Catholic Venom

I write this as a plea to the brethren to be of one heart and one mind.  I also write this partially as a response to the Corapi issue – not to comment on it specifically but to comment on the comments.  Finally, I write it as an exhortation for the few faithful left on Earth to unite, in dire necessity, to prepare for future (and response to past) unprecedented attacks on the Church.

I cannot help but constantly be reminded of Romans 3 when I see the words of so many faithful Catholics today “Their throats are open graves… the venom of asps is on their lips; their mouths are full of bitter cursing.  Their feet are quick to shed blood… and the way of peace they know not. There is no fear of God before their eyes.”  This is the dishearteningly common demeanor that leads to division.  Do you recognize how seriously Jesus takes this?  “Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the altar, go first and be reconciled with your brother, and t hen come and offer your gift.” (Mt 5:23-24) While I am no theologian I would venture to say that Jesus here intends for us today to interpret this as his demanding that we not receive Holy Communion if we have unjustly divided ourselves from a Brother in Christ.

Unless there is a clear and explicit heresy or evil, why do you so harshly, quickly, and confidently denounce?  Has your own understanding of doctrine (Edit 12/21/12: … or virtue, or proper comportment, or maturity, etc.) undergone no development over the years, even since you made that fundamental act of submission to God and His Church?  If it has not, you are not alive.  If it has, why do you condemn your brother for being perhaps at a point where you have been, or perhaps at a point where you may arrive in the future?  In so doing, you condemn yourself with your own words.

I will not here attempt to convince you of the validity of any private revelation.  But why do you so readily condemn them?  Medjugorje, for instance, has been scrutinized by the Church for many years and she has not yet found any need to condemn it. The fruits are astonishing, the endorsements are ringing, and the miracles testify.  Yet I have seen people, with great vitriol, denounce the alleged visionaries as malicious frauds or demonically possessed people.  Not only that, but they do so with such great perceived certainty in their own conclusion that one would think they were reciting the Nicene Creed. They say they are “absolutely certain” it is a false apparition because some associated Franciscan was disobedient or the visionaries didn’t enter the religious life.  Why not permit a healthy fear of the Lord to give you wisdom from the example of those seemingly confident Catholics who denounced as evil St. Faustina, St. Padre Pio, St. Joan of Arc, etc.?

 Nor will I attempt to convince you of my opinion on the John Corapi matter.   I will not deny that his actions may have been less than saintly nor will I argue that his actions are entirely unjustifiable.  But let us take a deep breath and recollect ourselves: He has been one of the greatest defenders of Truth in the world, has never endorsed a heresy, and is now following a path that countless people before him have followed and not received the vitriol of the “blogosphere.”  Are we his judges or is God?  All devout souls ought to limit their publicized words on Corapi to a sensible statement like EWTN’s.  But instead we have well known faithful Catholics spewing great venom at him.  Dc. Kandra, in the first paragraph of his article on the subject, abandons common manners by calling Corapi’s statement “bizarre” and “rambling.”  Then Dc. Kandra unjustly concludes, from Corapi merely relaying how he spent his time, that to Corapi the sacraments “… really didn’t matter so much.”  Mark Shea (also extremely well-known and highly regarded), in his post, declares that Corapi “Sets world record… for most passive-aggressive manipulative self-aggrandizement ever squeezed into 8 and a half minutes.” and continues to lambaste him in the following paragraph  (Shea apologized for his attitude but stopped short of deleting his post which continues to pile on views.).  What is going on here?

(Update: on 6/24 Mark Shea removed the post I have here quoted.  Thank you, Mark.  I urge you next to read Page 70 of the Pieta prayer book and delete your other posts passing judgments on him.)

 This same vitriol pervades the speech of too many who proclaim their faithful, orthodox Catholicism.  They unknowingly direct it against mystics, visionaries, future saints, and just about any Divine Intervention that God in His Mercy graces our world with.  They oppose His efforts usually on finessed and flimsy subordinate grounds, since they lack the firm arguments that any demonically-inspired or downright-fraudulent effort would certainly provide them.  Their over-confidence in their own knowledge of Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium causes them to think themselves capable of rendering inerrant judgment on all happenings in the modern world, and in so doing they become, God help them, greater obstructions to “His Will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven” than even many of the formal vicious enemies of the Church.  Oh would that they could learn the truth in the old adage “Silence is Golden!”

Not only that, but in this over-blogged, over-tweeted, over-emailed world, it seems that even Catholics quickly resort to the type of sarcastic, snickering, arrogant, mocking, lecturing, or condescending attitude that should under no circumstances be within a thousand miles of their lexicon regardless of to whom they are speaking.

I do not say that all disagreement must cease; that is impossible, and I myself have strong opinions for and against particular stances permitted within the boundaries of the Magisterium.  For example, It would be nice for the Traditionalists to gently remind the Charismatics that the objective nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is of infinitely more importance than our subjective experience of it, and it would be nice for the Charismatics to gently remind the Traditionalists that the Church is a living body and therefore grows, making Traditionalism a fundamentally insatiable appetite lest we could re-enter the Garden of Eden.  It would be wonderful if they could both do this recognizing the other as a shipmate on the Ark that is the Catholic Church, voyaging through the deluge of modern society together.  Instead they spew venom at each other, describing the other sarcastically, making each other the butt of jokes, and in general treating them as if they were the greatest evildoers alive.

May Almighty God and you, my brethren, forgive me for the many offenses I have committed against this advice I have here given – for I am indeed the worst offender.  Permit me to offer this prayer from the Precious Blood Devotion to those who, like me, struggle with this sin.  Please pray it for me as well. 



