Warning 2022?

Here we are, in the very year that I speculated, in 2018, could possibly harbor the Warning, and here is the promised post wherein I give an update to those speculations.

2022 has already been astoundingly prophetically significant and promises to continue dramatically following the same apocalyptic trajectory. Therefore, it seems that this year certainly could be the year of the Warning. What follows in this post are the details of why I think it could indeed be so. But first, please know:

  • This post is NOT a prediction that the Warning will be this year.
  • This post is NOT a prophecy that the Warning will be this year.
  • This post is NOT an argument that the Warning will probably be this year.
  • This post is NOT even me saying that I think the Warning will be this year

This post, rather, is just some considerations on why the Warning could be this year; why this year would make sense to host the Warning. The years that follow 2022, however, could also certainly work for the Warning, so please do not let down your spiritual guard one iota – do not let one drop of oil depart from your lamp (cf. Matthew 25) – if 2022 sails us by without seeing the Warning happen.

Two More notes before beginning:

  • First, one of the potential Warning-heralding-phenomena I mentioned in the 2018 post is actually now regarded as unlikely to occur: the predicted collision of two stars. Shortly after I wrote that post, articles were published insisting that the astronomers who made that claim were in error (so much for “trusting the science”!). But the absence of that potential Warning-herald has simply been replaced by several even more strong indicators of the imminence of the Warning, so my belief in the imminence of the Warning (whether 2022 or soon after) is in no way mitigated.
  • Second, a note on speculation: If Heaven wanted us to know when the Warning is to occur, then it would be very easy for us to be clearly told. We haven’t been. Therefore, we aren’t supposed to know. On the other hand, if Heaven did not want us even thinking about approximately when it might occur, then it wouldn’t have told us about it at all, nor given us so many hints about the Warning’s timing and its imminence. So clearly we should be thinking about when the Warning might be. But only because by thus speculating (and in doing so, growing aware of the likelihood of its imminence), we can derive inspiration to more zealously dedicate ourselves to the mission: Repenting, Praying, Fasting, frequenting the Sacraments, Trusting in and Proclaiming the Divine Mercy, Living in and Proclaiming the Divine Will.

What follows are this posts main points on why I see the Warning as imminent. As this is a large post, each main point throughout it will be presented in large font to facilitate easy scrolling.

Post Contents

1) The Pope and the Trip to Moscow

By way of reminder (as I discussed last year): a prophecy from the Garabandal seer, Conchita, states that the Warning will follow “hostilities breaking out in different parts of Europe,” itself immediately preceded by the Pope returning to the Vatican from a trip to Moscow:

2022-03-14 16_05_48-New Warning 2022 post - Word

(Source: http://www.1260.org/Mary/Apparitions_Garabandal/Garabandal_Apparitions_Communism_Conchita_en.htm )

Dismissed as nonsense at the time – Popes simply don’t go to Moscow; it’s never happened! – an announcement just a few months ago vindicated the prophecy. Both Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill planned to meet in Moscow in the year 2022.

2022-03-14 16_58_50-unprecedented pope embassy russia - Google Search

Since that announcement, however, I assume that the plans for the details of that trip have been put on hold due to the present Ukraine/Russia war. In relation to this prophecy, therefore, I see a few possibilities:

  • Pope Francis still will go to Moscow – and very soon, despite the apparent imprudence of such a thing – to try and quell tensions and bring about peace. This would, of course, be a very dangerous trip. But perhaps it will occur in the context of a cool-down of the Russia/Ukraine war. Although, as I’ll argue in an upcoming section, I see current events as undeniably heralding WW3, that does not mean the lead up to the explicit breakout of total, global war won’t see any brief periods of easing of tensions. These things sometimes happen in fits and starts. Perhaps some of the scheduled Russia/Ukraine talks will generate some temporary reprieve that the Pope will take advantage of for his trip.
  • The total and literal fulfillment of this particular prophecy has been “skipped” due to the rapid acceleration of events. Accordingly, the mere fact that the trip was publicly and specifically planned should suffice to assure us that the Warning is imminent, though the actual execution of the trip could not be fulfilled due to the other Warning-harbingers swirling about.
  • The – apparently completely unprecedented – February 25th, 2022 Papal trip to Moscow’s embassy in Rome satisfies this prophecy and heralds the Warning. It is not all that much of a stretch to consider the Russian embassy near the Vatican as a sort of “mini Moscow in Rome.” Moreover, Conchita’s prophecy does not simply refer to the Pope “returning to Rome,” but rather, it refers to him “returning to the Vatican,” which is precisely what he did after visiting the Russian embassy – which, though in Rome, is not within the Vatican itself. Finally, take note that Pope Francis’ visit to this embassy took place on the morning of Friday, February 25th. Although the hostilities began the day before, they increased drastically immediately after that trip. Admittedly, however, they have not really yet spread to “different parts of Europe.”

2022-03-14 16_06_39-New Warning 2022 post - Word

2) Russia and the Consecration

(**UPDATE MARCH 15TH, 2022: Pope Francis just announced that he will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart**)

As the Servant of God Sr. Lucia of Fatima relayed about what Our Lady taught:

“…many times the Most Holy Virgin told my cousins Francisco and Jacinta, as well as myself, that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. She said that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation.”

