Thank you for your interest in inviting me to speak! I am truly honored.

Note: Most of the items below apply to in-person speaking engagements. If you are interested in having Daniel on your Webcast/Podcast/Radio show/etc., or in having him present via remote video at a conference, please use this form instead.

(And please accept my apologies for pestering you with requests to fill out forms! Hopefully these will be pretty quick and easy to fill out, though. It’s just me arranging all this — no secretary, no staff, no non-profits doing the admin. work for me! And these forms really help me stay organized and not mix up details from various engagements.)

Between being there for my family (we have 4 kids age 8 and under, and a fifth on the way!), teaching my college courses (though I’m an adjunct, most semesters I have basically a full-time teaching load), and taking my PhD courses (part time but still intense), it’s unfortunately not always possible for me to fulfill all speaking requests.  But if you may be interested in having me come out to speak, please reach out! Hopefully I will indeed have an opening and sufficient availability to come out for your desired event. You can email me your request if you like, but ideally, I’d prefer if you’d use the form below. Please remember that the longer I’d have to be gone, the less likely I’ll be able to make it. I am more likely to be able to make it to events I can drive or fly to (from Albany, NY) without needing to stay overnight or at least only needing to stay one night. The events that I can most likely make are those within a 4 hour drive from Albany, NY, wherein all my speaking would be on a single day. The most difficult types of events for me to fit in are multi-day parish retreats where I would be slated to give talks over the course of more than two days.

Note: In anticipation of Baby #5’s arrival, I am not scheduling any additional talks for October or November 2022 (unless, possibly, they are an easy drive from Albany, NY. Either way, though, any talks scheduled for November might have to be cancelled depending upon when exactly the baby decides to come! So I am probably better off speaking remotely if you’d like me to speak that month.)

A few notes first

Travel details:

  • If the event is within a 9 or so hour drive of Albany, NY,  then I will likely drive to it (and my driving expenses will probably amount to around 35 cents a mile); otherwise, I would in most cases prefer to fly — I prefer to fly out of Albany International Airport, so you can feel free to peruse flights out of there beforehand if you like, in order to see what schedules may be possible based on available flights. (If, however, a nonstop flight is available from Hartford CT [Bradley International] but not Albany International, then I’d prefer to fly out of Hartford. I’d rather not fly out of NYC/Newark.). I cannot afford to pay my own expenses to give talks, so I’ll need all travel expenses paid before I purchase the plane ticket (or, if driving, before I begin travelling.)
  • God has blessed me with very good health and I have always been able to be reliable with talks. To date, I have not missed a single talk that I was scheduled to give. That said, I do not know the future, and obviously it is always possible that some sickness, family emergency, or new Covid-related mandate/restriction (see below) could prevent me from being able to come out to a scheduled talk. If that does happen, I can’t afford to reimburse plane ticket prices, etc., out of my own pocket. So if you want the extra money spent on a fully refundable plane ticket, please make sure to indicate that.
  • I cannot travel anywhere (or visit any venue) that requires visitors to be vaccinated against Covid-19. I am also very hesitant to travel anywhere that requires Covid-19 testing for arrival or departure. If you live in such a place and are interested in having me speak, we’re better off with sticking to a remote event until the relevant mandates/restrictions are lifted.

Talk details:

  • Do indeed give me guidelines regarding what you’d like me to cover in my talks. But also keep in mind that I probably won’t have time to write brand-new talks from scratch (although you can certainly run anything by me). So those who have already heard me speak are likely to hear some repetition! One guideline is that if it’s a topic I covered in depth in my big 2019 book, The Crown of Sanctity (see link on the right hand side bar), then it’s probably fair game for me to give a talk on. I am particularly happy to speak on the Divine Will (the revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta) and the Divine Mercy (the revelations of Jesus to St. Faustina), end times prophecy, and certainly anything discussed in my most recent book (Thy Will Be Done).

Documentation etc.:

Request Form

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