New Evangelization Cards! (And some other announcements/issues)

Due to the incredible generosity of C (keeping her anonymous according to her wishes!), I’ve been able to order a very large new batch of Evangelization Cards. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as we just ran out of the last batch. With this same donation, I was also able to buy a large amount of postage. What that means for those of you looking for another way to proclaim the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will in these remaining last few moments before the sun fully sets on the Time of Mercy is that all you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll happily mail you a small batch of them! No need to even donate, as both the printing and shipping costs have been covered by the donation from this generous person. 

(Note: I’m working on this problem, but in the meantime, my blog’s new layout annoyingly compresses the width of “posts” into a narrow format; if you’d prefer to see this same exact article as a wider “page,” click here).

We’ve updated the design of the cards this time around. Here is the front and the back. Remember, these are business card sized:

So if you would like a batch of about 100 of these cards to evangelize with, feel free to place a request. Depending upon how many requests we get, I can’t absolutely promise that we’ll be able to fulfill them all… but we — my wife and I, that is — will try our best! Unfortunately we currently can only mail these within the United States. 

If you want a very large amount , please email me (email address on the right hand sidebar of this website). I may be able to mail you a box of 5,000, if you are sure you’ll be able to use them soon (e.g. if you have a few dozen people who would each like a hundred or so cards to pass out)

This same donor’s generosity has allowed me to make a bulk purchase of copies of the Crown of History (since it’s self published, I don’t get a publisher giving me a bunch of free author copies!), which we will soon begin mailing out copies of to various people around the country I’d like to introduce to the Divine Will. If you’d like a copy of the Crown of History, but for whatever reason haven’t been able to get one, then you can fill out the form below. Also, if you know of someone who really should be introduced to the Divine Will because he or she would really be able to help get the message out there to many more people, then you can also put that person’s name/address in the form (it will remain absolutely secret — I’ll never share the name/address). As with the form above, I can’t absolutely promise that all these requests will be fulfilled; but we’ll do our best! 

PS: In Today’s Medjugorje message, we have yet another promise that Our Lady will Triumph; not merely in a few souls here and there, but over the whole earth




Well, since I’m writing a post anyway, I might as well drone on about some things! 

Circumstances have required me to touch on several important topics, which I address below in the following order. Each topic’s headline is in an extra-large font, so although this is a long post, you should be able to quickly and easily just scroll down to find what you like.

  1. Recent videos on Countdown to the Kingdom of which I had no part

  2. Fr. Michel’s Prophecies and October 2020/Fall 2020

  3. I do not encourage or promote “Blessed Grapes”

  4. Against the rampant erroneous “Mind Control” fears (e.g. Intellect/Will being controlled by, and new memories being implanted by 5G/injections/vaccines/whatever else) now terrorizing the faithful

  5. On DNA

  6. Bill Gates and other Conspiracy Theories

  7. Please stay away from the messages of “Voice and Echo of the Divine Messengers” (

Recent CTTK/QPM Videos:

I’ve received a number of emails from readers concerned about the last couple videos that went up on CTTK in-between the last two webcasts I did with Mark Mallett (one of which is no longer on CTTK). Please remember what I said here on this blog some time ago, which is also contained in the Responses to My Critics ( page: I wholeheartedly endorse CTTK and strongly support its mission, but I am just one of 4 contributors to it, and I kindly ask that readers not assume that just because something is posted on CTTK, that I myself am personally 100% standing behind it. 

I’d especially ask that readers know that I have nothing to do with any claims pertaining to alternative medicine or naturopathy of any sort, “blessed grapes,” alleged Coronavirus remedies/prevention measures, essential oils, or the more “out there” conspiracy theories one may find in some videos on QPM (Queen of Peace Media) not created by me (while I am indeed a CTTK contributor, I am not associated with QPM).

Fr. Michel:

I’m sorry to pester you with yet another announcement on this, but as we now stand on the cusp of the long awaited October 2020 (during which Fr. Michel says there will be “great” events, whereas during Fall 2020 in general Fr. Michel says the Chastisements — the Purification — will begin), I feel I should reiterate the same-old-same-old:

Please do NOT go doing anything imprudent on the pretense of “But Fr. Michel says _____.” As I’ve always said, I think we should take him seriously — but not assume his prophecies are authentic, much less necessarily fully accurate. I am not convinced one way or the other, though until the events themselves reveal whether Fr. Michel’s prophecies are authentic or not, I’ll gladly defend him against unjust criticisms in the meantime. Above all, even if refuges are real — and I think they are — do not adopt a “refuge mentality.” That is survivalism, which is a sin. Fr. Michel himself certainly has not advocated for this. All he’s saying is get 3 months of food — simple common sense says as much. The refuges are already built, he’s saying. Don’t go deciding you have to build one unless God has clearly told you to do so! Don’t stop paying your bills! Don’t stop doing your job! Keep doing everything God has already called you to do!! Don’t decide you need to now become a farmer or turn your whole yard into a chicken coup just so that you’re “ready” for what’s coming! (That won’t make you ready anyway, it will just clutter up your life and distract you from your calling.) First of all, Fr. Michel himself is not contradicting any of this advice; secondly, we cannot be certain he is an authentic prophet anyway. 