And, as she also wrote, detailing an apparition from Our Lady she received in 1929,

“Our Lady then said to me: The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.”

Now, it is clear that Russia has not yet been converted to the extent Our Lady promised Russia would be if only her (Our Lady’s) requests were fulfilled.

This never should have become such a contentious issue in the Church. The proper take on it is incredibly simple and it is what any prayerful consideration of the matter would lead anyone to. Indeed, Pope St. John Paul II’s 1984 Consecration of the world (which, yes, includes Russia!) was a good, powerful, and fruitful thing. Russia is far, far more Christian now than it was then, the USSR fell, the cold war ended, etc.

But nothing we have ever seen comes within light years of the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart” and a worldwide “Era of Peace” that Our Lady promised. Accordingly, the consecration should clearly be done again. I cannot fathom what motivates certain Catholics who are so adamantly opposed to the consecration being done again. Why, on earth, wouldn’t any sensible Catholic want that to happen? Would it just be too much of a distraction from our endless “synodal dialogue?” Would the time it takes require Pope Francis to cancel an important meeting or two with some twisted globalist? Would the money it takes detract from the Vatican’s ability to invest more millions in luxury London real estate?

Or is it because Sr. Lucia said the 1984 consecration was accepted by Heaven? To that as well I say: So what? I have consecrated myself to Our Lady many times. I am sure Heaven accepted them. Yet, I still plan to do many more consecrations! Russia, too, should be consecrated again. This time, with more care taken to observe precisely what Our Lady requested: that 1) Russia (not “the world”) be consecrated, and 2) that this consecration be undertaken with all the Bishops of the world.

(Note: Sr. Lucia’s own famous 1989 letter, in which she shared her fallible opinion that the consecration was “made,” implicitly admits that the consecration was actually not adequately made. For Sr. Lucia wrote that the consecration was only done “with those bishops who wished to associate themselves with His Holiness…”, whereas that is not what Our Lady requested: the Virgin very specifically insisted that the consecration be made with all the bishops of the world.)

Observing 1) is easy; say the word “Russia” when consecrating. It’s not too much to ask.

Observing 2) is more difficult, but still entirely straightforward. A Papal Bull should be issued before the consecration, decreeing the latae sententiae (automatic, immediate) laicization of any Bishop who refuses to join in the consecration. Were this to happen, then, by definition, all the (actual) Bishops would join in the consecration, since whichever ones refused to would, by that very fact – ipso facto– no longer be Bishops. (This would have the excellent side effect of ridding the Church’s hierarchy of many modernist, rationalist Bishops who are making shipwreck of the Faith.)

It’s conceivable that the Pope could – even apart from the method described above – ensure that all the Bishops of the world join in the Consecration. But it is highly unlikely. It certainly didn’t happen in 1984. It is far less likely to happen now. There are currently over five thousand Bishops in the Church, and there is no way in – quite literally, hell – that many of them would engage in something so “backwards, medieval, and traditionalist” as a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I should add that Vladimir Putin himself, when he visited Pope Francis in 2013, allegedly asked the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  More recently – March 2022 – the bishops of Ukraine have begged the Pope to consecrate Russia. If you are among those Catholics still dead set on fighting against another consecration, I can only ask you if you are ready to look these suffering people in the eye and tell them to shut their mouths because the Vatican said it’s already been done and because Sr. Lucia wrote a letter in 1989 apparently agreeing. If so, you have a distorted view of what the virtue of obedience actually means, and a distorted view of the relative importance of the actual text of actual authentic private revelations given to us by Heaven versus the non-magisterial opinions of men who work in a certain city-state within the city of Rome.

2022-03-14 16_09_31-New Warning 2022 post - Word

In sum: Russia has not been adequately consecrated as requested at Fatima. Our Lady said that, absent such consecration, Russia would be the instrument of chastisement for the world. Considering the fact of these givens, what do you think the present turmoil in relation to Russia forebodes?

3) WW3/Nuclear War: “When?”, not “If?” (And, an important footnote on Nuclear War)

As I pray every day for peace in the world, I therefore pray every day that everything I am about to say is wrong. But it’s time for us to admit that WW3, and the use of nuclear weapons this inevitably will entail, is likely imminent. Like nothing since WW2’s opening salvos (what we are now seeing far exceeds what we saw during the Cold War), the events now underway point quite clearly to that conclusion; sooner rather than later.

2022-03-14 16_10_38-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Not only has it long been prophetically foretold that world war would immediately precede the Warning, but just as importantly, common sense itself tells us that people are most receptive to God’s grace when circumstances have brought them to their knees. When it comes to major global events, there are exactly two phenomena that far surpass anything else in their ability to bring people across the globe to their knees: Pandemic and War. Throughout human history, nothing else has wrought the devastation that these two have. It simply makes sense that the Warning would immediately follow at least one of these; when we see two happening practically simultaneously, we should anticipate that the Warning will happen very soon.

I don’t suppose I need to dedicate much space in this post to pointing out that the Russia/Ukraine war is a harbinger of world war. Check the news at any given moment (choose whichever slant/narrative you like), and you’ll find undeniable indications therein that this war is highly unlikely to remain contained, and that it will soon turn into a clash between nuclear superpowers. As I type these words, it is headline news that Russia just bombed a location in Ukraine mere miles from the border with Poland. Poland is a member of NATO, and the moment a NATO country is attacked, WW3 has basically just explicitly started. Thus is the result bound to arise when we enter into the very “entangling alliances” that America’s first president strongly cautioned us against in his farewell address.

