How did you fare at Boot Camp?

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We’ve almost completed our second year of Divine Boot Camp, by way of which God has prepared His faithful for the trials about to descend upon the world. Did you fight to the end and graduate with flying colors, or did you flunk out within the first days? (Or was it the noonday devil that got you?) It’s time for all of us to examine our consciences and ask ourselves precisely these questions. If, upon doing so, we realize that we haven’t exactly made the most of this training course which Providence has allowed, then we should hasten to re-train ourselves now in the very virtues we failed to adequately cultivate during these last two years. 


(The Preaching of the Antichrist. Luca Signorelli, circa 1500)

I’ve already written extensively on how the world’s response to Covid is and was nothing other than a laying down of the Infrastructure of the Antichrist – but, as God’s Will reigns supreme, and even the evil that transpires is contained within His permissive Will, we can just as clearly see the good which God desires to be brought out of the last two years of Covid tyranny which we’ve had to endure: namely, the preparation of the Faithful for what is about to arrive after Covid, and which will be far worse than anything we’ve witnessed yet. 

Moreover, it seems that what is coming next must be truly imminent, as even the mainstream narrative is coming close to admitting that the Covid Pandemic is over. We can therefore rest assured that the powers that be will stop at nothing to ensure they do not lose their death-grip on society. Indeed, they’ll provide for some other catastrophe’s prompt arrival (real or imagined) in order to prolong the supposed justification for the worldwide Communism we are now enduring. (Perhaps by starting a major war.)

Here, therefore, is an Examination of Conscience which we can undertake to assess how we’ve used this opportunity God has given us to train us for the times ahead. If, upon considering it, we realize that we are lacking in any of the virtues in which God is training us in order to prepare our hearts for the Great Chastisements, then right now is the time to acquire those virtues. Warp speed.

1)Did you turn off your discernment and decide to instead blindly “trust the science”?

“The Science”™ has spent the last two years supposedly proving the need for the very lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, and other operations of tyranny that have only wreaked havoc upon society, families, the Church, economies, and individual lives. As the prestigious Johns Hopkins just discovered (and as we all knew already), it was all for nothing. And although I am linking to yet another study here, what’s infinitely more important than even the generation of good studies is for us to recognize that we must stop seeking permission from “studies” and “the science” to do what is clearly right – what is clearly called for by common sense, reason, faith, or traditional wisdom. (see Appendix 3 in Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap

Pause to ponder this. The decisions to lock down nations were among the most widely destructive decisions ever made in history. And we now know they achieved absolutely nothing. These lockdowns were “justified” by the insistence that they would save millions of lives (they wouldn’t have been justifiable even if those insistences were accurate), but instead they saved no lives at all. Or, if they saved any lives at all, they certainly caused a far greater number of suicides (and other “deaths of despair,” e.g., drug overdoses, alcoholism-related deaths, etc.)

Do not hold your breath waiting for apologies from those who instituted and advocated for the lockdowns and other tyrannical measures. There will be none to speak of. There will only be ever more forceful insistence upon the government’s “right and duty” to be tyrannical, and ever more incessant calls from the mainstream narrative for it to step up the tyranny.

Soon, “the science” will only issue far more evil and false pronouncements. It will insist upon the Diabolical Quantum Leap and all the tenets thereof, and it will seek to completely undermine Christian and Catholic Faith and Morals. So if you have become accustomed to blind acceptance of “the science,” then you ought to waste no time eliminating this bad habit; or, rather, of exorcizing it from your soul like the demon it is. Cling to it much longer, and it will destroy you.

2) Did you stop going to Mass?

Our ancestors in the Faith gladly risked near certain death for the unfathomable privilege of attending Mass and receiving Communion. Did you stop doing so because a flu was going around? 

Padre Pio

Soon, it will be much riskier to attend Mass. It won’t be just a bad flu going around and it won’t be just another “group activity” outlawed by mandates restricting gatherings – it will be deemed “hate speech,” and those who attend it will be treated as felons. It will, however, be just as essential as ever, and we will be in dire need of the graces of the Mass and the Eucharist to spiritually survive the times to come. 