Now that I’ve said that, let me say what’s even more important: Don’t just assume Fr. Michel is wrong, either!! If the long-prophesied events do begin this Fall, then at that time, deciding to complain, “But Dr. ____ and Bishop ____ spoke against Fr. Michel!!” won’t do you any good. I am not convinced Fr. Michel’s prophecies are authentic; but they might well be. And this much I can confidently say: immediately before the long-prophesied events hit (i.e. Chastisements, Warning, Antichrist), God will send the Church another prophet with another private revelation, giving more details on what is coming — due to the utter imminence of the events — than He has given before. That prophet, whoever he will be, will certainly be opposed by many big voices in the Church and many in the hierarchy. Is that prophet Fr. Michel? I don’t know. Discern that for yourself. But he might be.  

For those on the fence regarding the question of whether to take Fr. Michel seriously (not on the question of whether he’s a true prophet — you could say I’m also “on the fence” on that question), allow me to remind you that, in 2019 — in accordance with what he was allegedly prophetically shown — Fr. Michel said to be sure to get to Confession before 2020. I can only imagine how many souls were saved by taking that prophetically grounded admonition before they lost their chance to get to confession once the lockdowns hit in early 2020 — and, tragically, I can only imagine how many souls were lost by refusing to take that time-sensitive prophetic admonition. In 2019, Fr. Michel said that, come 2020, he was not to leave the continent. Hmm. People laughed at him then, just as they’re laughing at him now. In 2019, before anyone had heard of Coronavirus, Fr. Michel said to celebrate Christmas of that year well, as it would be the last normal one. Hmmm. (Today, not even the most optimistic voices out there are saying that we’ll be back to normal by Christmas of this year).  

So….NOW!… repent, go to confession, consecrate yourself, your family, and your home to the holy family, pray the Rosary every day, and remain in a State of Grace. 

(And get 3 months of food.)

Blessed Grapes: 

I am aware that Luz de Maria mentions “blessed grapes” (and even once seemed to refer to “mind control,” which I’ll address below).  I think that Luz is authentic, but, as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t go so far as to say 100% of her messages are 100% supernatural in every single solitary claim contained within them. I suspect some human subjectivity has innocently made its way in there, so I do not necessarily absolutely stand behind something just because it’s briefly mentioned in one of her messages (instead, I especially focus on heeding the “main thrust” of her messages: the urgent need for our spiritual response in light of the imminent Chastisements, Warning, and Era of Peace). 

When it comes to promoting “blessed grapes,” something tells me that Heaven has better things in mind for the Faithful — in those messages it authentically, directly, and fully inspires — than for them to spend their time pestering their busy priests to have them bless their grapes and then rubbing grapes together to “transfer the blessing” from one to another. Furthermore, the genesis of this particular practice traces its origins, not to Luz de Maria, but to a condemned apparition (one we do not have on CTTK). 

Now, yes, I do support some prudent physical preparation. Get 3 months of simple food (perhaps some 50 pound bags of white rice and a bunch of peanut butter, which is very cheap and easy, will last years and years and you can easily consume or donate later if nothing happens in the upcoming months!), and get it now. That’s just common sense. But in my humble and fallible opinion, you’ll be just fine if you don’t decide to make time in your busy schedule to engage in a grape rubbing routine. 

If the Church’s condemnation of the particular apparition (from which the “blessed grapes” practice originates) is overturned, then I’ll reconsider my hesitation with “blessed grapes.” It’s not as if there’s anything wrong with the practice. But in the meantime, I, for one, can’t say I plan to engage in this practice, and I certainly don’t have any part in promoting it.

Mind control, etc.

But “blessed grapes” is a relatively minor issue; if you really want to go rubbing grapes together, knock yourself out.

( I must now go into more detail regarding what I touched upon two posts ago in my “Mark of the Beast” article.