Dear Holy Spirit, My God. Teach me to speak wisely.
Let me avoid useless thoughts and useless conversations. Help me to speak often for You. Grant that my words may never hurt men of goodwill. May My words always bring consolation to those in sorrow and guidance to those in need. Take my lips and make them Yours. Take possession of my mind and make it an instrument of Your goodness and a channel of truth. I hope to become a man of silence, who prefers to talk to God than to men. In my human conversation, may I always bring them closer to You and You closer to them. I ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen

Our Father. . . Hail Mary . . . Glory Be

I am unworthy to teach in detail on these subjects, but I would urge you to read more from some great sources:

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  1. I have noticed a phenomenon in recent times that makes me think the evil one is behind it. There have been many saintly souls that have publically fallen or religious orders that have been disbanded and have caused extreme discouragement in the people who were following them or put them up on a pedastal. I don’t want to name names because they may be innocent and going through a trial by fire from God. An analogy would be like the devil bowling a strike – he hits one pin hoping the rest will fall. We are the church militant and we need to be aware of the evil one’s strategies because it is very likely that something like this will happen again. Always cling to Jesus and Mary, honor his saints and holy ones but don’t through all of you eggs in one basket.

    The Ship of Peter is torn apart
    Martyred in its Holy Teaching
    It sinks and sinks, no work of art
    The bottom though never reaching

    Dissidents are screaming loud
    Leaving behind an awful niff
    Pretending to be proudly stout
    Gearing the Ship into a cliff

    Jesus shows His wounded Heart
    Smitten with a deadly dart
    Peter the Rock in desolation
    Deploring severe desecration

    Wake up, you Christian Brother
    Show now your truthful face
    With Mary our Heavenly Mother
    We’ll reach that Peaceful Place

    In allegiance to the Holy Father
    United in prayer and fasting
    No victory will claim, but rather
    Satan’s defeat be everlasting.

    Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011

    Riki 03-23-2012

  3. I got more spiritual direction and truth from Father Corapi than many others. God alone knows his heart and it is not up to us to cast the first stone(s). Let us pray for Fr. Corapi’s physical and spiritual health and his vindication.

  4. Dan, your words of wisdom keep inspiring those who are SEEKING FOR TRUTH – We will always be attacked by the EVIL ONE, and am convinced that we need more people like you who will step out, and CHALLENGE the STATUS QUO who are getting their NEWS from the SECULAR VIEW POINT. Reviewing the comments on this blog, I wish to comment on the apparition Sight @ Necedah, WISCONSIN – John said that he knew of a Luke Warm Cathoic who had a conversion there, and that later it was condemed by the CHURCH — to me this shows that GOD is not LIMITED by a place that is not recognized by our holy mother the church (GOD IS ONIPRESENT) I would also like to mention in this regard that NECEDAH was antagonistic to Mother Church, and drew a CULT LIKE GROUP who were against VATICAN TWO – I visited there because of a relative who bought into this Cult, and so I have first hand information on Necedah – I also

  5. Now we should expect the venom will be directed at Fr. Gobbi (may he rest in peace and intercede for us). I commented on a very popular blogger’s post today that he shouldn’t have commented at all and that his post was in very poor taste. Very sad.

  6. Bravo and well said. I would guess that very few know the full story about Father Corapi. I am amazed at how many were quick to attack him. Has everyone forgotten his beautiful conversion, his love for the Blessed Mother and the face that Blessed John Paul II personally asked him to preach the truth in America? Any voice that “cries out in the desert” will be be persecuted by those who would rather be “nice” or “pastoral” so no one’s feelings be hurt. These are not times for political correctness. Now is the time to save souls and that is what Fr. Corapi has done. He reminds me of Archbishop Sheen.

    In the end, I hope and pray that he will be vincidated. In the meantime, let us as true Christians. “Who among you will cast the first stone.”

  7. I think Fr. Corapi is exhausted. He kept himself to an overly demanding schedule of contant travel, public teaching and preaching(always clearly the Truth) and he wore himself out. I think this allegation was the straw that broke the camel’s back. No one can keep to that schedule for years and manage their own ministry and not feel the effects. I pray for Fr. Corapi and hope he takes a much needed rest. For the past year I have been shocked at his appearance, the puffy face then the extreme thinness. I have thought that for the past year or so that he must be sick. I think he has been. Pray for him, that he lets go of such a responsibility for the welfare of the Church and understands that he must take good balanced care of himself. God bless all.

  8. You are not alone in your thoughts. The vitriol you have experienced has always been a mystery to me as well. The evil one is sure to have something to do with it. But, of course, there is no doubt Our Lady’s immaculate heart will triumph over his negative influence, by the grace of God. Amen.

  9. Fr Corapi is a man of action. I can well understand he refuses to sit in a quiet corner until all these accusations are cleared. I doubt if they will get cleared, but he is aware of his own need to get on with spiritual warfare, and that is what this great man is going to do. He has us all at heart and for all those faint hearts out there, he woke them up with his powerful priesthood. I know of other priests who have been sentanced to a life of “shut up” and generally they have been accused by anonymous hate filled voices. Who are these anonymous people, going round the world destroying christians? We never see their characters splattered across the pages of the press. Get real, the demons stalk this world, as accusers, destroyers, tormenters, They are the ones who should be under trial. But no, they are believed and the good get set aside.