If, however, fear of displeasing your local health department prevented you from going to Mass, then fear of imprisonment or execution certainly will. If fear of a flu prevented you from going to Mass, then fear of being bombed during a war certainly will.

Hasten, therefore, to redouble your courage and implore an outpouring of new graces from God into your heart. Remind yourself how utterly fleeting this life is, and how horribly we pervert its purpose when, in the futile effort to prolong its inescapable brevity, we detract from eternity; that blessed state we will have scarcely begun to enjoy after trillions of centuries have passed.

3) Did you unflinchingly criticize or even condemn everyone the mainstream’s inquisitors labeled as “conspiratorial” or “fringe” or “alt” or “a source of misinformation”?

No longer restricted to one nation or to one issue, the character assassination campaigns of the past two years have exhibited greater ferocity and universality than the world has ever known – not only of individuals, but of entire demographics. The very outlets most zealous in their “compassionate” blaming of every evil since The Fall on “systemic racism” and “white privilege” are hypocritically doing their absolute best to stir up as much hatred as possible against, for example, all so-called “conspiracy theorists” or “misinformation” promoters, and above all, these drippingly compassionate pundits insist upon the absolute detestation of the “unvaccinated.” They celebrate and gloat when we die, they openly advocate for our outright persecution, and they increasingly deny us our humanity, even though the unvaccinated are even less likely to transmit Covid than the vaccinated! But they defer to pseudoscientific conjectures, devoid of all reason, that unvaccinated people “cause mutations” in the virus and thus prolong the pandemic – as if history has never seen viral pandemics which ended without mass-vaccination programs with 95%+ inoculation rates. Alas, dwelling on this point would be pointless: the narrative writers will simply craft another pseudoscientific lie to leverage for the persecution of their opponents tomorrow. 

The point, rather, is that scapegoating and stirring up societal hatred against those who oppose the Antichrist will be among this Man of Sin’s most prized goals. As with any leader, he will want those he fights against to be antagonized by his own constituency. 

How quickly and credulously, these last two years, have you gobbled up all the propaganda that demonizes those who fail to immediately fall in line with “the experts”? Those who did so may soon find themselves calling out for the blood of the very Christians who will be revered as martyrs in the Church of the times yet to come. Pious-sounding excuses that this was all “prudent” and “for the common good” will ring hollow on Judgment Day, when those who condoned the persecutions of the martyrs will be found standing shoulder to shoulder with the very Pharisees who cried out for our Blessed Lord’s crucifixion. So judge no one, and condemn no one – and save your strong and public admonishment and rebuke for those who promote that which is destructive to the salvation of souls (heresy, blasphemy, sacrilege, mortal sin, etc.), not those who diverge from some of Pope Francis’ personal opinions, or who disagree with the mainstream narrative’s current anti-dogmas, or who neglect to fall in line with the virtue-signaling expectations of the corporate, academic, and entertainment elite.

4) Did you succumb to regarding the Pope as the incarnation of the Holy Spirit?

Pope Francis’ personal opinions are just as prone to error as anyone’s. While, as Catholics, we must respect the Pope as our spiritual father, and we can (and must) submit to the actual text of his actual Magisterial documents (e.g., Encyclicals), we should not necessarily submit to or agree with his opinions – regardless of how publicly or insistently he repeats them (e.g. in interviews, in books, on social media, in homilies, in impromptu remarks and speeches, and now in TV talk shows). Since the onset of the Pandemic, some of the Pope’s personal opinions have been particularly egregiously mistaken (e.g., his insistence that taking the vaccine is a “moral obligation,” his implicit endorsement of many aspects of Covid-tyranny, his cooperation with global elites pushing explicitly diabolical agendas). One thing God is doing with this Pontificate is training the remnant faithful to be more discerning: to not suppose that “but the Pope said so!” is sufficient to establish the truth of some assertion or the morality of some act.

Soon, however, the false prophet will arise, who will work in tandem with the Antichrist (the Beast). This Biblically-foretold false prophet may even wind up becoming an antipope (which means that many Catholics might just innocently, though erroneously, suppose he actually is truly the Pope). And he will make Pope Francis look like Archbishop Vigano in comparison. The false prophet will superficially respect Christianity and Catholicism, but he will flatly and blasphemously profane dogma after dogma, and he will urge the faithful to undertake many sacrilegious acts and to lend their full support to the Antichrist. 

