A Few Quick Notes

On March 4th, God willing, I will publish the most important post I have ever written. Please stay tuned. Until then:

First of all, please pray for my mother, Eileen. She was just diagnosed with malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. Few survive with this form of cancer more than a couple years, and those that do are young and otherwise healthy, neither of which apply to my mother, who has already had radiation and a double mastectomy for her breast cancer. So it is unlikely that she has even one year left.  So I am asking you to pray for a miraculous healing, certainly; for that is realistically the only type of healing that could occur. We would all be overjoyed at this and we are all praying for it. But above all I am asking you to pray that she may be completely filled with grace, peace, and trust, until the moment she sees the Lord face to face, that any suffering she must undergo will be lessened and borne with ease and joy, and that she may truly have the happiest possible death; that whatever comes her way, she may say, with all of her heart “Jesus, I trust in You. Thy Will be Done.” My mother is a woman of great faith and devotion, and I know that she is ready to go home. But please pray that both she and her family members – especially my father – may be totally ready in every way.

Secondly: Lent is upon us! Many Catholic sites will be encouraging all sorts of ways you can make this your holiest Lent ever. Please take their advice! For my part, I’d just like to leave you with a few thoughts I had on “helps” for holiness — things that I have found have made the pursuit of holiness easier and smoother. If you choose to read this, be sure to carefully read and remember the first paragraph.

Thirdly, I realized recently I have written far too many posts in movies on this blog! In order to not bother you all with an email every time I cannot help but give my 2 cents on a certain movie, I’ve published a page dedicated to my movie recommendations, which I will add to as time goes on.