On Godless Bondage

  1. I am honored to have recently 1) Been interviewed on In His Name Catholic radio (show archived here), 2) Given a Zoom talk at the launch of a new Divine Will bookstore in the UK (here)   3) Spoken at events in Ohio and New Jersey (if I am able to, I’ll upload those talks to my YouTube channel)
  2. I put up a new video on my YouTube channel: Last Chance for America. If any of its segments feel a bit awkwardly strung together, I’ll openly confess to you now that I shot that video for something else, but didn’t use it then, and so repurposed it for promoting the book.
  3. For weeks, I’ve been pummeled with correspondence regarding my clarification in Fr. Michel’s last message (some quite angry at me!). Please remember that my only purpose in issuing the clarification was to ensure that, due to the ambiguity of the wording, no one wrongly supposed that the message implied Joseph was not celibate or had other wives before/besides Mary. I’m aware of the revelations to Venerable Agreda and Blessed Emmerich and I do believe in them; both, indeed, are in agreement on this point. This, however, brings up another important point: Agreda and Emmerich, though both authentic, do contradict each other on some matters; so, clearly, at least one of them is in error in some cases! Therefore, care is advised even there, but I take a particularly careful approach to living seers and I’ll never refrain from issuing clarifications if and when I feel they are called for. Catholic Orthodoxy –  in accord with Public Revelation – is our absolute standard, now and always, and I’ll always filter everything through that. Whoever finds that approach of mine scandalous, and is just looking for an author who will blindly accept every single item from every alleged seer, will have to look elsewhere.

Yesterday I came across two announcements whose timing could not have been more fitting.

First, the October 25th, 2021 message from Our Lady at Medjugorje:

Medjugorje MessageSecond, this policy announcement from yet another diocese in Canada:

2021-10-26 12_32_13-DioceseGF_VaxPassport_15Oct21final.pdf _ - Foxit PDF Reader2021-10-26 12_34_57-DioceseGF_VaxPassport_15Oct21final.pdf _ - Foxit PDF Reader(This announcement was posted on the website for the Cathedral of the Diocese: immaculateconceptionparish.ca The PDF itself can be found here, though it may be difficult to open)

The following screenshot is taken directly from the Cathedral website’s main page. Just to verify, in case anyone is wondering, this is the Catholic Church… in Canada – not a prison camp … in North Korea:Canadian Catholic Mass Restrictions
If this isn’t the Infrastructure of the Antichrist, then please tell me, what is?

If we aren’t, right now, one small step away from the literal Mark of the Beast itself, then what conditions do you have in mind as immediately preceding its introduction?

With each passing day, it is becoming harder and harder to deny that the time of the long-prophesied events is upon us. This most recent message from Medjugorje is yet another example. As anyone who has followed Medjugorje knows, it is not exactly another Gisella Cardia or Fr. Michel. That is, Medjugorje messages are usually very spiritual, basic, and generally refrain from what a critic would call “commentary.” Here, however, we see them clearly speaking of precisely what is going on in both the Church and the world with these Godless “bonds,” that is, the restraints which both secular and religious authorities are placing upon us and with which they are trampling underfoot our civil and religious rights. This tells discerning minds that something is changing

Note that the Diocesan Decree pictured above requires not only “vaccination” with an abortion-tainted experimental gene therapy simply in order to be allowed into Church for Mass, but also an Electronic QR Code, which will itself be scanned with a government smartphone app (“NLVaxVerify”) and automatically compared to an official database.

As I’ve said it recently, I won’t describe again here the utterly diabolical nature of these bonds that are being placed upon us, merely to have the ability to attend Mass. Instead, what I want to point out today is how significant it is that no longer will a vaccination card suffice. Though it was rationalized as a mere resolution to a security issue (as most of the forthcoming developments also will be) presented by fake vaccine cards, this was the entire plan from the beginning. It is all about setting up the Infrastructure of the Antichrist. As I speculated previously, once almost everyone has the “vaccine passport” or something similar on their smartphones, there perhaps will be some orchestrated cyber-attack which itself will “require” a new technology to address it – namely, a chip in the right hand. (And, yes, the digital currency/bitcoin paradigm shift will also be a catalyst.) We are getting very close to that point. 

Do not, therefore, let your spiritual guard down. Heed the Call for the Endurance of the Saints

The times will only become harder, but you must know that grace will increase in proportion to the difficulty, therefore have no fear at all. Or, rather, increase in the outpouring of God’s grace will far surpass the continued deterioration of societal conditions.

Such times as these, which we are so blessed to be alive during, are the envy of saints! Treat them as such, and you will build up incomprehensible treasures in Heaven, hasten the Coming of the Kingdom of God, and save more souls around you than you ever thought possible. 

Fail to treat them as such – perhaps by placing your heart’s desire not in salvation and sanctification but rather in a worldly “return to normalcy” and a concomitant willingness to do whatever it takes to “get life back to normal” – and you will soon find yourself on the dark side. And I mean soon. Before we know it, there will be no middle ground left, and all the lukewarm souls who formerly occupied it will be described well by the latter portion of C.S. Lewis’s famous dichotomy presented in The Weight of Glory:

The dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship, or else a horror and a corruption such as you now meet, if at all, only in a nightmare.

All day long we are, in some degree, helping each other to one or other of these destinations.