  10. Vailima, are you in knowledge of the charges brought against Fr. Corapi and any proof supporting them that give you the right to convict and condemn him with your vile words. Because there were some priests guilty of abuse, does that mean that any who are accused are “a priori” guilty? Just because Fr. Corapi has been villified does not mean he is guilty until the due process has been completed. It is my understanding that Fr. Corapi choose to give up his title of “Father” until this matter is settled as a proceedural matter that will free him to continue his mission as an individual Catholic. None of us is free to distort reality in order to serve our own twisted egos and forego all requirements of charity and truth. May the Holy Spirit dwell within each and every one of us, protect us and guide us, and bring us to all holiness and truth.

  11. Ezechiel 34: Evil pastors are reproved; Christ, the true pastor, shall come and gather together His flock from all parts of the earth and preserve it forever.
    Thanks for putting this in perspective and in the right words. I think so many people are upset, but instead of being more charitable, they talk. I really think that we allow ourselves to be influenced by a fast-paced, media-driven world when we are to be in the world but not of the world.
    Try a 54-day rosary novena (3x petition, 3x thanksgiving); it takes a lot of discipline, but it is worth it.
    God Bless!


  13. The sex scandal in the Catholic Church was greatly exacerbated by the fact that in those times no one would dare criticize a priest nor believe a child who claimed to have been touched inappropriately by clergy. Corapi has for years been accorded the adulation and trust that only Jesus Christ should be given. This is purely and simply one of the worst instances of a “cult of personality”. His dyed goatee, his tan, his buff physique, his arrogant tirades against anyone who criticizes him, his satanic logo on his self-serving and deeply disturbing website, and his flaunting of the authority of the Roman Catholic Church which he claimed to hold of inestimable value are all signs of deception and diabolical influence. We as Catholics must speak out and we must hold accountable those who administer the sacraments.

    1. I would venture to guess, Vailima, that you yourself are not clad in sackcloth and sporting a tonsure: we all have our “vanities,” and it is quite un-Christian for you to tear apart another for them. You seem to classify Corapi among the demons – perhaps he has not been perfected in the virtue of obedience – but where is the heresy and mortal sin that would no doubt be evident if so? In the absence of these two, why are you so quick to vilify the man?

  14. Did it take civil action to get abusive priests off the alter? Might it take civil action to wake up erring Bishops? Jesus is guiding His church. Blessed be the name of Jesus in all things and thank you Jesus for your mercy for all of us sinners. I can use all the mercy I can get. Let us pray continually. Jesus I trust in you. Let us not throw any verbal stones at anyone. God bless you Dan for your post.

  15. Dan, thanks for your blog. Way too much judging goes on. It’s a daily deal to practice to NOT judge. I’ve got Fr. John Corapi in my prayers and you also.

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog and signed up for more.

    God Bless.

    1. Dan, Thanks for the thoughtful blog. I’m praying for Corapi, Fr. Sheehan and Fr. Flanagan

  16. As indicated, this is my comment on the column as a whole. Dan, this was an excellent reminder that we are never to stop PRACTICING the faith. We are Catholic Christians, and, as our Lord said, we are to be known by our love for one another. Whether that love takes the form of consolation, comfort, rebuke, challenge, we never have an excuse to spew venom at one another. God bless you and keep you.

  17. The problem with most negative comments is that, the commenter has a lack of correct knowledge of the situation. Our Lady never said in Medjugorje that all religions are the same, she said, “all people are the same and we should respect other faiths and other religions”. As far as Father Corapi is concerned, there is far too much judgement against him. He is obviously deeply hurt that he has always been faithful to the priesthood and obedient to the church and has stated that the accuser is an alcoholic and mentally unbalanced person. I personally know a priest who was falsely accused and his own archbishop suggested he retire or resign, which he did. To not do this would only cause escalation of accusations from others. Many of the accusers are liars and are just looking to get compensated financially from the church or trying to ruin reputations of good and holy priests.

  18. Thank you for a very uplifting blog. And may I add: Have any of the Catholic News Agencies: (CNA, Catholic Register etc.) clarified their previous headlines which caused so much scandal and were based on erroneous conclusions such as promoting that Fr. Corapi has left the priesthood etc.?

  19. Thank you. I am a follower of Christ and Father Corapi’s programming has led me to a greater understanding of the Catholic Church and what it teaches. He has led me closer to Christ. I am saddened that EWTN has had to silence his programming, but I understand why. What I do not understand is the vitriol I read from some Catholic bloggers regarding this situation. The evil one is working over time and is having great success. I suggest looking up the vision of Pope Leo XIII. It explains much of what is happening today.
    Thank you for the sane comments on this site.

  20. I loved what you said about Father Corapi and “catholic venom”. I was refreshed to read this, since I have been put off by the mean-spirited comments about him. I used to read some of the catholic opinion blogs, but mostly avoid them now because of the malice and presumption to be found there. Thanks

  21. Thank you for sharing what so many needed to hear. It is exactly what I have been feeling in my heart. God bless you Dan.

