Prophecy Round Up on the Threshold of the Three Thirds

The third year of the third decade of the third millennium is now only days away, and the Signs of the Times call for a summary of some of the presently most prophetically significant themes.

(Okay, since I know some are thinking this – yes, technically 2020 [not 2019] was the last year of the second decade, which would actually make 2021 the first year of the third decade, and 2022 the second year of the third decade. But most people consider the year ending in “zero” to be the first of the decade that follows, therefore under the common understanding, 2022 will indeed be the third year of the third decade of the third millennium!)

Moscow and the Pope

In my last post, I discussed the Pope’s likely upcoming Moscow trip, and a  few posts ago, I noted Gisella Cardia’s prophecy about the Pope “weeping” due to coming events, once he “returns from a trip.” I had interpreted that in light of the Pope’s trip to Greece, but what I failed to note in my last post – and which many readers quickly pointed out! – was that it now it seems more accurate to interpret that message as a prescient indication of the Pope’s upcoming trip to Moscow (that trip was unannounced at the time of Gisella’s November 30th message). A recent development (just three days ago) seems to imply that an impending Papal voyage to Moscow is even more likely, since Putin’s invitation would be considered a prerequisite to the Pope going to Moscow:

Remember what the Garabandal visionary, Conchita, said:

(Source: )

These hostilities will immediately precede the Warning. This invites the question: what exactly are these “hostilities” in Europe?

“Hostilities in Europe”: Russia/Ukraine

I doubt I need to inform anyone who has recently checked the news about this. I hope and pray it does not happen, but it seems likely that Russia will soon invade Ukraine, which may well set off World War 3, or something quite like it. Let’s take a look at just a few entirely mainstream headlines, from just the past week, commenting on the situation:

This is not to mention the other brewing conflicts that do not bode well for international peace: China/Taiwan, Israel/Iran, Syria, the immigration crisis, etc. An imminent outbreak of global conflict is a constant theme in prophecy. One such alleged prophet is Fr. Michel Rodrigue.

Fr. Michel’s Messages

If Fr. Michel’s prophecies are inauthentic, then the very global circumstances which God’s permissive Will has allowed are doing a good job of pretending otherwise. By way of review:

  • In 2019, Fr. Michel said that a purification was coming, we should stock up on 3 months of food/water/supplies, and that he himself was instructed by Heaven to not travel after February 2020. No one on the planet said anything, in those times, that proved to be more prophetic.
  • In early 2020, Fr. Michel prophesied that “the great events of purification would begin” in Fall of that year (not that they would peak, much less complete). In Fall 2020, the Covid vaccines began to be administered. As we now stand, many Catholic dioceses ban “unvaccinated” faithful from Mass, many states and nations ban “unvaccinated” people from society, and increasingly, “unvaccinated” people are being treated as downright criminals, and will soon be thrown in prison (e.g., in Austria). It is now seeming that the Fall 2020 rollout of these Covid Vaccines was indeed none other than the beginning of the great events of purification, considering not only what we are already seeing with “vaccine passports,” but also what we likely will soon see with them. More on that below. (As is often the case with prophecy, accurately understanding its true nature only becomes possible in hindsight.)
  • This year, Fr. Michel said that the Holy Year of St. Joseph corresponded to a year of special protection due to the increased intercession of this great Patriarch and Patron of the Universal Church. He likewise stated that the conclusion of this year (December 8th, 2021) would herald the next steps in the Chastisements due to the lifting of this “Katechon” of St. Joseph’s special year of protection. Within mere days of this Holy Year ending, the world –via “Omicron” – was thrown right back into the chaos of early 2020, while at the same time giving indications that things may be about to get much worse than they were even then. (More below)
  • I should reiterate that, moving forward, Fr. Michel says, we will soon see total societal collapse, World War 3, the Warning, Global Chastisements, the rise of the Antichrist (with protection for the Faithful in “refuges”), and the Era of Peace to follow after the Three Days of Darkness which put an end to the Antichrist’s reign and renovate the earth.

I am no expert in Fr. Michel’s messages (I’ve watched very few of his videos/retreats – he is just one of many living alleged seers whom I think is worth discerning and keeping an eye on – so you are best off seeking further insight into him/his teachings from elsewhere), but there’s an outline of his more significant prophecies as I understand them. Let’s move on now to other considerations.