Update: I myself have MANY grave concerns about the forthcoming vaccine, 5G, microchips, Bill Gates’ initiatives, and all sorts of similar issues. My point is not to reject all such concerns or to argue that these things are safe and moral — far from it! My point here is merely to refute those particular concerns that are unfounded and even damaging to our Faith)

Here, however, is what you musn’t ever do: you mustn’t ever allow any conspiracy theory or alleged private revelation to beguile you into supposing there is such a thing as “mind control” and that, correspondingly, you need be worried that some vaccine, microchip, 5G tower, or any other technology is going to “inject memories into your mind,” determine your will and intellect and sublimate it into itself so as to cause your very beliefs themselves to change. 

I cannot overstate how much of an utter tragedy it is that so many of the Faithful today are rejecting their God given right to a deep and invincible interior trust and peace and an absolute absence of all fear for the sake of fretting about this or that vaccine-related conspiracy theory, or whatever else. 

These “mind control” assertions are — theologically, philosophically, logically, scientifically, and technologically — bankrupt and absurd. But they are much worse than merely erroneous; they are incredibly spiritually dangerous. And oh how ironic it is to succumb to these incredibly spiritually dangerous premises under the pretense of avoiding spiritual danger!!

(An aside: some people who speak of “mind control” don’t literally mean “mind control” at all; they are instead  simply using the term figuratively as a reference to the powerful effects of propaganda, brainwashing, programs of psychological conditioning — perhaps supplemented by psychopathic physiological initiatives, groupthink, mob mentality, and on the list goes with many similar things. These are legitimate concerns and I am not addressing them in this article. In this article, I am addressing those who are saying that absolutely literal full-blown “mind control” — the overriding subversion of intellect/memory/will to an external technological source of direction — is now happening or about to happen through coronavirus vaccines, 5G towers, or whatever else. Some also may protest, “but what about hypnosis!” First of all, I am not convinced there is such a thing — I am inclined to regard it as a placebo effect only operative in those who want it to work and, in some way, even if somewhat subconsciously, decide to play along; though I haven’t researched the matter enough to speak confidently on it. But even if there is such a thing as legitimate hypnosis, then its effects are certainly wrought, not by human effort, but by the intercession of demons. This is one reason why it is essential that you never, for any reason, submit to “hypnosis.” Not even for the best of intents — e.g. overcoming addiction.)

Many commentators have recently written well, regarding the present distress surrounding the world’s response to Coronavirus, that fear is the name of the game: that many of the nefarious elite who operate behind the scenes are hoping to use this as their golden opportunity to instill dread fear in the hearts of people throughout the world so that they will more readily submit to the even more evil plans that are about to be unveiled and foisted upon us.

And that analysis, I think, is absolutely correct. 

But how ironic it is that the same people who sometimes are the ones to accurately assess this very danger are themselves some of the primary promoters of it!! For they are the ones seeding a type of fear in the hearts of the Faithful that their Faith is actually an absolute safeguard against (if only the Faithful let it be just that!), by arguing that technology will soon do (or is now doing) what no technology will ever be able to do, and which not even the Devil himself can do! 

Indeed, the devil — and evil men who heed his direction — much prefers us to overestimate his power. If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled on the world is convincing the worldly that he doesn’t exist, then the greatest trick he pulls on the devout Faithful is beguiling them into supposing his power is vastly greater than it actually is. And this is doubly true with the nefarious plots behind certain modern technologies.

As Jesus says to Luisa:

“… the devil is the most cowardly creature that can exist, and a contrary act, a contempt, a prayer, are enough to make him flee.  In fact, these acts render him even more cowardly than he is, and in order not to bear that confusion, as soon as he sees the soul resolute in not wanting to pay attention to his cowardice, he flees terrified.” March 25, 1908

Just as the devil wants us to vastly overestimate his power, so too he wants us to vastly overestimate the power of those men who operate under his influence.

Now, the very moment you reject the fact that your Intellect, Memory, and Will are essentially spiritual powers of your soul that exist on an infinitely higher plane than any technology could ever touch because God Himself has endowed the soul with this integrity… your Faith itself has just undergone a type of death.

I know well the attempts at refutations of these facts. Yes, these spiritual powers of your soul each have corresponding neurochemical phenomena that follow them — and neurochemical phenomena that can sometimes trigger, but not generate and direct, thoughts/memories/etc. (consider how much a certain smell can trigger a certain memory; but it does not follow that the simple chemical that constitutes the smell is itself the cause of the memory or gives to your mind the substance of that memory itself!) Yes, the operation of these spiritual powers in the material plane can be seriously inhibited or distorted by neurochemical phenomena (e.g. dementia, drug abuse, brain damage, etc.). But these spiritual powers themselves can never be directed and controlled by any neurochemical phenomena, because intellect/memory/will/mind are absolutely not themselves neurochemical phenomena! To say they are is, as I noted in a previous post, to assert materialism, which is essentially atheism. When we succumb to conspiracy theories that implicitly suppose that they are neurochemical phenomena, it is not an exaggeration to say that our Faith has, indeed, died in some respect.

The reason is clear and straightforward: Faith is an act of the Will commanding the Intellect to submit to a truth known in the Memory.

This three-linked chain that Faith is cannot survive without each of its links. And do you realize what you’ve just done if you, for example, entertain the possibility that your memories might not be your memories?

Your Faith just underwent a death in that very act of so entertaining. A drop of poison poisons the whole cup. You’ve just questioned God’s goodness by undermining the God-given power that memory enjoys, in its ability to serve as a legitimate foundation for bonafide Supernatural Faith. 

You really think it’s possible for new memories to be injected into your mind by technology? Then how, dear soul pondering this, do you know that your existing memories — upon which your necessary-for-salvation Faith in Christ is now built — aren’t already themselves the result of some lie technologically injected into your mind?

Because you don’t recall that having happened?  Well that is a logically useless attempt. If technology can have direct access to your memory and put new memories in your mind, then for all you know your existing memories are just lies injected into you — including Christianity itself and all the tenets thereof — and all the memories you lack are lacking not because they pertain to events that didn’t happen, but merely because they were likewise technologically extracted from you. Or is your defense the supposition that the technology will soon be here, but “isn’t there just yet”? That is equally logically useless. For all you know, under your memory-integrity-questioning premises, that knowledge of the present state of affairs is itself just another false memory injected into your mind.

In a word: if it is even possible for memory to be categorically untrusted under any scenario, then your memory even now must not be trusted. But in order to have Faith, and thereby attain salvation, you must trust your memory. Therefore, the Faithful who desire to attain salvation must not so much as entertain the possibility that memory might ever lose its inherent God-given sovereignty.

Of course, science fiction and psychological thrillers have already explored these topics related to “what if our memories aren’t actually our memories” somewhat interestingly. And that seems to be exactly the problem with even the Christian conspiracy theorists pushing these ideas: they’ve spent far too little time with textbook in hand, learning the science and far too much time plopped down on a couch with remote control in hand watching the science fiction. Some of these conspiracy theorists even openly appeal to the Matrix, as if the absurdities posited in that admittedly entertaining movie give the grounds for a proper philosophical anthropology (that is, a proper understanding of human nature).

I am not seeking to tranquilize you and encourage you to suppose you can safely sign up for whatever technological ploy is coming down the pipeline for the world. It may well be the Mark of the Beast. Whatever you do, do NOT EVER get a chip implanted into your right hand or forehead. Death would be preferable. In fact, please don’t get any chip implanted into you anywhere

My entire motivation for presenting this argument is to confirm and strengthen my readers in the Faith, for what lies ahead. For I am convinced that among the greatest means of diabolical control we will see soon arising in the world is not merely what technology itself can do to us… but, as I said, the fear that comes with what people think technology might do to us; a fear which the powers that be will take full advantage of by appealing to their technological prowess and flaunting their false marvels. Your defense against these diabolical ploys will not be found in how deeply you’ve dug into the viral conspiracy theories. Your defense against these diabolical ploys, rather, will be your Faith in Christ. 

Without that Faith — which cannot exist unless it is built upon your spiritual powers of intellect, memory, and will –, the devil and the world will tear you apart like warm bread.

With that Faith, and with that alone, you are truly invincible.

So, Do Not Fear!

This admonition is among the most repeated throughout Scripture, Magisterium, Sacred Tradition, and Private Revelation. It is absolutely certain. You, dear soul who loves God, must NEVER fear.

And yet, if “mind control” really were a possibility, then here is what you absolutely must do: BE TERRIFIED. Yes, you must be scared out of your wits and stop at nothing to flee from any exposure to it.

There is no use responding, “No, even then I will not fear, because Jesus loves me!”

Well and good. Jesus does indeed love you. He also loves everyone on the face of the planet and everyone who has ever lived; many of whom are now being tormented in hell and will continue to be for all eternity.

God’s love for you is only one side of the coin regarding why you must never fear: the other side is that you love Him back.

But love is an act of the will. If mind control is possible through technology to such an extent that it could sublimate your will into itself, then perhaps you will stop loving God. If you will perhaps stop loving God (and, speaking for myself, I know with absolute certainty that I never will — and I think that most of my readers could honestly say the same of themselves), then hope, faith, and trust, in a sense, just died in your heart even now.