2022-03-14 16_11_10-New Warning 2022 post - Word

What is perhaps the bigger issue here, however, is what we’re forgetting (or ignoring) due to the focus being dedicated to the Russia/Ukraine situation. We’re forgetting that China continues its rise and will likely soon pounce upon Taiwan. We’re forgetting what’s happening in the middle east, particularly in relation to Iran, Syria, and Israel. We’re forgetting North Korea. In each of these cases – and more – we are seeing ever growing harbingers of nuclear war.

Here’s just a few headlines from the last several days which illustrate precisely that:

2022-03-14 16_11_54-New Warning 2022 post - Word

2022-03-14 16_12_37-New Warning 2022 post - Word

I would love to see someone explain precisely how all of this will simply fizzle out and we will soon enjoy peace and tranquility on the world scene.


A (lengthy but important) footnote on nuclear war, and why you should remain at peace despite its imminence:

Yes, nuclear war will likely happen, and it will be utterly horrendous and apocalyptic, but it will not entail anything remotely resembling the dystopia depicted in most post-nuclear-war films and other works of fiction.  There are many so-called “noble lies” floating around today’s public discourse, created and promoted with the best of intentions. But I do not believe that any lie is noble, therefore I’d like to dispel this particular one here and now. For although it was crafted with the honorable motive of making us terrified of nuclear war, it is not true.

Let’s do a very quick, rough, and admittedly imprecise calculation that will nevertheless give us a ballpark idea of what we’re dealing with here. Suppose the average nuclear weapon is one Megaton in yield (almost a hundred times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima). That is a significant overestimate, as the most common nukes are far weaker, but I want to give the opposing view’s argument every benefit of the doubt.

Most people within 5 miles of the blast of a 1 MT nuclear bomb may die, about half may die at that distance, with death rates decreasing exponentially as you proceed further from the blast epicenter. Depending upon geography and the presence of concrete structures, it’s possible that far less than half of all people would die even within that radius (and remember, this is only for a very powerful 1 MT nuke.)

There are less than 14,000 nuclear weapons in existence. (That’s 14,000 too many, but it’s still only a small fraction of the number that existed from the 1960s-1990s.)

If every single one of the close to 14,000 weapons was used (which would never come close to happening – the chaos of nuclear war breaking out would quickly entail the destruction of many, if not most, of the existing nuclear warheads, by opposing nations, before they could be used—though indeed many would be used – which is not to mention the doubtless large number of soldiers who would honorably simply refuse to deploy a nuclear weapon upon innocent civilian populations), this could – at worst — cause the destruction of about 1 million square miles (14000 times pi times 5^2). In reality, only a fraction of the weapons would be “successfully” used, the average nuke is far less powerful than 1 MT, and there would be much overlap in areas targeted by them. So we’re actually looking at far less than 1 million square miles destroyed; probably only a small fraction.

Russia alone is over 6 million square miles. The earth contains almost 58 million square miles of land, and another 140 million square miles of water. In other words, even in the worst possible case scenario, which we will never see anything close to, all of the world’s nukes together couldn’t destroy more than 2% of the earth’s land. I do not know where the bald-faced lie came from that we have enough nuclear warheads today to completely flatten and destroy the entire surface of the earth several times over (bring up the possibility of nuclear war in just about any type of company, and you’re likely to hear at least one person solemnly pronounce this pseudo fact). That assertion is orders of magnitude separated from reality and has no basis in fact.

Radioactive Fallout? Yes, it would be terrible and destructive. But that, too, is laden with hyperbole these days. Fallout from a nuclear explosion dissipates much more quickly and completely than most people seem to think. Consider that Hiroshima is a bustling and safe city today, and has been for a long time. In fact, Hiroshima’s restoration began mere days after it was nuked. As described in The Guardian: “Hiroshima’s resurrection began just hours after it was effectively wiped from the map. The lights came back on in the Ujina area on 7 August, and around Hiroshima railway station a day later. Power was restored to 30% of homes that had escaped fire damage, and to all households by the end of November 1945…” Many of today’s nukes, being “fusion” based instead of “fission” based, are also actually “cleaner” than the older 100% fission atomic bombs, thus their fallout would not be as severe (though their blast radius would be larger and more thoroughly destroyed.)

Nuclear Winter? Think again. The idea of “nuclear winter” dooming the earth to resemble something out of Dante’s Inferno for decades after a nuclear war is also a complete fiction fabricated and popularized by (among others) the atheist scientist Carl Sagan. There is and will be no such thing. The “computer simulations” of late that have assured us that nuclear war would entail nuclear winter are run off of the same climate modelling software architectures that told us the world should have ended thanks to “global warming” decades ago. The people running these simulations are the same types of people who assured us that the Iraqis setting their oil wells on fire in 1991 would likewise cause an “oil smoke fueled quasi-nuclear winter.” Not only was there no such “winter,” there wasn’t any effect on global climate. A simple volcano or major wildfire spews far more solar-ray-blocking sediment into the atmosphere than even a large number of our most powerful nuclear weapons could. Moreover, from the perspective of alleged “nuclear winter,” a nuclear test is no different than a nuclear attack. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, nations throughout the world tested no fewer than 510 megatons worth of nuclear weaponry. A not at all insignificant portion of the entire world’s present nuclear arsenal. The impact of this nuclear testing on global climate? Zero. (And there is also scarcely any fallout left to speak of from that huge number of nuclear tests.) The world is a much bigger thing – and the machinations of man a much smaller thing – than arrogant modern minds tend to recognize or at least admit. Mankind couldn’t cause a severe global climate shift if every person on the planet dedicated himself to precisely that end, even using all possible means.

