Soon, what has hitherto only been considered in fiction will seem to be presented to you in reality. This presentation, however, will not be to your benefit — though benevolence will be the guise. It will also be a lie, as those proffering it will have no regard for Truth. For what shall be presented to you will be precisely the false and seductive marvels wrought by the devil’s minions; false marvels prophesied for the times of distress upon the threshold of which we now stand. False marvels that will win over to the dark side those who do not take both Faith and Reason completely seriously.

I would like to warn you in advance about this coming diabolical invitation you will soon receive in hopes that, being forewarned, you will be more likely to realize it for what it is and reject it.

This article is dense and very long; it is more of an eBook that I am publishing here and now for free than it is a blog post. I present it, therefore, as more of a reference work that you may wish to consult portions of when the need arises, as opposed to an exhortation or announcement that is urgent to immediately read in its entirety. I have also added some particularly important points in red, in hopes of grabbing the attention of those who prefer to skim. I will add a dedicated link to this post on the sidebar, so that you can easily find it just by going to I might also update this post in the future. You may click here to download this post as a PDF. And I encourage you to do so, in case I get censored.)