Whoever is in the habit of uncritically accepting some proposition merely because the Pope agrees with it may soon find himself gobbling up a “gospel” straight from the pit of hell. Therefore, remember: stick with the Bible and The Catechism. Every. Single. Word. Of. Both. No Pope has any right to contradict either. True Magisterium cannot contradict True Magisterium. So as I’ve said many times before: if in doubt, stick with what is clearer. Clarity enjoys superiority to ambiguity in faith and morals, whereas mere recentness enjoys no special status over age.

“But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8

5) Did you fail to stand up and be counted for fear of reprisals?

It matters not how insignificant you think you are: there are people looking to your example for encouragement. From the perspective of eternity – and as far as the standards of Judgment Day are concerned – it does not matter if you are a social media “influencer” with millions of followers, or an ordinary grandmother whose views are only known by a few other people. We answer only for what we choose to do with the sphere of influence Providence has provided us, not the magnitude of that sphere. If you cannot oppose – and publicly speak out against – the tyranny we have seen these last two years then what, pray tell, can you stand against?

Let me confess: Though I’ve long been critical of them, I’ve nevertheless also long hesitated to openly state that I have chosen to reject these Covid vaccines for myself. Doing so exposes me to all sorts of new attacks and accusations (which I already must endure a steady stream of), so I timidly remained quiet and carefully worded my posts, videos, etc., in such a way that, as much as I cautioned about the Covid vaccines, I never explicitly revealed my own vaccination status. In my last post, that changed, as I finally realized that I cannot keep this quiet any more – people may be struggling themselves and feel the need to know what choice I made for myself as they undertake their own discernment. So after much prayer, I decided to stand up and be counted, and announce for the world to see that I am not “vaccinated” for Covid and that I will not get “vaccinated” for Covid.

If you’ve cowered in your room for the last two years, strategically ensuring that no one can find out what you really believe about important matters, then it is time to man up. It is time to stand up and be counted. Each indeed may be called to do so in a different way, but in case any need some suggestions, I’ll offer some: start a blog, facebook page, twitter account, or youtube channel. Proclaim Christ therein. Proclaim His FULL truth: including those truths of His which are detested by the modern world: that He – Jesus Christ – is the only path to the Father, that He established one and only one Church (the Catholic Church), that any and all sexual activity outside of the valid marriage of one man and one woman is intrinsically and gravely evil, that abortion must be outlawed, etc. Proclaim that Jesus Christ, and all the Sacraments He instituted, are necessary and that you cannot and will not comply with any future mandates that seek to prevent you from receiving them. Proclaim His Kingdom. Be a Divine Will Missionary of Mercy. Pray outside of a Planned Parenthood. Oppose vaccine mandates. Oppose lockdowns. Oppose mask mandates. In a word, oppose Communism. Voting wisely is not enough. One bold witness to the truth – even if he is not a popular one with a following – is worth a thousand votes for the right candidate.

The famous adage, “Evil prevails only when good men are silent” is a quote I have seen being attributed to virtually every wise figure history has graced us with. But  whoever was actually first to say it doesn’t matter: it is clearly true. Silence means consent. Are you implicitly consenting to the present Dictatorship of Relativism and Culture of Death which have dominated the world for so many decades now, but have reached a pinnacle the last couple of years? Withdraw your consent. No more silence. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. 

Five Rules

6)Did you cower in your room for fear of mandates and restrictions, and the penalties ostensibly affixed to their violation, even when violating them was clearly Willed by God?

Let me be the first to admit that I wish I was bolder in many ways during the last two years. As is so often the case (with this post’s Examination of Conscience and elsewhere), if I give advice, it’s precisely because I need to hear it! But I will share one brief story here of when I did not fail, in order to encourage you to do likewise when similar situations arise. 