Enough with this lengthy footnote. I write it not to inspire a flippant attitude regarding nuclear war: it will likely be among the most destructive events in world history since the Flood itself. We must pray and fast with great fervor to mitigate it and, if possible, avert it. I write this, rather, to give you peace as it becomes more and more obvious, with each passing day, that we are indeed on the path to nuclear conflict. When that happens, you must know that it is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of civilization. It is just another stage in the purification, which will prepare the world for the Era of Peace. (Also, see point XXIII on Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap, wherein I discuss the importance of avoiding dystopianist fears in general).

4) The “Synod on Synodality” and the Great Apostasy

“Rome will be punished according to justice for its many and serious sins, because here sin has reached its peak.” – Our Lady to Blessed Elena Aiello

2022-03-14 16_14_13-New Warning 2022 post - Word

With every passing week, new indications seem to arise that this ongoing “Synod on Synodality” will become nothing other than the context for the Great Apostasy to reach its climax.

Here, more than anywhere else, we also see the fulfillment of Akita’s prophecy of “Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops opposing Bishops.” Indeed, throughout Church History, Bishops have been wary of calling out other Bishops. You know the times are grave when we see this happening at all. But we have never seen it happen to such an extreme extent as today. See the prophecy below, with my comments inserted within brackets:

“If men do not repent and better themselves [obviously, they have not done so, therefore what follows must happen], the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful [This could refer to nuclear war and to a “Divine Chastisement” of cosmic origin more on the order of Sodom and Gomorrah, though on a much larger scale]. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests. The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see [i.e., it will actually be publicly reported on – unlike the quieter, behind the scenes opposition of earlier days] cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

– Our Lady of Akita. October 13, 1973 (Approved apparition)

If what we are now seeing isn’t the fulfillment of the hierarchy’s civil war prophesied above,  then what would the fulfillment look like? Ponder that carefully, and you’ll only have painted a picture that resembles 2022.

While the dangers of this “Synodality” can be seen across the globe, they are particularly acute in Germany’s “Synodal Way.”

2022-03-14 16_15_55-New Warning 2022 post - Word

A brief primer on the levels of sin we are dealing with here: Heresy is “only” material when one holds some error on the Faith but does not do so willfully and explicitly; he is ignorant. Heresy becomes worse — formal — when, despite the fact that this person has been shown his error, he still clings to his heretical views. But apostasy is an entirely new level of evil. Apostasy results when one not only is a formal heretic – denying some article of the Faith – but sinks still lower, to the point where he denies the Faith itself. This, I wager, is precisely what one does when he bluntly claims that infallible Catholic Church Teaching as such is “false.” This also is precisely what we now see Cardinals doing publicly, within the context of the “Synod on Synodality”:

2022-03-14 16_16_57-New Warning 2022 post - Word

2022-03-14 16_17_23-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Thanks be to God, we have shepherds left who are upholding Catholic orthodoxy and are publicly rebuking these apostate prelates. But these faithful shepherds seem to be the minority – or at least, among those willing to publicly speak up, are in the minority. And soon they will be heavily persecuted. Pray for them, and stay close to them.

2022-03-14 16_17_51-New Warning 2022 post - Word

2022-03-14 16_18_16-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Consider that although we do have faithful shepherds speaking out, this noble task is usually undertaken only by the ones who have either little power in the grand scheme of Vatican shenanigans, or who have recently been deprived of their power (e.g. Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Sarah, etc.). Precisely those shepherds who, as Our Lady foretold at Akita, are devoted to her and accordingly would be “scorned and opposed.”

2022-03-14 16_19_01-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Just as the prophecies have long warned, faithfulness to Catholic teaching is being silenced, and those who proclaim it are being persecuted; not only by the secular world, by the (ostensible) members of the Church.

On the other hand, we have an open apostate – Cardinal Hollerich – being given the very highest position possible (under the Pope himself) in the proceedings of the “Synod on Synodality” within the context of its final assembly next year If this doesn’t incline your mind toward apocalyptic considerations, then your mind isn’t functioning. Moreover, Cardinal Hollerich is the president of the Commission of the bishop’s Conferences of the European Union – even aside from his capacity of the Relator General of the present Synod, he holds an extremely high position. And how fitting that he is a prelate from what is by far the richest country in the world (per capita): Luxembourg. As I wrote last year, this Synod will likely simply follow the money, which means following the heresy of richest national Church, Germany and its blasphemous “Synodal Path.”

What does this all have to do with the Warning? As with the other items, there are two dimensions to that question: prophecy, and common sense.

Common sense: The Warning will be a Divine Correction like never seen before in history. It would make sense for it to arrive precisely when it is most needed: precisely when sin, error, heresy, blasphemy, idolatry, and apostasy have reached the very heights within the Church that Divine Providence could possibly allow them to reach. It seems that precisely that summiting will soon transpire during the proceedings of the Synod on Synodality.

