As I noted in the video, I believe that the year 2020 contained the formal opening of the long-prophesied Great Purification. Here is a summary I wrote in 2021 of why I believe that is so. However, I have a more updated (and, I think, more pointed) analysis coming soon. So please subscribe with your email address here at [Your email will never be shared and you can unsubscribe any time. You should find a “subscribe” button either on the right hand sidebar or beneath this page. Please try going to in an “incognito” window (press control+shift+n to open one) or a different web browser if you see no option to submit your email address.]

The entire “Blue Book” (To the Priests), containing Our Lady’s messages to Fr. Gobbi, can be found here.

Teachings on the Era of Pece as revealed to Fr. Gobbi—and why this prophecy of the coming of Christ in Grace is 100% orthodox, 100% certain, and entirely unrelated to the heresy of Millenarianism—can be found in this video, in pages 351-481 of this free eBook. , or –for what I believe is the most succint and helpful overview — in Part Five of the new book, Thy Will Be Done.