Extraordinary Developments

I am utterly overwhelmed — in the best sense of the word — by how quickly and powerfully the Signs of the times are developing.

Just yesterday, we learned that the Supreme Court appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. This would mark the single most substantial legal victory for Truth and Justice in the history of this nation, and it will be remembered alongside other great victories like the Emancipation Proclamation.

When I published this video last October, I did not in vain declare that I held ending abortion, NOW, to be the Last Chance for America. I really believed — and continue to believe — that succeeding in ending abortion can have a great impact on mitigating the Chastisements. Not, of course, that they can be entirely averted — they are coming — but mitigation is always possible by imploring the Divine Mercy. One of the best ways of doing that? Falling on our knees and repenting, as a nation, of our most heinous sins. Supreme among those sins today is, of course, abortion.

So now is our time to double our efforts in fighting abortion. First, let us fast and pray that the Supreme Court Justices remain bold in their decisions and do not cave to pressures (which will be tremendous on them) to preserve Roe v. Wade. Second, let us do everything we can to work to outlaw abortion once Roe v. Wade is gone. Not just here and there, but everywhere. All overturning this horrendous court decision does is make outlawing abortion legally possible — it won’t itself directly do anything. Quite the contrary, it will be the opening act in an enormous battle (one that our “Catholic” president will do his best to fight on the side of evil for), and all the faithful should engage in that battle with all their zeal.

On the Heaven’s Messages/ Prophecy side of things, matters are no less extraordinary. Just today, seemingly out of nowhere — precisely when it seemed all hope was lost for a Papal Moscow Trip due to the chaos of the Russia/Ukraine war– Pope Francis said “I am ready to meet Putin in Moscow

Recall (see Point 1 from this post) that a Papal trip to Moscow may well be the clearest indication that The Warning is about to happen.

So I present to you today this brief post as an exhortation to “stay awake” (Matthew 24:24), for the Lord’s Coming in Grace may well be extremely near.