Prophecy: Recall, as I wrote last year:

2022-03-14 16_20_17-New Warning 2022 post - Word

While it may be that the Warning will not happen until (or immediately after) the scheduled conclusion of this Synod (2023), I’d caution against assuming that it cannot happen earlier. It may well be that, with the Warning, God Himself will intervene in this Synod and save it from the apostasy it is now directed towards. The prophecy only indicates that the Synod will “precede” the Warning, and since the Synod has already been ongoing for more than a year, there is no reason to suppose it must entirely finish before the Warning comes.

5)40 Years of Medjugorje

On June 24th, 2021, we reached 40 years of apparitions at Medjugorje. Medjugorje followers have long expected the supremely important number of 40 (years) to be the herald of the initiation of the Time of the Secrets. (That is, the time wherein the long-prophesied events explicitly begin; particularly the Chastisements, but ultimately the Triumph.)

In June of this year, we will hit the 41 year mark. It would be quite fitting for us to see the Secrets begin before that time. Even if this is true, it does not necessarily mean the Warning itself would be before June 24th, 2022, but it would mean that the Time of the Secrets (one of which is doubtless the Warning) would begin by that time.

6)Recent Medjugorje Messages

The last two Medjugorje messages were dire. In January, Our Lady warned of Satan’s strength and implored our vigilance. In February, she warned that Satan’s power has now “visited the earth.” I suspect this may well be an indication that Satan’s primary minion in the world today – the Antichrist – has made his major move. It seems to clearly refer to some specific thing that had recently happened upon the bestowal of that message.

2022-03-14 16_21_34-New Warning 2022 post - Word

7)The “Garabandal Calculations” on The Miracle

The Garabandal prophecies give a number of clues about when “The Miracle” will be – a certain spectacular sign prophesied to be given within the village of Garabandal and which will aid in the conversion of the world after the Warning, cause many miraculous healings, etc. It is, moreover, prophesied that the Warning will occur within the 12 months preceding the miracle. Therefore, if the date of the Miracle can be inferred, we can likewise infer that the Warning will take place at some point in the year leading up to that date.

I have never myself put much time or effort into this, nor do I know how much stock to place in it. But much holier men than myself have spent a good deal of time on it (especially my late friend Thomas Fahy), so I believe I should mention it here so that you can discern it as you will.

The Miracle is supposed to happen on the feast of a martyr of the eucharist, between the 8th and the 16th of the month, on a Thursday.  As we read on page 579 of the book on Garabandal entitled She Went in haste to the Mountain:

2022-03-14 16_22_02-New Warning 2022 post - Word

And as we see in Chapter 3 of Miracle at Garabandal by Harry Daley, Conchita said:

2022-03-14 16_22_32-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Now, the Feast of St. Tarcisius is August 15th. The next time that will be on a Thursday is 2024. If that will be the date of The Miracle (big if), and if the prophecy is authentic that says the Warning will only be within the 12 months before that event (another big if), then this leave us with the Warning happening no earlier than August 2023.

There are, however, a number of Garabandal experts who do not think Tarcisius is actually the saint whose feast day will harbor the Miracle, and they point to another alleged Garabandal prophecy (which I cannot at the moment find the original source of) which says that the Miracle will be in March, April, or May. Admittedly, Conchita’s sudden assertion, amidst devouring pastries, implying that Tarcisius had to be the “saint of the Miracle,” could well be no prophecy at all. We simply do not know. But it does seem clearer that the Miracle will at least be on the feast of “a saint who is a martyr of the Eucharist,” and there are plenty of possibilities for this. Some of them have feast days which, if they are harbingers of the Miracle, likewise allow for the Warning to be any time now. St. Hermenegild, for example, was a martyr of the Eucharist (martyred for refusing to receive a sacrilegious Communion), and her feast day is April 13th. In 2023, April 13th is a Thursday. This would allow for the Warning to be any time after April 13th, 2022. (Note that Good Friday this year is April 15th.)

8) Other Prophecies on Russia

While I have written extensively above on what one of the Garabandal visionaries, Conchita, relayed from Our Lady, we also have prophetic material from Mari Loli, who likewise received revelations from the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal.

2022-03-14 16_23_24-New Warning 2022 post - Word

(http://www.1260.org/Mary/Apparitions_Garabandal/Garabandal_Apparitions_Communism_Russia_en.htm )

Russia has not yet overrun a “great part” of the free world, but that may very well happen quite soon. As to the second part of the prophecy – the Warning coming when the Mass cannot be “celebrated freely” – that could easily and quickly come with a resurgence of Pandemic lockdowns (whether due to a new “variant” or an entirely new pathogen), or due to the coming attack on the Eucharist, wherein the valid celebration of the Mass will be abrogated.

But Garabandal is not the only revelation which describes Russia’s role in the apocalyptic events. The Blessed Virgin Mary told Blessed Elena Aiello that:

“Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the dome of St. Peter’s…

Terrible war will come from the east to the west. Russia with her secret armies will battle America; will overrun Europe…

Russia, spurred on by  Satan, will seek to dominate the whole world and, by bloody revolutions, will propgate her false teachings throughout all the nations…”

– Blessed Elena Aiello

You can find more detail on Bl. Aiello’s prophecies at Countdown to the Kingdom here.