Omicron and Communism “Coming Again”

The other indication that the Warning is imminent – as I also discussed in my last post but will review again here – is that “Communism has come again.”

(Source: Ibid.)

It is beyond question that this is exactly what has happened, across the entire world, with the Covid Totalitarianism. Covid Tyranny even, at least in some ways, makes the Communism of the 20th Century look mild. Our individual humanity has been globally rejected in mainstream thought, and human beings are treated not as individuals with rights, but as mere “potential vectors of infection transmission,” and dealt with accordingly under the influence of Godless collectivist and utilitarian fallacious premises. We have been told not to gather with friends and family, not to go to Church; we’ve been forced to cover 2/3rds of our faces everywhere we go, hyperinflation and economic collapse is imminent, and on the list goes.

This. is. Communism. It has come again, and only those with their heads buried under mountains of sand can miss that fact and continue pretending all is well and all this tyranny is just “prudence.” This “Omicron variant,” which is evidently just a mild cold for almost everyone who gets it – vaccinated or unvaccinated –, has now reminded us that the tyranny will only escalate, and nothing but Divine Intervention will save us. Let’s, again, take a look at a few headlines from the past few days. As usual, I’m sticking with mainstream sources here so that none can reject what I here describe as “conspiracy theorist misinformation”:

Now, the powers that be might not lock us down again precisely as they did in early/mid 2020 – things rarely happen exactly the same way twice – but the dread and panic generated by headlines like these will (we can rest assured) be leveraged by the elite to justify an entirely new outpouring of Communist tyranny. This will likely happen through governments enacting even more severe persecution against their favorite scapegoat: the “unvaccinated,” who may well soon find themselves in home imprisonment across the globe, and the “conspiracy theorists” (i.e., whoever doesn’t believe every word of Dr. Fauci and the Omnipresent “Fact Checkers”), who may well soon find themselves barred from the internet.

Latin Mass restrictions as precursor to eradication of the Mass

Many prophecies from a number of reliable seers have long warned that directives will come from the Vatican which will render the Mass itself invalid. Indeed, among the Antichrist’s most zealous initiatives will be the eradication of the Holy Sacrifice, for he knows much better than we do the infinite power of the Eucharist. This is precisely why his minions have been working behind the scenes for the last two years now to make it difficult for faithful Catholics to attend Mass and receive Communion. But this is only the beginning of what he will do on a more universal and absolute scale once he explicitly assumes power.

Now, this is purely speculative (I know of no reliable prophecy specifically saying this), but I suspect that this recent Draconian clampdown on the Latin Mass may be the opening act of the efforts we will soon see to render the Consecration invalid. To be sure, the “Novus Ordo” is perfectly valid and – if celebrated correctly – can be perfectly reverent and holy. But it’s of course a much more flexible thing, whereas the Latin Mass, by nature, cannot be modified. Because it admits of no change– and therefore cannot have its words modified in order to render the Consecration invalid – it must be simply eradicated by those diabolical forces who wish to nullify the Holy Sacrifice throughout the Church.

Once the Latin Mass is gone, a new directive may well come from the Vatican – perhaps in the name of “Ecumenism” or “Dialogue” – requiring that the words “This is my body” be changed to “This is Christ’s body” or “behold the Body of Christ,” or something similar. This will render the consecration invalid, but it will be “required” of all priests (a directive, of course, that should be disobeyed – but, sadly, will almost universally be obeyed – the past two years have trained most Catholics very well in blind, unthinking obedience to tyrannical, unjust directives from men which should not be obeyed because they contradict directives from God), and the Mass will thus be essentially eradicated. I’m not sure what the Antichrist’s plan is for the Byzantine Liturgies, but I’m sure he’s working on something.

The “Synod on Synodality” and “the Synod of the Warning”

Believe it or not, this isn’t an advertisement geared towards children for a new Diocesan preschool. It is the official Vatican logo for the Universal Church’s “Synod on Synodality.”

