not required, so instead of rushing over, I knelt down on the sidewalk opposite them and prayed for the person in need (as pedestrians walked by with eyes glued to their phones as if in a trance). The chest-compressions and the defibrillator, however, had no effect on him or her (from my vantage point, I could not tell if it was a man or a woman), and a blanket was soon brought out by another first responder and placed over what was no longer a person, but only a corpse.

As of my writing this, there are still no news reports of what happened there on the middle of the road in between the Masonic Temple and the Hilton Albany, so I know no details other than that a soul experienced its Particular Judgment on Lodge Street this morning—Jesus came into that person’s life. 

“He’s Coming” — That announcement has, for years and years, been the header image of this blog and of my YouTube channel. 


Because I cannot think of a briefer way of summarizing the prophetic call we must now announce to the world.  

As Our Lady said on September 27th of this year, to the alleged seer Gisella Cardia:

My children, I ask you to go through the world’s streets to proclaim the Gospel: tell everyone that Jesus will soon return and that you must be prepared.

“He’s coming,” so “be prepared.”

There it is. This is what we must tell everyone. 

That is also why I made the “Prepare to See Him” website ( over a decade ago, with the exhortation at the top of the page being Our Lady’s words at Medjugorje: “Prepare yourself to look at Jesus eye to eye.” (March 17, 1989)

Do not fret over how exactly an individual may interpret that basic exhortation. 

It is God’s Will that we announce it, and even if, in the course of a particular encounter with someone, you have no time or opportunity to explain the details of the exhortation’s meaning, you can rest assured that the Holy Spirit will powerfully work with it in that person’s heart. 

I emphasized this point so strongly in my October 1st webcast with Mark Mallett because it is so urgent that more of the Faithful issue this simple announcement. A brief clip from that webcast:

“He’s Coming,” so “be prepared,” is, moreover, about the most truthful, honest, and accurate thing you can tell people today:

  • He’s Coming soon when transpires the only thing you know with certainty your own future holds—your death.
  • He’s Coming at every single Mass you attend.
  • He’s Coming soon in the Warning.
  • He’s Coming in the innumerable “mini-Warnings”—the personal Illuminations of Conscience—being experienced constantly by souls across the world.
  • He’s Coming in the crosses—and we will all soon have to bear great ones—for His Will is veiled in each cross we receive perhaps more powerfully than any other time.
  • He’s Coming soon in the utter outpouring of graces, miracles, signs, and wonders that He and His Mother are about to work in the world.
  • He’s Coming by way of the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, the Gift He earnestly desires to give to all, through which He can and will reign in your soul now just as He will in Heaven.
  • He’s Coming soon in the Particular Judgments (the judgment each soul receives, immediately after death, at which one’s eternal destiny is determined) of the millions (or billions) who will soon die in the long-prophesied Chastisements.
  • He’s Coming, by virtue of the Universal Reign of His Will on earth as in Heaven, in the Era of Peace—the Triumphant Eucharistic Reign with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • And of course, He’s Coming again physically—at the end of time, to command the General Resurrection and commence the Last Judgment, and conclude History (although this is nowhere near as imminent as what is written above!), and bring the Church Militant and Church Suffering into the Church Triumphant. 

Although wishing the past were different is silly, I must confess that I do wish I embarked upon today’s Divine Will Missionary of Mercy walk several minutes earlier than I did. Consider how very timely and perhaps eternity-altering the exhortation then would have been, had I said—to that soul who would have been mere moments away from passing on to the next life—the same thing I have said to countless others during these outings:

God bless you!

[When asked about my Divine Mercy Image pin:] He’s coming soon, but He wants us to trust Him first. Can I give you this card? [Hand over a Divine Mercy holy card] Please venerate that image and keep it close. It will change your life.”

Consider how well that would have prepared this person for the conversation that Jesus reveals to St. Faustina He has with a dying soul:

As I incessantly repeat: The entire purpose of apocalyptic, end-times related considerations pertaining to the Chastisements that are soon coming upon the world is that these considerations inspire us to be more zealous in undertaking the mission that we, as Christians, should already be devoted to anyway. 

And that mission is to do your part to get as many souls as possible as ready as possible for the coming of Christ.

The vast majority of the time, this mission is best achieved through softening hearts by introducing God’s mercy into them with your own witness as you strive to Live in the Divine Will

This will prepare souls to be more likely to accept the Divine Mercy when Christ comes into their lives—through their own deaths, through the Warning, through some great cross, or however else. 

But as it is none other than death itself which entails one’s supreme meeting with Christ, we must acknowledge that it is quite likely that many, many people are about to die.

Let us fast and pray to avert this, but let us also not stick our heads in the sand and deny that nuclear war is appearing more likely by the day. Global leaders have now categorically rejected even attempting diplomacy to end the Russian/Ukrainian War, while the implicit—subtle but no less real—nuclear saber rattling increases. Regardless of how one views the credibility of Russian mainstream media, the nature of its reporting is nevertheless indicative of the peril of the times:

It is not, however, only about Russia. Tensions with North Korea have reached yet another high—and whatever Putin’s vices may be, they pale in comparison to Kim Jong-Un’s.

Our Lady’s most recent message at Medjugorje was more stark than any I can remember:

Mankind has decided for death.”

Note the past tense, “has decided.” This, in contrast to earlier messages such as “Choose life and not death” (3/25/1996), “souls are sick and heading towards spiritual death” (12/25/2019), “I desire for the darkness, and the shadow of death which wants to encompass and mislead you, to be driven away.” (3/18/2014).

But it now seems we have crossed some sort of a threshold. Do not misunderstand: until a Chastisement has happened, it is always possible to mitigate it through prayer; but the Chastisements cannot now be entirely averted. It is far too late in the game for that, and man has spurned God too much. And whatever that threshold we have now passed forebodes, it likely includes innumerable souls soon meeting their maker.

And we should order our own lives in accordance with that likelihood.

Moving forward, I will not waste any more time lamenting I wasn’t on Lodge Street in Albany this morning several minutes earlier than I was.

Instead, I will take all such temptations to rue the past, and redirect them towards redoubling my resolve to more courageously, lovingly, and frequently proclaim the Divine Mercy to souls while there are still just a few moments left with the Door of Mercy open.

Please join me in stirring up that resolve in your heart.

Prophecy Hurtling Toward Fulfillment: The Synod, The Warning, and an Important Note on Garabandal Regarding Today’s News

Everywhere we look, the signs of the imminence of the Great Events are multiplying.

[Announcements at bottom of post]

Many will today be hearing news of the Bishop of Santander (the diocese of the Garabandal Apparitions), Manuel Sánchez Monge, stating—regarding the apparitions— “my position, like that of my predecessors, is that Rome’s assessment remains valid: ‘There are no signs of supernaturality.’”

This is not a condemnation of Garabandal.

The Church has three basic responses to alleged apparitions:

1) Constat de supernaturalitate (It is supernatural)

2) Constat de non supernaturalitate (It is not supernatural)

3) Non constat de supernaturalitate (It is not determined to be supernatural)

The single biggest misunderstanding among Catholics regarding the Church’s rulings on apparitions is that many seem to think that a “non constat” (3) is a condemnation. But that notion is absolutely false. Only a “constat de non” (2) is a condemnation.

“Non Constats” merely indicate that the Bishop (and/or the commission report submitted to him), in his own undertaken discernment/investigative efforts (which are known to vary wildly in their diligence from one Bishop to the next), was not able to find find enough objective evidence to give him sufficient moral certitude for a public declaration that the phenomenon in question is indeed Heaven-sent. He, therefore, with a non-constat decree, indicates that he “cannot determine” that it is supernatural in origin. That is all.

In fact, I wager that a “non constat” decision—in some cases, at least—favors the likelihood of the authentically supernatural nature of the apparition in question. For what such a decision shows us is that the Church did indeed undertake an investigation, yet still found no grounds for condemning the apparition. This, despite the fact that we live amid an epidemic of rationalism, skepticism, and atheism (both in the world and in the Church), and many Churchmen wouldn’t know the supernatural if it smacked them in the face. Moreover, as each Bishop knows, apparitions occurring within his diocese would cause him many headaches, therefore there is a great temptation among the episcopacy to find any reason to condemn any alleged apparition. A “non constat” shows us that, despite strenuous attempts to seek out such an excuse, none could be found.