Because if this “mind control” is possible, then you must IMMEDIATELY leave aside those virtues, get in your car, drive as far away from human civilization as physically possible, dig as deep a hole as you can, crawn into it, cover it with concrete, and wait to die.

I am not joking.

Our eternal fate is forever, and what does alter or could alter our eternal fate infinitely outweighs any worldly consideration. Everything about your temporal life on earth is an utter nothing compared to the possibility of losing your salvation. Thanks be to God, the truth is that salvation is always within the reach of your free will. But if an injection, a microchip, 5G, or whatever else, could possibly control your mind, then it can equally so cause you to lose your salvation, and absolutely nothing could possibly be anywhere near as important as, this very moment, getting as far away from that possibility as as physical possibility itself allows. Because if an injection, a microchip, 5G, or whatever else, could possibly control your mind, then it could possibly cause you to deny Christ; a fate far worse than death, a fate far worse than the loss of every single thing pertaining to your earthly existence.

So, if you so much as think that this is possible and have even one morsel of prudence, you truly must immediately go into the middle of nowhere, dig a hole for yourself, and wait to die at least an apostasy-free death.

And yet, this is obviously absurd advice. Therefore whatever would cause this advice to become good advice must, itself, be an utter absurdity. Therefore, “mind control” is an utter absurdity. 

The Scientific and Technological Absurdity of the “Mind Control” Claims

Most importantly, these “mind control” claims are theologically bankrupt. But they are also scientifically bankrupt.

We must bear in mind the general logical axiom that for one thing to direct and control another it must be at least as great a thing. For example, if you want to develop a genuinely self-driving car, you cannot just jam a screwdriver somewhere in the engine. That could, at best, have a few damaging effects or a few predictable effects (e.g. holding the throttle in place so that the car just goes forward at a constant speed and direction). Instead, you must develop a system of both software and hardware that bears within itself an “understanding” of the various mechanisms that execute the car’s motion. This self-driving system must — and will — bear within itself a “grasp” of the design of the throttle, transmission, brakes, steering pinion, etc. In a word, the automatic driving system will itself be of a superior order of design than the mechanics of the car themselves that execute the driving actions and take their orders from that system.

Let us therefore leave aside, for a moment, the fact that intellect, memory, and will are spiritual powers and that no technology could possibly have direct access to them. Let us even go so far as to pretend, for a moment, along with the atheists, that the mind really is just neurochemistry and that whatever has access to the neurochemical phenomena within our brains thereby has access to our minds. And let us furthermore only consider what straightforward logical, scientific, and technological considerations teach us. Even in this scenario, we have absolutely no grounds in fretting about “mind control”!

So let us, for now, consider neurochemistry itself and what technology can and cannot do from a purely scientific perspective.

Any neurologist worth his salt will openly admit that the absolute best and most cutting edge science out there has scarcely even begun to fathom the incredibly complex operations of the human brain and nervous system in general. 

As Jesus tells Luisa, the greatest human learnedness on earth stands utterly awestruck and dumbfounded before the complexity and astronomical degree of design in even the least work of God’s (e.g. the smallest and most simple plant).

But for a technology to control something, the science undergirding the technology must already exist (which is not to mention that technology is always at least decades behind science). And for the science undergirding a specific technology to exist, the science itself must first be well understood

And yet, we are nowhere near even beginning to well understand the science that would itself be necessary to, in turn, lend the necessary principles to the engineers so that they could actually construct anything capable of any sort of neurochemical control. Yes, plenty of technologies can have certain neurochemical effects; but even the most advanced of them are infinitely far away from being capable of neurochemical control

Unfortunately, a common misnomer makes properly understanding this dynamic difficult. We tend to colloquially refer to medicine as “healing” the body. But that is far from true. No medicine — natural or synthetic — on the face of the planet is capable of healing the human body. The human body heals itself, and, at best, a given medicine removes an impediment to that process being successfully undertaken. For a medicine to actually heal a body, it would have to be designed to a standard equal to or greater than the human body itself. No medicine comes even close to such a level. Instead, medicines are simple “dumb” chemicals that interact with whatever bodily system needs to have its impediment to health removed. Antibiotics don’t heal the body, for example; they simply kill the bacteria that is preventing the body from healing itself. Antihistamines don’t heal the damage caused by an allergic reaction, they simply block the body from continuing to overreact to an allergen. Tylenol doesn’t heal your headache, it just numbs the pain a bit so you can get on with life until your body deals with whatever is causing the headache on its own. Chemotherapy doesn’t heal a cancer ridden body; it simply destroys things in its path in hopes that it will destroy the cancer without destroying the rest of the body! A similar situation exists for all medicines.