  22. I don’t do blogs because I don’t need another avenue to be a cause of regret later and then in writing! LOL But I would like to comment on the ongoing drama with Fr. Corapi. I read recently that Fr. Corapi said that even though he was leaving the priesthood that “he would always be a priest”. This is true. We the faithful are not to judge them but are called to pray for our priests — ALL of them. He is in the fore front of the greatest spiriual battle we have ever known and now he battling these accusation (true or not). Can you see the strength of his spirit or conviction. I have never met him or seen him except in the internet but I know what my heart feels when I hear him. He affirms everything the Holy Spirit has taught me. Have I ever met holy priests – priests I really admired – priests I held in high esteem – yes a but I have also met others who cast grave doubt about their calling — no longer desirng to be obedient, others who had lost sight of “feeding the sheep”, and still many others who were so liberal it makes me cringe to think of them and at times I pity them. I know that their souls are in danger (aren’t we all) but even more so because of their grave responsibility of their vocation to save souls. That is a most grievious sin — leading others astray. Fr. Corapi and a handful of others have been fighting in the frontier where many dare not go, rallying the troops. You just knew the enemy was never going to give up trying to destroy him. I will fight to the end –for the salvation of souls, for him and our Pope and all priests with prayer, sacrifice, love. In the end “IF” Father fell into sin doesn’t he have he very same recourse to the mercy of God that we have — a subject he knows very well — confession. Lastly, I would like to thank you Dan for the beautiful prayer — I have been struggling with “words” and examining my heart lately so through this article I have been given a blessing. I will use it as well as the scripture John McKinney quoted here for us. Thank you, John, and all the others here for your words. I hope you will all take time every Sunday to pray for our Pope, priest, religious and clerics — that ‘s my special day to do heavy duty prayers for them. Amor to all.

  23. As a devout Catholic man who believes in the power of the Holy Spirit active in our lives with all His gifts for the sake of the building up of community I want to go on the record as saying there is no need for division between so-called tradionalists and charismatics. I say so-called because these are artificial characterzations since the Church is both “traditional” and “charismatic”; not one or the other..

    There is no difference in my life between a deep respect and reverence for the sacramental life of the Church and belief in the power of the Holy Spirit. just as present today as it was at Pentecost. I support efforts to restore reverence in the Mass including Latin Mass and receive communion only on the tongue. After all, language really isn’t the issue is it?

    There is a time and place for everything and I also particpate in prayer meetings and other community buiding events whose central theme is revealing the love of Christ and the healing transforming power of that love. These meetings are filled with worship of the Triuine God and open to all the miraculous power of the love that the Lord of all time and space has for us. My life isn’t divided but united by this truth.

    Michael Koontz

  24. A wonderful article. I wish I could claim to be innocent when it comes to judging others, but whenever I catch myself, I tried to remember that we will be judged as we judge, measure for measure, and then I remind myself that if I start drawing lines, I might well find myself on the wrong side of it.

  25. I loved this whole post. Thank you for the teaching-you sound like my sister, to whom I always go for advice (and sometimes the advice stings a bit, especially when she’s right about my faults!). I keep wondering if Fr. Corapi is simply called to something we can’t yet understand. Nevertheless, as Pieta admonishes, never attack a priest, only pray for them!

  26. You say you will not try to convince, yet you go on to do just that, just reread your post . You write to find favor, looking for your following crowd, I see you have some from the reply’s. You speak of venom in a most venomous way. Just another one of the many posts i see like this across the web. Such a pity.

  27. only Jesus knows the heart of every human being on this earth. He alone knows what is in the heart of his priests and of each of us therefore we must not judge one another but pray for each other daily. He has strongely stated many times that judgement belongs to himself alone but we are to uplift each other by His love which he has given each of us so that we can pass it on to others. thank you dan, as I been really hurted by the comment make by many so called christian especially the Catholice website and I think when un-charitible feeling are channelling out it hurt all of us simply because it causes division among christains people. I don’t think that what the Lord wants to happen. So why don’t we just say we love one another and pray for each other for there are many suffering because they feel unlove. God blessing, dan and to all of you who wrote in with comments.

  28. Wonderful words of wisdom; no doubt inspired by the Holy Spirit! My family loves Father Corapi; it was I who introduce him to them. I am terribly hurt and sorrowful for what Father Corapi is going through; he is exactly what the Catholic Church needs today and for this he is being punished. I had the opportunity to meet him in Lafayette,La. several years ago; there people standing outside to hear him preach.I have never felt so spiritual moved by any spiritual leader inside our Catholic Church. I identified with his Italian parental approach as he discribed his own family’s upbringing and Catholic teachings. I will stand behind him, no matter what! Satan would love to destroy him, because Father Corapi throws satan beneath the bus each chance he gets! When is the last time you have heard a priest talk about satan and his efforts to destroy the church and the family? Look all around you-what this world needs now is more Father Corapi’s-he opened eyes- I shiver to think what will happen to our Catholic Church now! May God bless and deliver him from all people who are out to destroy him. He needs our prayers! God Bless Father Corapi-may all the angels and saints stand with him through this terrible trial!

  29. Finally, a Blog where we can dialogue without being THREATENED for our attempts to do some SOUL SEARCHING! — We should not STIFLE THE SPIRIT, but DISCERNMENT regarding TRUTH is always ongoing. Cardinal Schornborn visited MEDJUGORE for this very reason – his seminary was filled with men who had discerned their vocation in this little valley – and he said that one of his main reasons for visiting there was to visit the CENACOLA ( center for drug addicts who had turned their lives around) As for Holy Mothers approval of this sight, SHE is always cautious in HER DISCERNMENT – TWO of the men (including my SON) discerned their VOCATION in Medjugore – they were both COLLEGE GRADUATES searching for meaning, and purpose. These two men were ORDAINED two years ago, and are now SOLT priests.

  30. Best comment yet, Dan. Thank you. Father Corapi has been so helpful to me and my family in bringing us back to the Faith I cannot abandon him now. He needs our prayers more than ever. I’m taking his advice and praying the Rosary more than ever and including him in it (which I should have done before).