As noted by the prolific theologian Fr. Rene Laurentin—likely the 20th century’s greatest expert on Marian Apparitions, and named by Pope Benedict XVI as a “Prelate of His Holiness” in 2009:

“In today’s climate, not even the apparitions at Lourdes would be approved by the Church”

Therefore, while some will doubtless insist on pretending to be scandalized by my assertions here, I am in good company in this assessment of the present situation.

Do not misunderstand: we must indeed obey legitimate authority in the Church, even if and when this authority’s decrees are ill-advised. If Garabandal (or any other apparition I’ve promoted) were to be given a “constat de non” in a formal and public decree, then I would immediately cease promoting it. But that, of course, is not what we are dealing with here.

Recall that Bishops are extremely adept at making it abundantly clear—superabundantly clear, rather—when exactly it is that they are outright condemning an alleged apparition. See, for example, the decree on Bayside (Veronica Luken).

There is never any cause for a Catholic to play the “more obedient than thou” game here by pretending that condemnations of apparitions exist even when there is no clear “constat de non supernaturalitate” decree. (Hasn’t the current Pontificate taught us just how foolish that game is, anyway?)

Garabandal is far from alone in the array of apparitions which, though in my opinion are authentic, have received “non constats.” Most noteworthy, as this was also recent news, are the apparitions of Our Lady of America. I feel quite confident in asserting that these are indeed from Heaven, yet some Bishops in 2020 proclaimed that they could not be said to be supernatural. (Note: As often happens in these cases, certain media outlets falsely reported on this, claiming it was given a “constat de non” when in fact it was very clearly only a “non constat.”)

Some prophecies have even indicated that Garabandal’s messages would have to be essentially placed in the tomb before the fulfillment of the events foretold therein; which is why this announcement from the Bishop strikes me as yet another indication of the imminence of the events spoken of at Garabandal: above all, the Warning.

The Warning

To my new followers and all others new to this concept: The Warning, or the “Illumination of Conscience” is an imminent worldwide event, foretold by many prophecies, and of such a magnitude that nothing like it has ever been seen in history.

It will be a “mini Judgment Day,” wherein each soul on the planet will, at the same moment, be miraculously shown the state of his soul as it stands before God Himself. It is most likely what is referred to by the Sixth Seal of Revelation, in the Sixth Book of the Apocalypse — wherein we are told of what at first appears to be the End of the World (Judgment Day), with even the “stars in the sky falling to earth,” the sky “divided like a torn scroll” and all men on earth crying out for the very mountains to fall upon them to “hide them from the wrath of the Lamb.”

Yes, this appears to be Judgment Day itself. But it is not. Quite the opposite: it is only the first major event of the Apocalypse.

Most of the events of the Apocalypse (The Reign of the Antichrist, and most importantly the Reign of the Divine Will –– the Era of Peace before the End of Time) follow it. 

For most, The Warning will be the most painful event in their lives. The heinousness of their sins will become manifest. Some may even die of shock. The purpose of the event, however, is not to punish, much less kill, but rather to serve as the greatest act of Divine Mercy in history. It will be given to overwhelm everyone on earth with Divine Grace such that they are given an absolutely undeniable chance to choose the right side and save their souls before the Great Persecution of the Antichrist commences thereafter. 

There will be torrents of souls coming back to God’s Grace after this event–and we must help this by, right now, evangelizing as never before in history leading up to the Warning, and especially in the few weeks immediately after it– but, sadly, most will likely reject even that grace (just as they are already rejecting the many graces God is showering us with), and become even more evil. The line in the sand will have been drawn, and the sides will be chosen. 

There will be surprises. 

The Synod

We can conclude that this event is likely extremely imminent due to a number of signs. I discussed many of them earlier this year, as I speculated that it might be possible that The Warning could even transpire in 2022. While that is still possible, it is now seeming like it may be a bit longer until the Warning happens. As is often the case with prophecy, the gist of the outlined events does indeed transpire, but things sometimes take a bit longer to “brew” than it initially appeared they would need. (I hasten to add, however, that everything could change, quite literally, overnight–particularly if the first nuke flies, or the Pope suddenly goes to Moscow. We shouldn’t yet rule out the possibility of the Warning being this year.)