The mystic Josyp Terelya also was told of Russia’s role in what is to come:

“Pray for Russia. Pray for the lost Russian nation. If Russia does not accept Christ the King, the Third World War cannot be averted … if Russia does not accept Christ the King, the entire world faces ruin.”

-The Blessed Virgin Mary to Josyp Terelya

(Hrushiv, Ukraine, May 9, 1987)

In the messages of the Blessed Virgin to Fr. Stefano Gobbi – revelations which bear the Imprimatur – Our Lady says:

Russia has not been consecrated to me by the Pope together with all the bishops and thus she has not received the grace of conversion and has spread her errors throughout all parts of the world, provoking wars, violence, bloody revolutions and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father….The Church will know the hour of its greatest apostasy. The man of iniquity will penetrate into its interior and will sit in the very Temple of God, while the little remnant which will remain faithful will be subjected to the greatest trials and persecutions. Humanity will live through the moment of its great chastisement and thus will be made ready to receive the Lord Jesus who will return to you in glory. (May 13, 1990)

Another seer who enjoys the support of his Bishop was told:

“Dear children, three great stones from the orient will fall upon several countries causing destruction and death. The ferocious bear [a reference to Russia] will pass through several nations and reach Rome. There he will leave his mark and blood will flow through the land.”

– Our Lady to Pedro Regis, March 20th, 2005.

9) Gisella Cardia

Gisella Cardia is a living alleged seer still receiving messages, and while I’m not claiming any strong conviction regarding her authenticity (I haven’t examined the phenomenon deeply), I do believe her messages are very much worth keeping an eye on and taking seriously.

Her messages have also said that the present War will spread.

They have also long insisted on the imminence of the Warning, so admittedly it can be difficult to ascertain just how soon is implied by the word “soon” (and similar words) in these alleged revelations. But it is undeniable that the emphasis placed on the proximity has drastically increased in the messages of the last few months. In her January 25th, 2022 message, Our Lady said that “the warning is very, very close.” In her March 3rd, 2022 message, Our Lady said that the Warning is “here.”

10) The Infrastructure of the Antichrist: Now Complete?

A theme I’ve consistently written on recently (here in May of 2020, here in July of 2021, with updates since) is how we see everything being put in place – through Covid tyranny – that the Antichrist will need to facilitate his sudden astronomic rise to global power. Very recently, events have brought that Infrastructure to near total completion, if not outright total completion.

This is a harbinger of the imminence of the Warning if the prophecies are true – and I suspect they are – which tell us that the Antichrist will arise almost immediately after the Warning takes places (only several weeks later). For we can likewise rest assured that this Man of Sin will waste no time ascending his diabolical throne as soon as the Infrastructure necessary for his dominion is complete. (Whereas the Warning will take place even before that rise.)

Do bear in mind: there will always be upcoming ominous technologies on the horizon, garnering flashy headlines on tech news websites, therefore if we insist upon always regarding the Antichrist as far off — simply on account of the thought that “oh, he’ll certainly wait for that before he arises,” – then we are sure to be taken off guard by his sudden emergence. He doesn’t need the realization of every sci-fi absurdity in popular modern fiction (he’ll be a rather intelligent fellow, and he’ll know that 99% of that is impossible — see Point XII, XXI, and XXV here). All he needs is sufficient infrastructure in place to enable him to exert centralized, total, immediate, worldwide domination over all people. This, he will be able to do with the right mandates, internet access, smartphone dissemination, and a few other things.

As I wrote in the 2018 post:

2022-03-14 16_27_36-New Warning 2022 post - Word

We will examine some details of these highlighted points in the following sections

11) Digital Currency

Recall Scripture’s prophecy in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13:

“Also it [the Beast/its “image”–the Antichrist] causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six.”

While vaccine passports have provided the means to enact this totalitarian degree of control over people’s lives, the Mark of the Beast itself is – we see from Scripture – especially directed towards the regulation of “buying and selling.” In other words, it is the carrier of a currency. It will most likely be a chip implanted into one’s right hand or forehead, and when it is unveiled we will be able to see how exactly it is that “its number is 666.” Do not forget: death is preferable to the Mark of the Beast. Reject it, no matter the cost. Do not ever allow any chip, or other technology, to be implanted into you in order to facilitate financial transactions, travel, entrance into events, etc. This will make you an outcast, but that is precisely what God has trained us for.

But before there is any use in unveiling the chip itself – the Mark of the Beast itself – the Antichrist has to wait until there is a sufficiently established digital currency that the Mark will host. The prophecies have long cautioned us about the arrival of a new world currency, that would be digital, and regulated with an implanted chip. Last week, we saw a “big step” made in that direction:

2022-03-14 16_28_46-New Warning 2022 post - Word

According to the words of the White House’s press release, this creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is something being examined “urgently”:

2022-03-14 16_29_07-New Warning 2022 post - Word

As of March 9th, 2022, therefore, the long-awaited and long forewarned national digital currency is no longer the stuff of “conspiracy theory,” but is now openly anticipated at the highest levels of even U.S. government.

