The King of All

For the Mass of the Feast of Christ the King

A most blessed Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, to you all! Let us take today’s glorious feast as an occasion to remind ourselves of a few simple facts:

  1. Two thousand years ago, the very one who created the entire universe, and every single person, place, and thing within it entered into this very world He made.
  2. This man, Jesus Christ, founded the Catholic Church, willingly handed over His life for our salvation and sanctification, rose from the dead to abolish doubt forever, and ascended to Heaven. These are facts we know with indisputable certainty. See pages 24-47 of The Crown of Sanctity
  3. While on earth, Jesus Christ taught us and commanded us to pray only one prayer — The Our Father — the central petition and climax of which promises the coming of His Kingdom, wherein the Will of God shall be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.
  4. Being as it is both a promise and a prophecy uttered by the very lips of God Incarnate, the fulfillment thereof is an absolute guarantee. As time marches on and we draw nearer to reaching the attainment of two thousand years of labors of the Church dedicated to this Kingdom, we can rest assured that we are on the cusp of the time of fulfillment. 
  5. Just how near, however, depends upon you. Proclaim the Kingdom.

Here is what Jesus tells Luisa about today’s Liturgical Feast:

I was thinking about today’s Feast – that is, the Feast of Christ the King; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the Church does nothing but intuitively grasp what She must know on my Divine Will and how Its Kingdom must come.  Therefore, this Feast is the prelude of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.  Indeed, the Church is doing nothing other than honoring my Humanity with those titles which, by right, are due to It; and when She has given Me all the honors that befit Me, She will move on to honor and to institute the Feast to the Kingdom of my Divine Will, by which my Humanity was animated.  The Church proceeds step by step, and now She institutes the Feast to my Heart, now She consecrates the century, in all solemnity, to Christ the Redeemer, and now She moves on, with greater solemnity, to institute the Feast to Christ the King.  Christ the King means that He must have His Kingdom, He must have peoples worthy of such a King.  And who will ever be able to form for Me this Kingdom if not my Will?  Then, yes, will I be able to say:  ‘I have my people – my Fiat has formed it for Me.’  Oh! if the leaders of the Church knew what I have manifested to you about my Divine Will, what I want to do, Its great prodigies, my yearnings, my sorrowful heartbeats, my anguishing sighs, for I want my Will to reign, to make everyone happy, to restore the human family – they would feel that in this Feast of Christ the King is nothing other than the secret echo of my Heart which, echoing in them, without their knowing it, has them institute for Me the Feast of Christ the King in order to call their attention and reflection.  ‘Christ the King…. And His true people – where are they?’  And they would say:  ‘Let us hasten to make His Divine Will known; let us let It reign, that we may give a people to Christ the King, whom we have called so.  Otherwise, we have honored Him with words, but not with facts’.” (October 28, 1928)

And here is what Pope Pius XI, in proclaiming the Feast of Christ the King — within his encyclical Quas Primas — teaches:

When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well ordered discipline, peace and harmony … If the kingdom of Christ, then, receives, as it should, all nations under its way, there seems no reason why we should despair of seeing that peace which the King of Peace came to bring on earth ... Oh, what happiness would be Ours if all men, individuals, families, and nations, would but let themselves be governed by Christ!

That time — prophesied by Scripture, by Papal Magisterium, and by far more trustworthy private revelations than I can count — is coming. The darker the night of this Era grows (let us prepare our hearts to see a 2021 that makes 2020 look like a walk in the park), the more assured we can be of the imminence of the dawn. Therefore, have no fear.

Let us, as Jesus says to Luisa, “give a people to Christ the King,” so that we may honor Him not merely with words, but with facts. Expand His Kingdom in your soul (remain in a state of grace, go to confession as soon as possible, and strive with all your heart to live in the Divine Will). Expand His Kingdom in your family. Expand His Kingdom in all the realms of life and society you can possibly influence. Fight for this Kingdom. No matter how great and terrible the opponents may appear, filled as they are with pride in their worldly power, they are no match for the One we serve and Who stands beside us always. We win. He wins.