Another noted prophecy on the Warning holds that this great Event will happen along with a major Church “Synod.” For quite some time now, each of these (now recurring) Synods of the present Pontificate has inspired much speculation from prophecy-watchers as to whether it is the one which will herald the Warning. Obviously, each time so far, this has not been the case. But now, we are confronted with the “Synod on Synodality.” Unless there is a Synod on Synods on Synodality planned for after this one, (these days, who knows!), it’s difficult to imagine something more likely to be the Synod referred to in this prophecy than the present one. 

The relevant part of the interview reads:

INTERVIEWER: Mother Nieves Garcia, you have some information about the prophecy from Garabandal regarding the Synod that will precede The Warning. Can you tell us more about that? MOTHER NIEVES GARCIA: Yes, during the apparitions, the Virgin told Conchita that before the future events occur, a Synod will take place, and important Synod. Then Conchita told the story to her aunt. The aunt asked her: “Do you refer to Council?” (sic) Because that was the time of the Second Vatican Council. Conchita told her aunt, “No, the virgin didn’t say Council, she said Synod, and I think Synod is a small council.” It is impossible for a 12-year-old without any knowledge and culture to talk about Synod (sic) that didn’t exist and we didn’t know at that time…

Interview above

The Vatican bureaucracy’s shenanigans surrounding this “Synod on Synodality” are already turning it into a mockery of infallible Catholic teaching. For example, after briefly removing a link (from the Synod’s website) to a heretical Catholic group, New Ways Ministry, the Vatican quickly put it back up with a breathless apology to those offended:

Nevertheless, it’s still too early to say what will come of this “Synod on Synodality.” But as many in the Church’s hierarchy today seem to quite predictably follow the money, there is reason to suspect that this Synod will take the Synodal path laid down by the richest national Catholic Church (the German Church); a path that has only led to heresy after heresy after heresy. As Michael Warsaw (head of EWTN) wisely wrote upon the commencement of this Synod:

An authentically Catholic understanding of the purpose and scope of synodality and proper participation based on that end is crucial in order for the Church to steer clear of the very real perils that could be associated with it. Those perils are on public display via the deeply disturbing developments that continue to arise from the Church in Germany’s ill-considered “Synodal Path” process, which, under the guise of addressing clerical sexual abuse, has sought to change Catholic teaching on sexuality, the exercise of power and the nature of the sacraments….These agendas include endorsement of divorce, contraception and homosexual behavior; the ordination of women; the ending of mandatory celibacy for priests; and “democratizing” the Church’s hierarchical structure to strip away the authority of bishops and priests. Moreover, the ambitions of the German Synodal Path’s organizers extend far beyond Germany. It’s their fervent hope that immediately after their agendas are entrenched at the national level, they will be exported to the global Church via various mechanisms, beginning with the Synod on Synodality.

Michael Warsaw

Moreover, as we are already well into the midst of this Synod (this one is by design a particularly protracted process, extending from 2021 to 2023), there is no reason to suppose that the Warning must be delayed in order to correspond with the prophesied “Synod of the Warning.” This one is likely it. If that is true, we can infer that the Warning will likely come at some point before this Synod’s 2023 conclusion.

The Infrastructure of Antichrist: The Mark of Beast

Throughout the world, governments, corporations, and even Churches are now perfecting their “vaccine passport” infrastructure. None of these are the literal Mark of the Beast itself, of course, as the Beast isn’t yet in power, but once this infrastructure is sufficiently complete, there will be nothing to prevent leveraging it for the dissemination of the Mark itself. Let’s again review some recent headlines:

I recently noted that I’d have more to say about the Mark of the Beast. I indeed do, but I’ll again save that for a later post. Subscribe with your email address here at to be kept in the loop.

As usual, I conclude with reminders of what we must do, lest this post be considered idle speculation. Do this, and you needn’t have any concern for the times ahead. These times are the envy of saints. Treat them as such. Engage in the mission. Save and sanctify souls. Hasten the Coming of the Kingdom. You are incredibly blessed to be alive today.

  1. Live in the Divine Will.
  2. Live in the Divine Will.
  3. Live in the Divine Will.
  4. Help others Live in the Divine Will.
  5. Proclaim the Divine Mercy.

And heed the last page of the book, Thy Will Be Done: