“When you see the great smoke arise, know that…”

When I saw the news story below, I was immediately reminded of something I vaguely recalled reading on SpiritDaily some time ago.

It turns out my memory had served me well, for the following is the prophecy; itself an update to the “1990 Prophecy” given to an anonymous seer:

“When you see the great smoke rise, Satan will have touched the earthHis manifestation will be near. He will seek to destroy what Christ has built, as Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil. In the end, the Cross will predominate, but not before the end of an era that has strayed.”

Obviously, there is always going to be some “great smoke” arising somewhere on the surface of this planet we inhabit. But there is no stretch at all in looking at the present “great smoke” on the U.S. West Cost as singularly important and, perhaps, extremely prophetically significant. The significance of this particular “great smoke” is powerfully supported even by the mainstream media outlets reporting on the matter. Of it, they have said:


Later in the same article, atmospheric scientists are quoted as saying that this smoke plume we are now seeing is:

“a solid 10,000 feet [two miles] higher than we’re typically seeing with the highest of these plumes.”

If this were an isolated incident in the prophetic world, that would be one thing. But this comes along with unprecedented civil discord, social and economic collapse, looming international conflicts, enormous discord and trial within the Church, and a pandemic response that has crippled the world unlike anything in history and seems to be preparing for the long-feared “second wave” with new and even more severe lockdowns.

At this point, it would be frankly absurd to stick one’s fingers in his ears and claim that this is just “doom and gloom fear mongering, and we can ignore it anyway because it’s just private revelation.”

We must now take seriously the possibility that this is indeed the “Great Smoke” prophesied and that it serves as the harbinger for the imminent initiation of all the long prophesied events (Chastisements, Warning, Antichrist, End of the Present Era and Initiation of the Era of Peace).


While there are so many other prophecies that, it seems, are being fulfilled before our very eyes, I’d like to close by drawing attention to what Gisella Cardia was told on September 8th, 2020:

Dear children, everything will fall, the sky will be tinged with red, the earth will shake as it has never done before. …the seas and hailstones will enter into towns and destroy crops; this is a land of sin and nature is rebelling — all this will happen so that all might kneel before God, acknowledging Him as the Only God….The time is nearly over; please, children, there is no more time, convert. … Pray for America, which will soon drink the bitter cup….

While there were already some red skies the day this message was given, it was really the very next day that saw an explosion of this phenomena in severity and scope, and headlines like the following inundate international news:

The Bay Area has seen smoke waves before, but nothing as eerie and apocalyptic as today.

All of this is to say that, right now would be a very good time to repent, get to confession, and pray like never before.