  31. Statements such as: “the errors of the Medjugorje ‘apparitions’ which promotes indifference to any ‘religion’, ” are a distortion of what was actually said. Catholics have always believed that God wishes salvation to all people and judges each according to their responses to the lights that they have been given. Those who desire to do what God wills despite their ignorance of the truth of Christ can be saved through the baptism of desire. The statements out of Medjugorje falls within this statement. All may not be converted to the Catholic faith but all are called to do God’s will within their understanding of it. By this will they be Judged. All salvation comes through the sacrifice of Christ which opened the gates of heaven to mankind and His Church whether a direct or indirect member of it. If I did not say this the way you would have preferred does not take away its validity. If you interpret this as indifference, you need to read it more carefully. It is too easy to condemn for mindless reasons and knee gerk reactions. Thank you Dan for a most level headed and needed article. My initial reaction to it was sadness and the immediate realization that we know so little about the real facts and all we can do realistically is to pray and wait.

  32. I love your comment. I do not have the gift of speaking without sounding like a uneducated person. I know in my heart he has been a great part of the body of Christ. Each person has the gift Jesus gave us. He has brought many back to the church. How can we turn our backs on him now. I agree that you are driven by the holy spirit to direct people who are so fast to toss out this great man. Thanks for your inspiring article. It is a shame that these religious people can not see their nose on their own face.
    Betty Thompson

  33. Thank you Dan for your thoughtful comments, something for all of us to reflect on. Fr. Corapi was a terrific speaker, had a way of bringing Christ and His Church to many. Twenty years as a speaker put him in front of a lot of people who now feel disappointed, hurt, and really surprised at all this. That creates anger. I point the finger at myself, I’m very unhappy at the route Fr. Corapi has taken and I know I need to pray more for him and all priests. And…that’s what I will do.

  34. “1) Do you denounce all apparitions that are without a similar occurrence? 2) Would you have denounced those 70,000 witnesses of Fatima’s miracle of the sun for endorsing an unapproved apparition?”

    I have been to Medjugorje in 1997 and I don’t denounce Medjugorje nor its witnesses. I only appeal for prudence and recognize that premature judgment is never wise, even if the judgment is positive and in the affirmative. Otherwise great harm could come to the Church. One should never put the reputation of the Catholic Church (Medjugorje’s largest promoter) in jeopardy. Why risk it? Would you put the Church’s reputation on the line for the sake of 70,000 witnesses to an unapproved apparition?

    1. Thank you for the clarification John. Prudence indeed is called for, and I was certainly not quick to openly endorse Medjugorje. But too much prudence becomes cowardice – which would have been the case for me if I chose to ignore the pull on my heart to openly support Medjugorje. I do not think doing so at all puts the Church’s reputation on the line

  35. Medjugorje is a private revelation. No Catholic is ever required to believe in a private revelation. Defending it or not makes absolutely no difference as to the veracity of the purported revelation. At some point the Church will render her decision. Still, those who oppose Medjugroje are performing a laudatory service to the Faithful by providing a needed dose of caution to those who would too quickly embrace that which might be a profound demonic deception. No matter how compelling, great caution is required when dealing with private revelation. For myself, I stick with the tried and true way: Frequent mass & Eucharist, regular confession, daily prayer, the rosary, acts of charity, and fear of God. This is the way the great saints have shown to be the sure path to God through this treacherous life.
    Regarding Father Corapi, he is a priest first. Once a priest, always of priest. Recall how David did not murder Saul, even though Saul sought his life, because he was the Lord’s annointed, and executed the person who said he had dispatched Saul. If David would not lay a finger on Saul, who was annointed by Samuel, how much more should we refrain from attacking Father Corapi, who shares the priesthood of Christ. His situation is between him and Jesus. Let it stay that way.

  36. Bravo Brother, I stopped reading the responses to Fr. Corapi’s ongoing saga. I was shocked by the responses of Catholic men and woman accross our Country. Now is a time for silence and prayer and not a time for division. It should not suprise us that Father is enduring this test in his priesthood. The divider is certainly getting the response he desired. We pray and trust God and the Church to deal with these matters. We already know the victor in this battle.

  37. I saw in this article great truth. I have read blog comments in stunned silence wondering how people could turn Father Corabi’s robust vitality and love for God into something so contrary to the fidelity he tried to attain. I am not typically one to wrtie on these blog sites but I can not help but compare this situation to Saint Augustine. God so often consummates his mission in the midst of contradiction, tribulation, and persecution. I for one would be careful in so losely judging and throwing out such cruel sentiments. Undoubtedly we all fall under the rank of imperfect sinners. I am so glad someone has tried to bring this to the light. I am sure Father feels dejected and worried and his heart is aching as strong as he may appear on the outside. He does not deserve such malicious scheming and assumptive allogations made against him. He deserves love, consolation, and mercy.

  38. “Since the CDF has stated that the opinions of local bishop do not carry any authority …”

    On December 8th, 2010, the local ordinary of the Diocese of Green Bay Wisconsin, most reverend David Laurin Ricken, declared that the apparitions of Our Lady to Adele Brise in 1859 were worthy of belief. As a result of this “opinion”, the cult of Our Lady of Good Help (near Green Bay Wisconsin) is now acknowledged as officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church. (This is in fact the first approved apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the United States.) If that so called opinion can clear the way for Church-sanctioned veneration of Our Lady at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin, why would a negative opinion of the local ordinary at Medjugorje, Bishop Zanic, not have the opposite effect? I should think that the Bishop of Green Bay’s announcement was considered not just an opinion by the Vatican, but as an authoritative declaration. So why the double standard? This is confusing. Confusion is the hallmark of evil.