In the early months of the Pandemic, my grandmother was in the nursing home, dying of Covid. (She was among the thousands of people that my Godless former governor, Andrew Cuomo, essentially murdered by seeding Coronavirus within the state’s senior care facilities.) At that time, visitors to nursing homes were “strictly prohibited” statewide. There was “no way” I could go visit my dying grandmother. Well, I went anyway. Here is the astoundingly complicated strategy I used: I picked up my keys, got in my car, drove to the nursing home, and walked in the door. Many of my relatives did so, and it was their example that inspired me to do likewise. No one stopped us. I was able to kneel by my grandmother’s bedside and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet just minutes before she died. See what Jesus told St. Faustina about the enormous graces given to the dying when the Chaplet is recited at their bedsides; and then consider what would have been neglected if– cowering in fear of these evil and unlawful restrictions, abominable in the eyes of God, that dare attempt to deprive a dying soul of her inalienable right to be ministered to in her dying moments I simply said, “Okay, I comply. I submit. I’ll be a good boy and sit in my room while my grandmother dies, because some incarnate-demon politician says that’s what I must do.

So enough being a good boy sitting on the lap of mommy and daddy government. You are a child of God. A son or daughter of the King of All. Act like it. We are not in the Era of Peace yet. We are in the Time of War, and each of us is called to be a soldier for Christ the King. Proclaim His Name and do His Will, no matter the cost. Your reward will be great in Heaven.

Now, I am not here attempting to approve– for example – some teenager who, “fighting for his right to party,” decides to violate government restrictions so he can go clubbing. Whether or not prudence is found in policies that close clubs, or cancel concerts, or similarly curtail merely recreational activities, I would not advocate for risking criminal punishment simply so that you can carouse the way you like to. But when the government dares to try to prevent us from doing that which virtue demands, then failing to undertake these deeds is a sin of omission (which is a sin nonetheless), and no government may ever mandate sins of commission or omission.

If only we had the faintest clue of how powerfully God’s grace is present in our works of mercy, our worshiping at the Mass, our gathering with other faithful to pray outside of Mass, etc., then our consciences would be properly formed in accordance with this knowledge. Our consciences would then demand us to accomplish these and other deeds, and would never allow for their cessation merely because the government says so. 

If the relatively puny penalties that we were threatened with stopped us from being the Christians we are called to be these past two years, then the severe persecution that is about to arise will certainly compel us to apostatize. So remind yourself of what the Faith teaches on this point and strengthen your resolve to act accordingly:

“Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Timothy 3:12) “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10) “I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ…” (Philippians 3:8,9)

7) Are you a priest who stopped offering Mass?

Of course, almost every priest did stop offering the Mass to the faithful during the Spring 2020 lockdowns (sorry, live-streaming Mass does not count as offering the Mass to the faithful!). While I commend the priests who disobeyed the Godless directives to suspend the Mass – those who instead clandestinely offered it to the Faithful — I recognize that those are very few, and I intend no condemnation here of those priests who complied. Look, Spring 2020 really blindsided us – myself included. But now that we’ve had a chance for introspection, it is time for us to realize how very wrong that was, and to affix our resolve to never let it happen again to never fail in the vocation God has called us to, no matter who says otherwise. It is especially saying Mass (with giving Communion to the Faithful at Mass) and hearing Confessions that are the absolute and inviolable duty of the priest. Similarly, the procreation and education of children is the absolute and inviolable duty of married Catholics. Imagine if the government – or the Church! – said “as of today, parents must not have more children. Don’t worry, we’re not requiring a specific mortal sin, you can use NFP, you don’t have to use contraception!” That would be diabolical and unlawful. Married Christians would have a duty to reject and disobey this Godless decree, no matter who says otherwise, and regardless of the fact that it doesn’t explicitly require a specific sin of commission. Similarly, priests must reject decrees which obstruct their own sacred and inviolable duties; namely, to administer the Sacraments and preach the Gospel.

There now exists a spiritual black hole that has just recently been torn in the fabric of the Universe itself. It was created in Spring 2020 (and contributed to in various places throughout the world in the two years that followed) by the cessation of the public sacrifice of the Mass. Just as, at the very beginning of these lockdowns, the biggest explosion ever witnessed was observed by scientists as a black hole exploded in another galaxy, so too that “spiritual black hole” will soon explode in the form of Great Chastisements never before seen in the history of the world. That, dear priests, is how utterly essential the Mass and the Sacraments are. As Padre Pio famously said (photo above), the world could sooner exist without the sun than without the Mass.  

