Welcome! This is the personal website and blog of Daniel O’Connor; author (Thy Will Be Done), Philosophy Professor, YouTuber. Please peruse the Side Bar for important information, links, and a list of my most recent blog posts.

My life mission, which I invite everyone to join me in, is Proclaiming the Divine Will and the Divine Mercy. To learn more about the Divine Will, I recommend starting with Thy Will Be Done. If you’d prefer video, here is a short 9 minute introduction, here is a 27 minute introduction, and here, for free, is the complete audiobook of my 2019 book, The Crown of History, which is also about the Divine Will. (Please remember, if you explore the many talks and writings on the Divine Will circulating online, that we must above all preserve 100% Catholic Orthodoxy; in this important post, I caution against some pitfalls that a few Divine Will followers have, unfortunately promoted.)

In January of 2016, as the chaos in the Church reached unprecedented levels, I wrote the following. I am now posting it again here as my blog’s homepage admonishment, for I believe we need to hear it now more than ever:

So many debates. So much dissension over relatively minor questions. So much factiousness. And yet…

My mission has not changed. The mission has not changed.

Do not be distracted. Do not be discouraged. Eyes on the prize.

As the events that must come continue to transpire, commentary & debate will seem ever more vital, and the temptation to absorb ourselves in it will ever increase. We must recognize that as a temptation, fight it, and refuse to succumb to it.

In reality, it is the mission that is becoming ever more vital, and we must urgently absorb ourselves in that:

Live in the Divine Will

Proclaim the Divine Mercy

Eucharist, Rosary, Chaplet, Scripture, Fasting, Confession, Works of Mercy

Pray, pray, pray

And let love – utterly pure, disinterested, complete, self-sacrificial love – be the absolutely unquestionable form of each and every one of your decisions, thoughts, words, and deeds.


Jesus, I Trust in You.

Thy Will Be Done.

Be ever on your mind, heart, and lips.