    I believe that the apparitions of Our Lady near Green Bay Wisconsin are true because the local bishop said they are true. Until Medjugorje is declared authentic by the rightful authority, I suggest that it is prudent to remain cautious and not make any proclamations either away. I am familiar with a man who was a luke-warm Catholic but experienced a powerful conversion after visiting the alleged apparition site at Necedah, Wisconsin. The alleged apparitions at Necedah were later declared false by the bishop of LaCrosse Wisconsin, even though there were many reports of healings and prodigies, and huge crowds gathered for events at Necedah.

    At Fatima, the seer, Lucia, asked for and received a sign, the Miracle of the Sun, from the Blessed Mother, which occurred for many to see on October 13th, 1917. Why is there no such comparable incident and confirmation at Medjugorje? Granted, the promise of such an event (the Great Miracle) is allegedly forthcoming, but decades have gone by without fulfillment. Doesn’t this unprecedented delay detract from the alleged prophesies of Medjugorje? Are we witnessing another Necedah?

    1. John-
      A) “… why would a negative opinion of the local ordinary at Medjugorje, Bishop Zanic, not have the opposite effect?” Because the Vatican, which supersedes the local ordinary, said so!

      B) As to Fatima’s miracle of the sun, I respond on 2 ways: 1) Do you denounce all apparitions that are without a similar occurrence? 2) Would you have denounced those 70,000 witnesses of Fatima’s miracle of the sun for endorsing an unapproved apparition?

  39. ” Medjugorje, for instance, has been scrutinized by the Church for many years and she has not yet found any need to condemn it.”

    Bishop Zanic was the bishop of the Diocese of Mostar, which is to say, the final authority on the matter of the
    “apparitions.” He condemned the so-called apparitions as a hoax. Rome has never uttered a word of reproach against him. The Croatian bishops issued a negative statement on Medjugorje.

    Personally, I don’t know whether the apparitions are true or not but I am cautious and will wait to see what happens.

    1. “The Local Ordinary (bishop)
      Since the CDF has stated that the opinions of local bishop do not carry any authority, we do not believe it is necessary to examine his views on the matter, other than re-iterating his official position, which he issued in a Positio on Oct. 30th, 1984, declaring; “moral certitude that the Medjugorje events are a case of collective hallucination”. (we might point out that the idea of “collective hallucination” is no longer accepted by the scientific community as credible).”

  40. Dan, your words are inspired. Holy Mother Teresa is probably giving you kudos. (Have you read her books?)
    God bless you, and may Our Lady keep you secure under Her mantle!
    In His Love,

  41. Amen and AMEN. I’ve been longing to blog about this Fr. Corapi situation and you did it for me :-) This is exactly what is needed right now. Thank you for posting this!

  42. I think the article is very good. Father Corapi has positively affected millions of people. I know a terrific load was taken off my shoulders when I realized God didn’t need me to help Him in judging people. More people should try to remove themselves from that position.

  43. It seems to me that Father Corapi was mostly attacked for not suffering in silence. In some ways he is attacked like as Sarah Palin is attacked because she did not stay in Alaska and do what the Republican leaders wanted her to do. We have the Black Sheep Dog and the Mama Grizzly Bear. Both very Catholic/Christian, pro life and pro American. No one has ever accused Father Corapi of being dumb, but there is still time and some have already implied that he is not in his right mind. Both have been accused of being in it for the money. If someone is attacked in the media you have to ask yourself why. What are they saying that the media and leaders object to.

  44. This is a great read and reminder to us all to not throw stones. I was a cradle Catholic who left the faith and had a conversion back after many years away from the sacraments. I want to also thank you for showing the “Prayer For The Control Of The Tongue” – I prayed it, printed it out for future use! God bless!

  45. It is hurtful to have any forum open such as a blog that tempts people into expressing judgemental statements about anyone. When a crisis occurs of somekind, that is provoking individuals to be unkind and judgemental in their words; the blogs should come down for awhile until the situation and facts have been unveiled more detail. The angry words of many have crossed a line into sin. We are not too be gossiping. Pride is leading our hearts, minds and tongues into darkness. People who speak ill of a priest for anything violates that he is ordained forever and Christ administers through him with and without his faculties. The Pieta prayer book warns never attack a priest, you attack Christ when you attack a priest. Visionaries, locutionists, mystics are not required by the faithful to believe in, execpt the saints that have already been approved by the church. So those who choose not to believe in Medijugore, remain silent in your opinion. Those who believe in Medijugore share the messages of Mary and be respectul to those who block the messages. Give it to Mary in prayer. Our Mother will take of it. Respect others, wait for more info, be patient and wait on the Lord. Love thy neighbor in every circumstance of life.

  46. If we judge nothing; we become “tolerant” of everything.

    We cannot judge what transpires between Jesus, The Great Judge and a soul – but if we do not call out error, especially the errors of the Medjugorje “apparitions” which promotes indifference to any “religion”, as has never been Catholic Teaching for almost 2,000 years before the Revolution which occurred at Vatican II – then we are no better than those who are silent because of “tolerance”, peace, love, and coca-cola:
    Matthew 5:11-15
    [11] Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: [12] Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you. [13] You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men. [14] You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid. [15] Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house.

    Traditionalists are merely Catholics who have not abandoned Jesus for Modernism.

    Venom for the sake of venom is meaningless and evil; but courage, fortitude, and truth must not be hidden to accommodate the errors, or the error of silence. Thank God St. Paul did not keep quiet.