It is particularly important to remember here that there is nothing quasi-magical about “natural remedies.” They, too, are “dumb chemicals” when compared to the astronomical complexity of the human body (or any sentient body), which we know from our Faith is the pinnacle of God’s physical creation, and medicinal plants too can only “heal the body” by — just like any synthetic medicine — removing an impediment to the body’s health. There is no use arguing against this by saying “but God put medicinal plants on earth to heal us!” First of all, He did not originally intend that. His original design included no medicines at all — synthetic or natural. Natural things were originally intended simply to delight and serve us, not to heal us, for healing was never supposed to be necessary. This is why, in the Era to come, we will not need medicine; neither natural nor synthetic, for we will not grow unhealthy to begin with. Secondly, the more we grow in our scientific understanding of how these natural remedies work (and I am not denying that many of them do work!), the more we realize that, indeed, these remedies — just like their synthetic counterparts — only “heal” by removing impediments to the body healing itself (e.g., many medicinal plants have been found to have antibiotic effects). Incidentally, antibiotics themselves — the quintessential “synthetic/artificial/western” medicine, trace their origin to the simple growth of mould on a cantaloupe in Illinois (I’m not joking!). Indeed, there is no such thing as a fully synthetic medicine, anyway. 

Just as a given medicine can have either disastrous or beneficial effects on the body in general, so too can all sorts of chemicals/technologies/injections/etc. Have disastrous or beneficial effects on neurochemical phenomena. But for these things to have any hope of actually controlling and directing neurochemical phenomena, they themselves — in accordance with the aforementioned inescapable logical axiom — would have to bear within their structure a degree of design equal to or greater than the design of the structure of what they seek to control — human neurochemistry!

Now, scientists and engineers, understand well enough the more basic thermodynamic principles of combustion. Consequently, they have been able to discover the Laws of Thermodynamics and  use these laws to design an internal combustion engine. But all of the advancements of science in neurochemistry amount to nothing more than a child, upon jumping as high as he can, striving to touch the moon, perhaps even shouting to his parents that he almost reached it. Human technology is nowhere near and never will be anywhere near understanding human neurochemistry to the point of actually exceeding it so as to control it. (Even this is not to mention the logical paradox intrinsic to the materialists’ approach: if human reason is just an epiphenomenon of neurochemistry, then it can never rise above neurochemistry, therefore any attempt to fully understand said neurochemistry is, by definition, impossible, as no effect can be greater than its cause). 

Waste not your time shouting “but Elon Musk says this will happen!” Elon — and there are many like him — is a little boy desperately hoping to keep his name in the news with sci-fi fountain-of-youth pseudoscience dressed up as real science, in hopes of keeping his company’s stock prices continually artificially inflated far beyond his company’s actual worth. Elon, and others like him, saying that something will happen is a great way of knowing it won’t happen. Real scientists, rightly, do not take him seriously. Of course, he may well wind up being behind an imminent push for a microchip. That microchip may well wind up being the Mark of the Beast, and, again, you must prefer death to getting it implanted into you. But even this does not change anything I’ve said above.

On DNA: It is NOT the essence of the person, and even if it were changed by a vaccine or anything else, this change could not “control your mind” or give you new memories or force you to do something.

Concerns that an injection could control your mind by “changing your DNA,” thereby also allegedly giving you new memories (or removing existing ones) and sublimating the operation of your intellect and will to some nefarious agenda are concerns that are themselves sometimes built upon a certain tenet of the heresy of scientism and materialism. The tenet is this: that DNA is the Essence of the Person.

While the faithful who succumb to this mindset do not usually explicitly say that “DNA is the essence of the person,” that is indeed often the unstated premise undergirding their concerns.

And it is absolutely not true. Unfortunately, many of the Faithful who rightly oppose human genetic modification (as I do!), wrongly do so on the grounds that you are, essentially, defined by your DNA and a modification of DNA is tantamount to a modification of the human essence. Similarly, many of the Faithful who rightly oppose human cloning (as I do!), wrongly do so on the grounds that this would somehow recreate the cloned person, generating spiritual existential crises. False. If you were cloned, this would just entail an entirely different person with no significant connection to you; it would just be as if you had an identical twin separated at birth. No personal identity crisis would ensue. 

Indeed, this is all nonsense. “Your DNA is your essence” is only a reasonable assertion if there is no such thing as a spiritual soul wherein the essence of the person truly lies. And, of course, only atheists should be caught making such an assertion; so it is so very sad to see so many of the Faithful making it. DNA is not the essence of life. The soul is. Now, we must not mess with our DNA for the same reason we must not, for example, foolishly try to attach a 3rd arm to our body in order to increase our productivity. God made us as we are and we mustn’t suppose that our ideas are better than His. But if your DNA were to be modified, it wouldn’t make you a different person at all. It would just mess up your body (and perhaps kill you). Your DNA is already degenerating as you age — as you read this article — in other words, it is being  modified by the mere fact that time is passing; yet you remain the exact same person. If that were not so, you should get re-baptized and confirmed every few months, re-marry your spouse every few months, etc., “just to be safe,” in case your DNA changing had made you a new person. That, too, is obviously absurd. 

Consider as well that identical twins have the exact same DNA — down to the molecule — and yet they are completely different people. One could even wind up in hell while the other winds up in Heaven. 

The long and short of this is that you need not stay awake late at night agonizing over the thought that somehow some material phenomena (an injection, 5G, or whatever else) is going to be forced into you that is going to modify your DNA and thus modify who you are. That won’t happen because it can’t happen. Your DNA is not some sort of magical portal through which physical processes have direct access to your spiritual soul. It’s a molecule that functions as a cellular blueprint for protein synthesis. That’s all. Yes, it’s utterly tragic when it is damaged — look at what happens to people exposed to DNA-damaging radiation — but even such a tragedy could never constitute any sort of existential personal crisis.


So much more could be (and maybe should be) said about about these matters now terrorizing some of the Faithful, but I think I’ll stop now. I am aware that even more attempts at refutations of what I’ve said here exist, but I’ve already refuted those attempts as well, and I will post all of that here to this blog in the future if doing so becomes necessary — if this epidemic continues growing; that is, this epidemic of dread fear among the Faithful that their minds are going to be controlled by technology. 

Bill Gates and Conspiracy Theories

Unfortunately, in some circles, any and every conspiracy theory will be uncritically accepted and presented as fact so long as Bill Gates is named the primary antagonist. Now, clearly, the man is up to no good and is doing some evil things. So there’s no need to email me a bunch of articles indicating that; I acknowledge it readily. I just want to caution people against arbitrarily believing any conspiracy theory about him just because it’s about him. Often such theories have little or no evidence, no credible sources, and are even contradicted by the known facts. Promoting exciting sounding conspiracy theories is a great way to become popular online and get lots of clicks and video views in these confusing and frightful times, and many once trustworthy people have succumbed to this dishonest strategy. 

Be on the lookout for it and remember that, in the times to come, remaining on the straight and narrow path of Truth will not be a matter of going full-speed-ahead in any one predetermined direction (whether that direction is “pro conspiracy theory” or “anti conspiracy theory…. “Right wing” or “left wing” … “pro pope Francis” or “anti Pope Francis”… and on the list goes. In a word: seek not assurance in tribes and subcultures.) Many so-called “conspiracy theories” are true, and we must be open to that. We mustn’t succumb to a “conspiracy against conspiracy.” Many are also false, and we mustn’t uncritically accept what is presented merely because it aligns with a given narrative we happen to endorse.

Your key to remaining on the straight and narrow path of Truth in these grave times will be found — not in “figuring out” current events by your cunning and research — but by the following, in order of importance:

  • Remaining in a state of grace so that sin does not darken your intellect, and striving above all to become a saint, live in and proclaim the Divine Will, and proclaim the Divine Mercy, with time God has given you, instead of spending that time trying to figure out every issue of the day that could readily be ignored without detriment
  • Being solidly grounded in Scripture
  • Remaining absolutely grounded in the true Magisterium of the Church. When confused, consult the Catechism and high level Magisterium (e.g. the actual text of Encyclicals, Council Documents).
  • Heeding the prophetic consensus
  • Remaining skeptical of all the claims of the world and the worldly — whether they are “pro conspiracy” or “anti conspiracy,” “right wing” or “left wing,” “mainstream” or “alternative,” etc., and spending an equal amount of time reading the best arguments from the best sources on both sides of any potentially contentious issue, instead of focusing only on reading what you want to hear. (Okay, I’ll admit: we must be especially skeptical of claims coming from the “left wing” and from the narrative-promoting mainstream media outlets.)

“Voice and Echo of the Divine Messengers:” Please stay away from these messages

My general policy, even regarding revelations I suspect may be false (of which there are many), is to heed the Scriptural exhortation of St. Gamaliel (yes, he’s a saint!), in the Book of Acts Chapter 5, wherein he admonishes against opposing something that may possibly be from Heaven; for, if it is not of God, it will die on its own, but if it is from God, then, in opposing it, you are guilty of something too horrendous to imagine — directly opposing God Himself. 