12) Universal Internet (Starlink) and Smartphones

A key part of my 2018 speculation about the Warning was that, by 2022, there would be a global internet connection along with a device (smartphone) in everyone’s hands to bring the internet to them 24/7. Without global internet and smartphone usage, there is no way to exercise the degree of immediate, worldwide control over all people that will be intrinsic to the Antichrist’s reign.

2022-03-14 16_29_51-New Warning 2022 post - Word

We certainly didn’t have global internet when I wrote that in 2018, but we may just have achieved it through Starlink (Elon Musk’s satellite internet network consisting of thousands of satellites orbiting the earth, sending signals to home and business based ground transceivers.)

This is an article from last year and I haven’t been able to find an update to it, but it appears that SpaceX and Starlink may indeed just have hit global coverage:

2022-03-14 16_30_12-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Now, practically speaking, you still cannot actually get SpaceX in many (most?) places on earth. But many of those roadblocks are mere regulatory hurdles, which will be no obstacle for the Antichrist. Note as well that there is no need to get sufficient bandwidth to every person on the planet to enable him to do high resolution video streaming,  or anything of the sort. It’s not as if every single person on the planet who doesn’t currently have internet access but is within reach of Starlink needs to himself purchase an expensive Starlink receiver. One Starlink receiver can serve as a router for thousands of wifi devices (smartphones!). And all that is needed, for the Antichrist’s success, is for each person’s smartphone to be capable of exchanging a few bytes of data – again, in order to dominate all financial transactions.

This is now within reach.

As for smartphone omnipresence, we obviously are not at the point where 100% of all people have one. But we’re close enough that I do not think there is any obstacle here to the Antichrist’s rise. Besides, a quick, big “humanitarian” push to get smartphones in the hands of all the remaining people could easily close the gap, and that’s another thing we’ll likely see soon. Do be sure to be skeptical of the compassion of our overlords when they assure us that it’s more important to get smartphones in the hands of villagers in Africa than it is to get water to them.

2022-03-14 16_30_57-New Warning 2022 post - Word

13)  Economic Collapse (+Hyperinflation)

The historically unprecedented financial recklessness of the nations of the world, in response to Covid these last two years, has decimated any semblance of robustness in their economies. Even if all went perfectly smoothly from the end of Covid onward, recovery would have been a miracle. Instead, only the opposite is happening: war – which will wind up costing even more than the money dumped on the Covid response – is now upon us.

There is no mathematically possible way for the present economic system to survive what is playing out before our eyes, and we are already seeing the beginnings of its collapse through the emergence of hyperinflation. Two years ago I could have purchased a gallon of gasoline for $1.90. Today, there are gas stations near me where I’d have to pay $190 just to fill up my tank once. Two years ago, I could buy many pantry staples for a fraction of what they now cost. I could heat my home for a fraction of the price. It is completely disingenuous, however, to look at this as ordinary inflation. Ordinary inflation is slow enough that wage growth can reasonably keep up the pace. Today’s inflation far outpaces wage growth.

The very mention of the word “hyperinflation” caused those of us who warned of its arrival years ago to be laughed at, but it’s now acknowledged by the most mainstream of financial news sources:

2022-03-14 16_31_44-New Warning 2022 post - Word

And, sometimes satire says it best:

2022-03-14 16_32_09-New Warning 2022 post - Word

When ordinary people can no longer afford food, fuel, and rent, chaos always ensues. I encourage you to read about the events that have preceded the total collapse of various nations of the last several decades. It almost always centers around the anarchy that comes when people are not making enough money to put food on the table or fill up their gas tanks.

Moreover, the present conflict – considering the disruption in essential trade it is already causing – is bound to contribute disproportionately to the calamity. Essential trade flows of food and fuel are being disrupted, if not eliminated, and this dynamic promises only to get worse.

2022-03-14 16_33_07-New Warning 2022 post - Word

Remember another line from the Book of Revelation? The Third Seal:

“A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius” (Revelation 6:6)

In other words, you have to spend a denarius – an entire day’s wages – just to get enough food to barely sustain a small family for that day. We’ve been approaching that for years now, and the present crisis will hasten its arrival.

14) The elite’s practice run of techno-persecuting an entire nation’s population (Russia)

Let me make clear that I condemn what Putin is doing by invading Ukraine. (Though I also do not buy the mainstream narrative that makes him out to be the devil incarnate.) I pray Putin has a change of heart and withdraws his forces from Ukraine immediately. My heart breaks for the innocent people being slaughtered each day in Ukraine, and I beg everyone to fast and pray for an end to this. And I of course understand that there must be some kind of response from the nations.

All that said, this unanimous Western/NATO/EU/Corporate reaction of deciding that all of Russia’s 144 million innocent citizens need to be mercilessly and cruelly punished on account of Putin’s bloody ambition is absurd. How are we helping anything or anyone by contributing to the economic devastation, and accordingly perhaps even the mass starvation, of an entire country’s population? The answer, of course, is nothing. The elite know that, but as always, there is more going on behind the scenes. They are testing out this Infrastructure of the Antichrist they’ve labored over for the last two years. They are showing us how – with a few clicks of a few buttons – an entire nation of 144 million can be brought to its knees, its currency destroyed, its vital digital infrastructure in tatters, its digital payment systems inoperative, its online communications blocked, and on the list goes. (Incidentally: rest assured that Russia will indeed lash out in response to this, and will become the very global Chastisement that the aforementioned prophecies indicate she will become. Remember that it was precisely the excessive economic punishment of Germany, after World War I, that especially caused the fomenting of World War II. It humiliated the German people and primed them to accept the rise of Hitler.)