    1. Adrienne, thank you for succinctly pointing out, in fraternal charity, a red flag regarding the Medjugorje situation. I was going to do that in a separate post in a summary response to Dan’s otherwise excellent column, but I will address that portion of my response here.

      The best that can be said about Medjugorje is that it is a place of intense spiritual warfare. Having visited there myself with a group in 1997, and knowing a number of Catholics who have found peace and vocational discernment there, I believe most American Catholics who visit there are genuinely seeking an environment of living holiness that has been sadly absent from Catholic parish life in the United States for at least four decades. The practices of Mass, Confession, Adoration, Rosary, Penance, Community, are things that should be going on in every Catholic parish. That is the good that people are finding in Medjugorje. Nevertheless it was built on disobedience and enhancement. The Bishop of Mostar-Duvno, the legitimate shepherd of the flock, has warned his parishioners against the “phenomenon” that alleges the Blessed Virgin Mary appears there literally every day for 30 years (tomorrow), with doctrinally questionable messages delivered by “seers” whose materialistic lifestyles really do give cause to pause.

      I said it is a place of intense spiritual warfare because God is answering the hoaxes and frauds and outright disobedience to the legitimate Successor of the Apostles with an answer to the deepest desires for holiness in parishioners’ and visitors’ hearts.

      I will have more on the column as a whole in a separate post. God bless you and keep you.

      1. Famijoly – see my response to another comment on this thread: “The Local Ordinary (bishop)
        Since the CDF has stated that the opinions of local bishop do not carry any authority, we do not believe it is necessary to examine his views on the matter, other than re-iterating his official position, which he issued in a Positio on Oct. 30th, 1984, declaring; “moral certitude that the Medjugorje events are a case of collective hallucination”. (we might point out that the idea of “collective hallucination” is no longer accepted by the scientific community as credible).”

      2. Dan, your reply only underscores my statement that Medjugorje is a place of intense spiritual warfare. I thoroughly read your link, which reiterates much of what is stated, repeatedly, by those who seem to hope against hope that the testimony of those who claim to see and hear the Blessed Mother in the village in Bosnia-Hercegovina will be declared supernatural and worthy of belief. The supernatural apparitions and private revelations that have been declared worthy of belief by the Bishop of the diocese in which they occurred add nothing new to the deposit of faith. They, rather, bring points of emphasis to grow in the faith as well as warnings and challenges to do so with urgency. Therefore, the Church wisely cautions her members not to get involved in “rooting” that a claim of apparition and private revelation be declared worthy of belief. Whether it is or isn’t, we already have all we need for eternal salvation. In your parenthetical statement, you reference the “scientific community” in order to continue to marginalize the two legitimate Bishops of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno who have shepherded the flock during the three decades that several of his parishioners claim the Mother of Jesus Christ our Savior has appeared and spoken there every day. Bishop Zanic and Bishop Peric have also used their authority to allow priests to make the sacraments generously available in St. James Parish with the increased participation in the life of the Church of parishioners and the influx of visitors from around the world. The scientific community has also “concluded” that homosexuality is not a disorder, while the magisterium clearly says otherwise.

        Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I thoroughly appreciate what the Lord has done in my life and in the entire Body of Christ through the apparitions and private revelations declared worthy of belief by the Bishop of the diocese in which they occurred. I wear a brown scapular and a Miraculous Medal and carry a Rosary. In 2005, I had the great privilege of being on pilgrimage to and praying at Rue du Bac in Paris, LaSalette, Lourdes, and Fatima. We have the Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy studying and reflecting on Divine Mercy in My Soul (the diary of St. Faustina Kowalska) in the meetings of the Divine Mercy Cenacle, which I attend whenever my schedule permits. I say all that to let you know that when I make these cautionary statements about Medjugorje, I am not approaching it as one who eschews or mocks apparitions and private revelations. It is rather to remind people about the offer of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. Even if Guadalupe, Brown Scapular, Miraculous Medal, LaSalette, Lourdes, Fatima, Knock, Divine Mercy had never happened or had been claimed but condemned, we would still have all we need for eternal salvation. God bless you and keep you.

  47. It is the scandal of the bloggers condemnations and visiousness that is by far a greater scandal than the event they speak of………thank you for your post. Finally someone is making sense. God bless.

  48. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope those that have attacked Fr. Corapi read your words! It was shocking and disheartening to see the ones that attacked the loudest and harshest are the same ones that hold ministries of their own (former atheists or protestants) like Mark Shea and Jimmy Aiken. I kept wondering “why?” Where are the words of prayer and concern for Father Corapi? Does Mark Shea know Father Corapi personally to dare be his judge? It was all attack and judgement. If you really want to see the spirit of Catholic brothers praying for others, look to Jesse Romero’s latest youtube plea to Father Corapit to “come home”. That is what a CATHOLIC family is all about. When the prodigal son is away, we pray and wait with open arms….not start spitting out venom like what we have been seeing.

  49. Thank you and I love you and I am sure that Jesus thanks you and loves you too!
    God bless.

  50. AMEN!! ALLELUIA!! Finally a voice of reason!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I think your words were divinely inspired!! You are much appreciated!!

  51. bjb- Traditional Catholic wisdom says that clergy are to especially NOT be criticized, not the other way around!

    YES!!! That attitude gave us 30 years of homosexualized priests seducing teenage boys. We need some balance, Dan. Naivete is not true spirituality. St. Paul was not afraid to confront even the Pope when he was in sin.

  52. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Perhaps deciding to be Catholic was a call from the Lord for sure. After reading this I am reminded why I am a Catholic. And thank you also William. As a fellow convert, you express my feelings exactly in words I could not find. Thank you.

