Unfortunately, a few Catholics out there are slandering the entire prophetic consensus that promises the imminent Glorious Era of Universal Peace — the Coming of the Kingdom of God as promised in the Our Father prayer — erroneously labeling this prophetic guarantee as the heresy of Millenarianism. On this page, you’ll find some resources addressing the grave errors of the critics of the Era.

  • A detailed exposition of the Era of Peace and an explanation of its completely orthodoxy as perfectly in accord with Catholic Teaching, just see Part Three of the free eBook, The Crown of Sanctity. You can download it here as a PDF or you can get it for free on kindle here.
  • If you watched my video on Countdown to the Kingdom and are looking for the quotes I put on the screen, here they are.
  • Mark Mallett has written excellently on this issue; several of his posts addressing it are found here, here, here, and here.

See the following brief excerpt from The Crown of History (a much shorter version of The Crown of Sanctity). You can listen to the entire audiobook of The Crown of History for free on YouTube here, or you can acquire the paperback for about $4 here on Amazon.