He’s Coming

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While praying my daily prayer after Mass this morning as I knelt before the Tabernacle, I heard the ambulances and fire trucks zipping by just outside. There was a palpable sense of urgency to their maneuvers—beyond the more customary wailing of the sirens that inevitably punctuate each quarter hour spent on a downtown city block in New York’s Capital. 

After reciting that prayer and departing from the Church, it was less than a minute into my Divine Will Missionary of Mercy walk that I came upon someone sprawled out on the side of the road in the gentle rain.

There were already plenty of EMTs at work, and it was obvious that material aid from me was not required, so instead of rushing over, I knelt down on the sidewalk opposite them and prayed for the person in need (as pedestrians walked by with eyes glued to their phones as if in a trance). The chest-compressions and the defibrillator, however, had no effect on him or her (from my vantage point, I could not tell if it was a man or a woman), and a blanket was soon brought out by another first responder and placed over what was no longer a person, but only a corpse.

As of my writing this, there are still no news reports of what happened there on the middle of the road in between the Masonic Temple and the Hilton Albany, so I know no details other than that a soul experienced its Particular Judgment on Lodge Street this morning—Jesus came into that person’s life. 

“He’s Coming” — That announcement has, for years and years, been the header image of this blog and of my YouTube channel. 


Because I cannot think of a briefer way of summarizing the prophetic call we must now announce to the world.  

As Our Lady said on September 27th of this year, to the alleged seer Gisella Cardia:

My children, I ask you to go through the world’s streets to proclaim the Gospel: tell everyone that Jesus will soon return and that you must be prepared.

“He’s coming,” so “be prepared.”

There it is. This is what we must tell everyone. 

That is also why I made the “Prepare to See Him” website (www.PrepareToSeeHim.org) over a decade ago, with the exhortation at the top of the page being Our Lady’s words at Medjugorje: “Prepare yourself to look at Jesus eye to eye.” (March 17, 1989)

Do not fret over how exactly an individual may interpret that basic exhortation. 

It is God’s Will that we announce it, and even if, in the course of a particular encounter with someone, you have no time or opportunity to explain the details of the exhortation’s meaning, you can rest assured that the Holy Spirit will powerfully work with it in that person’s heart. 

I emphasized this point so strongly in my October 1st webcast with Mark Mallett because it is so urgent that more of the Faithful issue this simple announcement. A brief clip from that webcast:

“He’s Coming,” so “be prepared,” is, moreover, about the most truthful, honest, and accurate thing you can tell people today:

  • He’s Coming soon when transpires the only thing you know with certainty your own future holds—your death.
  • He’s Coming at every single Mass you attend.
  • He’s Coming soon in the Warning.
  • He’s Coming in the innumerable “mini-Warnings”—the personal Illuminations of Conscience—being experienced constantly by souls across the world.
  • He’s Coming in the crosses—and we will all soon have to bear great ones—for His Will is veiled in each cross we receive perhaps more powerfully than any other time.
  • He’s Coming soon in the utter outpouring of graces, miracles, signs, and wonders that He and His Mother are about to work in the world.
  • He’s Coming by way of the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, the Gift He earnestly desires to give to all, through which He can and will reign in your soul now just as He will in Heaven.
  • He’s Coming soon in the Particular Judgments (the judgment each soul receives, immediately after death, at which one’s eternal destiny is determined) of the millions (or billions) who will soon die in the long-prophesied Chastisements.
  • He’s Coming, by virtue of the Universal Reign of His Will on earth as in Heaven, in the Era of Peace—the Triumphant Eucharistic Reign with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • And of course, He’s Coming again physically—at the end of time, to command the General Resurrection and commence the Last Judgment, and conclude History (although this is nowhere near as imminent as what is written above!), and bring the Church Militant and Church Suffering into the Church Triumphant. 

Although wishing the past were different is silly, I must confess that I do wish I embarked upon today’s Divine Will Missionary of Mercy walk several minutes earlier than I did. Consider how very timely and perhaps eternity-altering the exhortation then would have been, had I said—to that soul who would have been mere moments away from passing on to the next life—the same thing I have said to countless others during these outings:

God bless you!

[When asked about my Divine Mercy Image pin:] He’s coming soon, but He wants us to trust Him first. Can I give you this card? [Hand over a Divine Mercy holy card] Please venerate that image and keep it close. It will change your life.”

Consider how well that would have prepared this person for the conversation that Jesus reveals to St. Faustina He has with a dying soul:

As I incessantly repeat: The entire purpose of apocalyptic, end-times related considerations pertaining to the Chastisements that are soon coming upon the world is that these considerations inspire us to be more zealous in undertaking the mission that we, as Christians, should already be devoted to anyway. 

And that mission is to do your part to get as many souls as possible as ready as possible for the coming of Christ.

The vast majority of the time, this mission is best achieved through softening hearts by introducing God’s mercy into them with your own witness as you strive to Live in the Divine Will

This will prepare souls to be more likely to accept the Divine Mercy when Christ comes into their lives—through their own deaths, through the Warning, through some great cross, or however else. 

But as it is none other than death itself which entails one’s supreme meeting with Christ, we must acknowledge that it is quite likely that many, many people are about to die.

Let us fast and pray to avert this, but let us also not stick our heads in the sand and deny that nuclear war is appearing more likely by the day. Global leaders have now categorically rejected even attempting diplomacy to end the Russian/Ukrainian War, while the implicit—subtle but no less real—nuclear saber rattling increases. Regardless of how one views the credibility of Russian mainstream media, the nature of its reporting is nevertheless indicative of the peril of the times:

It is not, however, only about Russia. Tensions with North Korea have reached yet another high—and whatever Putin’s vices may be, they pale in comparison to Kim Jong-Un’s.

Our Lady’s most recent message at Medjugorje was more stark than any I can remember:

Mankind has decided for death.”

Note the past tense, “has decided.” This, in contrast to earlier messages such as “Choose life and not death” (3/25/1996), “souls are sick and heading towards spiritual death” (12/25/2019), “I desire for the darkness, and the shadow of death which wants to encompass and mislead you, to be driven away.” (3/18/2014).

But it now seems we have crossed some sort of a threshold. Do not misunderstand: until a Chastisement has happened, it is always possible to mitigate it through prayer; but the Chastisements cannot now be entirely averted. It is far too late in the game for that, and man has spurned God too much. And whatever that threshold we have now passed forebodes, it likely includes innumerable souls soon meeting their maker.

And we should order our own lives in accordance with that likelihood.

Moving forward, I will not waste any more time lamenting I wasn’t on Lodge Street in Albany this morning several minutes earlier than I was.

Instead, I will take all such temptations to rue the past, and redirect them towards redoubling my resolve to more courageously, lovingly, and frequently proclaim the Divine Mercy to souls while there are still just a few moments left with the Door of Mercy open.

Please join me in stirring up that resolve in your heart.