  53. Thank you for such a great post. As an adult I converted to Catholicism a few years ago. I realized then that the sacraments were powerful and efficacious even when administered by sinful men. I recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, when His divine presence was confected by sinful, broken men. And I also am so grateful for the powerful preaching of this priest, Father Corapi — how he convinced my intellect, in partnership with the Holy Spirit who was persuading my soul. I entered the church at the height of the outbreak of the child abuse scandal. The bloggers don’t seem to single out priests and bishops who amassed huge collections of kiddie porn or engaged in unspeakable acts with innocent children or sheltered those who did. And then they pile on this priest who has convinced thousands of people to cross the Tiber and meet Jesus the Lord. Becoming a Catholic, I too have felt like a “black sheep” and a “dog” — at odds with this world, with friends and family who did not understand me. And I do not really fit in with most cradle Catholics. When I read countless stories of churchmen buggering children I do not wonder if the Faith is true. But when I see so many other bloggers and Catholic news sources pile on this priest with condemnatory vitriol and scathing judgements, I have to ask myself finally: what kind of church is this? Who are these people — not Corapi, but these e-Pharisees casting stones. Come on, church: GROW UP. Pray for your priests and get back to the business of being light and salt; get focused on your own planks, not someone else’s splinters … and don’t look back. Luke 9:62

  54. For me, I’d have to say that nobody knows what is really going on, what went on, what the reason for any of this Corapi stuff is. What angers me about this is the amount of people that I know (honestly never me), who really enjoyed Fr. Corapi and his preaching who now don’t know what to think. It puts doubts in their minds about a lot of things they heard from him. And that is a shame. Last night a few of my family and I were sitting on the porch talking, and Fr. Corapi came up so we said prayers for him right there on the porch. That’s all anyone could say or do. It’s all just too bad. These are really confusing times for all of us. Just pray.

  55. There is a reading on Friday morning week I of the Divine Office from Ephesians 4:29-32 that I have been saying since Jan 1 this year, have memorized and have tried putting into practice. It fits well in this situation and many and reads as such, “Never let evil talk pass your lips. Say only the good things men need to hear, things that will really help them. Do nothing to sadden the Holy Spirit with whom you were sealed against the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, all passion and anger, harsh words, slander and malice of every kind. In place of these be kind to one another, compassionate and mutually forgiving, just as your God has forgiven you in Christ “. Nothing more need be said! Vivat Jesus.

  56. Thank you! Your words are truly Christian! The media we use today make it too easy to publish our initial reactions fueled by pride, fear and anger . I am not always successful at toning my own rhetoric to a respectable level, however, I try to remember something St. Padre Pio said before I insert foot in mouth: ” Pray, hope and don’t worry”.

  57. AMEN – I say to you – we must remember to seek the mind of Jesus – He would tell us to remember the words – “this man has done nothing wrong” and then – the reaction of the crowd.

  58. Amen! It’s everything I was thinking. I can’t put my finger on exactly when but I do remember this type of hysterical response awhile back. Christians and Christianity is under constant attack. Where is the charity? Gee, I wonder who is behind all this dissension?

  59. Are you judging me for questioning one who has set himself up as a leader and thus invited scrutiny? Judge not lest ye be judged ….

      1. True, Dan. But now, of his own free will, John Corapi has removed himself from the clergy. That, of course, does not give us reason or right to attack him, but he obviously no longer wants to be called “Father” or to function as a priest.

  60. You have put into words what I have been thinking for several days. Many are aiding and abetting darkness in this sad event by continuing to throw out chum into the water. They need to shut their pie holes and let the froth cease. This too will pass. There is a decided lack of humility all around. There is only one winner in all this.

  61. These are difficult times. People are hurting and reaching out in the only way they have to express themselves.. words. We should all be learning by now the power they contain especially because we have a constant diet of new opinions every day. The tongue is both a blessing and a curse. Thank you for this post reminding us to renew the fear of God in our hearts…and mind what we say and how we say it.
    I pray for that grace every day.
    Blessings and +PAX

  62. Please pray for Father Corapi.

    Please heed Our Lady’s messages coming from Medjugorje. You will never regret it.

  63. Me thinks that this writing was INSPIRED! – And OUR CHURCH is in need of this DISCERNMENT — We are living in Critical times, and have LOST the sense of the SACRED — We are no longer in AWE of the SACRED, because we have REPLACED it with SCIENCE, and we no longer RELATE TO A PERSONAL GOD.WHO IS TRANSCENDENT — We no longer believe in MIRACLES even when they are all around us — when I attempt to dialogue on MEDJUGORE, I am immediately halted with; “WHERE DO YOU GET THAT SUPERSTITIOUS STUFF!” — Do not be DISCOURAGED, as the YOUNG CLERICS in the SEMINARY are studying MYSTICAL THEOLOGY – where as the older generation had not had this opportunity. The older CLERICS were INFLUENCED by MODERN PSYCHOLOGY — REAL FORMATION was lacking, but I see many WISE BISHOPS who are providing the young Seminarians with this HOLISTIC FORMATION — Father John CORAPI was given the FORMATION that many of us were lacking, and he had, and has many ENEMIES who are out to DESTROY him — St Paul said that we are not fighting flesh, and blood are not

    1. Wonderfully said. The state we are in the Church was predicted by Our Lady of Garabandal: Bishop against Bishop, priest against priest…victory goes to the silent, the prayerful, the priestly. Thanks for the wisdom.

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