Black Hole

In addition to this spiritual black hole, there is an ocean of blood in our world’s soil now (adding to that of aborted babies) which cries out to God for vengeance. It is the blood of those in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, prisons, etc., who, for the last two years, were forced to die alone, without the Sacraments, because of the Antichristic decrees of health departments that barred visitors. God will avenge that blood, and His wrath will visit upon whoever is responsible for those souls having to die alone — unless they repent. Let us not add to that wrath. To minister to the sick and dying is not optional; it is indispensable to Christianity. Christ made it clear that to neglect doing so is to reject Him. (Matthew 25). So whom do we fear: man, or God?  

8) Has your zeal for the pro-life cause – and, in general, for the principles you had hitherto been convicted of – grown lukewarm? 

St. Jude’s admonition in Sacred Scripture is unambiguous: we must be found “Hating even the garment spotted by the flesh” (Jude 1:23). Now, if anything at all is spotted by the flesh, it is those medical products which, in their own development, benefitted from abortion (as all of the Covid vaccines available in most of the West indisputably did).  

For many years, sincere and zealously pro-life Catholics have long rejected any vaccines which in any way used the HEK cell line in their development. This stance was solidly grounded in not only reason and common sense, but also the Church’s Magisterium, which agreed that any use of the HEK cell line in a vaccine’s development causes it to become abortion-tainted (though it did not condemn the receiving of such a vaccine as formal cooperation in that evil). Did these very concerns suddenly and conveniently vanish for you when the Covid vaccines came around? Consider that in the year 2020, leftists were so diligent in their hatred of Donald Trump that they vowed not to get any Covid vaccine under his presidency. What (utterly misguided) boldness in their (ridiculous) convictions! But shouldn’t we be far more zealous than they in those Godly convictions we harbor as we take a principled stand against anything tainted by abortion? (Even if the Church allows us to not be so bold, as it does in the case of the Covid vaccines)

Here I am reminded of what I discuss each semester with my undergraduate philosophy students: Socrates’ rebuke of Crito, when the latter tried to convince him to unjustly escape from prison instead of nobly accepting the death penalty.


As Socrates said, and as we all must say:

“For I am and always have been one of those natures who must be guided by reason, whatever the reason may be which upon reflection appears to me to be the best; and now that this fortune has come upon me, I cannot put away the reasons which I have before given: the principles which I have hitherto honored and revered I still honor, and unless we can find other and better principles on the instant, I am certain not to agree with you; no, not even if the power of the multitude could inflict many more imprisonments, confiscations, deaths, frightening us like children with hobgoblin terrors… has the argument which was once good now proved to be talk for the sake of talking; in fact an amusement only, and altogether vanity?”

Shortly thereafter in the Platonic dialogue, Crito admits that Socrates is right – that neglecting the very principles (when the going gets tough) which we previously insisted upon (when doing so was less costly) reveals us as cowards and weaklings, and it renders all our prior convictions nothing but vanity. The dialogue ends with Socrates saying, “Then let me follow the intimations of the Will of God. If this noble pagan could cheerfully approach his own execution simply on account of his own intimations of God’s Will, then how much more should we –  Christians with sanctifying grace and Divine Revelation– be utterly fixated on accomplishing God’s Will, no matter the cost?

That, therefore, is indeed what we must do: even in those cases where we lack a clear certainty of what God Wills for us, we must at least follow our intimations – that is, what indications we have sincerely come upon – of the Divine Will; we must not use a lack of certainty as an ostensible justification for failing to do what is most likely God’s Will.   

9) Did you cave on the vaccine?

As I said in my last post, I have no criticism for one who sincerely insists that his conscience allowed him to be vaccinated for Covid and who insists he has prudentially judged that doing so was called for in his situation (even if I disagree with his assessment). Perhaps, for example, he is an older priest who 1) doesn’t have much pre-Heaven time left anyway and needn’t be too concerned with long-term side effects, 2) would not be allowed to administer last rites to hospital patients without the vaccine, and 3) obviously needn’t be concerned about effects on fertility. That’s just one example, though. More generally, questioning an adult who has made that judgment for himself is not my place. But issuing a few related exhortations here is, I think, my place:

Have you gotten your children vaccinated against Covid?

