Fr Michel on the Flame

He has prepared a refuge that is like an ark to welcome you. You will go there by the will of the Father. Your holy angel, your guardian angel will guide you there. They will make a flame in front of you.

You know when they discovered, Saint Nicolazic, when he discovered the body of Sainte Anne, in Sainte Anne d’Auray, in Brittany, near France, it was because of his angel, who lit a little flame in front of him, and guided him, and he arrived, and the little flame went there. So he dug there and he found a cross. He told one neighbor to come. They dug together until the time they arrived, it was a church. And they found the doors of the church. They opened the door. The church was still good. And when they went inside of the church there was a little lamp with a flame. And there were the bones of Sainte Anne, Grandma Anne. And the Relics of Sainte Anne de Beaupre, in Quebec, a part of this bone comes from the Sainte Anne de Beaupre in Brittany, it’s in Quebec [now]. And the priest that I just discovered was a Redemptorist priest, who takes care of this Sanctuary, he gave me the parcel of the bone from the Sanctuary of the Relics of Sainte Anne.

This is how they will do. They will light this little flame in front of you, and you will be guided to go to the refuge where you are by the will of the Father. You are destined to go. This is what will be. And there where be the angel, and nobody can enter the refuge without the mark of the sign of the cross on their forehead.