Along with the situation regarding Russia, World War III, and the use of Nuclear Weapons, the current “Synod on Synodality” is among the clearest signs of the imminence of the Warning. As I’ve posted before:

(The interview itself can be found here)

If there was ever an “important Synod”—”important” in a very bad way—that would be the present “Synod on Synodality.”

I have some lengthier thoughts on this matter, which I feel are important to share, and they are coming soon. I had written most of them months ago but wasn’t sure if I would publish them. Seeing what the Cardinals below have said, however, has convinced me to soon publish them.

For now, I simply want to relay what they — some of the greatest Shepherds in the Church — are warning, regarding what is happening in this Synod. Great detail isn’t needed here, as most of my readers will have likely already seen this, but the prefect emeritus for the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, just gave about the most doctrinally apocalyptic warning one could imagine about this Synod:

The Cardinal said that

“This has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, with the Triune God, and they think doctrine is only like a program of a political party who can change it according to their voters… if they will succeed… that will be the end of the Catholic Church.

These are precisely the types of warnings that I and others have been giving for many years about the apocalyptic and long-prophesied Great Apostasy. We have been repeatedly mocked and denounced for doing so. Perhaps that mockery will decrease now that these same warnings are being boldly given by the single most qualified person the face of the planet.

Now, obviously, Muller knows the Catholic Church will not end—he knows this is contrary to Christ’s promise in the Gospel. His point is simply that the logical conclusion of the present Synod, as it is being undertaken, is the total destruction of the Faith.

Two facts, then, must be considered:

  1. Cardinal Muller is clearly correct. The Synod’s trajectory is the destruction of the Catholic Church. (And I will explain this more thoroughly in a future post)
  2. The Catholic Church will not be destroyed.

We are then left to ponder:

What will stop the madness?

There is no indication that anyone running the Synod will stop the madness. They are, on the contrary, unanimously cheering it on.

But no one else has the power to stop the madness.

Therefore, God will stop the madness. And I propose that He will do so through the Warning.

Pope Francis has just announced that the conclusion of the Synod has been delayed until 2024. This may have shifted the timetable for the Warning back a bit. We’ll see.

In other fronts as well, everything continues as the prophecies have indicated they would—even if the culmination of these processes is taking slightly longer than it would have initially seemed:

  • The Total Economic Collapse continues gaining momentum; most mainstream economists are admitting that severe recession is either at hand or about to begin. More honest economists are acknowledging that severe depression is at hand. Who could be surprised by this? We created trillions of dollars out of thin air—thus guaranteeing the destruction of the global reserve currency, the US Dollar—and now the feds are pretending they can sneak their way out of the logical result of that by continually raising interest rates. By printing trillions of dollars, they watered down the soup. Inflation results, once the watered-down soup has been consumed and people realize their hunger remains. Now, they are simply restricting access to new soup in hopes of fooling people into thinking that watered down soup is valuable. The analogy may be imperfect, but the result cannot be avoided: global economic collapse. This, too, is part of their plan for “The Great Rest.”
  • The warning signs of imminent global famine continue to surge.
  • International Relations (particularly regarding Russia/Ukraine) continue their steady march towards the increasing likelihood of World War III and/or Nuclear War breaking out. All of the most competent commentators on these matters are admitting that each day of this year has brought us closer to the “previously unthinkable” possibility of nuclear war.
  • The “Infrastructure of the Antichrist” is nearing completion, and there is every warning sign that the way for the Mark of the Beast is being prepared (most alarmingly now, through Central Bank Digital Currencies)
  • Society continues growing more insane by the day through “wokeness,” particularly the continuing domination of the “LGBT” agenda. It is not even possible to imagine a more complete rejection of the Divine and Natural Law than this movement entails, nor is it possible for Divine Justice to continue to allow this situation to persist once it reaches a (doubtless imminent) critical mass.
  • The Next Tyranny (post-Covid-tyranny, that is)—a global “zero carbon” initiative—is promising to completely destroy economic life and much of social life. Humanity is intrinsically tied to carbon emissions — that is how God set things up, we need them, and the notion that we need to be rid of them is nothing but a backdoor for Globalist Dictatorship.
  • The Prophetic Consensus continues warning of the extreme imminence of The Great Events.

It would, therefore, be very wise to:

Prepare To See Him.