That choice is one I will criticize. A small child has essentially a zero percent chance of dying from Covid. He or she is indisputably far more likely to be injured or even killed by an experimental mRNA Covid “vaccine.” To thus “vaccinate” a child against Covid under the pretense that doing so will help “end the pandemic” (it won’t – Omicron is what ended the Pandemic) is to use a child as a means for the alleged good of older people but in contradiction to the child’s own actual good. If you’re going to do that, then you should also advocate for a return to the child labor situation we had in the factories of this country in the 18th century. This is not to mention the ethical issues with the vaccines and the fact that we can’t possibly have any idea what its long term effects will be on someone just now starting the journey of life – particularly in terms of fertility. For a parent to nevertheless get his or her small child vaccinated for Covid merely because that’s what the mainstream narrative demands… is a dereliction of duty.

Soon, far graver evils will be “required” of parents with respect to their children. The government will insist that children be taught diabolical lies contrary to Faith and Morals (which is to some degree already happening in most, if not practically all, public schools), that they be subjected to procedures even more degrading of their dignity (even more degrading that is, than the already absurd and evil mandates that require children to wear masks all day in schools), and that they receive even more damaging medical interventions for non existent problems. If you caved to getting your child vaccinated for Covid, making him wear a mask all day, etc., then you better spare no expense in changing your heart now so that you do not wind up pushing your child straight into the arms of the Antichrist in the coming times.

Chicago Schools

Has your attachment (a great vice – one of the most spiritually destructive, in fact) to your hobbies, the businesses you prefer to patronize, your international travel plans, your job (there are always other ways to pay the bills), or your hometown (yes, moving is an option!), or the expectations of your relatives, caused you to get vaccinated? That is precisely the type of pressure that we should never cave to – especially when it is pressure to do something that we aren’t sure we are comfortable with in conscience. If in doubt, side with conscience, not with what the world demands. That’s a simple norm that should never be put in question. This Covid-mandate tyranny is giving us a great opportunity to grow in that very virtue; an occasion to train our tyranny-resisting muscles. But you’ve seriously weakened those muscles if you’ve caved to getting the vaccine even if you weren’t sure you were comfortable with it in conscience or even if you – in your own prudential judgment – did not deem the harm it allegedly protects against (something the vast majority of people have a 99.99%+ chance of surviving) as grave enough to justify the risks inherent to any experimental injection.

Soon, there will be another alleged threat, and another alleged universal “solution” to that threat – one relentlessly promoted by the powerful, heartily condoned by many of the “professional Catholics,” and duly adorned with a smattering of anti-graces (you’ll be allowed to keep your job, go to your favorite restaurants, travel as you please, etc.)  That solution will be far worse than these Covid vaccines. It will be the Mark of the Beast, or at least an even more immediate precursor to the Mark itself.

10) Did you enforce unjust decrees under the pretense that you were “just following orders” or “just doing your job”?

Two words: Nuremberg Trials.


One can certainly justify doing something pointless, silly, a “waste of time,” etc., if he was told to by his superior at work. I just finished a boatload of pointless paperwork that new regulations just started mandating of SUNY professors. But one can never justify enforcing injustice merely because he was told to do so.

For example: I am convinced that wearing a mask is pointless, ridiculous, harmful if prolonged, and should be avoided whenever possible. But wearing a mask is not in itself a sin, so if it’s the only way I can do what’s necessary for physical or spiritual survival (e.g., going grocery shopping or to Mass somewhere mask mandates are actively and strictly enforced — which isn’t most stores/Churches even here in New York and even with a “mask mandate” in effect in this state), then I’ll do so — though I manage to almost never wear one.

But to enforce mandates that others wear masks is an entirely different matter. That, I will not do, period. And I encourage you to likewise refuse to enforce Godless mandates, no matter your position. Are you a priest, or usher, or police officer, or teacher, or grocery store employee, etc., who has been told by your superior that you must enforce a mask mandate? Smile, nod, say “okay” when your boss tells you this (all that means is you heard what he said!), then simply refuse to enforce it. You are a child of God with a conscience that you must form, listen to, and act in accordance with. You are not a cog in the wheel of your place of employment with which your boss may do as he pleases – including if you are employed by the Church or the government. Do not be ashamed to have your own Holy Spirit-inspired boundaries. Have these boundaries, and refuse to cross them, no matter what. 

