On the Impossibility of major manmade natural disasters (And HAARP)

There is no such thing as a major man made earthquake (or hurricane, volcano, etc.). And HAARP cannot create any earthquake whatsoever.

Any major natural events which clearly entail the release of more energy than man is capable of generating (e.g. major earthquakes/storms/volcanoes — all of which release vastly more energy than even a nuclear bomb) are thereby impossible to have been created by man, in accordance with the Law of Conservation of Energy (which only God Himself — no mere technology — can suspend). Acts of God are just that: Acts of God. The Antichrist, who will primarily use technology for his rule, wants the faithful to overestimate his own power; never forget that. 

It is quite easy to calculate the amount of energy contained in any given earthquake. You can do it yourself if you have at least a scientific calculator:

Log E = 5.24 + 1.44M

(That is, the Logarithm of the Energy (in joules) of an earthquake is equal to 5.24 plus 1.44 times the Magnitude of the earthquake — the latter is usually reported in the news and is easy to find on USGS’s website. Note that a Joule is the amount of energy related by one Watt of power exerted for one second)

The 2011 ChristChurch earthquake, for example, is the crux of all sorts of wild conspiracy theories claiming it was actually caused by human intervention. These theories are absurd. This earthquake was a 6.3 Magnitude earthquake. Not exactly the biggest of earthquakes, but still significant. Using the formula above, this equates to approximately 205 Trillion Joules of energy. That’s more than ten times as much energy as was released by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Even if man could, in theory, create earthquakes with EM waves, no man-made non-nuclear source energy could possibly generate anywhere near that amount of energy and release it that quickly. 

Now, if one wishes to refute me and say “well, even if they lack the ability to create earthquakes, can’t they — using HAARP, maybe — at least trigger them wherever we like?” The answer is most emphatically no

If we’re only talking about triggering an earthquake, then we’re by definition restricting our considerations to those very rare spots wherein an earthquake is already naturally primed to occur any moment. Extremely few of the earth’s 126 billion acres are already ready for an earthquake to be triggered therein. It is not as if the entirety of earth’s crust is in a continuous state of tension, ready to pop at a touch from EM. The areas of tension are the rare spots — most of earth’s crust is in a state of stability. (If it were not so, then earthquakes would be more common than rain and there would be no human civilization.) When that tension builds up enough at tectonic boundaries or other fault lines, eventually there is a slip; hence, an earthquake. Sure, in theory, if we could direct an utterly enormous amount of energy precisely at the location where the slip is about to occur (no one knows how to determine this, though, which is precisely why we cannot accurately predict earthquakes!), we could egg it on and thus trigger an earthquake. Analogously, a small girl could destroy a city if a boulder was perfectly balanced at the edge of a cliff which, if pushed gently, would fall down and cause a landslide thereafter. That doesn’t mean we fret about the possibility of small girls destroying cities. Thankfully, such boulders strategically poised on the edges of cliffs are very hard to come by! 

Let us for a moment consider HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), a US research facility in Alaska, as this facility is the locus of many “man made natural disaster” conspiracy theories which a little bit of logic, common sense, and sound science and engineering could have ended. 

HAARP is powered by five 2,500 kW generators; meaning it can, at an absolute maximum, generate and emit only 12,500 kW of power in any of its activities. 

Even if :

  1. The full 12,500 kW were somehow directed, via advanced triangulation/atmospheric reflection dynamics, at Christchurch, New Zealand and,
  2. Then perfectly absorbed by the the earth’s crust at that location, and 
  3. Then perfectly transformed into mechanical energy instead of thermal energy 

(each 3 of which I am also quite confident is technologically, even if not logically, impossible, and all 3 together is frankly absurd; 1)EM cannot be reflected like that; 2) we cannot be so sure, much less direct and control, exactly what the EM will be absorbed into and where; 3) EM is not absorbed by matter as mechanical energy, it is absorbed as thermal energy),

HAARP’s entire power generation would have to be emitted full-blast for a full four thousand hours (almost half a year) in order to equal the amount of energy that this earthquake released in 10 seconds. 

Additionally, bear in mind that it is the nature of Electromagnetic waves (EMR) to be un-storable. You can’t just “build them up” in some location, saving all these waves at that spot until you wish them to be “actualized.” EMR absolutely does not work that way; a continuous emission is necessary and whatever effects that emission would create would be immediately generated in what absorbed the waves. This is fundamental physics.

HAARP also happens to be the highest powered machine of its kind in the world, so what it is incapable of generating in this regard, so too is any other similar facility likewise inept. Man-made “earthquakes” of miniscule magnitude, of course, happen all the time: as a consequence of mining activities or bomb testing, for example. My point is just that it is absurd to blame major earthquakes (do the calculations yourself!) on any machination of man. 

And remember that this analysis applies not only to earthquakes, but to any other phenomena which entails the release of far more energy than HAARP, or any other related thing, is capable of generating (e.g. major storms, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes)

Many people, even more absurdly, claim that HAARP also controls minds. 

Recently, HAARP conspiracies have really been going viral; indeed, in 2016, HAARP went so far as to open its facility to the public to try and help dispel these theories. The same year, two men were arrested with an arsenal of weapons planning to violently attack HAARP because it “controls weather, controls minds, and traps people’s souls.” One of the arrested men claimed “that God told them to go and blow this machine up that kept souls, so souls could be released.”

(Note: Often a 1997 quote from the former Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, is used to claim military technology can create earthquakes. But the quote is taken out of context and, in my opinion, seems to actually say the very opposite: Cohen really seems to be saying that man-made earthquakes are among those “false or imaginary threats” that paralyze people merely by creating a false scare of a threat. In other words, Cohen seems to be saying essentially the same thing I am here and in my mind control post.)