Bulk Order The Crown of History

Please use the form below to place an order for a bulk quantities (30+ for $3 each) of the paperback of The Crown of History (Please note, however, that I can’t actually place the order until I receive the donation corresponding to the order quantity — donation button is below this form) If you want fewer than 30 copies, or if you need them quickly (bulk orders can take 2-3 weeks) remember that you can order directly from Amazon.


After you have submitted all the required information in the form above, please use the button below to send in a donation to cover printing/shipping. If placing a very large order (300+ copies), please contact me so we can arrange the donation outside of paypal (paypal — a terrible company!– takes a cut of each transaction; the convenience is worth it for smaller bulk orders, but not large ones)

The costs amount to $3 per book for these bulk orders (which includes shipping and tax), so please multiply the quantity you are ordering by three, and be sure to donate at least that much. (For example, if you are ordering 30 books, be sure to donate at least $90). If you choose to donate more than what is required to cover expenses, then you have my sincere gratitude and my assurance that I will put it all towards further promoting the Divine Will!

Donate Securely

(Note: The paypal account I use for this under “St. Joseph Mechanical Solutions, LLC,” and it uses my wife’s email address — so don’t worry if those things show up after you click “donate,” it’s no problem — the donation still goes to me!)


  • These bulk orders usually take about 2 weeks to arrive, and sometimes they arrive in multiple boxes over the course of a few days. If 3 weeks go by and you still haven’t received all the copies you ordered, then let me know
    • Unfortunately I am not usually able to access tracking information for these orders until they’ve practically arrived at your door, so you’re best off just waiting the full 3 weeks before inquiring about the status if you haven’t received them
  • I try to stay on top of this and place the order as soon as I get the request — and once I’ve done so, refunds/returns are, unfortunately, not possible. But I can indeed refund/cancel the order if you get in touch with me fast enough requesting that.
  • If you reside outside of the U.S. and would like to place a bulk order, please contact me before sending in a donation. Costs (and shipping times) vary much from country to country for shipping, so I’ll need to generate a custom quote
  • These can also be ordered through the IngramSpark Catalog