Soon, the Antichrist will seek to rally up his own diabolical army of sycophants to enforce his own mandates. Those who willingly (and even eagerly!) acquiesced to becoming mask police, vaccine-passport-checking police, social-distancing police, etc., are simply being prepared to become the Mark of the Beast police in the coming times. What a terrible fate: not only succumbing to the Antichrist, but even promulgating his tyranny. If you so readily enforce unjust mandates today, what makes you think you will have the strength to resist enforcing the Man of Sin’s mandates tomorrow?

11) In general: Did you obey man rather than God?

Obedience is a great virtue, and we must indeed obey when: I) Legitimate authority issues the directives, II) This authority issues directives contained within the confines of its jurisdiction, and III) The directives it gives do not entail sins of commission or omission. If I) or II) are not present, we needn’t obey, and if III) is not present, we mustn’t obey. 

“But Peter and the apostles answered, ‘We must obey God rather than men.’” – Acts 5:29

12) And for the last item in this examination of conscience, I’m going to throw a curveball:

On the flipside: Did you become so dogmatic about your “red-pilled” virtues and knowledge during this pandemic that you failed to be flexible in those things that God called you to be flexible about, and thus neglected to do what He was calling you to? Did you stop going to daily Mass because you couldn’t find one that would allow you to go maskless? Did you abandon works of mercy or other apostolates that you know God has called you to, because continuing them would have required being around insufficiently “red-pilled” people? Did you become so paranoid about government surveillance or certain “conspiracy theories” that your life’s overarching theme became preserving your safety and security instead of doing everything you can to pursue salvation and sanctification (for yourself and others)? Did you needlessly burn bridges with friends and family merely because they could not see through the mainstream narrative’s lies as well as you could?[[Do not misunderstand: I would never encourage one to compromise his principles merely to maintain relationships. Even for the closest of human bonds, Jesus does not speak well of that habit in the Gospel (Matthew 10:37), and indeed, any bridge that leads only to sin should be burned. But we should not suppose that the only bridges worth preserving are those solely with other people who are lock-step with us in the choice of which narrative they adhere to. People of good will are going to disagree on a number of points regarding Covid, vaccines, narratives, etc., and the mere existence of that disagreement (so long as it does not amount to another crossing boundaries and seeking to place unjust obligations on your shoulders) should not compel us to abandon those who are mistaken on some point.]] Have you dared to forget – even for one moment – that the essence of our calling as Christians remains unchanged no matter how twisted the times become, and that this call includes ensuring that our every thought, word, and deed, is one of pure love? Or have you erroneously supposed that the gravity of the times justifies adopting a demeanor that is devoid of grace – devoid of the 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit, without which we cannot ever pretend to be doing God’s Will? Have you forgotten that God is just as absolutely in charge today as He ever has been, and that nothing happens apart from His Will? Remember as well that staying on the razor-thin straight and narrow way of Our Lord is never about choosing one worldly ideology (even if it is a mostly correct one), and simply charging full-speed-ahead in the direction it provides. The Way of the Lord, rather, is always a matter of discernment, it will never line up perfectly with any worldly movement or ideology, and we will fall off of that way if we become dogmatic about issues that do not call for dogmatism. 

So, in conclusion…

Be on guard.

Gird your loins and light your lamps and be like servants who await their master’s return from a wedding, ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival.” (Luke 12)

If God has just put us through Boot Camp, He only did so because He knew it was necessary; because He knows that war is imminent and, without adequate training, His soldiers – His remnant faithful – would not be ready. Indeed, our training has not been in vain. It is about to be put to use. Waste no time brushing up on your training if you missed any sessions at boot camp.

And above all, remember that although I have in this post given much practical and detailed advice, heeding it will only work with God, and without Him it will fail spectacularly. All is grace, and we will only succeed (and are guaranteed to succeed) if we are living in Him. Therefore, I again conclude with the final page of Thy Will Be Done:


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