Universal Restoration

Here at last is the long awaited project!! https://youtu.be/Gtwz0mIukLQ. It is my ardent desire that this video, with your help, will reach many millions of souls, as I’ve finally managed to produce something short enough to have a chance of “going viral.” 

As I always say, and I hope you trust me that I mean it (I do) — I have no desire to promote myself; I am certainly the least worthy person in the world to be a bearer of this earth-shattering message of the Divine Will, and if there was any video already out there promoting it that was 1) Under 10 minutes, 2) Geared towards introducing people who know nothing about it, 3) At least somewhat professional and engaging, 4) Up-to-date with the most important recent information (e.g. the publication of The Sun of My Will), 5) Focusing on what is most inspiring and fundamental in the message ….  then, instead of making my own video, I’d just be promoting that one. (I sure didn’t want to have to make this: it was an enormous labor of love for me to learn and undertake the video editing, get the software, compile the countless clips,acquire the stock footage and audio, film other footage, etc.) But since I know of no such video in existence, I figured I had to make it myself.

Please remember: all of the calls of Heaven are utterly urgent, but the ultimate key to them all is precisely these revelations on the Divine Will entrusted to The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. It is the Divine Will that gives infinite power to the various devotions and practices that Heaven is asking of us (e.g. the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Fasting, Consecration to and Devotion to the Holy Family). It is only these revelations to Luisa on the Divine Will that not only speak of the coming Era, but, moreso, through the very power of the proclamation of the revelations themselves, bring about that Era – first in the hearts of individual believers, and soon over the whole world. 

If you want the Chastisements to be mitigated as much as possible and the Era of Peace to come as quickly as possible (and, along with it, the Salvation and Sanctification of souls — which of course is always our ultimate goal), then the single thing you can do to most powerfully and rapidly ensure that these goals are attained is to proclaim the Divine Will. With this video, I hope, there is finally something that has a shot at this very proclamation “going viral.” If this proclamation does go viral — and it’s up to you to make that happen — then I assure you, you can just watch God operate in the world more astoundingly than you ever thought possible. Today. 

What you can do to help:

  • Please click on the link above (or again here) to open the video within YouTube itself so that you can give it a “thumbs up” (that is, a “like”) and perhaps make a comment as well. This will help YouTube’s algorithms promote it more
  • Post it to social media!! I have no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., so I’m relying on you guys to get this “trending” on these platforms!
  • Email it out to people
  • Please don’t feel pressured to do this, but if you like, you can donate. The Divine Will shall primarily spread not by money, but by souls filled with love and zeal proclaiming it. That being said, paid promotion doesn’t hurt, and thanks to some donations I received recently (a special thanks to Janette, Joanne, and Teresa!) I was able to afford some stock footage and I’m finally able to afford to do a little paid promotion. If you’d like to contribute to that promotion, I’ll assume that any donations made via the link above for the next few days are earmarked for the promotion of this video (unless otherwise noted). Note: the donation will say it’s going to “St Joseph Mechanical Solutions LLC” or perhaps to my wife, Regina’s, email address. But that’s actually just my paypal account and I’ll indeed use the donation to promote this video. Again, here’s the link to donate if you’d like to do that

Perhaps a few people who are already well acquainted with Luisa and who watch this video may be tempted to take issue with what it leaves out. Indeed, in this video I do not focus on the Chastisements, or on the more difficult aspects of Living in the Divine Will. Please understand that we must proclaim the Divine Will with what is especially inspiring about it. I have not been at all quiet about all the other aspects of the message: just see my free eBook, The Crown of Sanctity, if you need to be reassured of that. But consider, for example, the matter of proclaiming even the Faith itself: no wise evangelist proclaims the Gospel by first delineating a detailed and rigorous explanation of all the virtues one must have to fully live the Gospel, nor does he lead by quoting the many strong condemnations of various vices one finds throughout the New Testament, or the apocalyptic discourses of Our Lord in the Gospel of Luke that prophecy the great trials. Rather, any wise evangelist begins his proclamation with the kerygma — that is, announcing the saving power of Jesus Christ in His Incarnation and Redemption. So too, in proclaiming the Divine Will, we must lead with the most exciting and inspiring fundamentals of the message: the fact that the greatest sanctity possible — which brings along with it perfect and uninterrupted love, joy, and peace — is now available for the asking, and that the universal reign of this very sanctity, which is none other than the fulfillment of the Our Father prayer itself, is about to dawn upon the whole world… as soon as enough people want it and ask for it. 

This is the most astounding message one can comprehend; it is the greatest possible news imaginable, and it just so happens to be completely and irrefutably true. In proclaiming it, Jesus wants us to take advantage of how groundbreaking and earth shattering this message is. TAKE HIM UP ON THAT OFFER!

Let’s make sure that every person on the planet has seen this video.


PS: Although creating it cost me dearly (in money, time, and effort), I don’t make a penny off of this video being watched. I’ve completely disabled YouTube’s “Monetization” feature for my channel, so no ads should ever appear with it. If they do, they were put there by YouTube without my approval (they sometimes find ways to sneak ads in there unfortunately). 

PSS: Yes, although there is much stock footage, my own 4 kids also had their acting debut in this video ;-)