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March 4, 2015

The Crown and Completion of All Sanctity

On this day sixty eight years ago, a soul entered into her eternal reward — a soul the likes of which the world has not seen since the Assumption the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Her name is the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, and I am finally ready to speak to you of her unrivaled revelations from God.

Often I have spoken of the Divine Mercy devotion of St. Faustina: how it is truly God’s final effort of salvation in the world, and an undeniable herald of the imminent initiation of the great prophecies given throughout the millennia regarding the end of the age, which is now upon us. But there is another half of God’s Final Effort in the world: that of sanctification. For this end, I believe God has chosen Luisa Piccarreta to reveal the Gift of Living in the Divine Will to the world.

For over four years on this blog I have only briefly hinted here and there about this Gift, but I have finally sufficiently researched, studied, prayed, and received spiritual direction regarding it that I am ready to explain it myself.

There is too much for a blog post, therefore I have published it as an E-Book on Amazon, which you may find here (Update 7/7/2015 : Now that I am simply freely distributing the PDF of this, I have removed the book from Amazon)

6/25/2015 UPDATE: Simply download the PDF Directly here. (More information on “Signs of the Times” post)

Book Cover

Now, I truly have no desire to make a single penny on this book. I just want its contents spread. I am publishing it as an EBook on Amazon for three dollars simply because I know that people are more likely to read something they at least paid a nominal fee for, I am hoping that having it on Amazon will potentially open it up to a larger readership, and I want to keep track of people who receive this, so I can send out any retractions/corrections if need be (I have no way of knowing who sees what I merely publish as a blog post). Even at that I would like to charge less than $3, but for some reason if you charge less than that on Amazon, they take 70% of the proceeds instead of 30%. And that simply doesn’t make sense in this case, as I’ll be donating the majority of the proceeds to Luisa’s cause for Beatification.

That being said, if you would like to read this book (it is a short book), and would rather not purchase it on Amazon, no worries! Just send an email to (or whatever other email address you have for me; they all go to the same inbox) and ask me to send you the PDF. I gladly will, no questions asked. I’ll just assume you don’t have an Amazon account, or some other reason of that sort! I just request two things: First of all, if you choose this route: make a commitment to actually read it! Secondly: don’t send it to others you think might want to read it,  just have them contact me as well at so that I can send them the PDF and keep track of who has it; or just direct them to the Amazon site.

I would be honored if at least a few people would purchase it on Amazon and leave me good reviews there, so I can have good reviews from “Verified Purchasers.”


Also, now that I have said what I want to say about Living in the Divine Will, I am ready to unveil an apostolate that I have felt called to start, and have myself been engaging in for over a year now: The Divine Will Missionaries of Mercy.

My hesitation in sharing this was great as well; first and foremost due to my own weakness in following the very precepts I desired to set down as a baseline for the apostolate: Lent of 2014 I was good about sticking to the regimen, but I often fell out of the habit during Ordinary Time. Thankfully God has given me the grace to be stronger in it since last Advent. That, combined with the encouragement of my Spiritual Director, means I am ready to share this apostolate with whoever else might feel called to take part.

To see what this apostolate is about, please take a look at the website:

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