But unfortunately I must for a brief moment deviate from that policy, as for a long time now I have steadily been getting emails about the “Voice and Echo of the Divine Messengers” website that compiles numerous messages to a certain “Friar Elias” and other alleged seers…. and these messages contain extremely damaging teachings.

Remember that there are many, many, many false prophets and false revelations; today more than ever.

These particular messages contain heresy (in particular, they are new age and syncretistic).

Please also remember that no private revelation has so much as the slightest right to contradict the least teaching of the Catholic Faith. Know your Scripture. Know your Catechism. Remain absolutely grounded in these, no matter what, and you’ll be protected from harm by false messages.

I will present below, not a comprehensive evaluation of any sort, but just a few examples. I stumbled upon these messages randomly after just a few minutes of perusing the website; I can only imagine how much heresy one might find on the site if he were to actually read it all. Indeed, the website presents a front page that looks great and pious and holy; scratch the surface and the problems quickly arise:

It does not matter if the path is apparently different, because some will be more open to follow the steps of Mohammed; others of Buddha, others of Christ, others of Mary, but all can be united, in spirit, in the Purpose of God for humanity, which is only one: Love and Unity to reach Him.”

Yes, it does matter if the path is different — it matters infinitely. It is Church Dogma that outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation. This does not mean all non Catholics go to hell — I suspect most non Catholics throughout history and even today are not subjectively culpable for not being Catholic — but this does not change the fact that, objectively speaking, the Catholic Church is the One True Church and it is objectively necessary for salvation. “Following the steps of” Mohammed or Buddha are not, as this message teaches, legitimate alternatives to Christianity for those who “are more open to” these Pagan religions. It is also absurd to contrast the following of Mary to following Christ, as if one may choose between those two options. Mary is the ultimate servant of Christ her Lord, and following her is always going to lead one to Christ, and to Christ alone — not Buddha, not Muhammed. 

“It was on the great star of Andromeda that God placed His great aspiration for this humanity and for others. Andromeda is the regent of your Solar System and others. It was there, in that part of the universe, where the Creator Fathers once came to sow the Plan of God in the material universe through a Divine Project, which first was to emerge and manifest in the Great Star of Andromeda. Those who arrived there were beings from the mental universe, beings very enlightened in Science and in Divine Wisdom. Thus, the Archangels sent the Hellel, so that they could gestate this Project of God in that part of the universe. This is what My Celestial Church is showing you today through its main portal.”

The new age absurdity of this message speaks for itself (and it seems like there are many other messages like it on the site), so I’ll say little about it other than to point out how heretical it is to refer to “Creator Fathers.” God, The Father, is The Creator. There are not multiple “Creator Fathers.” That is a brand of polytheism, which is about as opposed to Christianity as you can possibly get. 

“I Am here as the Lord of the Religions today, to synthesize the best, the most evolutionary, the good from each one of them. Today I come to weave with My own Hands, through religions, the last necklace of Light which will unite each one of them in a single path where someday they will meet one another to realize, at last, that the only religion is the Love of God, the Love of the Source, which brings infinite wisdom, understanding and comprehension.”

I will readily grant that all major world religions have “rays of truth” within them; in fact, as a Comparative Religion professor, teaching about these rays of truth is part of my job. But to speak of a “synthesis” of the most “evolutionary” of religions is unquestionably full blown syncretism (a heresy)

Through religions, I sent impulses to the world so that, as human beings grew and evolved mentally, emotionally and in soul, the impulses would be able to become more expansive, clearer, more direct. Through Krishna, they were led to an awakening of a simple degree of love, a love for life, for the elements, for energies. They were led to a broader perception of existence, and I began to create a path of return to My Heart.

This messages teaches that God Himself acted “through Krishna.” Now, Krishna is a Pagan “god” in Hinduism. Here is what infallible and inerrant Sacred Scripture says about that: that the “gods” of the Pagans are actually demons (cf. Psalm 96:5, or 95:5 in the Douay Rheims) and that “what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God. I do not want you to be participants with demons.” – 1 Corinthians 10. The notion that God Himself acted “through Krishna” — implying we are referring to His ordained Will here and not merely His permissive will — is not only heretical, it is blasphemous.

There have been previous humanities that transgressed Creation and hurt themselves. You are the fifth and final race.”

This is flatly contrary to both Scripture and Church Dogma (See the Book of Genesis and Humani Generis paragraph 37, respectively); from both of which we know that Adam and Eve were the absolute first human beings, and all of us without exception, to this very day, are their descendants. There is one and only one humanity; not five.