Thank you so much for your interest in donating to my work in proclaiming the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will!

Although I do not very actively seek out donations at this point (as God has blessed me with a job with which I can manage to pay the bills — though not much beyond that, as I have 4 children [5th on the way!], am my family’s sole breadwinner, and I am a lowly adjunct making half as much money as tenured professors even while teaching as many courses!), I’m eternally grateful to those who reach out to me asking about making donations. Such people’s generosity enables me to afford mailing out evangelization cards (which I do not charge for), sending out free copies of Thy Will Be Done, continue making videos that I do not run ads on, as well as other methods I employ to proclaim the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will.

If you’d like to mail me a donation, you can mail cash or a check (made out to Daniel O’Connor) to my PO Box at:

Daniel O’Connor

PO Box 10852

Albany, NY 12201

(I don’t check that PO Box too often, so please send me an email to let me know if/when you send something there, so I can be sure to check it.)

If you have something bigger than an ordinary envelope, it won’t fit in my PO Box, so that would be better off mailed to my home address. Please email me and I’ll give that to you.

If you’d prefer to donate digitally/online, you can use my wife’s paypal account, and send the money to (It may show up as going to “St. Joseph Mechanical Solutions, LLC.” Don’t worry, that’s us!)

I just ask that you check the box saying that the money is going to a friend. This way, Paypal won’t take a big cut of it!

You can also use this link to donate with Paypal:

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart! Please be assured of my prayers for you and your family, and please pray for us as well!

God bless you

In Christ, through Mary,