Fr. Goring Interview, Era of Peace Video (and some other items)

I’d like to post here a couple videos that recently went up, but not on my own YouTube channel, so my subscribers would not have been alerted: an interview with Fr. Mark Goring and a defense of the Era of Peace against those who attack it, erroneously claiming it is the heresy of Millenarianism. You can click those links or you can see the videos embedded at the bottom of this post.


Other Announcements:

A certain priest I’ve often quoted has just had published a lengthy two-part criticism of Fr. Michel Rodrigue (in addition to the emails against Fr. Michel that he sent out months ago). I’d like to preempt the inevitable flood of emails I’ll get forwarding this article to me by saying right now that I am aware of this article and I can’t say I’m planning on responding to it. As I said in my last post on this matter, I really cannot afford to devote more time to defending/explaining Fr. Michel or responding to the various issues that surround him.

As I’ve said so many times already; I’m not at all certain of the authenticity of Fr. Michel’s prophecies, nor am I even convicted of their authenticity. I simply think they’re worth noting, discerning, and alerting others to just in case. While I share many of the same concerns regarding Fr. Michel’s prophecies that readers have emailed to me, I still simply have not been able to honestly consider any of these concerns as sufficiently grave — nor any of the criticisms of him that are out there as sufficiently grave — to dismiss Fr. Michel’s prophecies out of hand. And I am, frankly, rather dumbfounded that so many Catholics are so dead set on opposing Fr. Michel. For the umpteenth time: He is NOT telling us to go and build refuges (he’s saying they already exist), and he is NOT telling us to abandon our lives after the Warning (he’s just saying follow your Guardian Angel – pretty good advice!). Rather, he’s telling us to go to confession, consecrate ourselves to the holy family, and pray the Rosary every day.

  • If his prophecies are authentic, that’s darn good advice.

  • If his prophecies are inauthentic, that’s darn good advice.

  • If his prophecies are authentic, we’ll know that within the next couple months.

  • If his prophecies are inauthentic, we’ll know that within the next couple months. 

So, as I said in my response to Dr. Miravalle’s 10 Points (10 Points I still consider erroneous even in light of this most recent article here mentioned), why not just “wait and see”? (And, in the meantime, take Fr. Michel’s clearly solid advice?)

Oh, and, get 3 months of food. Now. Seriously. (And Gisella Cardia just said the same thing)