“No Retreat” post announcements

As usual, a few announcements first. (If you’re as tired of my announcements as I am of the post-Mass but pre-final-blessing hold-the-congregation-hostage announcements at a certain nearby parish, then you can feel free to skip to the article below!)

    • Now that I’ve written a couple books on the Divine Will, I am dedicating my efforts, moving forward, to generating smaller and easier materials to invite people into this Gift and very briefly introduce it. I’ve made a 27 minute youtube video here, and a small 1 minute teaser-trailer here. (Embedded below as well)
      • But my real hope is to soon produce a more polished and professional video 5-10 minutes long. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you’d like to be notified when that comes out.
    • I’ve made a new website: www.DivineWill247.com. This site contains a continuous live stream (all day every day) of an audiobook of Jesus’ revelations to Luisa. Not sure what to do with yourself at any given moment? Just click, sit back, listen, and grow holy. 
    • Do you have any postcard stamps sitting around collecting dust? Send them to me! We are currently mailing out postcards promoting the Divine Will, so you can rest assured that your postcard stamps will be put to good use. Currently, postcards require 35 cents of postage. But any stamp in the 30-35 cent range would be helpful. You can mail them to me at:
      • Daniel O’Connor PO Box 10852 Albany, NY 12201
      • (Please also email me if you do this so I know to check my PO Box)
    • I have been informed of some errors on Luz de Maria in my books. First: Although she spends much time in Argentina (where also the bishop resides who approved her revelations), she is actually Costa Rican. Also, I have been told that she has 4 children, not 8; and that she does not have a son who is a priest (her son who was a seminarian, sadly, died as a deacon before his ordination to the priesthood). I apologize for and regret the errors.
    • Mark Mallett’s blog has always been excellent, but he’s really been on fire recently. Please follow his blog! If you want a good place to start, this post of his should succeed in educating anyone who has hitherto been mislead on the status of Luisa and her writings
    • If you are looking for a good movie to watch (and are an adult who is not faint of heart), please see To End All Wars.I just watched this movie at my father’s recommendation, and it is amazing. Now I must ask: Why is it that I have read every “best Catholic movies” list out there, and had never heard of this movie? It is as edifying as they come. Meanwhile, these “Catholic movie lists” (Including the famous “Vatican movie list”) readily recommend all sorts of utter trash. Let us not ignore the true Christ stories that inundate actual history and are, indeed, retold in a number of movies. (This is the same point I made years ago when I recommended Hacksaw Ridge and Beyond the Gates. Similarly, I recommend The Professor and the Madman). 

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