Thank you for your interest in inviting me to speak! I am truly honored.

Between being there for my family (child number 4 is on the way!), teaching my college courses (most semesters I have basically a full-time teaching load), and taking my PhD courses (part time but still intense), it’s unfortunately not possible for me to accept all speaking requests.  But if you may be interested in having me come out to speak, please reach out anyway! Hopefully I will be able to come out, but at the minimum — even if I cannot come out this time — I’ll put you on a list of people to get back to if my schedule opens up in the near future (as an adjunct, I am not guaranteed a certain number of courses each semester, and if I get no courses or a light course-load on a given semester, I can use that as an opportunity to travel to speak more). And even if you have no specific plans for an event/conference, but would just in general like to have me come out to speak at some yet-to-be determined time, you can still reach out and I can put you on that list. 

As it currently stands (early 2020), I usually have to squeeze my travels into weekends, as I get virtually no time off from work. In the summer, however (mid May to the end of August), I always have Fridays off. Also, I cannot plan any significant travels for March/April 2020. 

If you’d like to get in touch with me to discuss a potential speaking engagement, feel free! (email address on right side bar or use form below). Please let me know the location/dates/event-type/anticipated turnout/topics to be covered/other speakers/anything else that might be useful for me to know. A few notes regarding such engagements:


  • My general policy is to not charge to speak on the Divine Will. This is simply too important to risk sullying with monetary motives!! I cannot afford to pay my own way to travel, though, so I will need to have travel expenses covered before hand. If flying, I’ll need to receive the ticket cost before purchasing it. (Regarding plane ticket costs: please note that I am very reliable and God has blessed me with very good health. To date, I have never once missed a speaking engagement. That being said, I do not know the future, and obviously it is always possible that some emergency will arise preventing me from coming out. I cannot afford to refund plane ticket purchases from my own money, so please let me know if you want the extra money spent on a refundable ticket.)

Travel details:

  • If an overnight stay is necessary, I am happy to stay at a host family’s house, a rectory/friary/etc., or a hotel/motel (anything is fine in that regard; no need for anything fancy)
  • If the event is within a several hours’ drive of Albany, NY, [including anywhere in PA, NY, New England, as well as Washington DC, Toronto, Montreal, Cleveland]  then I will drive to it (and my driving expenses will probably amount to around 30 cents a mile); otherwise, I will fly — I prefer to fly out of Albany International Airport, so you can feel free to peruse flights out of there beforehand if you like, in order to see what schedules may be possible. 

Talk details:

  • Do indeed give me guidelines regarding what you’d like me to cover in my talks. But also keep in mind that I probably won’t have time to write brand-new talks from scratch (although you can certainly run anything by me). One guideline is that if it’s a topic I covered in depth in The Crown of Sanctity (see link on the right hand side bar), then it’s probably fair game for me to give a talk on. I am particularly happy to speak on the Divine Will (the revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta) and the Divine Mercy (the revelations of Jesus to St. Faustina). I am also happy to cover more philosophical items (e.g. philosophical proofs for God’s existence, Catholic apologetics)

Documentation etc.: