Thy Will Be Done – Bulk Paperback Orders, etc.

Thank you so much for your interest in a bulk order of Thy Will Be Done!

You are free to do whatever you please with these orders: distribute them freely, mail them out, or sell them anywhere you like for whatever price you like.

To place an order, you’ll need to use the Google Form to tell me where the books should be sent, and the PayPal button to send in a donation to cover the expenses (that’s all I ask for with these orders — I make no royalty/profit off of them at all). If there’s any technical issues with anything below, then just email me and we can sort that out and arrange the order via email.

If the Google Form isn’t showing up below, you can access it with this link. If the paypal buttons aren’t showing up below, you can send the donation in with this link. (The overall amount I need to cover the costs is at least $6.5 per copy for orders of fewer than 100, and at least $6.25 per copy for orders of 100 or more.) Note: although I use paypal to accept the donations, you do not need a paypal account to send in the donation; all you need is any credit or debit card. These donations will go to “St. Joseph Mechanical Solutions, LLC,” or to my wife’s email address. Don’t worry: that’s my account!

Unfortunately I am not usually able to access tracking information for these orders until they’ve practically arrived at your door, so you’re usually best off just waiting the full 3 weeks before inquiring about the status if you haven’t received them. But if you are very much in need of tracking info (perhaps if you’ll be out of town— though I won’t be able to make any modifications to the delivery date for you, so you’d need to contact UPS for that after I give you the tracking #), then you can contact me for it 10 days after placing the order.

I try to stay on top of this and place the order as soon as I get the request — and once I’ve done so, refunds/returns are, unfortunately, not usually possible. But I can indeed refund/cancel the order if you get in touch with me fast enough requesting that.

Thank you so much for your interest in distributing this book, and may God bless you abundantly!! May His Kingdom come!!

Please use the button below to send in the donation: ($6.5 x # of copies for 40-99 copies, $6.25 x # of copies for 100 or more)

Please use the form below to submit shipping information and quantity being ordered.

Update February 2022: In order to temporarily decrease my administrative duties workload, I’m currently only doing bulk orders for 40+ copies; if you want less than that amount, please use Amazon directly. (If you want to place a bulk order to be delivered outside the U.S., then please email me how many copies you want and what the shipping address is, and I can get you a quote. )

I’ll send you an email once I’ve placed the order — if you don’t hear from me within a few days of submitting the request and donation, please reach out again. Thanks!