2022-03-14 16_34_41-New Warning 2022 post - Word

The even more disconcerting reality here is what is happening without any legal, government-initiated action: corporate imposed “sanctions.” Businesses that have become essential for day to day necessities (i.e., credit card companies) suddenly leaving all of their customers high and dry. The cost of this will be measured in human lives. “The Purge” is entering its next phase.

2022-03-14 16_35_17-New Warning 2022 post - Word

This is what they will do to you next.

Do you really think you are safe from this corporate, economic, and digital persecution merely because your own president’s name isn’t Vladimir? This is just a preview of what will be done to those who do not cooperate with the Antichrist and who refuse his Mark.

15)   The incessant priming of the masses to expect a “global cyber attack.”

Remember that the Antichrist’s minions will never succeed in getting the implanted financial chip – the Mark of the Beast – universally instituted and accepted unless they can convince the masses that it is absolutely necessary to resolve some global cyber security issue. They will, therefore, need to create that very global cyber security issue. As I discussed last July:

2022-03-14 16_35_43-New Warning 2022 post - Word

2022-03-14 16_36_26-New Warning 2022 post - Word

I am extremely skeptical of the incessant barrage of claims that Russia has the capability to decimate the internet as we know it through “cyber attacks.” In fact, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are each bigger than the entire Russian economy (measured by market cap vs. Russia’s GDP). And each is 100% “about” the internet, whereas such e-issues can only garner a small fraction of the Russian government’s focus. So, no. If the internet is going to collapse (and not due to something like a solar EMP), then it will be with the cooperation of our Big Tech overlords. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, however, has caused our elites to go into overdrive in warning us about an imminent Russian cyberattack. They thus warn, of course, because they know it will happen. But they have no idea what Russia will do. Therefore, they know it will happen because they themselves will cause it.

Out of nowhere, my own state’s Godless “Catholic” governor (Kathy Hochul of New York) started demanding we get ready for Russian cyberattacks days before Russia even invaded Ukraine. But it’s not only her. These warnings are coming from every level:

2022-03-14 16_37_14-New Warning 2022 post - Word

In sum, it seems likely that some major “cyber-attack” is coming soon. It will be devastating to the global digital financial order, and its repercussions will be used to justify the introduction of the Mark of the Beast – a chip inserted under the skin on the right hand or forehead, which “pairs” or “syncs” with each person’s smartphone, and which alone enables them to use the new imminent Federal Digital Dollar.

16)  The near impossibility that we aren’t now “in it.”

This is essentially the point that my last post was dedicated to, but it bears repeating.

Unlike today, apocalyptic events of the earlier decades were not immediately followed by other equally grave apocalyptic events. Consider, for example, the 9/11 attacks. Not only the attacks themselves, but also the circumstances and repercussions of them seemed to have apocalyptic implications (cf., authors like Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger). But years went by following this event without similarly apocalyptic ones following.

Not so with the present situation. Not only did the apocalyptic nature of Covid vastly surpass anything since World War II, but it was immediately followed by what we now see: the beginning of WWIII and nuclear war.

This, too, is exactly what the prophesies have said. Namely that, unlike earlier times, when apparently (or actually) apocalyptic events were followed by long periods of relatively un-apocalyptic times (think of post WW1, post WW2, post cold war, post 9/11), when the events of the apocalypse itself arrive, they will be one after the other. Mark Mallett wrote well of this here.

17)   Days for the Warning?

If the Warning is this year, then the following days would, I think, all make sense:

    1. March 18th (a very significant date for Medjugorje)
    2. Any day of the Triduum, but especially Good Friday
    3. Easter Sunday
    4. Divine Mercy Sunday
    5. Pentecost
    6. Transfiguration
    7. The Feast of the Triumph of the Cross
    8. The Feast of Christ the King
    9. Christmas
    10. Days that would also make sense for the Warning if it is to be after 2022 (but which have already passed this year):
      1. The Epiphany
      2. The Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul
      3. The Presentation
      4. Ash Wednesday

Why the Warning might not be in 2022

Considering everything presented above, I hope it has become quite clear that the Warning may well be this year; that, in terms of our spiritual preparedness, we should even expect it this year! On the other hand, we should remain aware that its quite possible that the Warning won’t be this year. A few reasons why:

  • It could be that the Warning will coincide with the end of the Synod on Synodality, scheduled for the end of 2023
  • It could be that the Warning w ill indeed come amid WW3, but the current Russia/Ukraine crisis will take much longer than it seems to spiral into a full blown world war. There may even be periods of successful cease fire agreements; or perhaps even a complete peace agreement (let us hope and pray for that!)
  • It could be that the Infrastructure of the Antichrist needs more work before it is sufficiently complete. E.g., federal digital dollars actually in use, even more people with smartphones and internet access, etc.

Well that was quite a post. Remember what the point of it all is? To inspire you to engage in the mission, on account of how little time may be left for it. That. Is. The. Only. Reason. So please, I pray you, let this dose of speculation inspire you, not distract you! Here, again, dear brethren in Christ, is our mission: